MTL - Basketball: Start with the Neuroknife

C.286 new season is comingMar 19, 2023

"This is also my gift to my favorite New York fans, the last dance!"

The words that Li Wan dropped lightly at the press conference caused a big commotion in the entire alliance.

New York, Madison Gardens.

When Donnie Walsh heard the news, he sighed and shook his head helplessly.

He was not surprised by this result.

Los Angeles.

Toyota Center General Manager Office.

Kupchak has been preparing for Pau Gasol's contract extension for the past two days. When he heard the news, he directly threw the contract extension into the trash can. Just as he threw away the renewal contract, his cell phone rang.

Pick it up and look, there is no surprise.

A call from Big Boss Old Bath.

"Renew the contract if it is time to renew, don't worry about salary space..."

It's just that Old Bath's words stunned Kupchak for a moment.

He didn't think old Buzz didn't know what was going on. Otherwise, I wouldn't have called him by such a coincidence.

That's why he was a little surprised...Paul Gasol, Deron Williams and Kobe's contracts all expire next year. It is said that salary space should be saved at this time, right?

why now...

Old Buss didn't explain much, but just repeated: "If the contract should be renewed, renew it!"

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Kupchak thought about it for a long time, and finally figured out what the old Buss was thinking, and then picked up Paul Gasol's contract extension again, and sorted out Kobe's contract extension.

The so-called "renew the contract if it should be renewed" refers to these two players who have made great contributions to the Lakers...

Li Wan left the New York Knicks because Dolan did not give him enough respect.

At this time, his choice will definitely favor those teams that really like basketball and value friendship.

It is understandable that Deron Williams does not renew his contract at the moment. After all, the Lakers, who have only been here for 11 years, have only played last season for only 3 years. It is understandable that they do not want to renew their contract. But Paul Gasol and Kobe are the great heroes of the Lakers. Kobe will not say it. Paul Gasol came to the Lakers in 2008. He has been here for 5 years. In these five years, the Lakers made 3 championships In the finals, he won a championship trophy. It seems that he is going to the famous Lakers. The contract of such a person is about to expire, but you do not renew his contract because you want to sign a new player...

Will Li Wan come?

Li Wan can jump out of his contract at the end of this season and become a free agent.

In other words, with absolute initiative, as long as he wants to go to which team, the New York Knicks must send him to which team, there is no need to worry about salary issues...

have to say…

On the "old fox" it has to be old Bass!

He only thought about the first floor, but this old Bass had already stood in the atmosphere!

Not convinced!


The office of the general manager of the American West Arena.

After Pat Riley heard the news, his long and narrow eyes narrowed and became more focused. There was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, full of calculations.

He is already planning how to get Li Wan...

He is also very confident. After all, although the "empty glove white wolf" in 2010 failed to bring the "grand finale" to the league, it did not allow the Heat to win the second championship trophy in team history.


But let him have the two best chips!

LeBron James and Wade!

Of course he didn't intend to use these two people to attract Li Wan to join. The two of them would not form a perfect lineup with Li Wan, but these two people could exchange Li Wan for a "perfect lineup"!

As for how to attract Li Wan to join...


"Li Wan has been treated the most unfairly in the history of this league. Dolan doesn't deserve to own any NBA team, because he doesn't understand the most basic way of survival in this league, which is mutual respect, especially this player is Li Wan! Everyone can see the changes he brought to the New York Knicks. There is no doubt that Li Wan is the totem of the NBA today. It is this league that Dolan insulted! He must apologize to Li Wan, even though Li Wan is still Will leave New York, but he has to apologize..."

"OK, let's send this passage!"

After Pat Riley finished speaking, he also took a look at his own statement, whether he expressed his sympathy for Li Wan and his dissatisfaction with Dolan in place. I am very satisfied to explain to the reporter and send it out as quickly as possible.


This is his way!

On "licking", is there anyone in this league more professional than him?

Michael Jordan, who never coached, dared to retire his No. 23 jersey with the Heat.

Li Wan...

