MTL - America’s Big Hero - C.577v2 : The finale - the eternal Rockefeller!a year ago

MTL - America’s Big Hero

C.577v2 : The finale - the eternal Rockefeller!a year ago

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December 25, 1991), Gorbachev delivered a 12-minute televised speech announcing his resignation from the presidency of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union officially disintegrated.

On this day, Sean watched the whole live broadcast on TV.

In his previous life, he didn't pay attention to this, but in this life, because of his status, he participated in too many international events. Looking at this speech again, I feel quite mixed.

The most powerful country in the world, the other pole of the Cold War, and the birthplace of the red wave that deeply feared the western capitalist world, collapsed like this, which is really embarrassing.

10 years ago, who would have thought such a day would come.

I don't know how many people who believed deeply and devoted themselves to the cause of socialism, and shed their blood for it, their beliefs collapsed on this day.

The impact of the disintegration of the Soviet Union on the whole world is difficult to describe in words. It was a kind of collapse of the spiritual world, which plunged people who believe in socialism all over the world into deep despair and confusion.

When the Soviet Union was in power, there were two voices in the world, the liberals who firmly believed in Western capitalism, and the socialists who firmly believed in collectivism. The world was divided into two levels.

After today, only the voice of the victor is left in the world, capital, freedom, democracy!

Looking back now, Xiao En suddenly understands why there is an argument in the north that the moon in foreign countries is rounder than China, and also understands why so many people want to go abroad because of their wives and children. going abroad.

Just like Su Mei, the goddess of dog licking among Chinese partners, who is so proud in China, but was dragged to the grass by a taxi driver in foreign countries and gave grass casually.

The public knowledge may not be born Han women, most of them are intellectuals in the 1980s, and they were also cultivated by domestic patriotic education. Qiusha, I grew up singing Goodbye Friends, why did everything suddenly become foreign?

Sing praises for foreigners everywhere.

The farts of foreigners are fragrant, and they can be collected for a taste of tea. The jiba of foreigners is noble, and the whole person is sublimated in a few strokes. In Sean's opinion now, it has a lot to do with this, the collapse of spirit and the collapse of faith.

These intellectuals had access to information from the outside world, which led to them going from one extreme to the other after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and finally stood on the side of the victor.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union, from the spirit to the body, will affect the world pattern for decades to come.

After talking about the impact on the world, I went back to Sean. After watching Gorbachev's live broadcast, Sean suddenly felt that he was not interested in anything.

I don't know why, the whole person seems to have lost the vigor of the past, and even his temper has improved a lot. He laughs and laughs all day long, and every day he is either indulging in the crowd of women or playing with a large group of children.

Fishing at sea, going to the golf course to watch the ball, and playing autumn games at Old David’s from time to time, the old man was quite happy at first, as he is getting older, he likes the juniors in front of him very much.

But after a long time, he began to get annoyed, mainly because Xiao En always argued with him, and he liked to see the old man humming.

Of course, it's annoying, but if Sean doesn't go there for a few days, the old man will call instead.

The managers in the companies under his name are all handled by the managers. After all, Sean may not be in any corner of the world. It is impossible to wait for Sean to nod for everything, so the company doesn’t have to do it anymore. Now the people of Sean suddenly start to wait In the United States, all kinds of things come to you.

Which of the managers of the companies under his name was not invited by Sean. He knew Sean's temper too well.

In the beginning, Sean had to listen to many reports and sign a lot of papers every day, but after a while, Sean became a little annoyed, but old David didn't think so.

The more Sean wanted to be lazy, the more he wanted Sean to come over and hand over some matters in Rockefeller's office to Sean.

I just like seeing Sean so busy that he gets angry.

Sean did not forget what Lao Bu told him. The money rescued from Tijuana was thrown to Craig Wright by Sean. He was also the first person to follow Sean to create an umbrella, specializing in urban warfare.

Craigie Wright took the money to acquire a two-year-old PMC, and renamed it Blackwater Security Company, which was specially used to do black work that was dropped by the umbrella.

Anyway, Sean didn't hold any shares in Blackwater in any form, and no matter how he looked at it, it had nothing to do with him.

It's a black glove, and it's fine to just disband after things get serious.

Back in March 1992, a shot was fired in Sarajevo, and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina started again.

