MTL - Basketball: Start with the Neuroknife - C.209 The excited Chris Paul and the extremely dazzling "best defense..Mar 02, 2023

MTL - Basketball: Start with the Neuroknife

C.209 The excited Chris Paul and the extremely dazzling "best defense..Mar 02, 2023

Falling in love with you Kanshu, basketball: starting from the nerve knife

2 consecutive three-pointers scored.

Stan Van Gundy immediately asked the entire Magic's defensive formation to spread out, compressing the outside living space of the New York Knicks. Can't let them shoot the 3-pointer so easily anymore...

Before that, Howard hit Kwame Brown with the ball on his back.

After being pushed by him, he still scored the goal.

If you say you can fight, you can fight!

Back on defense, Howard shook his head happily.


Li Wan looked at the completely stretched defense line on the opposite side, without any hesitation, single-handed Raja Bell with the ball, and passed the latter in just one step. After Li Wan terminated so many people's ankles, most of the defenders facing Li Wan now dare not try their best at the beginning.

Otherwise, it would be easy to lose the center of gravity and fall to the ground due to the actions he connected...

But in this way, Li Wan's advantage of long legs was brought into full play.

To be honest, it's really good enough for this 2.03-meter man to come to play the first position.

Back then, "Magic" Johnson didn't have any signature scoring methods on the offensive end, but it happened to be an existence that made opponents unable to limit it. In the 1991 Finals, in order to defend him, Michael Jordan and Pippen took turns to play...

It is because his height has an advantage in facing the matchup, and when the opponent uses the second and third positions to defend him, it means that his teammates have misplaced, and he only needs to send the ball to the misplaced teammates. , the attack can be completed!

The current Li Wan is physically better than the original "Magic" Johnson, and his threat with the ball is much stronger than that of the "Magic" at the time.

Even if Raja Bell in the second position defends in front of Li Wan.

It seems that there is no limit to him...

Steady mid-range shots.

Howard was afraid of his passing ability and didn't dare to defend.

When he was about to come out, the ball was already in the frame.

8 to 4!

Seeing Li Wan score, Stan Van Gundy's Tong Kong couldn't help but flinch.

In the second game of the series, Van Gundy made an arrangement against Li Wan. As a result, after the first three quarters ended, the effect was also very good. Li Wan only scored 16 points...

Although the game is full, it is another 20-plus game!

But... With regard to the entire configuration of the New York Knicks, there are too many people who need to defend. Even if it is aimed at Li Wan, it is impossible to make all the arrangements towards him...

And with his current ability, it's really good to let him only score 16 points in three quarters...

Unexpectedly, after Yao Ming was injured at 8 minutes and 17 seconds of the fourth quarter, Li Wan suddenly "awakened" and forced shots in 4 consecutive rounds, scoring 7 points in a row, helping the team widen the point difference to more than 17 points.

Van Gundy belatedly remembered Li Wan's "teammate injury law", and the game has entered "garbage time".

Although Li Wan was still on the field for the rest of the time, he did not keep scoring points.

Although the effect of the "Little Prince of Reverse Melancholy" badge exploded, after Li Wan used the "power" that did not belong to him, the side effects were quite serious, and the physical consumption took longer than usual to recover.

After scoring 83 points in the game, Li Wan took a special break.

Before Dayao's situation was clarified, he naturally had to make plans to lead the team alone.

But even so, at the end of the game, Li Wan still scored a high score of 34 points in a single game, that is to say, in the last quarter, he put in all his efforts to play, but still scored a high score of 18 points in a single quarter!

What is the "God of Basketball"!

Speaking of which, this is also the reason...

Even though the Knicks announced Dayao's injury and confirmed that he would miss two games, most of the outside media's first reaction was to worry about the Magic:

Broken, someone in the Knicks is injured, Li Wan is going to make a move!

Therefore, except for the media in Orlando, other media believe that even without Yao, the Magic will be considered a success if they can survive to Game 5 of the series.

Even if they can win, it is estimated that they will win a game. It is impossible to tie the big score to 2 to 2...

The New York media struck while the iron was hot and wrote: "If such a person is not the MVP of the regular season, who else is qualified to win this award?"

You can understand that the New York media is endorsing Li Wan just in case; of course, it can also be understood that the New York media, who knelt at Li Wan's feet and sang "Conquer", seized the opportunity and immediately sent a wave of "Rainbow" to Li Wan. fart"!