Just wait, wait for me to "lick" you comfortably!

It's just that soon, Pat Riley didn't wait for his interview to be published in the newspaper, and waited for a strong opponent-Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

He published an article called "A Letter to Dolan" on his team's official website.

Thousands of words are eloquent.

Scolded Dolan so badly.

After reading the article written by Gilbert, Pat Riley called the reporter who interviewed him overnight and asked him to delete the interview with him.

At that time, he felt that he had scolded hard enough.

But compared to Gilbert, the gap is really not a star.

He was taken aback by this article, let alone Li Wan.

It can only be said that "there is a specialization in the art industry", and this lawyer's mouth is sharp, so he should stop humiliating himself.

A war without gunpowder kicked off.

And as time goes by, the impact is getting bigger and bigger.

The first is the trading market.

The free trade market, which was already deserted, became even more deserted now.

Every team has any useful bargaining chips in their hands, and they hold them tightly. Not at all.

The New York Knicks still has a roster. Originally, they wanted to make more reinforcements. Donnie Walsh, who brought Li Wan's "Last Dance" to a successful conclusion, contacted several teams, but in the end they all met. Nose gray.

He can only put up a sign: New York Knicks, recruiting quality single men, intending to move forward.

And then the fans.

The streets of New York have become more and more chaotic recently. Fans who ran to Madison Square Garden to vent their anger and demanded that Dolan get out of the streets are parading day after day without interruption, and the frequency of each day is also increasing;

The largest advertising wall in the center of Los Angeles was covered by a wealthy fan, and all kinds of words looking forward to Li Wan's return to Los Angeles were continuously broadcast all day long;

The atmosphere in Los Angeles is similar to that of Orlando fans, who are also waiting for Li Wan to "favor" this small city again in various postures. Even Disney has various banner posters to attract Li Wan;

Cleveland is even more crazy. The city center where the huge poster of LeBron James was pasted, now Li Wan's huge poster has been hung up.

Fans in other cities also spontaneously set up organizations to recruit Li Wan.

Kevin Durant was very angry because... the Thunder fans who he thought were allied with him were actively recruiting Li Wan there... Is it that I, Kevin Durant, didn't give you enough expectations?

Is it because the future I gave you is not bright?

How dare you do this!

Let's talk about it first...

If he really comes, I will still be the boss of this team!

Fans across the United States seemed to be in a mess.

Amidst the turbulent recruitment, the off-season is also drawing to a close.

Li Wan took advantage of this opportunity to join the crew to film the first half of "Space Jam 2", and the remaining part will be filmed next year.

The directors have nothing to say about this.

Because under the current situation, the goal of the New York Knicks in the new season must be "4 consecutive championships"... If he is really allowed to do it... this movie will definitely not lack popularity!

So they are in no rush.

On September 15th, the media open day for the new season arrives. When other New York Knicks players appeared in front of the media, there was a burst of exclamation, and then the exclamation turned into cheers and applause.

I saw that these New York Knicks players were not wearing New York Knicks jerseys, but a uniform white T, which read: Fight for Li Wan!

The cause of the incident was that a few days ago, there was a sudden media report saying that "Dolan wanted to send Li Wan away before the start of this season, but he couldn't do it because of the league's obstruction."

These words directly caused New York to "explode" again.

The old anger has not dissipated, and now there is a new ruthlessness. Some fans have already gone to Dolan's TV station to sabotage, and there are even those extreme New York fans who went directly to the TV station building to pour gasoline on themselves. Fortunately, the security guards found it quickly. , which stops it all.

Then the TV station was attacked by a series of hackers, and the longest time was paralyzed for half an hour.

Dolan hurriedly came forward and said in his TV video: "I never had the idea of ​​trading Li Wan away!"

Just kidding, he can see clearly what is going on in New York right now.

At this time, he is still not low-key, and he still thinks about "adding oil and vinegar". Does he think he is living too well, or does he feel that his life is too big, and God can't take it away?

One thing he's always been clear about:

Don't confront these desperate people.

