MTL - America鈥檚 Big Hero - C.547v2 : the wisdom of old blackMar 06, 2023

MTL - America鈥檚 Big Hero

C.547v2 : the wisdom of old blackMar 06, 2023

Do you have to use a fishing boat for fishing? Can a cruise ship work?

There are two guided missile destroyers next to it, will it be the air force? Yes, there is a sea-cobra on a guided missile destroyer, there is an air force!

Sean didn't know, so he decided to give it a try, so that he could have an accurate answer when he bragged to others later. Two hours later, Sean turned his head to look at Sophie Marceau, who was watching, "Is there something wrong with my fishing skills?"

"Heck, no, no, no, it must be that the battleship next to it is too murderous, and the scared fish dare not take the bait." Xiao En nodded with satisfaction and said: "Let the two guided missile destroyers, including which supporting warships, hurry up Leave far away."

Norris nodded and got up on the walkie-talkie.

He made up his mind that if the boss couldn't catch any more fish, he would order the frogmen to go down and catch them, and then hang them on the hook for the boss after catching them.

If you can't catch it, let the frogman hang himself on the hook! Anyway, the boss must be happy! What is a female sycophant!

Since ancient times, loyal ministers could not be kept, but only female sycophants won the hearts of the people!

Facts have proved that it is indeed the problem of those warships. This time it was changed to trolling. Ten minutes later, the fishing rod suddenly sank. pole.

I don't know what kind of fish it is, but it's quite strong, maybe ten catties, anyway, I'll have enough to eat in a while! Just as he was finishing the shot, suddenly, a huge force came, and the people who led Sean rushed forward. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and kicked on the side of the boat, but his forearms still hit the side of the boat. It hurt so much, half of my body leaned out, so I didn't get dragged into the sea.

Fortunately, he grabbed the pole tightly and did not let go.

With a blushing face and a thick neck, he began to exert all his strength. While pulling the fishing rod hard, he loudly ordered the cruise ship to slow down! The fish is very big, if the boat breaks the line because the speed of the boat is too fast, Sean will definitely throw these guys into the sea and let them catch the fish.

The women who were playing on the deck next to them also noticed the situation here. Some of them had experienced sea fishing and knew they had caught a big fish, so they immediately scrambled to get their belly belts to bring to Sean.

Relying on Sean's focus on the fish at the moment, between each other, you push me, and I push you and tear them apart. There are so many women, the opportunity to express must be cherished!

In the end, the 22-year-old Catherine Zeta Jones, who had just finished filming her first work, completed the sneak attack, grabbed the belt and rushed to Sean's side, where no one dared to **** it.

They must show harmony in front of Sean. They are all acting skills!

Catherine Zeta Jones held her head up and gave all the little **** a look of contempt. Then she hugged Sean's waist and brought the belt to Sean. Then she propped up her knees, pouted her buttocks and raised her chest. Putting on the most coquettish poses, shouting cheers.

The happiness of the rich is so unpretentious and boring!

Sean just glanced at Catherine Zeta-Jones for an appreciative look and started setting, reeling and skating.

Women are too easy to get, but they are not as attractive as fish.

The fish in the ocean don't appreciate flattery at all. No matter how rich you are or what kind of billionaire you are, the air force is still **** empty when fishing.

After pulling for a full two hours, it means that Xiao En is physically strong, and he has a 300-jin yellow flag gold gun, and now he has dinner!

Walvis Port, also known as Walvis Bay Port, is the largest port in the world, 712 nautical miles from Cape Town, South Africa. After Sean's fleet arrived in southern Africa, it was the first stop here. As for why not go directly to South Africa, the answer is no!

Sean can drive the battleship directly to Hong Kong Island, to Chunni, to Xingcheng, to Kuala Lumpur, but he can't watch the battleship go directly to London, not even Lisbon, Portugal.

People want face, it's too disrespectful! Chunni:? ? ? Xingcheng:! ! ***: "..."

For the same reason, Cape Town can't do it, at least not now! Now South Africa is still under the control of the White House,

Now the book is still in the hands of the Japanese, and it is still the number one country in Africa. It doesn't matter whether it's physical strength, economic strength, or influence. Sean must show enough respect.

