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C.69 Fu Chen meets Ye's parents (1)Mar 06, 2023

Fu Chen frantically looked at the document in his hand, looking at the time from time to time, and Ye Jin couldn't put it down, so he closed the document in his hand and planned to leave the military office.

But Fu Chen was stopped by Adjutant Xiao before he left, "Admiral, where are you going? This is the verdict on Marshal Feng from the House of Representatives just now. The Zerg mutilated the citizens of the empire and hindered the patrol ship rescue and a series of methods on the Internet, all of which were made by the First Army and the Zerg, including the federal intervention." He then handed the document in his hand to Fu Chen. .

Fu Chen, who had already walked to the door, frowned when he heard Adjutant Xiao's words and looked down at the document in his hand. After Fu Chen read the document, he pondered for a while. Adjutant Xiao said: "Since everyone has been locked up and sentenced, then we can also intervene in the military affairs of the First Army. But before that, we must find out the spies of the Federation and the Zerg, and we cannot let them in the Empire. Continue to make waves."

Fu Chen went out while making arrangements. He never gave up his plan to find Ye Jin. It was not until Fu Chen arranged all the affairs that Adjutant Xiao discovered that Fu Chen was going outside the military department. I couldn't help but wonder in my heart: "Admiral, where are you going?"

Fu Chen looked at the curious adjutant, turned his head and looked at him expressionlessly, until the adjutant Xiao turned his head and ran away in a cold sweat from what he saw, then he took his eyes back and walked towards the army. Department's parking lot.

That is Ye Jin's uncle Ye Lin'an's father.

When Ye Jin followed Mr. Ye back to Ye's house, he was surprised by the spacious and quiet courtyard of Ye's house and the decoration similar to the ancient earth courtyard as soon as he arrived at the gate. At that time, Ye Jin found that although the decoration in the house was of the type of the old earth courtyard, it had a sense of technology in this era, and Ye Jin's gaze was a bit similar to Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden.

When Ye Jin saw the relatives of the Ye family, she was dizzy by the relatives and the juniors of the same age, and it was almost dinner time when she recognized the relatives in the family Well, in the end, in order to escape the heartless actions of relatives, Ye Jin had to drag Ye Linan into the kitchen in a hurry.

"Scared me to death, are there always so many relatives in the family? How have you been coping?" , asked with a tangled expression.

Ye Linan looked at Ye Jin with a look of fear, and rubbed his hair in a funny way: "That is, you only got so many people when you came back today, and it won't happen in the future, we The immediate relatives in the family are the second uncle and third uncle and the first generation in the family, and everyone else is here to join in the fun, so you don't have to worry about it."

Ye Jin nodded in understanding, then turned around and walked to the cooking table to prepare dinner, but was stopped by Ye Linan.

"You just came back today and you can't let you cook, just sit here and I'll call Xiaoxu in to make dinner." Ye Linan patted Ye Jin's head and walked out kitchen.

After a while, not only Ye Xu, but also Ye Hongzhou and Ye Qingzhou of the second uncle's family and Ye Lin of the third uncle's family came with Ye Linan. Ye Xu and Ye Xu are brothers, the sons of the third uncle Ye, while Ye Hongzhou and Ye Qingzhou are the sons of the second uncle, and Ye Linan is the only one in the eldest uncle's family, so it can be seen how lively the whole family will be together. , This also makes Ye Jin, who doesn't get along with his family and elders, very uncomfortable.

After Ye Linan led Ye Xu and the others to the kitchen, Ye Jin looked at the five people who were standing by the kitchen counter and was going to cook. He turned to look at Ye Linan and said: " Brother Lin'an, so you can cook too?"

Ye Linan looked at Ye Jin with a surprised look on his face, he didn't say a word at a glance, but Ye Qingzhou, who was standing next to Ye Linan, said with a smile: "Little cousin, you don't You know, everyone in our family can cook, regardless of the fierce look on the big brother's face, he is still a supernatural person, but he can also be said to be the best craftsman among us, but he didn't go out to develop his career later. How did you get into the kitchen?"

Ye Jin looked at Ye Linan in disbelief when he heard this, but saw that he was skillfully cutting the vegetables in his hand, and immediately looked at Ye Linan with a bit of grievance on his face Lin'an asked, "Brother Lin'an, you obviously know everything, why did you lie to me when you first met? It's really too much to pretend that you don't know anything!"

Ye Linan looked at the cousins ​​who were afraid that the world would not be chaotic, and explained helplessly: "Is it because you know that I will reveal my secrets after getting along for a long time, I didn't intend to let you do this. If you know your identity soon, who would have known so many things would happen."

Ye Jin listened to Ye Lin'an's explanation, thinking of her previous guesses, she could only accept his statement, and then Ye Jin suddenly thought of something that made him feel very strange.

