MTL - After I Signed with AC Milan, I Opened Up - C.5 historic momentMar 01, 2023


"Huang is a gifted kid, no, he's a genius, I don't know why he hasn't received professional football training, and he still has such a performance. His talent is probably more terrifying than he has shown. AC Everyone at Milan and I are very happy that he has joined the team, it is a great day, a historic moment and he will definitely be an important part of Milan's glorious history."

The flashes under the stage shone into one piece, as if the film was not in front of you.

Compared with such a big news, the two money for the negative is really nothing.

After experiencing the 2002 World Cup from expectation to disappointment, it has become more disappointed in the past two years. Chinese football urgently needs a savior. Everyone watched yesterday's game. Whether it was the way Kevin Huang played or the strength he showed, these reporters were excited.

Huang Kevin's sharp dribbling skills, his frenzied speed, and his super strong confrontation ability, such accurate passing assists, although it was only less than 20 minutes of the game, but some senior fans were surprised by the content he showed. .

After a day of fermentation yesterday, basically the whole country knows about such a person.

The video of that game, especially the video of Huang Kevin's two appearances, is still being played repeatedly on Dragon TV.

The host repeatedly mentioned this child, which is the pride of our Shiliyangchang, but unfortunately it is not a white skin.

Kevin Huang also accepted the interview very face-to-face, and answered any questions.

"Excuse me, how old are you this year?"

"21 years old, one year after graduating from college."

"21 years old? It doesn't look like it, and why did you graduate so early, how are you studying?"

Kevin Huang rolled his eyes, does it matter whether you study well?

Besides, his parents are university professors, so skipping grades is not a normal thing.

Today's journalists are really unprofessional and lack the ability to think logically.

"It's okay," Huang Kevin said vaguely: "I graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology. As for being young, it may be because of better genes? My parents are professors. It's not a problem for me to graduate early. In fact, when I was very young, I've already taken junior high school courses, and if it wasn't for the fear of not being able to build relationships with older classmates, they might have let me go to junior high school when I was less than 10 years old."

A course at the level of elementary school is really not difficult for a smart child. The original owner has inherited all the advantages of his parents. The only problem is the cancer gene in the mother's family. Otherwise, it will definitely be a big winner in life.

"Okay, have you received professional football training?" Another reporter grabbed the microphone and asked.

"No, I just went to football summer camp when I was very young."

"Then why are you playing so well?"

He asked everyone's questions.

"Maybe, this is talent." Huang Kevin sighed, shaking his head made the reporters hate it.

"Do you have any ideas about joining AC Milan?"

"Huh?" Huang Kevin thought for a moment and organized the language, and said: "AC Milan has a great history, I have always been a Milan fan, of course, I like many teams, because I like to play good teams, AC Milan is exactly the Such a team. Maldini, Stam, Kaka, Shevchenko... This team has the foundation to win everything, and I want to be a winner too. It would be great to join AC Milan ."

"I wish you the best of luck, do you have a girlfriend?"

The focus of the reporters gradually began to shift from football to him. Football itself is not as attractive as star lace. Now that Huang Kaiwen has not played a few games, they want to know more about Huang Kaiwen's private life.

Huang Kevin also answered questions and did not show any disgust.

The press conference lasted for more than an hour before it ended with the reminder of the press officer.

If you don't leave, you won't be able to catch the plane, so you can only stay with Daolang and wait for the No. 2 bus on the 11th floor.

A group of people quickly rushed to the airport to meet the main force.

AC Milan chose a heroic charter flight for their trip. They are not the team that can buy a main force for 2 million in the future.

After the plane took off, Carlo Zieri took the initiative to get close to Huang Kevin and asked, "I heard that Chinese girls are very enthusiastic, right? It's a pity that I didn't have a romantic date."

Huang Kevin's eyes twitched, and the blue veins on his forehead twitched.

He was really reluctant to answer this question, but he still chose to tell the truth.

"Yes, it is so."

Not to mention Milan's stars, even foreign garbage or mud brothers in the plantation, can be posted by someone. This is the part that Huang Kevin is the least willing to mention.

"It's a pity, otherwise we can play around with you." Playboy Carlo Zieri said with a sigh. Before he came, he planned to relax.

Huang Kevin is a little fortunate that Milan's schedule is relatively tight, otherwise even if he does not intend to take his teammates to find flowers, Milan players can easily arrange a few wonderful nights for themselves.

Although he has the consciousness to have a good relationship with his teammates, he never thought of bringing his teammates to chaos in the country. .

Immediately afterwards, the teammates asked some questions that they were more concerned about.

For example, Maldini went to China with Milan more than ten years ago. Everyone's impression of China is not bad. I can't say that I am completely satisfied, but they can feel the sincerity and the enthusiasm of the fans.

Looking at the hot scene, Ancelotti gave the assistant coach a look.

His teaching assistant got up and clapped his hands as a reminder: "You guys, this is a long-distance flight. If you don't want to be too uncomfortable afterwards, you'd better take a rest on the plane."

From Shanghai to Milan, the flight time takes 12-13 hours.

After landing, the estimated time is more than ten o'clock in the evening.

After finally getting quiet, Huang Kevin also put on a blindfold to rest.

There are too many things in the past few days. After the coaching team called him, they took him to the hotel in a special car.

The assistant coach also said: "The club staff will take you to see the house in a few days. When you play in Milan, the club will be responsible for your rent. The club will also pay you part of your salary in advance, so that you can have money. Live in Milan."

Hearing such generous treatment, Huang Kevin grinned silently, not knowing what to say.

I'm afraid Kaka didn't have such a good treatment at the beginning. He performed too well for being signed that day, and now AC Milan has raised its expectations for him.

This makes Huang Kevin a little distressed.

I knew it would be better to keep kicking.

Don't look at AC Milan as an uncle now, when he has been resting on a stretcher, I am afraid he will be very violently backlashed. If it weren't for the contract, he would have wanted to run away.