Marvel With Zanpakutou - C.537: Surpass Yourself

Marvel With Zanpakutou

C.537: Surpass Yourself

Lod had no intention of investigating how that thing came about. In any case, even the Weeping Angel had appeared. Furthermore, the Limbo was connected to other dimensions. Even if Derrick came out later, he might not find it strange.

Although Constantine did not understand the reason behind it, seeing Lod's solemn expression, he roughly understood how troublesome that damn thing was, so he frantically waved his hands and nodded, indicating that he would definitely not speak again.


78. Zangerin (Cutting Flower Ring)"


78. Zangerin (Cutting Flower Ring)"

Lod recited the spell in a normal tone. According to the voice that was echoing in the dark, he seized this opportunity that could not be missed. He instantly aimed at the monster. sword, whose ribs were short, burst out with great momentum.


The huge sword suddenly flashed like a beautiful moon hanging in the night sky.

The high level hado, was powerful enough to match modern naval weapons. In an instant, he cut the darkness in front of him and slashed at the monster with unparalleled sharpness!

But at this moment, something shocking happened.

From the dark shadow, a huge moon light flashed at the same time, almost exactly the same as Hado, who was released by Lod.


The two crescent moons collided with each other, bursting with a huge roar.

The hard marble floor around him was cut into countless pieces by the air current generated by the impact, and the entire hotel shook violently.

He could even imitate a move?

Lod's eyes narrowed slightly, and he suddenly felt a little horrified.

The speed and degree of evolution of this monster had completely exceeded the normal scope, and it was different from the thing in the original work. Now, not only could they speak their language simultaneously, but they could also imitate his attack without any mistake.

Could it be that he had guessed wrong?

This thing hiding in the dark was actually not the monster that learned tongue, but another unknown existence.

Lod planned to try again to see if this thing could really imitate Kido. "Hadō

31. Shakkahō (Red Fire Cannon)"


31. Shakkahō (Red Fire Cannon)"

As he had expected, Black had also released Shakkaho!

The blue flames were exactly the same. Even Spiritual Power was exactly the same. He roared like a giant dragon soaring in the sky. The two collided in a short distance, and a huge fire burst out. The darkness in the surroundings was instantly dispelled.

With the help of the collision of the Hadō

31. Shakkahō and the explosion, the momentary light that burst forth was instantly bright.

They were finally able to see the true form of the monster that had been hiding in the dark and imitating them.

It was a man.

He had a pair of scarlet eyes. Under his messy silver short hair was a handsome and extraordinary face. However, in the eyes of others, that face was a little too horrifying because the monster looked exactly the same as Lod.


Constantine sucked in a breath of cold air. He was so scared that his face turned pale. He turned to look at Lod beside him. He had a strange feeling of horror. He swallowed his saliva and said, "What the hell? Why does that thing look the same as you"

Lod's eyes trembled slightly and his breathing became erratic. It seemed that he had not expected this scene.

The thing that was hiding in the dark and imitating them and could even imitate and release Kido was actually a creature with the same appearance as him.

Although the two of them looked exactly the same, if one looked closely, one could still see a few differences.

That 'Lod''s pupils were not blue, but a kind of scarlet red that revealed ruthlessness and killing. Rather than saying that it was a human, it was better to say that it was more like a beast. Moreover, it was not wearing a tyrant outfit, just standing there naked.

"Uh... your figure is not bad." Constantine glanced at the man, especially at the area under his crotch, and said with a slight teasing tone.


Lod's eyes were gloomy, and his gaze could almost kill.

"Pretend that I didn't say anything!" Seeing that something was wrong, Constantine immediately apologized and covered his eyes with his hands. "Don't worry, I didn't see anything just now. Ah, there's something wrong with my eyes. I can't see it."

Lod continued to move his gaze and landed on the girl beside him.

"I didn't see anything, father!"

Nexia's delicate body trembled and she hurriedly covered her eyes. However, the redness on both sides of her cheeks and her slightly hurried breathing undoubtedly overturned her little lie.

There was no doubt that this was basically the death of a certain degree of society.

Lod gritted his teeth and looked at that thing. He cursed Wilbur Vorte ten thousand times in his heart.

"Wait, why didn't he learn to talk?" Constantine, who was covering his eyes, suddenly realized that something was wrong. That thing did not imitate them anymore.

"Because... it has already locked onto the target."

Nexia's face was red. She looked even seductive and charming. She lowered her head, not daring to look at that thing. She whispered, "Father is its new target, so the two of us are temporarily safe."

"Tsk. You should have said so earlier."

Constantine looked at the girl in pain and said, "Don't be fooled by us every time. That's why you came to tell us what to do."

Nexia bit her lips and an apologetic look appeared in her eyes. "I didn't do it on purpose. This is the only way I can do it."

Lod pinched the girl's face, indicating that he did not blame her.

"That's not what I meant. I just said it simply." Constantine immediately defended himself. Then he looked at the fake Lod worriedly and asked, "Lod has been locked on by something. What should we do now?"

"Father, I'll leave the rest to you."

Nack took Lod's hand and looked at his face seriously. He said word by word, "I will go to the ninth floor with Constantine. I will leave that thing to you."

"Let Lod deal with that thing alone."

Constantine frowned and said worriedly, "I don't dare to say if he has any questions, but with just the two of us, is there really no problem going to the ninth floor?"

His worry was not without reason.

In addition to this monster, there was also the threat of the Weeping Angel.

Due to the monster's imitation, Lod did not dare to speak so easily, so he could only cast a suspicious look.

"Please believe me, father."

Nexia hugged Lod and buried her head deep in his arms. Smelling the familiar scent, she whispered, "Everything I did was to go in the right direction. So, please surpass yourself and defeat it!"

"Surpass myself?"

Constantine was very self-aware and acted as Lod's microphone, asking the question he was curious about.

"Yes, surpass yourself."

Nexia took a deep breath and said, "That monster will evolve indefinitely until it completely surpasses you. So the only way to defeat it is to become stronger than it, stronger than its past self, stronger than its past self every minute and second until it can't bear it and collapses."

Constantine said in horror, "Can this kind of thing really be done?"

"It can definitely be done!"

Nexia was full of confidence, her eyes twinkling with stars. She said firmly, "I believe that if it was father, he would definitely be able to do it."

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