On the other hand, South Africa held a white referendum on whether to support government reform on March 17, and more than 3.2 million white citizens participated in the vote.

As a result of the voting, nearly 69% of the people supported the government to continue to carry out political reforms. South Africa has taken an important step in ending the rule of the white minority, and is generally welcomed by the majority of black South Africans and the international community.

Sean snorted.

In April, Heishui Company received an order for the foot-covering building, and more than 2,000 people appeared on the battlefield in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sean didn't pay attention to this. What the Blackwater Company does has nothing to do with his gentleman Sean.

At the same time, the 42nd U.S. presidential election started. First, it was the party election. Bush was far ahead in the Elephant Party, and Zipperton also began to emerge in the Donkey Party, with great momentum.

On the other hand, as the conflicts in the Balkans continued to intensify and tended to intensify, the Germans began to panic. At this critical moment, Lao Bu made a strong move and pushed the United Nations to make a resolution to send peacekeeping troops to Croatia in the name of the United Nations. The intensity of the war It was controlled immediately.

Sean didn't pay much attention to the affairs of Yugoslavia, and focused more on domestic affairs.

With abundant cash flow, it began to continuously inject capital into emerging industries such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and AOL.

Not only that, on average, Sean invests in a Silicon Valley software company every day.

Invest in an emerging chip industry company every day and every week.

Although the amount of a single investment is not large, it has won a lot of praise in the industry.

He only paid money but never interfered with the company's founding team. He was hailed as an angel investor, and this name officially entered the world stage.

Of course, Sean didn't keep his eyes on the high-tech enterprises. The general election had already started, and Sean talked to Butler several times to change Bush's campaign slogan.

The original campaign slogan was a friendlier and more refined country, the economy was the only problem that was slammed, and the idiots were beaten to pieces.

With Sean's participation, Bush's campaign slogan became the Greatest America'!

Absolutely not to learn from Chuanbao's Make America Great Again.

Sean actually doesn't understand Bush's campaign team, what kind of **** slogans, do you know where the advantages of *** are!

During Bush's tenure, he won the Gulf War, established the status of the world's number one military power, and completely crushed other countries!

During Bush's tenure, he destroyed the Soviet Union, the biggest competitor, and the other pole of the world, ended the Cold War, established capitalism as the only correct way, and pushed the United States to the top of the world!

If you don't brag about such a great achievement, and say that *** is friendly, is Wenya brainwashed by yourself?

what kindness would white america believe

Or what refinement would black Americans believe in!

Elegant is the word **** can't **** write!


In addition to these, Sean also gave Lao Bu's team an opinion, a strategy for Hollywood! Hollywood has always been a donkey's place, but it's not completely invincible. Before 1991, Hollywood was also awesome, but it hadn't reached the point of crushing the whole world.

There is Hong Kong Island in the East, Britain and France in Europe, and Soviet films. The film with the largest investment in film history is the Soviet film.

So how did Hollywood movies complete their guide to world movies? Gulf War and the collapse of the Soviet Union


Speaking of the roots, it depends on the achievements of the old cloth.

Lao Bu's team did not give full play to their advantages. Of course, this matter does not need to attack the actors.

"Hollywood and celebrities have a great influence on ordinary people. There is no doubt about it. You can win over everyone you can, make friends as many as possible, and make enemies as few as possible!" Sean sat in the meeting room. Lao Bu started to talk to his campaign team with eloquence.

"First of all, we can communicate with the Motion Picture Association of America and put forward our conditions. We can use government means to help it build and lead a global copyright protection mechanism to help Hollywood deal with infringement issues, and add movies and their derivative copyrights to the international In the intellectual property protection treaty, it is called the "Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement", plus something else, don't look too fruity." "Second, we can use government means to force the opening of the film market and TO To be linked, countries joining the TO must sign relevant subsidiary agreements to help Hollywood open up the global market.”

"We can also establish official specialized agencies to monitor the implementation of copyright protection in other countries, issue special reports, and put countries with closed film markets and copyright infringements on the key watch list to deter each other and ensure that Hollywood global interests are protected.”

