Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

C.793 Home For A RestApr 03, 2024

Wolfe made his way carefully through the villages along the return route, ensuring that he didn't accidentally cause a panic with the rapid underground approach of a powerful magical being, and then stopped in at the last village on the existing link, a village full of catgirls. Well, cat people, but it was the women who were always the most affectionate with Wolfe, while the men mostly glared at him.

"You are the last stop on the new highway expansion. The route goes most of the way to the Grand Dutchies border, and loops south toward the coast, then back through Sylvan Coven and into the south side of the Fae Forest.

The local protectors will be working out the deals to make highways to their towns that lay in between the major loop points, as well as setting up patrols to ensure that they remain safe and unblocked.

I am going home to work on the new currency, I'm sure you have all heard about it by now." He explained.

"Of course. Everyone is excited to finally have coins of our own, even if they're big coins and not for small purchases." The older woman on Wolfe's right agreed.

"I will talk to the others about making a smaller coin than the one and ten unit coins. One unit is still too much for most small purchases, but I think that we can make something that will serve for smaller purchases as well. Perhaps a card? If you could securely store the energy from a few coins on a card, you could use that for purchases, right? Everyone would have access to them, and I could make them durable." Wolfe suggested.

"It would be better than many tiny coins. Currently, we use the town ledger and file our purchases at the end of the month, then they square up our earnings with our purchases." The old woman explained.

"Alright, I will get on it and find a way to make something that works for everyone, and that everyone will recognize as valid currency. It's one thing for me to say that it has value, but another for you all to accept that and use it." Wolfe replied.

The old woman laughed. "You're Saint Noxus. Forget that there are Demons and Fae holding the same title here on the continent, you're the only one who is from here, and that matters more than anything else in the Wastes."

"Thanks for the encouragement. I will send around the solution in a few days, once I get enough of it made for it to work for everyone."

Wolfe left before the jealous men got any more concerned that Wolfe was trying to steal their wives away, and flew down the tunnel toward Forest Grove, where the Continental Representatives and a number of other Saint and Overlord Rank Guardians were waiting to welcome him back. freew ebnove

The news of a new currency had spread all over the continent, and they were eager to get on board with it, as soon as they found out exactly how it would work.

Wolfe stopped at the gathering and gave them a tired smile, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get that much-needed rest until the basics of the currency issue were settled.

"How about we move to the meeting rooms in the spire? There is a bit more room to work there than in an open warehouse." Wolfe suggested.

"We thought of that. There are tables and chairs on their way. Since we're here in the underground, we can work together to fix your money issue, as soon as you explain how you're going to back it." The Fae Prince explained.

"Well, that part is fairly simple. The currency is made to be used for common goods, not grand and mighty magical weapons that would require millions of units of energy to form. If all of us here in this room got together, we could likely remake every mundane item that we understand in a single afternoon." Wolfe began, while the Guardians chuckled and shrugged.

With Wolfe and the Fae Prince here, that was probably true. Between them, they could use nearly every sort of magic known to Fae and Demon kind.

"So, what I am going to do is create a set of coins that contain either one or ten units of energy, and a unique array that prevents anyone but me from recharging them without destroying the coin. Do you all know how the units work?"

The others nodded and Wolfe continued. "Good, so one and ten unit coins, then I will make Cubes to store large amounts of energy, but they will only be able to move it at the Rank Three maximum speed, so they aren't easily misused as some sort of makeshift mana bomb.

Then I will also make cards that can transfer the signature energy of the coins. The beast kin expressed a need for smaller denominations than a full unit for small transactions."

The Ancient Demon shook his head. "You are going to need hundred and thousand unit coins as well to get things started. A full truckload of weapons or higher rank magical items will be in the tens of thousands of units price at the very minimum. A cargo plane, according to your team's work estimates, is worth close to a million units, with a thirty percent markup included."

"Alright then, larger denomination coins can be made as well. The basis of the valuation will be the energy contained, and as with any other sovereign, my promise to make good on the value of the coins, should they be brought here to trade."

"So, you intend to pour a massive amount of mana into the coins? That will cause some serious issues with the mana balance in the region. You have a lot of concentration arrays here already, but there isn't that much spare mana floating around to fulfill the requirement." The Fae Prince sighed.

Wolfe smiled at the Elf. "I have a solution to that as well. You see, the Fallen, a human Crusade group, has been attacking the Demon Realms for some time. They have portals set to the Demon Realm to send their armies through, and there is one that should be unguarded at the moment, unless they recovered faster than I expected."

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