They have nothing, but he, Dolan, has everything, and it's not worth it, really it's not worth it.

In fact, he's been regretting it these days...

Nothing to drink with those bastards!

It's fine to drink, what nonsense are you talking to those people!

He knew exactly what value Li Wan brought to him. So in the past three years, he has been consciously not to interfere in the affairs of the New York Knicks, especially when he knew that Donnie Walsh would discuss everything with Li Wan. Yao Mozi, this "God of Wealth" will keep Knicks stable and bring him a steady stream of wealth...



Dolan summed up valuable life experience in this matter. No matter who he drinks with in the future, they are not allowed to bring their mobile phones, so they should confiscate their mobile phones!

This is the reason he has figured out these days.

He regretted that meal all the time.

At the same time, I also regretted that I had to listen to the secretary, and had a fluke mentality. After the incident, I was too stubborn. As a result, I "asked for the hammer" and missed the last chance...

My intestines are almost turning green, so where is there to think about anything else?

What's more, he is a successful businessman, and the interests of the businessman come first. How much value Li Wan's "last dance" can bring, I can imagine with my ass, how could he send Li Wan away in advance?

If he was really so impulsive, his family would have been ruined long ago...

Do these people really think I'm a fool?

It's a pity that the scene where he refused to admit that he was finally slapped in the face by ESPN is still in front of his eyes. No one believes his statement.

Including David Stern who also gave him a special call: "I don't want any accidents in this last dance!"

This time he is very tough, because the broadcast contract between the league and ESPN will expire next summer, and a new broadcast contract will be signed. This year's ratings will directly affect the price of this broadcast contract.

ESPN's latest offer is 9 years and 30 billion.

This has exceeded the original 9-year 24 billion, as many as 6 billion!

Needless to say, the reason for this is that there is Li Wan in the NBA, and various "god-level performances" have made the league's ratings higher and higher. This year's "Li Wan Moment" in the finals even had a ratings of 36 million. And the number of views on the Internet is even more remarkable. There is no one with less than 1 million views on YouTube about "Li Wan's Moment". Many basketball up masters can gain tens of thousands of followers just by relying on Li Wan's video...

It can be seen that the traffic brought by Li Wan is huge.

Now, the appeal of his "Last Dance" with the New York Knicks, plus next summer's soap opera "Where Are We Going, Daddy Li Wan"...

A 9-year broadcast contract of 32 billion yuan is not out of the question!

This is a great thing with a net profit of 2 billion, which is beneficial to all the bosses in this league.

But at this time, as the leading speaker of the alliance, he naturally speaks with full confidence. Although Dolan also has energy, he didn't dare to confront David Stern in this situation.



"The Last Dance"!

Broadcast contract!

After hanging up the phone, Dolan suddenly thought about it:

This shit!

Suck Lao Tzu's blood and raise this alliance, right?

He has reason to suspect that he has been bullied by others, and the people who bullied him...

It is estimated that it is a member of this alliance!

Maybe the old guy David Stern still knows about it!

But now that he realized it, it was useless.

Because now he has completely become the league's public enemy, and no one believes his explanation. No, the New York Knicks support Li Wan with practical actions.

In fact, it’s not just them. On this media release day, the question about Li Wan is a problem that every team and every player in the league cannot escape. When facing these problems, whether it is Li Wan’s friends or Li Wan's opponents were all on Li Wan's side.

Because they are both "players"!

In such a situation that damages the status of the players in this league, they must stand firmly on Li Wan's side.

Otherwise, when it's their turn, who else will stand up and speak up for them?

Including Kevin Durant also had a serious face when answering related questions: "The main body of this league is not the bosses. Although they paid the money, the audience watched the NBA because of us. We must get what we deserve. respect, rather than being a tool for making money in the mouth of a certain boss!"

Kevin Durant, who has always been hostile to Li Wan, said so, not to mention Li Wan's "Pippen" Kobe.