"Bring that old fellow Reagan back to your platform. He was born in Hollywood and is the chairman of the Screen Actors Guild. He is naturally in the same camp as those actors. He left such a large financial deficit. He can't leave a mess and leave it alone. The reason why Xiao En mentioned this is because he experienced that when the North joined TO, he was asked to open up the film market. Hollywood blockbusters changed from three or four a year at the earliest, to 10, then 20, and then 34 parts.

"In addition, some tax incentives can be given to Hollywood movies. With so many conditions, I don't believe that the Hollywood Seven will not be tempted. In this regard, my people will help lobby." The film company under Sean's name is also One of the seven. This can be regarded as gaining benefits for oneself aboveboard.

With seven leading forces, it is inevitable to capture Hollywood stars.

In addition, Sean also gave some suggestions to Lao Bu, to participate in more sports activities in order to create an image of being friendly to the people, and the information must be sufficient.

For example, in the NBA, Bush Sr. should appear in the finals of the Western Conference playoffs, and Bush Sr. should also appear in the finals, instead of waiting for the NBA championship team to arrive at the White House!

"I have no way of judging who will win the championship this year. You know, I will definitely be interviewed when I show up, and I will definitely ask who I support, who I predict will win the championship, and whose fans I am." Old Bu said quickly. , every sentence can not be wrong.

Xi Deng: Scold again!

"Just say you are a Jordan fan and support the Bulls. They will definitely win the championship." Sean raised his eyebrows.

"I thought you'd let me say New York." Old Bu smiled. The New York Knicks are Sean's team.

"Impossible, the champion must belong to the Bulls, I promise!" Sean said categorically, nonsense, the first three consecutive championships!

People on the team immediately objected, which is too childish.

"I said, the Bulls will be the champion, don't you understand!" Sean frowned, pointing at the guy who raised the question, his voice suddenly became louder.

"Don't be angry, don't be angry." Old Bu hurriedly comforted Sean. He didn't think that Sean was a prophet, but thought that Sean would use some means to ensure that Old Bu's prediction was correct.

At that time, a wave of marketing can be carried out, and the Bulls' second consecutive championship also indicates that Lao Bu will be re-elected!

Americans are superstitious!

If it is done, it will definitely gain the absolute favor of Chicago fans and Jordan fans.

"The cold war is over, and the antagonism will be gradually withdrawn. In the future, everyone will focus on the economy and entertainment. These two points must be grasped." Of course Sean didn't mind, he just couldn't stop himself Where does the affirmation come from, so I can only cover it up with toughness.

"Do you have any suggestions on the economy? Only the trade agreement in North America wants to exert its power, and it will take at least one year. This bonus period has nothing to do with the election.

missed. "Old Bu said with some regret.

"The economy focuses on high-tech industries, emerging technology industries, software industries, and the Internet industry."

Sean thought for a while and said, "The war in the Balkans will inevitably trigger a chain reaction, which will lead to a large amount of money entering the United States."

"Huh, what do you say?" Old Bu suddenly became interested, including his team members.

There are people in the team who are proficient in international situations, geopolitics, military theorists, and economists, but there are no interdisciplinary talents who are proficient in both military and economics.

These two don't go together.

"Europe's economic development has lagged behind in the past few years, and large sums of money have nowhere to go. This is also an important reason why Germany's high interest rates can attract so much money." As he said, Sean raised his hand to economic experts one time.

The other party immediately nodded and said, "Yes, the British and French economies are lagging behind, the pound and the franc have depreciated, a large amount of money has poured into Germany, the mark has appreciated, and the flow of funds is very clear."

"However, it is impossible for the German economy to grow at a high speed all the time. It always has a ceiling."

Sean took the words and continued: "So, Germany has set its target on Slovenia and Croatia, and on the Balkan Peninsula, hoping to open up a larger market, but once the Balkans fall into a long-term war, what will happen?"

"I understand!"

The economic experts of Lao Bu's team slapped their heads and said excitedly: "The capital has no time to wait for Germany to find a new economic power point. They must find a new place. Coupled with the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, North America has become a global economy. The largest economic circle, they have no choice but to come to the United States.”

"The American economy is saved!" Saying this, the guy waved his hand vigorously. It is said that capital is profit-seeking, but what exactly?


Bank interest cannot keep up with inflation. Putting a large amount of cash in the bank is tantamount to losing money. It is absolutely unacceptable to pay high wages to so many high-end talents while watching the loss.

