Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King - C.771 Guided TourMar 23, 2024

Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

C.771 Guided TourMar 23, 2024

Wolfe's tour of the underground portion of the town was a quick and easy one, as the mages were mostly interested in the Library and the training areas where they would be working, and most of it was just gardens and residences anyhow.

Of course, Wolfe didn't bring them anywhere near the workshop areas, but those were off limits, with big signs on the doors reminding everyone that they were authorized personnel only areas. The door signs were enough to keep most curious people out, and the Kind Intentions spell would help with the others, but Wolfe knew that almost every Fairy had been through the area out of pure curiosity.

They didn't mean any harm, so the spell didn't stop them, and sometimes they would help out with the Garden Charms, ration pack production or other noncombat things that were going on for the day.

The Faeries never helped make weapons, as they didn't want to encourage violence, but they were happy to join in when there was violence happening. It was just how they were. Curious and impossible to keep on task for any extended period of time. free(w)ebnovel.comfreew(e)bnove(l)

Fortunately, the two new mages were much less curious and tended more toward grateful to be alive once they realized just what sort of town they had attempted to invade.

"So, this town is a meeting point for the Demons and the Fae?" The younger mage asked.

"We currently have a Seraph and a number of Light Sprites from the Upper Planes here as well. It's a good thing that your portal didn't lead there. Even at the same relative ranking, they're grossly overpowered." Wolfe agreed.

"And everyone is good with that? Doesn't that make it dangerous?" The mage added.

"No, the same spell that prevented your hostile portals from opening in town prevents casual acts of violence in town as well. It is really very safe here, as you were promised in your deal with the Fae Prince."

"I just hope that our home world will be alright without its leaders. If none of them return, then there will be a huge power vacuum that the Emperor's children will try to fill. It could split the world back into individual nations." The older mage sighed.

"Well, maybe they will be able to get along. Unless some more visitors start showing up soon, the chances that anyone went home alive are very slim."

The older Demon chuckled, thinking of the ones that he had sensed being blown back through their portal as an artillery barrage started early. They had shown up fifteen minutes late to the party, and it had not gone well for them.

Wolfe cleared his throat and gestured to the dining hall in front of them.

"This is the last stop on our tour, the north dining room. It's open at all times, so just ask if you want something to eat. I can't guarantee that we will know any of your dishes, but if you can describe them, then one of the cooks might know something similar." He explained, getting ready to go to bed and cuddle up with his witches.

"Do they know Vareniki?" The younger mage asked.

"Um, they're like white onion and mashed potato filled dumplings, sort of?" He added hopefully.

The Demon cook smiled. "Dumplings with just onion and potato? I don't have any made, but I can make them. If you want vegetable dumplings, we have those ready, and there are some spicy meat ones."

Someone should likely warn them that the spicy ones were prepared with Demons in mind, but it was better to find out for yourself sometimes. They were from a whole other world, so Wolfe couldn't say for sure that they would actually enjoy the human foods of this world.

The cooks bustled around the kitchen and gathered a selection of foods that they thought the new people might like, and a pair of ethereal Fae came to land on Wolfe's shoulders.

"We're assigned to guard the new humans. The Prince promised that we can give them nightmares if they don't behave." They whispered in unison.

"Well then, enjoy your work, and I am off to sleep. I will see you all tomorrow." Wolfe replied, loud enough for the room to hear.

The crowd in the dining hall all waved goodbye to Wolfe, and he could hear them explaining to the new guys about his unique living situation as he walked away. Wolfe had felt plenty of gazes on him in the past, mostly with killing intent, but this was the clearest feeling of pure envy that he had ever sensed.

"Did you get them settled in?" Cassie asked as Wolfe finally made it back to their room.

"I did, and now there shouldn't be anything else urgent for a whole evening. No promises about tomorrow, though, since there are both invaders from another world and a Monster Tide going on right now." Wolfe replied.

Ella smiled from the far side of the bed, where she was cuddling with Stephanie's cat form. "You know, we could combine those two. If we redirect the Monster Tide into the portals that lead to the other world, then they become no longer our problem, right?"

Wolfe laughed. "That is absolutely brilliant. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier, but it would solve both problems at once.

If they had to deal with our monster tide, then they would be too busy to be attacking us. Plus, they have a load of powerful mages, so they shouldn't have any issues with manpower. It's the best of both worlds."

Cassie patted the bed between them. "Make the plans in the morning and turn out the lights. We've all been running around too much lately, and we need time to just sleep."

Of course, that was never actually an option, though Stephanie managed to keep things from escalating with strategic positioning of claws and fur, which eventually led to Wolfe sleeping with a witch on each arm and a Familiar Cat on his chest, but it was better than sleeping alone.

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