Throughout the ages, Li Wan is the only one who can manage the New York media so obediently...

That's what Barkley said.

What the New York media saw from it was:

This "Flying Pig" really knows how to lick, why don't you ask him to start a class? Let him teach you the correct posture for "licking Li Wan"?

Although Li Wan just scored the first goal of the field...

Stan Van Gundy and the Orlando fans in the audience, there was a big red exclamation mark!

Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.

Long time no see, when I saw you appear...

this is…

Ready to start?

Stan Van Gundy was insane.

After Vince Carter missed a mid-range jumper, he immediately signaled to the field, making everyone focus on Li Wan...

Li Wan noticed this keenly.

He didn't expect that as soon as he scored a goal, Stan Van Gundy immediately adjusted his defense!

However, Stan Van Gundy seems to be doing the right thing, because only in this way, it means...


As Li Wan's favorite head coach, if he can't be so afraid, Li Wan will feel that he didn't give enough shock when he played under him before!

He decisively went in with the ball, and when Howard rushed over, he held the ball in his hand, and with just one ball-joining action, he forced Howard back.

Gallinari stepped up at this time, wanting to double-team with Howard under the basket.

But as soon as he took a step forward, Li Wan raised his hand and saw a "full moon scimitar", and the ball turned and bent in front of Lewis. When a domestic screenwriter saw Li Wan's pass, a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind:

If you use this trick on marksmanship...

At the moment when the bullet is ejected, the shooter shakes his wrist rapidly. This shaking gives the bullet a horizontal acceleration, thus forming an arc.

it's called...

"Gun fighting technique"!

Good book, start writing!

Lewis raised his hand and shot, and the ball fell into the basket smoothly.

Hit again!

Lewis made his second three-pointer of the field.

11 to 4!

Stan Van Gundy had to call a timeout.

Li Wan bumped fists with Lewis.

When he was off the court, he rubbed Ray Allen's head again and patted Artest's ass.

Kwame Brown saw that he was left behind, and hurried towards Li Wan:

Li Wan Li Wan, hug, I want a princess hug~

cough cough!

Li Wan patted his elbow and praised: "Dude, keep it up, let's fight harder!"

Kwame Brown was like eating honey poo, his face was blooming with joy.

Drexler saw this scene in his eyes, obviously Li Wan was the youngest among them, but his status as the "big brother in the lead" was very obvious.

"When Yao Ming is not on the court, we can see how exaggerated the single-core leader Li Wan is!"

This is a real-time update posted by a "Li Mi" reporter on his Twitter. It doesn't mean to target Dayao, but he really feels that even if Li Wan leads the team himself, this team can still play a game that amazes the whole world. Performance!

like now!

The main purpose of Stan Van Gundy's timeout is to interrupt the New York Knicks' offensive rhythm...

But tonight, the touch between Lewis and Ray Allen is here, and it has been very hot from the beginning.

Therefore, returning to the field after the timeout, Li Wan assisted Ray Allen and made another three-pointer.

14 to 4!

At 3 minutes and 14 seconds of the first quarter, the New York Knicks led by more than 10 points.

Vince Carter made a long-range three-pointer to make the score 7-14.

Li Wan took the ball to the frontcourt, but only glanced left and right. Seeing that his teammates had no chance, he raised his hand and shot, and the ball made a "bang". The New York Knicks missed the first three-pointer of the game.

Barkley real-time news:

Shocked, Li Wan is actually the most inaccurate three-pointer in the New York Knicks!

Li Wan really praised him after the game...

Compared with Ray Allen and Lewis, his three-point ability is not outstanding, and Artest...

Can he also be considered a "shooter"?

But, who made Li Wanyou hang up!

Therefore, the accuracy of the three-pointer at the critical moment is no exaggeration to say that it is the first in the league!

The Magic's counterattack was successful again.

Gallinari made a basket to score.

As an Italian player, Gallinari's style of play is more native to the United States. He is a player who likes physical contact and has very good physical fitness.

Right now this ball is the best proof.

9 to 14!

The Magic pulled the point difference to 5 points!

The camera pointedly gave D'Antoni on the sidelines.

I thought this guy would panic.

Unexpectedly, this guy actually stood on the sidelines with his arms crossed, watching with relish, without any worries at all because the Magic team just played a wave of 5-0!

Coaching or something, it's too late for him to watch the game...

The New York Knicks quickly launched a counterattack, and Li Wan broke through the basket and passed the ball to Kwame Brown.

