MTL - After Becoming an Interstellar Food Blogger - C.70 Fu Chen sees his parents present the ringMar 06, 2023

MTL - After Becoming an Interstellar Food Blogger

C.70 Fu Chen sees his parents present the ringMar 06, 2023

Fu Chen stood at the gate of Ye's house, looked at the large antique buildings in front of him, sorted out his military uniform, walked forward and knocked on the gate of Ye's house.

It was the robot butler who opened the door. After welcoming Fu Chen, he closed the door. The elders of the Ye family chatting in the living room knew from the robot butler's notification when someone knocked on the door. Who was the person who came, so there was no surprise when Fu Chen was led to the living room, but many people were wondering why Fu Chen came to Ye's house so late.

When Mr. Fu heard the name of the person who came, he narrowed his eyes and had a little guess in his heart.

Fu Chen entered the living room and looked at the elders of the Ye family who were sitting and chatting together. He took out the gift he prepared from Space New and sent it to the robot butler standing aside.

Senior Ye looked at Fu Chen's comprehensive manners, a light flashed in his eyes and said, "I don't know what is wrong with General Fu coming to Ye's house so late?"

Although Fu Chen was facing the elders of the Ye family, he did not look nervous at all, but replied calmly: "Grandpa Ye, I am here to visit you and the elders, Come and see Xiao Jin."

"Oh, what's your relationship with our little Jin? He asked you to come over to see him when he came back to his house?" As he spoke, Mr. Ye looked at Fu Chen sharply, and his tone was also A little pushy.

Some people sitting under the old man, listening to the old man's words and Fu Chen's series of actions, also vaguely understood what the situation was. It's not good, they managed to find Xiao Jin back, how could it be possible for Fu Chen to abduct him so easily.

And Fu Chen looked at the attitude of the elders of the Ye family, and when he came, he knew that he might be made trouble, and he didn't show any bad look at this moment, he still looked calm He replied modestly and truthfully: "Xiao Jin and I are lovers, so it is appropriate to come to visit the elders. I came here this time just to give Xiao Jin something. By the way, I haven't seen him for a few days and want to see him, I hope you don't. Weird."

Mr. Ye and some elders looked at Fu Chen with a calm expression, and appreciated his calmness and attitude and caring about Xiao Jin, but when they thought about the time they spent with Xiao Jin I haven't been with him for as long as Fu Chen, and now I feel a little uncomfortable to be kidnapped by this guy again.

Although Mr. Ye was also a little angry, but considering that Xiao Jiner likes it, he is only angry in his heart. The most important thing is to evaluate Fu Chen's character for his grandson's test. After all, the rumors are Can not be trusted.

Thinking of this, Mr. Ye still looked at Fu Chen seriously, and said sternly: "You said that you and Xiao Jin'er are lovers? I never heard him mention it, and I I won't agree with you being together, you're not suitable for him."

Fu Chen looked at the serious old man Ye and said firmly: "Grandpa Ye, where do you think I'm not doing well, I can work hard to do it, but I don't think I and Xiao Jin is inappropriate."

Do you want my grandson to collect the body for you accidentally?" Father Ye's face was heavy when he said this, and his eyes were full of scrutiny when he looked at Fu Chen.

Fu Chen looked at Mr. Fu with a firm expression and insisted: "Grandpa Ye, this is not the reason why you stopped us, even if I have an accident in the future, I will arrange Xiaojin's future. , I won't let Xiao Jin suffer in the slightest."

The old man Ye looked at Fu Chen with firm eyes, nodded without a trace, "You kid, that's right." After speaking, he turned to look in the direction of the kitchen, "Xiao Jin, don't come out yet, Is it fun to eavesdrop?"

Ye Jin, who had been eavesdropping on the kitchen door with Ye Linan, came out embarrassed when he heard the voice of Mr. Ye, looked at the two of them with red faces and shouted: "Grandpa. After calling, he turned to look at Fu Chen and said, "Why did you come here suddenly? You didn't even tell me in the video just now."

Ye Jin was still in the room video chatting with Fu Chen just now, but Fu Chen hung up the video before Ye Jin could respond after saying a word. After a while, he was still in the room watching the light brain Ye Jin was dragged out of the room by Ye Linan and ran to the kitchen, clinging to the door frame and looking out, so Ye Jin listened to the conversation between Fu Chen and Mr. Ye.

Fu Chen and Mr. Ye actually found out when Ye Jin and Ye Linan were eavesdropping. Now, seeing Ye Jin's blushing cheeks, Fu Chen felt soft in his heart His eyes were gentle, but Old Master Ye snorted coldly while watching the interaction and expression of the two, interrupting Ye Jin's wild thoughts.

