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C.122 - : The Girl That Drives A Bentley (2)Feb 24, 2023

Chapter 122: The Girl That Drives A Bentley (2)

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“Liu Ranran, Wang Yu, Zhang Jing…”

When the guys saw them walking down, they immediately shouted.

“Liu Hui, you are here!” the luscious Liu Ranran smiled at the group of guys and replied.

“Let’s go, girls! Let’s head out of school for a good meal. I’m feeling nauseous at the thought of canteen meals after having them for several days straight!”

That good-looking Liu Hui smiled as he spoke to them.

“Xiao Yu!” When Wang Xian saw Xiao Yu walked out, he smiled and shouted at her.

“Brother!” Xiao Yu lifted her head and looked over. A radiant smile appeared on her face as she walked over quickly!

“You are so tan now. I almost couldn’t recognize you!” Wang Xian pinched on Xiao Yu face as he joked.

“Who is tan? I’m not even a tinge darker!”

Xiao Yu rolled her eyes at him and grumpily pushed away the hands that were pinching her face.

“Senior, senior!”

Xiao Mi, Yuan Yuanyuan and Su Qian also came over to greet Wang Xian.

This senior in front of them was a well-known figure.

“All of you look tanner now!” Wang Xian joked. “Let’s go, I’ll treat you guys to a meal!”

“Hehe, thank you senior.” Xiao Mi and the group smiled happily.

“This is…” At this moment, Liu Hui and a few other guys looked over in doubt and saw Wang Xian with sunglasses.

“This is my brother and he’s from our school too. My brother is bringing us out to eat!” Xiao Yu smiled and said to Liu Hui.

When Liu Hui heard Xiao Yu, he frowned slightly. Xiao Yu’s brother! This won’t be good.

“Let’s not trouble your brother. Shall we just go on our own?” Liu Hui smiled and asked.

“Not at all. I’ll get my brother to foot the bill. Hehe,” replied Xiao Yu.

“This…” Liu Hui opened his mouth, changed his intention and added, “Xiao Yu, let’s not make your brother pay for it. I can bring you guys to Haidilao and it isn’t too expensive. Let this be my treat today!” [1]

Since Xiao Yu’s brother would be following, he could only choose to use another strategy and act more generously. This was to leave a good impression on him.

“It’s fine, let me do it!” When Wang Xian heard his words, he smiled.

“It’s fine. How could I make our senior pay for us? Come, let this be my treat today,” Liu Hui insisted.

“Just let this be my treat today. I’m already starting to earn money!” Liu Ranran flicked her hair, looking past Xiao Yu and Wang Xian.

“Let’s discuss this after we get there!”

Seeing them, Wang Xian smiled and nodded his head.

“Let’s drive there. Liu Ranran, don’t you have a car? I have one too. Two cars are just enough!” Liu Hui commented.

“Yeah, where did you park your car? I’ll go get mine.” Liu Ranran took out a BMW car key from her bag.

“At that side!” Liu Hui smiled and took out a Benz car key as he pointed to the side.

“Oh, Liu Hui and Liu Ranran, you guys are really rich! Could it be those with the surname “Liu” are all rich?”

The few guys at the side spoke in envy when they saw them taking out keys to a BMW and a Benz.

“I bought my car with the money I’ve earned,” Liu Ranran looked to Liu Hui and said proudly.

“Cough cough. This is a present from my dad when I made it into the university.” Liu Hui smiled and didn’t find this embarrassing.

“Let me go get my car!” Liu Ranran took another glance at Liu Hui before heading for the carpark behind the dormitory block.

Seeing that they had gone to get their car, Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment before adding, “My brother bought me a car too. I’ll go get it!”

“Xiao Yu, you got a car too?” the few guys looked at Xiao Yu in disbelief and questioned.

“Yeah, my brother bought it for me. Hehe!”

Xiao Yu laughed and headed for the carpark behind the dormitory block too.

“Senior, I did not expect you to be so awesome! You even bought Xiao Yu a car!” The few guys looked at Wang Xian and commented.

“It was a gift from others. I didn’t have to pay a cent for it!” Wang Xian shook his head.

Oh, no wonder.

The few guys nodded their heads. There weren’t many students who could afford a car nowadays.

Students like Liu Ranran and Liu Hui were part of the extreme minority.

“However, Senior you still look like someone incredible!”

“Oh! To me, Liu Ranran and Liu Hui are more incredible. They could afford to drive a Benz and BMW while they were still students! If I could even get one in my lifetime, I’d be contented with life!”

The group of people waited by the roadside, chatting as they walked.

“Eh? What are you doing here, Wang Yu?”

At the back of the female dormitory block, Liu Ranran looked puzzlingly at Xiao Yu when she saw her.

In their entire class and even the faculty, the two of them could be considered to be the two most beautiful girls.

However, she realized that the gentle Xiao Yu, who also had the girl-next-door image, was more popular among the guys. This made her a little upset.

Naturally, girls liked to compare themselves with others.

“My brother bought me a car and I’ve parked it here too,” Wang Yu smiled and replied to Liu Ranran.

“Oh?” Liu Ranran raised an eyebrow. “Not bad.”

As she spoke, she clicked on the key in her hand. The BMW 5 series car sounded in front of her. “I bought this myself. Which car is yours?”

As she spoke, her lips curved into a smile.

Despite being a student, she had bought a BMW 5 series with her own hard work. This was the reason why she had the capital to be proud of her achievements.

“That one!” Wang Yu pointed to a car completely covered with a car hood.

The car had been left outside for a few days. Xiao Yu wasn’t willing to let it be battered by the wind and rain. Therefore, she had covered it up well.

“Let’s go!”

Liu Ranran stole a glance and her lips curved into a smile. She entered the car, brought down the car window and smiled at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu walked to her car, squatted down and started removing the car hood.

A pink Bentley was slowly revealed.

The car was elegant, breathtaking and grand. That distinct car logo “B” was so eye-catching.

After placing the car hood in the boot, Xiao Yu opened the door and got into the car.

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Yu also lowered her car window when she replied to Liu Ranran.

At this very moment, Liu Ranran stared at Xiao Yu car, completely dumbfounded.

A pink teenage girl series Bentley!

Bentley! It’s a Bentley that costs $4-5 million!

Her heart was shaken and her eyes were filled with disbelief. “This is your car?”

“Yeah, it was a gift from my brother!”

Xiao Yu nodded her head, started the car and drove out.

Looking at the breathtaking and luxurious Bentley leaving, Liu Ranran held tightly to the steering wheel.

“How can this be? How can this be possible? Bentley! That’s a Bentley…”

Liu Ranran looked helplessly at the car ahead. Compare? What could she take out to compare?

That car alone would be enough for her to buy 10 BMW 5 Series.

At the other side, along the pathway beside the female dormitory, Liu Hui drove a $400,000 Benz over. He lowered the car window and said to the group of guys.

“Come, my car can fit 4 people at the maximum. Three of you get in!”

“Boss is really awesome! A Benz! Hehe!” The group of guys got in excitedly.

“Oh my gosh! Bentley! A pink Bentley!”


[1] Haidilao is a famous hotpot restaurant chain in Asia