The latter cracked one on top of Howard's head.

When the "Warcraft" picked up the ball, he shook his head slightly.

Can't make up, can't make up, why can't I help it?

In the following time, every time Howard watched Li Wan rushing to the basket, he would hesitate and let him get as close as possible.

But who is Li Wan?

Will he play cards according to common sense?

Seeing that Howard has been stuck at the limit distance to make up defense, Li Wan chose to make an early shot.

In the next 4 rounds, Li Wan made consecutive shots and scored 6 points.

Seeing that Howard didn't dare to make up for it, Stan Van Gundy could only ask Gallinari and other Magic players to help him defend and force Li Wan towards Howard.

Speaking of which, Howard's passiveness has a lot to do with Raja Bell's poor defensive quality.

Li Wan basically takes one step at a time...

Usually facing such a player who breaks through quickly, Raja Bell wants to come up with an "Eagle Claw Hand" to give the opponent a "offensive power", but when facing an "old acquaintance" like Li Wan, he just wants to play fair. Can't do it...


He is definitely not because he is afraid that Li Wan will take revenge immediately after being hit by a black hand...

When Bogut was beaten, he was watching from the side. He knew very well how Bogut was beaten into the hospital!

This kid is not easy to mess with!


The first quarter was 7 minutes and 13 seconds.

Li Wan broke through Raja Bell, attracted Vince Carter's defense, and immediately gave the ball to Artest.

Before the "Beast" could say "empty and empty", he touched the ball in his hand and murmured in his heart: It must be Li Wan, he really understands me!

Throw the ball with a slightly stiff hand.

The ball went straight into the basket.


"The Beast" yelled.

During the retreat, his eyes were fixed on Vince Carter:

Let me see if you still dare to let it go!

Lao Tzu is a shooter, don't you know?

Stan Van Gundy saw that even Artest had made a three-pointer, so he quickly called a timeout.

The score difference is 28 to 19.

It's only 7 and a half minutes into the first quarter.

There are still 4 and a half minutes before the end of the first quarter.

19 points in 7 minutes. In fact, the Magic scored a lot, but the problem is that the firepower of the Knicks is more fierce. They didn't have 8 minutes, and they already scored 28 points!

The most exasperating thing is that even Artest was able to get into the basket when he raised his hand for the first three-pointer!

Artest:? ? ?

Are you polite?

When D'Antoni heard the whistle, he finally remembered that he was not a fan on the sidelines, but the head coach of the Knicks. He smiled and clapped his hands to applaud the Knicks players coming off the court.

You are all the best!

From the first quarter to now, the Knicks gave him only two words:

Satisfied, satisfied, or **** satisfied!

When Dayao was not on the court, Li Wan showed his personal breakthrough ability with the ball to the extreme.

At the same time, he wanted to understand why the previous Suns always misfired in the playoffs...

The key is that the "locomotive" is not brought properly!

The Canadian, the one with the long hair and the one who doesn't pay attention to hygiene, is really good at fast break, but he lacks the vigor of Li Wan...

He didn't call a pick-and-roll at all, just so abruptly broke the opponent's defense!

D'Antoni didn't arrange anything with the tactical board, but took out his small notebook and wrote a sentence:

When the game is over, remember to block that Canadian's cell phone number!



What was the Canadian's name, why can't I remember it?

On the other side, Stan Van Gundy asked Ewing to find Howard again, telling him not to have psychological pressure, and to take his time...

"Although you are the winner of this year's 'Best Defensive Player Award', the team scored 28 points before the first quarter was over. This is not your responsibility...Hey, why did you leave?"

Stan Van Gundy watched Howard enter the court with a serious face, and looked towards Ewing:

What did you say to this kid? How do you feel, more pressure?

Ewing was also puzzled:

What I said is the truth!

The New York Knicks have scored 28 points so far, and it really has nothing to do with Howard...

Isn't that a good word?

Hey, young man!

Can't you understand the good words?

The Magic counterattacked and scored, and the point difference came to 28 to 21.

Howard watched Li Wan hold the ball for halftime, the determination in his eyes was burning like fire...

Ewing's words made him aware of a problem. Before tonight's game, he just won the "Best Defensive Player Award". If the New York Knicks score a high score in this game, what will his teammates think of him?

What will the media think of him?

Will fans be yelling "Geneva, get your money back"?


He has to figure out a way...

