Yan Mingting went back to the mansion first, took the Chisha sword, went to the ancestral hall to burn incense for his father, and then went out with the sword.

When they rushed to the other palace without stopping, He Cuizhang and others were no longer there, and only a group of flustered servants remained in the other palace.

He found one of them and asked, "Where's Zhao Xu?"

"He, he ran away." The servant said tremblingly, "Just now, a group of men in black suddenly appeared, fought with a group of soldiers, and then secretly took him away."

Yan Mingting searched around again. If he fought He Cuizhang and others, there would definitely be casualties. In the end, he found some scattered corpses on the way down the mountain.

He tore off the mask of the corpse, the costume and headgear were obviously dressed in Nanjiang, his face already exuded blackness, probably because he had poisoned himself.

At this time, the fire letter was lit up in the sky, which was their signal arrow. He immediately ran in that direction and found He Cuizhang and others outside the city gate.

"General, those people have been using poisonous gas and poisonous arrows, and they escaped." He Cuizhang said guiltily.

"Which way did they go?"

"They are very clever, and they scattered and fled from all directions. I have sent people to chase them separately, but there are not enough people, and I am afraid of their tricks." He Cuizhang said.

"Go back and send more people to chase after you. I'm afraid something serious will happen." After Yan Mingting ordered in a deep voice, he chased along the main road to southern Xinjiang until dawn. The news of the other teams, and then returned.

The court was already in the morning, and Yan Mingting walked directly into the main hall, reported the situation last night, and said: "The people of Southern Xinjiang took our prince away without fear, either there is something wrong inside, or there is something wrong in the whole southern Xinjiang. It's rebellious."

The officials were in an uproar. They didn't expect that the king of Nanjiang would dare to do such a rebellious thing not long after he left the capital. They were also surprised that the deposed prince still had a chance to escape. The goal was very clear, most likely he was rushing to the throne here.

Zhao Xuan said: "General Yan did not return last night. I have sent people down to order that all the fortresses will be searched. They must be arrested and brought to justice. There are people arranged by us in southern Xinjiang. If there is any change, we will definitely know the news."

Not only that, Zhao Xuan also mentioned the cause of the death of General Yan, which made the officials indignant and asked Yan Mingting for details.

Now that the murderer has been identified, Yan Mingting explained everything in detail. Anyway, sooner or later, he will kill Zhao Xu, so as to avoid being impeached by the officials for disrespect.

After learning that the death of the old general was related to southern Xinjiang, some people who attended the banquet began to recall the details.

Li Jinyu suddenly said: "Speaking of which, I remembered one thing. When Nanjiang showed us Gu poison, I accidentally saw the ex-prince and the eighth princess of Nanjiang exchanging poison in a corner, but at that time everyone was It’s about communicating, so I didn’t pay much attention.”

"Is the poison colorless and odorless?" Yan Mingting asked.

"seems like it."

"It seems that the matter has become very clear. The former prince and the eighth princess knew each other in the early years. They secretly communicated with each other, gave poison to each other, and poisoned the old general Yan who served the country and the people. He committed a heinous crime. From now on, the whole country will arrest you Fugitive Zhao Xu." Zhao Xuan ordered.

After the court was over, Yan Mingting followed Zhao Xuan to the side hall, and Zhao Yelan was still guarding there.

As soon as he walked to the door, he saw Zhao Yelan sitting on a chair, dozing off with one hand resting on his forehead, and a city defense map on his lap.

"Mengting." Yan Mingting walked in quickly.

Zhao Yelan opened his eyes when he heard the voice, but his voice was hoarse when he spoke: "You're back? Has anyone been found?"

"They escaped." Yan Mingting said, taking off the cloak and putting it on him, "Wait a long time, let's go home first."

"En." Zhao Yelan stood up, beat his legs, and then followed him to leave.

"Go back and have a good rest, I will let you know if something happens," Zhao Xuan said.

After returning to the General's Mansion, Yan Mingting took him back to his room and asked, "Have you been in the side hall last night?"

"Well, didn't you tell me not to run around?" Zhao Yelan said.

"I didn't expect them to run so smoothly, so I delayed until now." Yan Mingting took off his coat and tucked him in the quilt, "Go to sleep for a while, I will call you later."

"Aren't you going to sleep?"

"I can't sleep." Yan Mingting shook his head, held his hand, and after a long silence, he said with a choked voice, "Mengting, I can't sleep. When I think of killing my father and enemy and escaping right under my nose, I can't sleep." Just can't sleep."

