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C.515v2 : Coercion against Indonesia, targeting the Middle EastMar 06, 2023

After listening to Robert's report, Sean was silent for a long time. If you don’t do things yourself, you will be negligent in many places. This does not mean that your subordinates don’t care. It can only be said that they are outsiders who don’t understand the local customs.

This phenomenon is more obvious in the stronger the company. Moreover, even if everyone realizes that there is a problem, it cannot be changed.

A strong company represents success. Since there is a successful experience, it is of course to copy it. It is impossible for the management to ignore the successful experience and think about making changes instead!

Do it according to the inherent successful method. If you make a mistake, it is an overall problem. If you make a few changes, it is a personal problem if you make a mistake. How to choose?

"This is Southeast Asia after all, a barbaric land far away from civilized society. If in the West, everyone must think about how to rescue the disaster after the pirates ransacked, but in the barbaric Southeast Asia..." Sean explained to Robert: "You can imagine When Indonesia launched a coup 20 years ago, in order to ease domestic conflicts, the higher authorities acquiesced in allowing Indonesians to rob and slaughter Chinese people.”

"They robbed and smashed in the street, raped women, murdered people, and chopped off people's heads in the street!"

"No one cares, the locals will only applaud when they see it, and a group of people dance around the corpse."

Robert looked at Sean in astonishment, his face full of disbelief. He thought this phenomenon would only appear in the African savannah. After all, American TV stations had publicized it, but there were very few reports on Southeast Asia in the United States. He really didn’t think.

"The local custom still exists in the towns below. Put a bowl of blood at the door of the enemy's house, and then everyone can revenge and kill the enemy, and you can kill the entire family of the enemy." Sean said with a sneer.

"Fack, these lunatics!" Robert swore. Sean shook his head, "That's it, those people let the Brooke government settle down, and I will figure out a way for the follow-up population."

After sending Robert away, Sean communicated with the Asian media again. This matter was released from the report, and it was unnecessary to conceal it. Instead, he seemed guilty.

It's just that the direction of the report needs to be controlled, mainly in Southeast Asia where the law and order are chaotic and there are many pirates, which requires the intervention of a strong sea force.

Another direction of reporting is that the indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia are barbaric, cruel, and inferior, and they are too far away from civilized society. They need the help of white people in the civilized world to let them learn what civilization is!

Through the media, large-scale bombing, find some people among the aborigines, give them the name of experts, let these aboriginal elites stand up and criticize the inferiority of their own nation, and declare the civilization and nobility of the white world.

As long as there is more publicity and more examples, the new and new youth among the indigenous people will realize that the air in the United States is sweet and free!

Of course, this is a long-term process that requires the media to infiltrate slowly. Sean's top priority is to deal with the counterattack from the Indonesians.

Although it's just an ASEAN boycott and going to the United Nations to force Lai Lai, it is more or less discrediting his own reputation.

It is to discredit, act openly and aboveboard, and bring the dawn of civilization to the backward and barbaric Southeast Asian indigenous people!

"What?" Suharto thought he had heard it wrong, and looked at the secretary in front of him with a confused face, "Brooke Kingdom invited me to visit?"

Seeing the secretary nodding, Suharto's face was full of anger, and he spat and cursed: "They just robbed our Natuna Island and killed so many of us, how could they have the nerve to send out such an invitation?" !" "Then I'll refuse." The secretary bowed his head and walked out. Just as the secretary walked to the door, Suharto suddenly stopped. I saw him frowning tightly, lost in thought.

It is impossible for the Kingdom of Brook not to know what he has done, but still sending out this kind of invitation cannot be purely for the purpose of humiliating himself.

Countries don't do this, he was so angry just now, he didn't expect this, so, why?

After pondering for a while, Suharto suddenly raised his head and said, "Just reply and I agree."

The secretary froze for a moment, not knowing why Suharto suddenly changed his mind, but he nodded in agreement.

One week later, Kuching.

Suharto's arrival was grandly received, and media reports were overwhelming.

In Kuala Lumpur, in the palace, the Malay sultan threw the newspaper on the ground angrily, and cursed with an ugly face: "Shit Suharto, this bastard, villain, despicable, shameless!"