His eyes swept across Ray Allen, Lewis, Artest, and of course Li Wan who were outside the three-point line...

beyond the arc...

It's not like I can't make up for it!

Li Wan continued to play singles with the ball. Facing Gallinari who came up, he immediately threw the ball towards Lewis in the corner.

"Mr. Billion Dollar" was about to take the ball when he saw a figure flash in front of him.

Howard actually made up for Lewis in the first place.

So fast!

Unexpectedly, this "Warcraft" is also a "fast man"!

The shot was gone, Lewis continued to move, Artest gave it to Li Wan who had recircled outside the three-point line, Li Wan raised his hand and was about to shoot, and a person rushed up in front of him...

Howard again!

The "Best Defensive Player Award Winner", who realized that he should not be ashamed, worked extra **** the defensive end of this round.

But it was too hard, Li Wan watched him fly by, patted the ball, took a step to the right side, and easily hit a three-pointer at the top of the arc.

The ball fell into the net.

Li Wan hit the first 3-pointer of the game.

It also allowed the New York Knicks to break through 30 points in the first quarter.

And now, the time has barely passed 8 minutes.

Almost 4 minutes to go...

"I'm afraid it will take more than 40 points in a single quarter!" Drexler also noticed this. At the same time, I also understood why Howard suddenly worked so hard!

It is no joke to talk about the "full firepower" mobility of "Warcraft".

Just looking at the mobility, I don't know, I thought it was a player in the third position...

With such a physical condition, Drexler suddenly felt that it was normal for him to win the "Best Defensive Player Award", and it would be abnormal if he couldn't get it!

But even so, the Knicks who had already shot up continued to score goals, and in the next time, the score broke through 40 points.

Howard almost staggered from running...

But helplessly, there are two top shooters on the field, and Li Wan, who is crazy, is also a top scorer in the league, plus Artest who is above the standard line...

When the four of them line up outside the three-point line, even if Howard can run again, even if he has hot wheels on his feet, he can't always think about being able to make up defenses in time.


At the end of the first quarter, Li Wan hit the last 3-pointer at the buzzer.

The New York Knicks scored 46 points in a single quarter!

Among them, Li Wan scored 2 three-pointers and scored 15 points in a single quarter; Lewis hit 3 three-pointers and scored 10 points in a single quarter; and then Ray Allen also hit 2 three-pointers , scored a total of 8 points; plus a three-pointer from Artest's 5 points.

It is equivalent to saying that the Knicks scored 8 three-pointers in the first quarter alone!

This is already more than the 3 points the Magic scored in the last game.

After the last game, the Magic only hit 7 three-pointers...

Such an excellent performance made the fans of the New York Knicks excited... One by one, they have begun to undress to celebrate.

Just looking at the big screen is so high, if this happens at home...

Amway Arena was silent.

Silence is Orlando tonight...

They finally scored 32 points in the first quarter!

This score is not bad at all!

It can be compared with the 46 points of the New York Knicks...

It can't be considered bad no matter what!

Howard lowered his head, panting desperately...

This is the most time he has devoted himself on the defensive end this season, but no matter how hard he runs, he can only watch the **** fly into the basket.

Stan Van Gundy also looked helpless.

During this period, he made several defensive adjustments, but in the face of the familiar hooligan style of play of the Knicks, his adjustments always missed the point!

At this time, if Li Wan is still his student, he will definitely explain to him...

Actually, it's not that you adjusted it wrong!


You've never seen anything like this!

Tonight, Li Wan has completely brought out the "small ball era" style of play.

No matter from which aspect, the current New York Knicks, when Kwame Brown is on the court, this lineup is definitely a full lineup even in the "small ball era"!

If Kwame Brown can pass and shoot, then...

Really, the most perfect lineup in the "Small Ball Era"!

In order to make up for the lack of ball-handling and breakthrough players in this lineup, Li Wan chose to speed up tonight, letting the opponent run up and attack him.

This is actually the most comfortable way for Felton to play.

During the period when his value soared, it was also in the hands of D'Antoni...

But there are grades in this game of attacking. Felton is at best a golden division, and Li Wanshao said he is also a master or even a king. When the pace is getting faster and faster, Felton can't slow down even if he wants to.

What's more, there is also a desperate Howard who has been urging him "silently" with actions, so that once the Knicks score a goal, they will think about paying back one...

In one sentence it is:

Knicks want to play the fast break, the enemy is also very cooperative...