Zhao Yelan touched his cheek: "You can definitely catch him with your own hands."

Yan Mingting nodded, turned around and went to the study, took out the detailed Xuan Dynasty map, and the border map, repeatedly compared the routes, trying to block all possible escape routes.

He Cuizhang and others also came and waited for his order.

After a group of people discussed the tracking route, they heard footsteps outside, and Zhao Yelan appeared at the door: "You said they escaped without a trace?"

"Why are you up?" Yan Mingting walked to the door and replied, "We chased him all night, but we didn't find any trace."

"Maybe Zhao Xu didn't escape from the capital at all?" Zhao Yelan said.

"I've also thought of this possibility, and I've arranged for someone to go to Beijing to investigate, but I haven't heard anything yet," Yan Mingting said.

Zhao Yelan nodded: "Don't let go of any corner, he is probably hiding in the capital and waiting for an opportunity."

"Well, a detailed search has been launched." Yan Mingting coaxed him to sleep again.

Then, after three days and three nights of searching, no sign of Zhao Xu was found in the capital, and there was no news from other routes. Zhao Xu seemed to have evaporated from the world, and his traces became a mystery.

The palace finally got some news. It received a secret report from Nanjiang that a coup had taken place in the royal family of Nanjiang.

After the king of Nanjiang returned after the year, he was put under house arrest jointly by the eighth princess and her elder brother, the second prince, and at the same time assassinated the eldest prince. Just five days ago, the second prince ascended the throne as the king of Southern Xinjiang. The reason was to follow Zhao Xuan's example and claim the throne. He also uttered wild words that he wanted to expand the territory.

"Absurd!" Zhao Xuan was so angry that he threw the paper on the hall, "What do you think, the new king of Southern Xinjiang is so clamorous?"

The ministers were furious, and the voice of the main combat faction was louder. This is different from the past. The soldiers have been back to Beijing for a year, recharging their energy, and have sufficient combat power. They have enough strength to deal with the new Southern Border King.

Yan Mingting even took the initiative to invite Ying, and led the army to go out in person.

Zhao Yelan only learned about this when he returned from the Imperial Academy in the evening, and he didn't say a word during dinner. Yan Mingting brought food for him several times, bathed and wiped his back graciously at night, told several jokes, but got no response.

Lying on the couch, Yan Mingting hugged him, and became extremely quiet.

The two of them kept their eyes open and remained silent for a long time before Zhao Yelan asked, "When are you going to leave?"


"Is the food, grass, army and horses ready?"


Zhao Yelan knew that he couldn't be stopped, both public and private, Yan Mingting should go. He sighed deeply, then got up, lit a candle, and walked out the door.

"Where are you going?" Yan Mingting immediately chased him out.

The two came to the kitchen one after the other, Zhao Yelan rummaged for a long time, then packed a lot of steamed stuffed buns, and handed over the bundles to him.

Yan Mingting didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "We have prepared dry food."

Zhao Yelan ignored his words at all, and kicked open Xiao Gao's room door again, causing Xiao Gao to kneel directly from the bed in fright. He rubbed his eyes and asked sleepily, "My lord, what do you want from me?"

"Where are you hiding all your candied haws?" Zhao Yelan questioned.

Xiao Gao pointed to the drawer under the table.

After Zhao Yelan pulled it away, he confiscated the dozen or so candied haws inside, and stuffed them all into Yan Mingting's baggage, which can be described as an aboveboard robbery.

Xiao Gao was dumbfounded, Yan Mingting was even more dumbfounded, and then laughed.

After the two returned to the room, Zhao Yelan took out his two short knives and small crossbow arrows, and asked, "Do you think these can be used?"

Yan Mingting smiled and said, "You can use these for self-defense."

Zhao Yelan was a little discouraged. He didn't know what to think of, and went to the cabinet in the corner, fiddled with furtively for a long time, then took out a box and put it in front of him: "Take this."

"What is this?" Yan Mingting opened the box and saw that it was full of silver bills, which had been exchanged for bills of various banks. It can be said that he was not afraid to travel all over the Xuan Dynasty.

Looking at the thick stack of banknotes, he suddenly felt a little hot: "What are these for me?"

"In case you run out of food and grass, use this as an emergency." Zhao Yelan said.

"... so many banknotes, are you willing?"