The house can be sold, but it is impossible to arrange it so quickly. There is also the matter of buying a store and opening a store. Even if he is a minor, it should not be so smooth to cooperate with the scientific research institute, but everything seemed to be going too smoothly at that time. , and the shop that has been renovated and arranged when purchased, how strange it is to think.

Thinking of this, Ye Jin looked at Ye Linan suspiciously, looked suspiciously for a while and then asked, "Brother Lin'an, I suddenly remembered something, my shop and sales The house, wouldn't it be yours?"

Ye Xu and the others who were just chatting and cooking, when they heard the conversation between Ye Jin and Ye Linan just now, they were eavesdropping on their ears, but when they heard Ye Jin's previous experience That is, even the voice of handling the ingredients was quiet, just waiting to hear Ye Linan talk about what happened before Ye Jin.

When Ye Linan heard Ye Jin said there was one more thing, he didn't take it to heart, but when he heard these two things, he immediately brought it up, and when he thought of doing it Fu Chen, who was going to kidnap his cousin, didn't want to answer Ye Jin's question. He could only change the subject and let Ye Jin teach a few other people how to make medicated meals. By the way, he gave some cousins ​​a wink.

Ye Jin looked at Ye Linan and talked about him, and her suspicions grew even more. Even a few cousins ​​who came up to pester him to ask for cooking lessons didn't respond, so she kept her eyes filled with resentment and grievances He stared at Ye Linan, and after talking to a few cousins, he stared at Ye Linan until he felt uncomfortable, and even the few brothers who helped him entangle Ye Jin were curious and gossip on their faces.

In the end, Ye Linan couldn't stand Ye Jin's urgent staring at people, so he had to say: "Okay, don't stare at me with grievances, your shop and house It's not my job to help, it's your partner who handles it for you, he bought your house, and even the store he ordered, are you satisfied with the answer?"

Ye Jin's eyes widened when he heard Ye Lin'an's words. Ye Jin was surprised. In any case, he never thought that it would be Fu Chen who was helping him behind his back. Fu Chen was just a little wolf cub, he couldn't tell that he had regained consciousness, and if according to Ye Lin'an's intention, if Fu Chen had regained consciousness earlier, then he would bring the wolf cub with him every day. Fu Chen took a bath together. . . . . .

Thinking of this, Ye Jin's expression was tangled and embarrassed, and then his face was flushed. He really couldn't recall what happened during that time, otherwise he would have to die of embarrassment.

Ye Lin'an was cooking vegetables at first, but when she was waiting for the plate, she saw Ye Jin's blushing face, and said with some doubts: "Xiao Jin, why is your face so red, are you feeling unwell? Don't let Ye Xu take you back to your room to rest for a while, and call you when the meal is ready."

Ye Jin threw herself on the bed as soon as she entered the door, buried her blushing face in the quilt, waited for the blushing on her face to subside, and then carefully analyzed Ye Linan's words and concluded from it The news also gave Ye Jin a new understanding, so he couldn't wait to send a video request to Fu Chen.

In less than three seconds, Fu Chen connected to Ye Jin's communication. Ye Jin looked at Fu Chen, who was obviously in the hovering car in the video, and put what he wanted to ask first. Turning to the side, he asked instead, "Why are you still in the hover car? Did you just return home from the military?"

Fu Chen looked at Ye Jin, who was obviously lying on the bed in the video, carefully observed the environment he was in, and said with concern, "I want to give you a surprise, you will find out later. Why didn't you accompany your grandfather and the others, are you feeling unwell?"

When Ye Jin heard Fu Chen's words, she suddenly remembered the purpose of the video call, so she sat up solemnly and said, "I'm not feeling sick, but I want to ask you now. A very serious question, when exactly did you speak?"

Fu Chen listened to Ye Jin's mindless words in the video, but he understood it subconsciously, his face stiffened for a moment, and a little guilty and short-hearted: "Xiao Jin, why do you suddenly remember to ask This? Didn't I tell you, it's not long before I go to Shitaxing."

Ye Jin squinted at Fu Chen, who was obviously tense, and said in a dangerous tone, "Tell the truth, or you will look good when we meet next time."

Fu Chen sat in the cockpit and tapped his fingers on the back of the seat a few times, looking at Ye Jin who looked a little dangerous, a trace of unease flashed in his heart, but he finally said honestly: "Actually, I was able to speak before I came to the Imperial City, but I was unwilling to leave you, so I pretended to be an ordinary wolf cub." After speaking, Fu Chen was afraid that Ye Jin would get angry and quickly pretended to be pitiful: "I really don't want to leave you. , I kept hiding it because you knew that I could speak."

Who knew that Ye Jin didn't show any sign of anger after hearing this, but nodded with a smile on his face: "So you started liking me so early."

Fu Chen looked at Ye Jin's lack of anger, and said with a sigh of relief, "Little Jin, I'm here, we'll talk later." After speaking, he quickly hung up the communication.

At the same time, at the gate of Ye's house, a black hover car was slowly opening and a tall and straight man came out.