In addition, the Knicks' outside shooters are in excellent condition...

Just shot through the Amway Arena!

In a single quarter, some teams scored points that can only be scored in half a game!

The Knicks bench is excited.

Especially Shaquille O'Neal!

As soon as the second quarter came up, he signaled to "Little Tudou" to come up with a pick and roll.

Nate immediately passed the ball to his hands.

When Shaq O'Neal was holding the ball, there was no one in front of him. Seeing this, he immediately walked two steps quickly, sticking out his tongue and came a "shark out to sea".

There was a sound of "boom".

Shaquille O'Neal yanked the rim a few times before landing.

But this action, something went wrong...


The referee on the sidelines blew his whistle at this time.

Then the whole audience froze...

Not one whistle, but two.

Another referee also blows his whistle at the same time.

It is also a technical foul!

The Orlando people in the auditorium were a little confused. Shaq O'Neal suffered a technical foul. They can understand the regulations just announced by the league last season:

After a player dunks, he cannot continue to hang the frame.

Shaq O'Neal dragged the basket several times in a row, which obviously violated this regulation.

Li Wan on the bench...

What's the situation?

Why did he get a technical foul?

Li Wan himself...

Also a little confused!


This referee is not Crawford!

I didn't laugh either!

Can't I just stand up and roar twice excitedly?

He didn't know until the referee signaled...

Oh, it turned out that he was having too much fun on the sidelines...

Step on the line!

This shit...

"Don't stop me!"

Li Wan slapped Kwame Brown beside him.

Brown is very wronged...

He wanted to greet the referee, but luckily Li Wan stopped him.

Now it's just "Double Happiness", if Brown's greetings are exported, it will be "one shot and three shots"!

However, Kwame's temper is really big now!

Li Wan couldn't help but want to ask:

Is my teaching method wrong, or is it your rebellious period?

Fortunately, these two technical fouls inspired a more ferocious offensive by the New York Knicks.

and also…

The state of the New York Knicks tonight is also really good!

Lu Xun once said:

When everyone in the Knicks is up, they are invincible!

In the second quarter, they played a 45-19 offensive in a single quarter, directly costing the Magic. At halftime, the Knicks led the Magic 91-51 by 40 points.

When Yang Yi saw the score, he joked, "If the Knicks' main players are more aggressive in the second half, I'm afraid that after the whole game, the score can reach 200 points!"

The Orlando fans in the auditorium chose to leave the field directly.

The halftime whistle sounded, and Wuyang Wuyang ran out of the arena. Before the start of the second half, there were less than 30% left.

Let people beat you like this, you don't want your face!

They didn't watch it, but some people heard the news, pulled out the small benches, sat in front of the TV, and waited cheerfully for the TV to start.

Just like a certain 183 man...

Even before the start of the third quarter, he "kneeled in the living room" and popped another bottle of champagne...

Not to mention how excited...

Thank you, Li Wan!

Thank you, magic!

Finally someone can wash away this shame for me!

I love you, Huo Huo~

The plot of the second half did not disappoint Chris Paul. At 6 minutes and 15 seconds of the fourth quarter, Stan Van Gundy replaced Howard. Officially waving the white flag.

The bright red numbers on the scorer show:

142 to 80.

A full 62 points difference...

Chris Paul has already finished his bottle of champagne. Looking at the point difference and the time that is slowly passing away, for some reason, I suddenly feel...

What's the matter with being a bit reluctant?

After the "Night of 58", Chris Paul has always regarded this incident as a shame, constantly reminding himself that if he does not perform well, he will be labeled as "58".

If this really becomes the "second in history"...

Will he still care so much?


just forget it!

Magic, come on, narrow the point difference a little more.

No matter how hard it is for me, I don't want to give up the title of "the largest point difference in the history of the playoffs"!

I don't know if the people on the Magic team heard his words, they suddenly played a 6-1 counterattack, and the point difference returned to within 58 points.

Chris Paul's wine suddenly sober...

No no no, I'm kidding, bro!

Don't drop the chain at the last moment!

Fortunately, Nate Robinson hit a three-pointer again, bringing the point difference back to 60 points.

At that time, Chris Paul decided that no matter who asked him in the future, he would say:

"Nate Robinson, my best brother!"

Afterwards, two waves of "strike the iron" between the two sides consumed the last bit of time in the game.

155 to 95…

In their first game back home, the Magic lost to the Knicks by 60 points.