I just contacted them and said that they would hold an ASEAN meeting and jointly boycott the Brook Kingdom, and then I went to visit the fuck.

Of course, Suharto didn't care, he just wanted to see what the Brook people were up to.

To Suharto's surprise, the entire meeting was normal. Ahmad Zaidi talked with him about economic and trade cooperation between the two sides, such as exempting some commodities from tax and increasing bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

No matter how you look at it, it is a normal visit.

Just when Suharto was about to leave after all procedures were completed, Ahmad Zaidi suddenly whispered, "Someone wants to see you."

Suharto raised his brows, here he comes, this is the business! Can instruct Ahmad Zaidi to find himself in this way, Suharto immediately guessed who it was.

Sure enough, at the place where Suharto was arranged to rest, he saw the guy who made him secretly scold him many times, Sean Rockefeller.

"Come on, stop standing at the door, come here and sit down." Sean stretched out his hand as if he was at home.

The corner of Suharto's mouth twitched, hating to death in his heart, but he still squeezed out a forced business smile and walked over, "Mr. Xiao En, nice to meet you."

"Oh." Sean smiled indifferently, "I hope what you said is true."

He didn't buy a lawsuit, and said directly: "I heard that you have been very active these days, contacting Southeast Asian countries, and preparing to speak out at the United Nations. Why, do you have any dissatisfaction with me, Sean Rockefeller?" ?”

"If you have any dissatisfaction, you can tell me directly."

Suharto's face suddenly turned ugly, don't you know if I am dissatisfied, you came up and robbed me of a big island in Indonesia, then turned around and sank my fleet, killing so many of my people!

"Don't tell me that Natuna Island belongs to Indonesia!" Sean's face darkened suddenly, and he reached out and touched Suharto's chest, "I am not a country in Southeast Asia. You should be very clear about what a disputed territory is. Who is it?" If the power is strong, then whose is it!"

"There are countless islands of similar size in Indonesia, I hope you don't mistake yourself!"

"Natuna guards the throat of the entire South China Sea. It is very important to the security of Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. It is also an important node in the future development of the world. I don't think Indonesia is qualified to participate in the world hegemony. I think you should Understand what I mean!" Sean's tone was unprecedentedly severe.

Suharto's brain buzzed, and these few words made him understand that it is the United States that wants to occupy Natuna, not Sean. Sean is just a white glove, and the purpose is not to target Indonesia or Southeast Asia, it should be the sword. Point to the north.

Everyone can see that the Soviet Union is coming to an end, so where is the next region that can compete with the United States? Nothing but Europe and the North!

Europe, the birthplace of modern civilization, has all the foundations to become a big country in the north, and Europe must be a unified whole. Although it is far behind, it has greater potential.

Although Suharto thinks Indonesia is very good, it is the most powerful in Southeast Asia

country, but he does not think that Indonesia can really participate in the stage of world hegemony.

Thinking of Natuna's position, it has become a hot potato for Indonesia, and it is not a bad thing to let it go.

As Sean said, there are many similar islands in Indonesia. As for resources, Indonesia has never been short.

Thinking about it, Suharto agreed. Of course, he had to be more tactful, because he wanted to save face, and he couldn't apologize after being beaten.

Seeing the change in Suharto's face, Sean thought this guy was unwilling, snorted coldly, grabbed a document and threw it over.

Suharto looked puzzled, "What does this mean?" "Look for yourself!" Throwing the things over, Sean got up and walked to the balcony on the other side. powerful.

suharto heart

Li frantically opened the file bag, just looked at the

On the first page, cold sweat came down his head.

Here is his son's information!

Sean didn't want to use his son, well, he used his son to threaten him, it was just evidence of his son's crime.

Over the years, Suharto's younger sister, daughter, and son have relied on Suharto's rights to intervene in a large number of industries in Indonesia and wantonly amass money, with brutal and undisguised methods.

Well, it can’t be said that it’s undisguised. Except for some assets held by the daughter and son of the Suharto family, most of the assets are held by Chinese agents.

The information on this person was also sorted out by the intelligence organization. Lin Shaoliang, chairman of the Indonesian Lin Group, an economic advisor to the Indonesian government, the former richest man in China and the richest man in Indonesia. The American "Investor" magazine listed him as one of the 12 largest bankers in the world, and was once called "one of the ten richest people in the world".