Yes, Sean just watches people order dishes, isn't everyone like this, what's the problem? You don't have enough strength, why should I show respect?

Being able to stop at *** is an embarrassment to them, at least it shows that Sean is going to develop business here, and it shows that *** is still valuable.

When the umbrella fleet arrived, President Sam Nujoma, the father of the nation, greeted him at the pier in person. Just one and a half years after independence from South Africa's occupation, Sam Nujoma desperately needs the help of a super-rich man with international influence like Sean to help him stabilize the political situation.

They stayed here for a few days, during which they negotiated with Sam Nujoma, selected a deep-water area west of Port Walvis, and purchased 10 square kilometers of land, where the umbrella will build a Southwest African military base.

In the next few decades, there will be a lot of business in Taiwan, Angola, and Botswana, and the umbrella needs a coordinated base.

As for why not build in South Africa...

It will take some time before South Africa is in disarray, and Sean can't afford to wait.

Besides, South Africa is very big and rich, and there is no problem in establishing a separate branch.

After completing the contract with Sam Nujoma, Sean did not discuss anything in depth. Setting up a military base, dispatching a guided missile destroyer, and adding a thousand soldiers are enough to show that the umbrella supports the government.

That's enough for Sam Nujoma to take it back and act aggressively, which can make a big difference in his situation.

Of course, Sean is not doing charity either. He will send people from the mining company over to negotiate with the government, whether it is to buy land or something else.

After two days of rest here, one of the warships that completed the **** mission went north to Morocco, and one stayed in ***. Several frigates protected Sean's cruise ship and set off again, this time going straight to the legislative capital of South Africa. Cape Town.

Yes, legislative capitals, there are three capitals in South Africa.

The administrative capital Pretoria, the legislative capital Cape Town, and the judicial capital Bloemfontein have thoroughly implemented the separation of powers.

The capital can produce three. Is it the loss of morality or the distortion of human nature?

Oh, it's the British who have been stirring up **** for a hundred years and have never been surpassed. That's okay! Do you think three capitals are enough?

No, in addition to the three capitals, there is also the financial center 'City of Gold, Johannesburg, which is also the richest city in Africa.

There are also port cities, the gateway to Africa, the capital of international conferences, Durban...Of course, from another perspective, this is called balanced development and a long-term vision.

It took more than 700 nautical miles to arrive after two days of wandering in the sea. No one received him grandly when he arrived here. South African President Frederick William de Klerk was very busy. Running back and forth between Toria, and occasionally going to Johannesburg, just highlight one work efficiency!

It was Mandela, an old man, who came to pick Sean up at the pier, and the first thing they did was give him a hug.

For Mandela, Sean is also an ally. He came into contact with apartheid in the United States and liberated black people. He is a friend of black people!

In fact, Sean's trip this time was also to support Mandela.

Now the whole world is supporting him, and he also believes that he will be able to ascend to the throne of South African president and lead all black brothers to the light.

Greetings, photos, interviews, banquet arrangements, post-meeting talks...

Sean didn't ask for any investment, opening a military base, etc. He just expressed his support for the black brothers and that's it.

Although Mandela has ideals, he is not naive after spending 27 years in prison. He is useless now except for his reputation, and no matter how much he promises, it is nothing but castles in the air.

After bidding farewell to Mandela, Sean moved into a villa in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, which he bought long ago. After everything was settled, Sean called Norris and asked, "What's next?"

"We are going to meet several chiefs of several large tribes in South Africa. We need to reach a cooperation agreement with them."

He definitely doesn't worry, that's what I just found out.

"Yes, Boss, according to South Africa, they are quarantined people and cannot enter the city." "Ha!" Sean sneered, "Okay, arrange your time here." Two days later, the South of Cape Town, Philadelphia.

In the room, an old man wearing gold jewelry asked the people around him in strange words, "Has the news spread?"

A young black man, wearing a decent suit, said with a smile, "Don't worry, father, word has spread. Everyone in the tribe, including the city, knows that someone from the American Rockefeller family will come to visit you."

"But I doubt whether these guys know what Rockefeller is."

"Don't doubt it, you have to understand that most of the time, what you don't know is the most important thing." The old black man said calmly, "If you know clearly, you will think wildly instead."

The young black man frowned, slowly realizing something.