The Orlando fans in the auditorium have almost left, and there are only more than a thousand people left in the auditorium. Just looking at their expressions and staring at Li Wan closely, it's hard not to make people doubt their identity and the reason why they are still in the auditorium...

Howard has been lowering his head since he left the court. When he heard the final whistle, he walked towards the passageway of the home team arena. The staff next to him suddenly said:

"Dwight, don't forget your 'Best Defensive Player' trophy!"

The staff member was kind enough to remind him, but what he met was a pair of bloodshot eyes. He took half a step back, said "sorry", and left in a hurry.

Howard's eyes returned to his "Best Defensive Player Award" trophy.

The gold-plated trophy was still glowing under the light.

Think about how before the game started, he held this award and excitedly told Ewing that he would do a lot on the defensive end so that everyone could see what the "best defensive player" is.


He looked at the 155 points on the scorer, and then at the "Best Defensive Player Award" in his hand. Even he felt that it was extremely ironic!

"I heard that the opponent has the best defensive player of the season?"

"Where is it? Why didn't I feel it?"

"Are all the best defensive players of the season so watery?"

"In our time, such a player could not win the best defensive player of the season award!"

Artest also fired openly after the game.

He can always remember what Dwight Howard got into with him last season! Just waiting for a chance to taunt him well.

Tonight was the opportunity he had been waiting for!

Not only because the team won so many points, created a new historical record, and nailed Howard and the Magic to the pillar of shame...

Also because he performed well in this game, with 18 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists, tonight he made 3 of 6 shots from outside the three-point line!

"I've said it a long time ago, trading Li Wan was a more wrong decision than trading me back then!"

Another excited person is…

Shaq - O'Neal!

Since the start of this season, he has always felt that deciding to join the Knicks in the summer is the most correct decision!

And tonight, he was even more convinced to the extreme!

Li Wan this person...

It's amazing!

Ever since "Warcraft" Howard came out of Orlando, he has never been so happy!

His performance tonight was also good. He scored 10 points and 4 rebounds in 10 minutes of playing, which is almost a rhythm of 1 point per minute, and his efficiency is still very high.

In fact, the shooting rate is also reasonable, his shooting rate tonight is as high as 50%!

His tonnage allows him to easily overwhelm opponents in 1-on-1 inside lanes even if he loses his explosive power. The only problem is... Now that he plays for four or five minutes in a row, he may not be able to die.

It is time to rest!

If the current Dayao is "Yao's three quarters", then Shaquille O'Neal can be said to be... "Shaq for three minutes".

But because facing Howard, he also scored two goals alone, so he was very excited after the game. Even knowing that I had to pay another 2w5 fine, I still laughed, not "crying" like before.

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In fact, in order to thank Li Wan, he thought about paying the fine for Li Wan, but considering that the latter is now the "boss" in the team, he gave up this idea...

Artest's bombardment continues: "I think now Dwight should know what Li Wan can bring to him as a teammate and what he can bring to him as an opponent. I believe he must be very happy now." I regret that I didn't play well last season, or else..."

"Tonight, he will be the one who scored 155 points!"

"Admit it, Dwight, you shouldn't have the ball!"

Li Wan scored 42 points, 13 rebounds and 16 assists in the game...

Speaking of which, during the regular season, Li Wan felt that in the Knicks, it was much easier for him to get statistics than in the past few years. Otherwise, I wouldn't be pursuing "triple-doubles per game"!

But it wasn't until this game, when all the members were at their best, that he finally knew what the "feed to the mouth" statistic is!

Rebounds, someone is stuck; assists, as long as there is an open space, there will be a pass!

Include your own score...

Which "absolute core" is like him, with so much support and so much room for shooting?

Although the Magic have been targeting him, they can't ignore his teammates. This has led to the fact that Li Wan is rarely treated like Kobe, and others dare not rush to him in twos and threes...

Otherwise, the price to pay is too painful!

How else can I say "Brothers Basketball" is good!

Among other things, Li Wan is very clear about the data on his panel, and his overall strength is only a superstar, but he can play the presence on the court that only super giants have, and the statistics that even super giants are difficult to achieve!

It's like Kevin Durant in the Warriors is the "Grim Reaper" and the "Finals MVP", but after the Warriors, whether he was in the Thunder before or with the Nets, his performance is only "old 1.5" "Degree…

This is the strength bonus brought by the lineup!

What's more, standing behind Li Wan...