He said: "Li Wan has made incredible achievements in this league. He is already one of the best players in this league. If he needs to go through such a thing, then really, what about other players in this league? What to do? Dolan's approach is stupid, especially if he even wants to stop Li Wan's last season, this approach is even more chilling!"

Kobe's influence made the league's crusade against Dolan more intense.

Speaking of it, it is a very interesting phenomenon. Originally, Kobe Bryant's performance in the last few seasons of his career was not good, but his influence in the league during this period has been increasing day by day. There are not a few younger generations in the league who call themselves "Mamba disciples";

And some players, although they have completed one milestone after another at the end of their careers, their reputation has collapsed again and again. In the current situation, unless he can win another championship, he will immediately announce his retirement at the peak of his career.

Otherwise, he really had no choice but to insist on not retiring, because once he retired, his reputation would be backlashed immediately.

after all…

To put it bluntly, he only has 4 championships.

And the current top 2 in NBA history, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar both have 6 championship trophies; and in terms of the number of MVPs in the regular season, Michael Jordan has 5 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has 6;

If it is really more than data records, these two brothers also have a lot of data that LeBron James can't surpass.

Here's why LeBron James keeps touching Michael Jordan...

Because the one who can touch the first can only be the second.

This is giving yourself a second impression of history!

Li Wanyi didn't know that the guys from the New York Knicks would come out like this at the beginning. Facing the reporter's interview, he was a little moved and said: "I am very lucky to meet such a group of good brothers!"

The "New York Times" also reported this matter the next day, and the headline was impressively printed on the chests of the players from the New York Knicks:

Fight for Li Wan!

The advantage of unity is that after the start of the closed training camp, the New York Knicks, who have undergone a lineup reorganization, run in very quickly.

In about half a month, the starting lineup was finalized: No. 1 Beverly, No. 2 Danny Green, No. 3 Li Wan, No. 4 Chris Bosh, No. 5 Tyson Qian Dele;

Although Paul Pierce will join in the new season, after discussing with Mike Brown, D'Antoni still feels that it is a better choice to put him on the bench.

Firstly, the starting lineup has two ball-holding points, Li Wan and Chris Bosh, which are completely sufficient and do not need additional ball-holding points. The monk has no water to drink." Instead, there is a lack of ball-holding points on the bench;

Secondly, the defensive formation of the New York Knicks starting lineup has formed a tacit understanding. Although Chris Bosh does not have Kevin Garnett's frame protection area and defensive experience, what Kevin Garnett has to do is the same. It is also what he is good at. He can fill the vacancy left by Kevin Garnett. And Paul Pierce's slow pace in the starting lineup will destroy the solidity of the flank defense.

This is what Mike Brown doesn't want to see.

When Paul Pierce knew he was going to be on the bench, there was a million bits of reluctance.

But the problem is that everyone appeared in front of the media wearing the clothes of "fighting for Li Wan". At this moment, it is time to unite and work together. The saboteur, who might be scolded as such!

Only now did he discover:

wtmd has been kidnapped!

The New York Knicks finalized the starting roster, and at the same time as the bench lineup, ESPN also announced the new season's combat power rankings, as well as the player's personal strength list.

The New York Knicks rank first in the team power list, and Li Wan is the first in the player's personal strength list...

In the past, according to ESPN's urgency, the ranking would not be so suspenseful, but would deliberately "reduce intelligence" for the sake of gimmicks.

But right now the entire alliance is dissatisfied that Li Wan is not respected.

If they dare to attack the New York Knicks and Li Wan and make a gimmick about their abilities, they will think that their position as the "big boss" in this industry is too secure.

Under the current situation, the number one player in the NBA can only be Li Wan, and the strongest team can only be the New York Knicks.

This is the minimum respect for Li Wan and the Knicks!

The league officially announced the journey of the new season.

"Christmas War" caused a huge buzz.

None other than the New York Knicks playing the Miami Heat at home!

These two teams, which have met in the Eastern Conference Finals for the past three years and have had a major player swap in the summer, will meet on the Christmas Eve stage.