Based on the low inflation rate of 4% per year, if 10 billion US dollars of funds are placed in the bank, it will be equivalent to a loss of 400 million US dollars per year. Adding high labor costs, it may be as high as 500 million!

And playing when capital has nowhere to go means economic crisis and high inflation, which leads to a loss of US$700-100000000 a year when it actually happens! Therefore, capital must find a fund to live in. This cannot be transferred by personal will, and it is an objective and inevitable occurrence.

This is also the fundamental reason why real estate began to rise after the 98 financial crisis and accelerated again after the 2008 economic crisis.

In 2006, according to the "Mineral Resources Law" and "Coal Law", after the banning of small coal mines, coal boss funds began to enter the film and television industry and the real estate circle.

After 2008, a large sum of money entered Internet companies, and in 2010, they entered the film and television industry and real estate circle from Internet companies.

The country can't control it either, and an outlet must be found.

Looking back, you will find that starting from 1993, when European capital realized that the Balkan War could not be ended in a short period of time, it immediately turned to the United States, and finally poured into the software industry and the Internet industry. A large number of Internet companies began to go public. The heat soared, triggering the dot-com bubble.

Therefore, Sean always thought that Clinton was just **** lucky. Busin fought so hard in the Gulf War, "pushed it to the Soviet Union," and started the Bosnian War. After a series of big moves, the final dividend was eaten by Clinton. He also earned the title of a war butcher, what a shame!

Standing in the direction of future generations, Xiao En has worked hard to re-formulate the campaign slogan and policy for Lao Bu.

Who told me to call him Uncle Bush?

Of course, Sean will not participate in specific matters, nor will he stand on the bright side. As shareholders of the United States, the major families will never stand up for anyone in person.

Most of Sean's attention was focused on the domestic campaign, but he only allocated part of his energy to focus on African affairs.

Military base in Angola complete, recruits ready

With the start of training, Jonas Savimbi has the support of Sean, and the economic situation has improved. He has not lost his head-on confrontation with Dos Santos. The upward momentum is visible to the naked eye. very gratifying.

Not surprisingly, he is certain to win this election, and the rest is to divide life and death on the battlefield after the election.

*** On the other hand, Sean's African Star Mining Company has been put into production, the output is not large, and it is still in the process of running in, but a steady stream of ore has been mined. In South Africa, Saint Mandela received the support of black people in the entire South African society, and his reputation was unparalleled for a while. The chiefs who cooperated with the African Star Mining Company have expanded to half of South Africa and reached the bottleneck.

Including the world's largest gold mine, the Rand Gold Mine is also included in Sean's territory, with an annual output of about 700 tons of gold, accounting for half of the world's output

For this reason, Sean had to find time to come to Johannesburg, South Africa, to give Africa Star access to the Rand mining platform.

Accompanied by 6 military transport planes, armed with 1,000 people, escorted by 4 F-16s and 10 Devil Birds.

The entire guided missile destroyer fleet has sailed to the Cape of Good Hope!

Of course, purely military threats are useless. After intense discussions with the European departments including Britain, France and Germany in Johannesburg, and after Sean promised to stop the pace of expansion in South Africa, this matter was acquiesced.

Back from South Africa, Sean set his sights on Cos.

I have always said that I want to rely on my own logistics network to build a supermarket, but I have never had the energy to do it. Of course, it is also related to the tight capital chain before.

It's different now, it happens that most of the energy is in the country, so Sean picked up this matter again.

Costco, which was established in San Diego, California in 1976, is now only in the eastern part of the United States, without large-scale investment of funds, and currently only has more than 50 stores.

Sean was ready to buy them.

On July 9, Clinton, who won the Donkey Party primary, chose Senator Albert Gore as his running mate.

Bobby and Clinton are officially at war in the media.

In October, Sean took down Costco and began to make large-scale investment. Compared with the original business philosophy, Sean set the development policy for Costco that the leased storefront is to purchase real estate and reduce operating costs.

With a large storage center as the core, it radiates stores in surrounding areas.

Anyway, cash is abundant, and as the US economy recovers, real estate is a good project.