It was D'Antoni who made Steve Nash the MVP of the regular season, made Jeremy Lin play "Linsanity", and made Harden play "ancient data"...

So facing these Kacha Kacha cameras, Li Wanzhen wanted to say something:

There's no way, I'm just that strong!

However, he did not attack Orlando and Howard.

Artest has finished scolding, so there is no need for him to say anything more.


Check out the score!

155 to 95!

A difference of 60 points!

Li Wan can completely "let go of the matter and hide his achievements and fame"...

How awesome he is, the media will tell everyone!

at the same time.

New Jersey.

Game 3 of the Nets-Heat series is also underway.

The big scores of the two teams in the previous two games were tied 1-1.

The Heat won the first game, and the Nets won the second game not to be outdone.

The combined final score difference of the two games was only 7 points.

It can be seen how anxious these two teams are playing.

Same goes for this game...

The last 7.4 seconds of the fourth quarter.

The Heat were 1 point behind 91 to 92.

But they have the ball.

Spoelstra called a timeout and set the play.

According to the tactical intention, LeBron James helped Wade create an open space. When he was about to turn around and pass the ball, his shoes fell off and his bare feet fell to the ground.

He didn't forget to pass the ball before he went down...

The last one to get the ball was Chris Bosh!

Bosh took the ball and shot.

As soon as the ball was shot, the red light on the backboard came on.

The arc of the ball is very good, but it is a pity that it finally bounces out of the frame.


LeBron James watched the ball pop out and shook his head depressingly. A teammate came to pull him up, but he still gritted his teeth and sat there without reaching out to be pulled up.

It wasn't until Wade appeared in front of him with his lost shoe that he reacted, reaching out to take the shoe...

But his eyes still glanced at the scorer unwillingly...

Just one point away!

What a pity!

Chris Bosh scratched his head in embarrassment seeing him like this, he felt like a "sinner"!

"We could have won, but it's a pity, but I know that it's not Chris' responsibility. If we played better, we wouldn't have to fight the last ball!"

After the game, LeBron James was interviewed, still talking about the ball.

A reporter asked: "LeBron, do you know? You got a 'triple double' of 28 plus 11 plus 10 in this game. This is your 18th 'triple double' in the playoffs of your career. You... "

LeBron put his hands on his hips and curled his lips indifferently: "Sorry, I only care about the final outcome. We failed to win this game. No matter what statistics I get, it doesn't make sense!"

At this time, a reporter informed the result of the game between the New York Knicks and the Magic.

When LeBron heard that the New York Knicks scored 46 points in the first quarter and 45 points in the second quarter, winning a total of 60 points against the Magic, his expression froze briefly.

He could hear every word the reporter said clearly, but he couldn't understand this sentence together!

46 points in the first quarter, 45 points in the second quarter…

Add up to 91 points!

The Heat played the entire game tonight, only 91 points!

tantamount to saying...

The Knicks scored the Heat's entire game at halftime...

This firepower is too fierce, right?

Can people type it out?

But the daze was only for a short moment, and LeBron James, who came back to his senses, said: "Honestly, I am not surprised. I even feel that they can play such a performance. After all, this team has a bunch of players. Great player, has the best shooter in the league, has the best 1 in the league, when all of them are in shape, they are destined to be a difficult team to deal with...they do anything Come on, I won't be surprised!"

Compared to the calm LeBron James, UU Reading Kevin Durant, who learned the news online the next day, was stunned...

This shit!

Do you want to be so fierce?

91 points in the half, 60 points in the win...

Kevin Durant felt that if he were a Magic player tonight, he would have announced his retirement on the spot...

This is really, really embarrassing!

He turned on the game replay and watched a

, despite his psychological defense, he was still intimidated by the firepower of the Knicks in the first and second quarters...


He was about to say something with his trumpet, when a new alert popped up on the bay window of the webpage:

The NBA officially announced the 10~11 season regular season MVP attribution...

New York Knicks Li Wan became this year's "regular season MVP"!


Kevin Durant's tiny eyes have never been so wide.

Although many media are saying that this year's regular season MVP must belong to Li Wan, he has also repeatedly carried out self-psychological construction.

But seeing this news now, he still felt caught off guard!

He became MVP?

He is now the regular season MVP?

Kevin Durant subconsciously logged into his Twitter account. Sure enough, many people sent him private messages, and clicked on the latest one:

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Kevin, Li Wan has won the MVP, when will you become "Thor"!