Zhao Yelan glanced at it heartbroken, then looked away, and comforted himself: "The thousand gold will come back after it's gone."

With a smile on the corner of Yan Mingting's mouth, he put the silver ticket back, closed the lid, and handed it back to him: "This is your treasure, I can't take it."


"I just need you to stay at home and wait for me to come back. You don't have to worry about military rations. If the court can't satisfy us with these things, then we don't need to fight this battle."

Of course the reason is clear, but Zhao Yelan is always worried that he can't follow in person. The battlefield is changing rapidly, Yan Mingting has fought for so many years, his experience and strength cannot be underestimated, his frail body will not be a burden. Moreover, he wants to ensure the smooth progress of the front line in the capital, so as to avoid things like the old general, and he must urge the people in the capital to support the front line honestly, and there must be no mistakes.

"Don't worry, the second prince and the eighth princess are just two clowns. I'll get rid of them soon. I just hope that Zhao Xu has already arrived in southern Xinjiang, so I can kill them all." Yan Mingting said.

Zhao Yelan nodded, thinking of something, touched his body, and found out a peace amulet, which was the peace amulet that Li Niang begged for him, and he tied it around Yan Mingting's neck: "It's too late to ask for a new one." Now, you can use it first, and then I will go and ask for another one for you."

Yan Mingting looked down and said with a smile: "I remember, you don't believe in gods and Buddhas. During the drought, you personally said that you don't believe in God, but only believe in man's victory over heaven."

Zhao Yelan raised his eyes and glanced at him, without saying a word, he just fastened the rope hard.

After being so busy preparing things for the whole night, Yan Mingting had two extra big bags on his shoulders, until the dawn broke, and the feeling of parting became stronger.

The two hugged silently for a moment, then Yan Mingting led him outside, He Cuizhang was already waiting outside the door, and said: "The soldiers have arrived at the gate of the city."

"Let's go." Yan Mingting got on his horse neatly, and turned to look at Zhao Yelan.

Zhao Yelan raised his head and said, "I'll give you a ride, just one ride."

"Okay." Yan Mingting stretched out his hand and pulled him onto the horse, and the two rode towards the gate of the city.

The common people had already heard the news that General Yan was about to set off again, and they all came out one after another to see him off, and the road was soon full of people. Relatives of the soldiers came to see them off, and Yin Pinglu was among the crowd, saying goodbye to Zuo Ran.

Zhao Yelan dismounted when he reached the city wall, and Yan Mingting was enthusiastically surrounded by the people in a blink of an eye.

At this time, someone grabbed Zhao Yelan who was almost hit by someone. He turned his head and saw that it was Gu Niaoyou, so he walked to the corner, looked ahead, and asked in a low voice: "Is there any news about Zhao Xu in Beijing?" ?”

Gu Niaoyou shook her head: "No, how long will the general's trip be?"

"I don't know." Zhao Yelan looked at the man on the horse, "Should be back soon, he is Yan Mingting."

Yan Mingting accepted the blessings of the people, raised his head to look for Zhao Yelan's figure, but saw him turn around and go up the city wall.

With a corner of his mouth, he rode out of the city gate, walked to the front of the team, waved the flag, and led the mighty team to set off.

After walking hundreds of meters, Yan Mingting could still see the vague figure on the city wall when he turned his head. At this moment, from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Zuo Ran holding on to the safety talisman on his chest, and asked, "Where did you get the safety talisman?"

"Pinglu begged for me years ago." Zuo Ran said.

"Oh." Yan Mingting pointed to the two big bundles on his shoulders, "Mengting prepared it for me impromptu last night. If it had been prepared years ago, it would have been designated to prepare two carriages. Do you believe it or not?"


He Cuizhang: "You two are really enough! Can you take care of me, a lonely family!"

Until the team completely disappeared from sight, Zhao Yelan was still standing on the city wall, staring at the direction of the journey in a daze. Xiao Gao called him several times, but he didn't answer. It wasn't until a carrier pigeon flew on his shoulder that he regained his composure.

"There is a letter." Xiao Gao caught the pigeon curiously, took off the bamboo tube, took out the letter inside, and handed it to Zhao Yelan.

The range in which pigeons can send letters is relatively small. Zhao Yelan guessed who sent the pigeons almost immediately. He immediately opened the note and saw that it read—

Go back quickly, go to bed early, eat on time, and check back.

The mountains and rivers are far away, and I only think of Jun'an.