Lin Shaoliang started his fortune during the Indonesian War of Independence, during which he took Hassan in for a year.

Hassan was the father-in-law of Sukarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia. With this relationship, Lin Shaoliang hooked up with the Indonesian rebel army, and then made his first fortune by smuggling weapons and medicines.

After Indonesia's independence, Lin Shaoliang had a close relationship with the Sukarno government and obtained many franchise rights.

It’s just that the Sukarno government is still clean and honest, which doesn’t allow Lin Shaoliang to perform well. During Suharto’s coup, Lin Shaoliang turned around and began to support Suharto. He got a lot of assets when he was killed in 65, and then with the help of Suharto Tuo's power was out of control, and he soon ascended to the throne of the richest man in the Chinese.

He is Suharto's most trusted Chinese, not one of them. It's just that this kind of operation is not legal, it is a complete monopoly level. Of course, Suharto said that it conforms to Indonesian law, so there is no way, who makes him the president.

"Don't think that you are safe just because these companies are in Indonesia." Sean leaned on the balcony door and looked at Suharto with a sneer, "As long as you use US dollars for transactions and engage in unfair business competition, the United States can control !"

What is long-arm jurisdiction!

If you can't cure the north, you can't cure your mere Indonesia! "Not to mention that because of these privileges, you have caused serious obstacles and unfair competition to American businessmen entering Indonesia. A single economic sanction can make Indonesia unable to eat!"

"What's more, these things are useless in the hands of Indonesians, but they fall into my hands. As the world's policeman, the United States has an obligation to solve the problems of people who have been treated unfairly all over the world!"

After listening to Xiao En's words, Suharto's lips began to tremble angrily.

Go to *** Long Arm Jurisdiction, go to *** World Police, aren’t you Americans too **** lenient?

At this time, Suharto forgot that he relied on the Americans to secure his position.

People, there are double standards.

Sean didn't say much to this guy, he reached out and patted the old guy's face when he walked past Suharto, "I hope that in the future

Let’s be honest in Indonesia, don’t stir up wind and rain, and engage in your own development with peace of mind! "

After all, Sean opened the door and walked out.

Suharto stood where he was, his face changed for a while, he grabbed the document and tore it vigorously. In the end, he still didn't have the guts to challenge the authority of the Americans.

Back then, if the Americans could support him to come up, they could support others to come up.

No one knows what he has done in these years better than him, and if it is really exposed, he will walk away without food.

And the Americans clearly have this ability.

After seeing Suharto, Sean did not continue to stay in Brooke, turned around and got on a special plane to fly directly to Saudi Arabia.

The reason why he acted so violently in the end was that he had no choice but to threaten Suharto directly, and there was no time for him to squander it.

Yesterday, that is, July 31, Sha Damu and Kuwaiti representatives started negotiations in Jeddah.

The Soviet Union is on the verge of decline, UU Reading has scaled back its investment in the Middle East, several allied countries are ready to move, and most of the eyes of the United States, including the world, are focused on Europe.

USSR shrinks power, silly

Damu couldn't continue to play the self-righteous balancing strategy between the United States and the Soviet Union, so at the beginning of the 1990s, Damu, an American ally, made many anti-American remarks.

This guy is trying to take advantage of the great changes in the world structure and the vacuum of power in the Middle East to complete the integration of the Arab world. The first thing is to let Kuwait, a rich and weak neighbor, cancel the 20 billion US dollars in debt it owes.

However, the little brother in Kuwait is very flattering, he didn't obediently cancel the debt and tried to ask for money, which made Silly Damu feel that he was being provoked.

Negotiations broke down that night.

On the morning of August 1, Sean arrived in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, accompanied by 200 elite troops.

After arriving in Riyadh, Sean sent invitations to the royal families of the Middle East through the Saudi royal family, inviting everyone to attend the banquet.

The time was set in 5 days.

No one knew that Sean's real purpose was to announce that he had come to the Middle East, so as to prevent local tyrants from Kuwait from finding him at critical moments.

Sean believes that the royal family of Kuwait will never be stingy with money when their lives are in danger!

All is ready except for the opportunity!