In October, Bush Sr.’s campaign team began to attack Zidington as only rhetoric. He still lacks the experience of leading the world’s largest country, and he has not yet achieved any impressive results. Compared with him, Bush’s achievements are obvious to all. Recognized by the whole world, it is to be recorded in the annals of history.

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, talk about achievements, there are zippers, and Lao Bu also has them, including the outlook for the future.

In November, Bush Sr. relied on his solid record in the past two years to defeat Clinton, who had no achievements, and became the 42nd and 52nd president of the United States and was successfully re-elected. Sean was very happy and held a silver party to celebrate this.

In 1993, with the continuation of the Balkan Peninsula war, European capital finally couldn't stand it anymore and had to turn around and start pouring into the United States.

Such a large amount of capital cannot be afforded by any industry, not even the real estate industry.

After all, the United States is sparsely populated, unlike the north, where there is indeed a huge market demand. In the end, most of the money fell into the software and Internet industries. The concept was hyped, and the valuation of Internet companies began to rise crazily. Along with it, Sean's assets also began to rise rapidly, approaching 100 billion.

At this point, Sean also began to keep a low profile.

Various lists such as Forbes dare not publish news about Sean at all. He wants to form and disappear from the public's sight.

In 1994, after many considerations, including the participation of old David, it was finally decided not to marry with several other big families.

The reason is that the old man David believed in Sean's evil, and the family set up a fertility KPI. In just seven or eight years, 300 new babies were added, which can

It is predicted that in the next 10 years, this number will exceed 1,000. With such a large population base, the problem of talent shortage will inevitably be resolved.

However, due to the absolute population advantage compared to other families, once the marriage starts, the other party may really be completely swallowed by Rockefeller.

It's like if most people in a village have the same surname, then the foreign surnames will become less and less until they disappear, because newborns are all surnamed Rockefeller. In this case, Sean finally chose to marry Murdoch's daughter Prudence to form the world's largest media network, an idea also supported by the White House.

After all, this media network belongs to the United States, and the United States naturally controls the right to speak in the media.

Internally, the US government strongly opposes monopoly, but externally, the US government strongly supports monopoly.

Bright double standard!

The wedding was not made public, but was held in the Vatican. As Rockefeller, the Pope was invited to preside over the wedding.

After marriage, Prudence lived in Ludao openly and aboveboard, the empress of the palace, overlooking the group of Yingying and Yanyan.

Of course, it's just looking down, and it's impossible to drive out.

Before I got married, I knew who Sean was, and I also knew that Rockefeller's fertility KPI was created by Sean. Although this is suspected of using women as reproductive tools, well, it's not a suspicion, it's just doing it, but Sean, why not Not working hard.

The family policy will not change, but the size of Xiao En's harem will not expand.

Fortunately, there are enough houses on the island, and they don't live in one house, it's just that Sean is tired.

In 1995, Xiaobu resigned from the experience of the cavalry team, sold the Texas Rangers team in his hand, abandoned business and entered politics, and was successfully elected as the governor of Texas.

In the same year, the new presidential election began. Ladington defeated Republican Bob Dole and finally got his wish to ascend to the presidency.

The old cloth took office for two terms, and the last term of the American economic recovery successfully made the old cloth one of the greatest presidents of the United States.

In 1998, due to the scandal of having an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and the fact that he had publicly lied to the outside world, the Elephant Party initiated impeachment proceedings. Although Zipperton retained his presidency, his prestige Frustrated, lost to Boo in the 2000 general election.

When Xiao Bu took office, the Bush family's prestige was unparalleled for a while, but Sean did not appear at the presidential swearing-in ceremony.

He hasn't been seen in public for several years.

But this did not delay Sean's reputation at the top of the United States, and among the top leaders of all countries in the world.

Benefiting from the rapid development of emerging technologies, the software industry, and Internet companies, it is widely rumored that Sean's personal assets have already surpassed Rockefeller's, and may reach the top of the world.

After all, apart from these emerging industries, the companies under Sean's name are all in the leading position in the banking industry, financial industry, media industry, security industry, shipping industry, retail industry, mining industry, and petroleum industry.

Especially in the oil industry, with the rapid development in the north and the recovery of the global economy, the price of crude oil has risen. Sean's oil fields in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are ushering in a period of explosion. It is really as fast as stealing money.