Fu Chen looked at Ye Jin and said with a soft expression: "I want to surprise you, I'll give you something by the way." As he said, Fu Chen packed up the space before coming. Good things come out.

Ye Jin looked at a box that Fu Chen took out, glanced at him with some doubts, and opened the box in his hand under his gesture.

At the moment when the box was opened, Ye Jin looked at the two men's rings in the box, and unexpectedly thought of Fu Chen, who was a wolf cub in Fuerxing, and said It's about the earth, the bits and pieces about the earth and the meaning of the diamond ring.

The diamond ring symbolizes the unswerving eternal love and the promise to stay together for a lifetime. He really did not expect that a casual remark he had made at the time would be remembered by Fu Chen, and now he has done it came out and gave it to him in front of this family.

Looking at the pair of simple, elegant and slightly retro men's diamond rings in his hand, he looked up at Fu Chen, who was standing in front of him with a tense look in his eyes, his heart swelled and softened. Her eyes were also a little hot. After a long while, Ye Jin packed up and looked at Fu Chen with bright eyes and asked, "Are you proposing to me?"

Fu Chen looked at Ye Jin's bright eyes, and he was relieved and a smile appeared on his face: "If I say yes, would you like it?"

Ye Jin looked at Fu Chen with a gentle smile, but just as he was about to answer, he was interrupted by Old Man Ye's cold snort.

"It's so easy to kidnap my grandson, you think beautifully!"

The old man Ye and the elders listened to the conversation between the two, and their hearts were full of words and could not help but pantothenic acid, looking at Ye Jin's bright eyes and the diamond ring in his hand, I can't wait to put Fu Fu Chen, this stinky boy, was beaten out, but seeing the old man's actions just now, they also knew that the old man was trying to test Fu Chen, and they couldn't beat Fu Chen out for Ye Jin's mood, and could only bear to listen to the two of them. dialogue.

But Mr. Ye felt uncomfortable. How could he be willing to let his newly found grandson be coaxed away by this stinky boy with two diamond rings.

Fu Chen looked at the angry old man Ye, and he didn't feel any surprise in his heart. He had long thought that it would not be so smooth today, but he was the biggest if he could get Ye old man to agree with him. After harvesting, he said: "Yes, grandpa, I will definitely prepare well next time, and I will definitely try my best to satisfy you."

Ye Jin was embarrassed and blushing, holding the diamond ring in his hand, and after Fu Chen and Ye Ye finished talking, his voice murmured: "Grandpa, can I put things away first? ."

The old man Ye looked at his grandson's expression and knew that he couldn't say too much, so he nodded and said, "It's okay, Xiaojin, you go first, let Achen stay and chat with the elders Chat, remember to come out for dinner later."

Ye Jin looked at Fu Chen who was left behind. She wanted to pull him away, but now she can only helplessly turn around and run back to the room.

After Ye Jin returned to the room, Ye Linan and Ye Xu who had cooked the food also came out to surround Fu Chen, questioning Fu Chen left and right as if they wanted to even him Eighteen generations of ancestors have asked clearly.

The busy people were busy with the dishes in their hands with angry expressions, and even prepared a super spicy dish for Fu Chen to eat.

Ye Jin ran back to the room, sat on the bed and looked at the two diamond rings in her hand, looked left and right and really didn't know where to put them, and finally walked around the room and looked down to see The space button hanging around his neck, he slammed the diamond ring in the handle of the bed and put it into the space button.

Until dinner time, Ye Jin was still in a daze from time to time while sitting at the dining table, and even had no reaction to the super spicy spicy chicken that Ye Lin specially made for Fu Chen , or Fu Chen really couldn't stand it anymore and fed her a glass of cold water before he reacted.

After that, Fu Chen paid attention to Ye Jin from time to time when he was eating, and even the super spicy food given to him by several brothers of the Ye family ate it without changing his face. After a light cough, he stopped serving Fu Chen.

Ye Jin, who was taken care of by Fu Chen, came back to his senses in the end. The two of them served each other dishes and deliberately avoided a few dishes that each other couldn't eat or didn't like to eat. Seeing that Mr. Ye and the others, who were sitting at a table to eat, felt that they were speechless, and they were both full if they didn't eat.

However, Mr. Ye was very satisfied when he saw that Fu Chen cared about Ye Jin, so he didn't have to worry about Ye Jin being bullied. Anger has subsided a lot.

Until the meal was over, Ye Jin saw that it was getting late, so she thought of letting Fu Chen stay for one night before leaving. Originally, she wanted Fu Chen to live next to him , In the end, the old man Ye gave him a look back, and Fu Chen was arranged by the old man Ye to be next to Ye Lin'an.

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