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There is a seven-hour difference between country a and China, and it happened to be noon there when the plane landed.

The wine show will start tomorrow, and everyone got off the plane and headed to the reserved hotels one after another, having lunch one after another.

The organizer had already sent the schedule and related matters in advance. After the meal, Li Wanqiu went back to the room to browse the itinerary carefully, marking and remarking the places that need to be understood. Before he knew it, a long time had passed.

The phone vibrated at some point, and Li Wanqiu swiped open the screen to browse. It was a message from Su Xin, a girl from the marketing department.

This girl has just joined Bixia not long ago, and she is about the same age as her. Li Wanqiu has contacted her a few times before, and the relationship is quite acquainted.

Su Xin: "Aqiu is there, do you have time now?"

Li Wanqiu: "Yes, what's the matter?"

Su Xin: "Well, I need your help with something, can you come to 501, please, please!"

It sounded like he was in a hurry.

Li Wanqiu nodded without refusing: "Okay, I'll come right away."

She lowered her eyes and finished typing these words, then glanced at her phone subconsciously. There was still a small meeting to be held in the evening. Although she didn't know what Su Xin wanted her for, there were still more than two hours left, so it was okay. enough.

Li Wanqiu took the elevator to the fifth floor, and quickly knocked on the door of Room 501.

Su Xin seemed to have been waiting for a long time, and when she heard the doorbell, she quickly stepped forward to welcome her in: "Aqiu, you are here!"

"Yeah." Li Wanqiu nodded, and when she entered the door, she saw that she had spread her luggage on the bed, and she couldn't help being curious, "What is this?"

"I just found out that I forgot to bring something important." Su Xin hurriedly said, feeling really embarrassed, subconsciously moved closer to her, "I came out in such a hurry in the morning, I accidentally forgot."

Li Wanqiu responded, "What is it?"

Su Xin whispered: "Underwear..."

"Tomorrow is the wine fair, so it will be too late to buy again." She sighed, pleading in her voice, "Aqiu, can you go to the mall with me?"

His pitiful tone made it hard to refuse.

Li Wanqiu smiled quickly when she heard the words: "Okay."

"Aqiu, you're so kind!" Seeing her promise, Su Xin was immediately happy, and quickly turned around to pack her bag, ready to go out with Li Wanqiu.

It was also at this time that Li Wanqiu's cell phone rang again, it was Ji Jinyan's message.

— "Do you have time now?"

Seeing this, Li Wanqiu couldn't help but pause.

She subconsciously looked in the direction of Su Xin. Although she felt a little regretful, there was no reason to go back on what she agreed to. She could only say: "Not really, I might have to go out with my colleagues."

Ji Jinyan's message came back quickly: "Who is it?"

Li Wanqiu: "Su Xin."

There seemed to be a pause for a moment before replying again: "Well, good."

"Then be careful on the road." She said, "Remember to come back early."

Li Wanqiu nodded: "I see."

After the news was sent, Su Xin just finished tidying up, trotted over and called her happily: "Let's go, Ah Qiu~"

"Who were you sending messages to just now?" She said, intending to gossip, "Is it your partner?"

Li Wanqiu suddenly panicked a little: "... how do you know?"

"I can see it." Su Xin said, raising her finger to point at the corner of her lips, "You're smiling, you look so happy."


There happened to be a makeup mirror next to the two of them. As soon as Su Xin finished speaking, Li Wanqiu subconsciously glanced sideways, and really caught a faint smile in his eyes.

It's amazing, even though she just sent two simple messages to Ji Jinyan, her heart was instantly filled with joy.

Su Xin was envious: "You must like him very much, right?"

I can't restrain the emotion of liking. If I hold back my mouth, it will come out of my eyes. Even if I close my eyes tightly, I will still be betrayed by my heartbeat. Listening to Su Xin's question, Li Wanqiu's ears turned red , even the heartbeat accelerated a bit.

After a while, she couldn't help but nodded slightly, and the smile in her eyes was obviously stronger when she spoke again, and she said sincerely: "Yes, I like it very much."

"I really like it."

There is a large shopping mall next to the hotel.

Li Wanqiu and Su Xin went to choose underwear together, and wandered around aimlessly for a while, the time was almost gone.

The content of the meeting tonight is nothing more than to consolidate matters related to the wine exhibition. Li Wanqiu raised his hand and pushed open the door of the small meeting room in front of him. When he raised his eyes, he had a panoramic view of Ji Jinyan not far away.

As if aware of her gaze, Ji Jinyan also turned his head to look at her, with a faint smile on his lips: "Here we come."

"En." Li Wanqiu nodded, subconsciously raised her lips and sat opposite her, "Here we come."

"What did you do?" Ji Jinyan asked again.

"Buy some things with Su Xin." Li Wanqiu said.

Ji Jinyan nodded in response: "That's it."

"Let's have dinner together later." She continued.

Li Wanqiu smiled: "Okay."

After finishing speaking, the remaining two colleagues finally arrived. Everyone did not waste any more time, and the meeting started soon.

The wine fair starts at nine o'clock tomorrow morning and ends at four o'clock in the afternoon. The arrangement for these seven days is basically the same. Except for these few hours, the rest is private time.

Yan Weiwei did what he said, and sent the guide this morning. Li Wanqiu browsed it roughly, and there were many places he wanted to go with Ji Jinyan.

Originally, I wanted to hang out with her after the meeting, but before she could make a suggestion, a few colleagues on the side quickly took up the conversation.

"I ordered food!" One of the colleagues said, "The hotel will send someone to deliver it in a while, let's have some food together."

"Okay." Another colleague quickly added, "It happens to be full of people now, so it's good to be lively."

"President Ji, what do you think?" The man turned his head quickly after finishing speaking, and looked at Ji Jinyan behind him, "Is it okay?"