In 2000, when Internet companies were in full swing and the flowers were blooming, Sean began to quietly reduce his holdings in the secondary market and cash out large sums of money.

Sean does not know when the Internet bubble will collapse, but this does not prevent him from selling in advance.

Of course, he did not sell all the shares in his hand. The shares of companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, etc. are hot and sweet, even in the winter of the Internet.

What Sean sold were all those shares acquired in the secondary market over the years, which were scattered in dozens of different company accounts.

Not only the stocks of Internet companies are selling, Sean also sold all the stocks of his own subsidiaries in the primary market at the same time.

After the new century, several major companies in this book, including Sony and Toshiba, are going downhill, and it seems that they will not recover after a few years.

Anyway, it is already the highest peak, and there is no room for growth in the next few years, so it is better to make a move.


At that time, Sean's assets had surpassed that of the entire Rockefeller family, and he was truly the richest man in the world.

What's even more frightening is that because of the sale of these Internet stocks, Sean has more than 60 billion US dollars in cash flow in his hands, and he will wait for the stock market to crash before sweeping up.

The 40-year-old Sean found that apart from continuing to pursue changes in his net worth, he could no longer find other things that could motivate him.

including women

The squeeze of more than 20 women made Sean look older than he actually was, even though he has been exercising and maintaining his body in recent years.

In 2000, there were more than 2,000 newborns in the Rockefeller family. Of course, the oldest in this batch was only 11 years old.

In 2010, Sean's first child had already graduated, and he didn't arrange any job, let alone give him a sum of money to start a business. Instead, he was directly thrown into the army.

No matter men or women, taking a walk in the army is not a bad thing in Xiao En's opinion. Even if it is impossible to really throw it at the bottom to exercise, it is good to be influenced by the atmosphere of the army.

After he came out, he was given a small company to work slowly. He was still young, especially after he was 45 years old and his **** life was reduced forcibly. He can live for a long time, and he is not in a hurry to find an heir.

This year, the population of the Rockefeller family has exceeded 10,000, and old David is also old. Sean has taken over most of the work of the Rockefeller family. The old man only listens to Sean's report every week.

Sean is still very busy. In the past 10 years, several other major families in the United States have faintly begun to unite against Rockefeller.

Rockefeller has too many newborns. On the surface, there is no new generation emerging, but this is like a volcano, which will enter an eruption period in a few years.

What is the most expensive in the 21st century?


Of course, several major families have also seen the benefits of doing so. In the past ten years, they have also followed the example of Rockefeller and started to create people like crazy, including the Bush family. In 2017, old David passed away, and Sean completely took over the Rockefeller family. He made a new rule that once a woman from the Rockefeller family marries out, her Rockefeller surname will be removed immediately. The family encourages Rockefeller women to find a husband in principle.

At this time, the population of Rockefeller exceeded 30,000, and the base was large. Even if each person only had two or three children, the future population would usher in a huge explosion, covering various industries, such as law, medical care, scientific research, literature, film and television, art...

The members of the Rockefeller family have not only spread all over the United States, but also extended from the United States to South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other places, including in the north. There are Xiao family children in all walks of life.

They are all cultivated by the best education system in the United States. Not to mention all of them are talents, but they are middle-class talents at the beginning.

Not only that, the members of the Rockefeller family can hardly see the aloofness of the big family, UU reading www. After all, started in kindergarten, and the surname is Rockefeller, no one is more noble than anyone else, awesome ass

Coupled with the fact that they all had military experience as adults, this led to the Rockefeller children being very peaceful and doing well.

Of course, not without criticism.

Because there is not a drop of black blood in the family blood, no one believes even if the Rockefeller family said that they never discriminate against blacks.

Sean: Believe it or not!

In 2025, in the Colombian election, a man surnamed Rockefeller ascended to the presidency.

In 2028, Lithuania, a member of the Rockefeller family ascended the throne of prime minister. In 2029, Brazil, Argentina, Brooke, Poland, Britain, France, and Germany all have people surnamed Rockefeller on the political stage.

In 2030, the registered population of the Rockefeller family officially exceeded 100,000.

In 2050, politically, economically, and artistically, the undisputed largest family in the world will never fade away, the Rockefeller!