On both sides of the road, groups of black ghosts are waiting for the big white-eyed man, watching with curiosity in confusion and greed in curiosity, 20 military Hummers with bulletproof grilles, and 3 armored vehicles surrounded Sean. The car entered this black district, which is the largest black ethnic settlement near Cape Town.

"Under the orderly management of South African whites, these black people live a peaceful and docile enough life, but I guarantee that once the control is completely loosened, it will be a disaster." Through the car window, Sean looked out the window Said.

The head of the bodyguard, Torre, shrugged. He was also a black, mixed-race black, but he never felt that he was of the same race as these purebred blacks outside, so he didn't think there was any problem with Sean's words.

Of course, they all knew that Sean didn't mean to discriminate against black people.

"Then why don't you let that **** called Pietra Adem come to Cape Town to meet you, and we're going to this **** place." Chatting in the car, Torrey asked casually.

"Show me your strength." Sean shrugged. "If they really come to Cape Town, how can I show these military Humvees and armored vehicles with machine guns on them?"

"In Cape Town, a wealthy area, there are more than 100 heavily armed American soldiers, and the South African government is not joking.

"Okay." Torrey shrugged, but those in charge of security will have to worry about it later. Being surrounded by countless black people, the pressure is inevitable.

The environment here is quite different from Xiao En's imagination. After all, he has only been to North Africa, and there are white people's territories there.

In the imagination, it should be mud as the wall and grass as the roof, but this is not the case in reality.

There are simple houses built with a few pieces of wood, iron sheets, and canvas. Colorful patterns are painted on the iron sheets. There is a rope between two sticks.

Don't worry about keeping warm, the ventilation is pretty good... What if it's raining?

There are bricks and stones, iron roofs, glass boats, fairly regular houses, and yards surrounded by iron fences. There is a factory building that looks like a simple factory. It is long and there are many people living in it. There are still people working in the yard. There are also red walls, wrought iron gates, a small second floor of brick and stone structure, and solar water heaters on the roof. All kinds of buildings are randomly distributed like sesame salt, without any rules.

Under the leadership of Chief Pietra Adem, a convoy of convoys turned around and finally arrived near a rather large courtyard.

When he got there, Sean got out of the car under the guard of a group of soldiers. He looked up and looked forward. Instead of being attracted by the old man with gold ornaments at the gate of the courtyard, he was attracted by the house in the courtyard instead.

Round, like a round house like a granary, but it can be seen that it is not built of mud, it is very clean, painted with white paint, and the roof is made of a kind of grass, it is really like the imagination It is the same building as the ancient Chinese granary.

It's not high, but it's big, and there are three steps at the door.

Following Sean's gaze, Norris quickly explained in a low voice: "This is a tradition. These chiefs have been working hard to facilitate their own rule.

Trying to maintain this ancient architectural style, in fact, the internal environment is very good. "

Sean knew instantly, Tradition!

While Xiao En was wasting time, the heavily armed soldiers of No. 100 under him unceremoniously pushed away those black ghosts holding greasy AKs that they didn't know if they could still be used, and forcefully brought the surrounding area into range. .

The process was naturally not so gentle, he kicked down those who refused to let him go, and pointed the gun in his hand and the roof of the car unceremoniously, as if he would kill you immediately if you didn't roll.

These black ghosts who have been oppressed by white South Africans for hundreds of years are immediately persuaded, UU Reading www. uukanshu. Com dispersed without waiting for the chief's order. Pietra Adem frowned, pretending not to see it, and said nothing. Of course, the most important thing was not being able to beat it.

Sean didn't seem to see it either, and walked up with a smile. He really wanted to ask the other party, wouldn't you feel heavy with so many gold ornaments on your body?

The ones on the head, the neck, the wrists, the belt, the ankles, the walking stick... at least a dozen catties! It is yellow and inlaid with gemstones, which looks very dazzling in the sun.

The old man was black and he didn't know how big he was. Fortunately, he could speak English. After chatting awkwardly at the door for a while, he welcomed Sean into the house.

They went in, but there were more and more black people around them. They didn't want to do anything, they just watched the excitement, pointing at the military Hummers, armored vehicles, and American soldiers with straight combat capabilities at the door.

As if watching strange.

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