The atmosphere seemed to stagnate for half a second.

After a while, Ji Jinyan smiled imperceptibly: "Well, good."

Everyone cheered: "Yeah!"

Originally, I came out to do errands, but now the atmosphere seems to be team building instead.

The waiter in the hotel not only delivered the meal, but also brought a few bottles of wine. Country A's wine is famous all over the world, so they brought it all up, so naturally they couldn't miss it.

"Just put it here." Su Xin, who was sitting on the far side, expressed her gratitude to the waiter in English, and got up to fill everyone's glasses with wine.

When he came to Li Wanqiu's side, his tone was obviously more intimate: "Aqiu, I must pour you more."

Li Wanqiu couldn't help laughing when she heard the words: "Why?"

Su Xin waved his hand: "Thank you!"

"You don't even know how shy I was when I asked you for help, but luckily you agreed to me." She laughed quickly, and murmured while pouring wine, "Our Ah Qiu is a beautiful person with a kind heart, so people like him very much. !"


Hearing the word like, Li Wanqiu subconsciously glanced at Ji Jinyan.

Su Xin was still going on, and someone asked curiously, "What did you and Ah Qiu do this afternoon?"

"Can I tell you that!" Su Xin said, raised her hand to poke the man's forehead, and said with a light smile, "Secret~"

As soon as the words fell, Ji Jinyan coughed very clearly.

Li Wanqiu raised her eyes to look at her, although Ji Jinyan's demeanor was the same as usual, but she just felt that this man seemed a little unhappy.

"It's just shopping, there's nothing more." She said quickly, not knowing whether she was explaining to other colleagues or intentionally telling Ji Jinyan, she quickly raised her wine glass and raised her lips, "Respect Mr. Ji."

"Respect Mr. Ji!" Everyone also toasted with her, and the atmosphere was noisy and enthusiastic, "I also respect Bixia, and respect our life!"

They were obviously drunk before they drank a lot.

Time passed quickly, and before I knew it, I had drunk three rounds.

There is still a wine show to be held tomorrow, so you can't play too late, looking down at the time, it's almost time to rest.

"Go back to bed earlier." Ji Jinyan looked up at everyone, "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Ji." Everyone nodded and left one after another. Soon, only Li Wanqiu and Ji Jinyan were left in this conference room.

She seems a little drunk at the moment.

Li Wanqiu drank several glasses of wine just now, and she is indeed not so clear-headed now. When she saw Ji Jinyan coming over, she subconsciously squeezed her hand tightly.

"Do you want to go back to your room?" Ji Jinyan raised his hand to caress her face.

Li Wanqiu nodded: "Yes."

Ji Jin said, "Are you a little drunk?"

"It's okay." After a while of reaction, Li Wanqiu shook her head lightly, "I'm just a little dizzy."

Ji Jinyan laughed: "I hug you?"

"No." Li Wanqiu shook her head quickly when she heard the words, her voice was small and soft, "There are so many people outside."

"You just hold me tight." She said, she didn't know what to think, she suddenly raised her lips slowly, her beautiful eyes were smiling, and she looked cute and lovely, "Su Xin and I really didn't do anything ..."

"I just went shopping with her." Li Wanqiu said.

"Yeah." Ji Jinyan nodded in response, and helped her onto the elevator, "I know."

"I also bought a piece of cake by the way." After thinking for a while, she said, "Shall we eat together later?"

When she said this, her voice was very soft, and she stared seriously at Ji Jinyan's eyes, which seemed to be dotted with bright stars.

After a while, Ji Jinyan lowered his eyes and kissed her forehead: "Okay."

I don't know if it was because of being drunk, but it was just an extremely gentle kiss, but Li Wanqiu somehow felt a little itchy at the top of her heart.

The place Ji Jinyan kissed was also a little hot, she subconsciously raised her hand to touch it, and it seemed that even her fingertips ignited a small fire.

A few minutes later, the two quickly arrived at their destination. Ji Jinyan raised his hand and pushed open the door in front of him, helping Li Wanqiu to sit beside the bed.

"Would you like some water?" she asked afterward.

Li Wanqiu shook her head: "No."

Ji Jinyan said again: "What about the cake, do you want some?"

Li Wanqiu thought for a while: "No."

Inexplicably like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

Ji Jinyan raised the corners of his lips in response, and said in a doting tone, "Then what are you going to do?"

"I have a question." After a while, Li Wanqiu raised his eyes and looked at her, his voice was soft and tentative, "Ji Jinyan, are you a little unhappy today?"


After finishing speaking, Ji Jinyan didn't answer her question, but still looked at her with a light smile and pursed lips.

Seeing her silent, Li Wanqiu blinked, feeling that maybe he didn't ask clearly, thought for a while and then said: "Or are you...jealous?"

Her words were so soft and small that only the two of them could hear them. The light above the head was bright and ambiguous, because of the alcohol, Li Wanqiu's cheeks were slightly pink, her lips were rosy, and there seemed to be a faint smell of alcohol in her breath.

Cute and good-looking, with just one glance, it easily catches people's attention.

After an unknown amount of time, Ji Jinyan finally opened his mouth and said sincerely, "Maybe some."

As she spoke, she raised her foot and approached the person in front of her, gently stroked Li Wanqiu's eyes with her fingertips, and laughed lightly: "If I'm really unhappy, what should we, Ah Qiu do?"

what to do.

Yes, what should I do?

Li Wanqiu coughed lightly, and she didn't know what to think of. It seemed that even her cheeks were flushed, but she was also tempted and bold along with the sense of shame.

So in the next second, Li Wanqiu put his arms around Ji Jinyan's neck, pressed his forehead against hers, and murmured softly, "Then let me coax you..."

"Is it okay, Ji Jinyan?"