Coupled with the beef with Kevin Garnett, many fans circled this game specifically.

Of course, New York fans are more concerned about the first game of the new season.

In addition to the fact that this game is "ring award night", it is also related to the opponent in this game.

San Antonio Spurs!

The opponent of the New York Knicks in the finals last season is the first opponent of the New York Knicks in the new season.

The opponent gave the New York Knicks their only loss in the playoffs last season, and the resilience they have shown since Game 3 of the Finals fully illustrates how difficult they are.

Therefore, fans of the New York Knicks are very worried, facing such an opponent, whether they can win this "ring award night" with a victory, and at the same time give the new season a good start!

During the preseason, Li Wan was also asked many times about this game and Leonard.

Leonard, who entered the third season of his career, is the same as before, and gradually has some star flavor. He averaged 32.2 minutes per game in 6 games in the preseason, and he can score 18.5 points, 6 rebounds and 1.5 steals...

Demonstrated his ability to lead the team when he was on the bench in the "Troika".

Obviously, the experience in the finals really helped him a lot!

Let him transform more quickly!

In fact, the transformation of the "Three Young Thunder" also began after that round of finals.

Therefore, although Leonard later broke with the Spurs, people shouted "So Popovich doesn't understand him", but to be honest, he can really grow up thanks to Popovich and the Spurs for giving him Bring on the trip to the finals!

Li Wan also praised a few words.

A reporter suddenly asked: "Do you think he will be the most surprising player in the opening game?"

Li Wandao: "He has the ability to do this, but in this opening game, the most surprising player is definitely not him!"

His confident appearance made the reporter very curious, but no matter what the reporter asked, he just shook his head with a smile and didn't say the answer in his heart, just said: look forward to it, you will know when the time comes!

In the end, the New York Knicks ended the preseason with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses.

On October 28, the opening game of the NBA2013~2014 season officially arrived.

With the start of the new season, the streets of New York are finally less chaotic, and the fans have basically returned to normal.

Of course, it's not that they have lost their anger. Dolan has become the person they hate the most at this moment. They wish that this person would disappear from the world. It's just that Li Wan hopes that the streets can return to normal. So they did.

The media interviewed Popovich before the game.

The old man was beaten to the ground by Li Wan's "Li Wan Moment". He stayed in the hospital for a month and returned home for another two months before he recovered.

After the "Dolan Incident" happened, his first reaction was:


It's embarrassing to see this kid!

But now, looking at the reporter who asked the question and the expectant eyes, he knew very well...

This b is intentional!

He could only say depressedly: "Of course this is unforgivable. Dolan made a very stupid mistake. He should know that this league is made up of players, and they are the core!"

While answering, he kept saying silently in his heart: control, control, must control.

Otherwise, he was really afraid that he couldn't help shouting: "Take me to the hospital, he deserves it!"

After answering the question, Popovich suddenly felt so pitiful. At such a great age, he couldn't even speak the truth, so depressed!

40 minutes before the game, New York fans began to enter the stadium. A large group of Wuyang Wuyang soon filled up more than 20,000 seats. The Spurs players also entered the arena to warm up shortly after the scene was full, but there were not many boos against them before the game.

The New York fans at the scene were looking forward to it, waiting for the man to come out of the player tunnel.

After the "Dolan incident", they can't wait to see Li Wan now, and then give him the biggest cheers, making him feel the hottest love from their group of New York fans.

This moment is actually not long, only about 20 minutes.

But in the eyes of New York fans, it is longer than a century.

Finally, amidst the passionate introduction by the live DJ, Li Wan walked out from the aisle of the arena. When the spotlight hit him and the No. 25 jersey appeared on the big screen at the scene, there was only a "boom".

It was like an explosion.

The scene was immediately enveloped in cheers.

The cheers broke through the ceiling of the arena and echoed with the fan street outside Madison Square.

There are also thousands of New York fans who have not bought tickets, and they also shouted.

And the moment the lights were turned on.

In the westernmost row of auditoriums, the fans picked up a jigsaw board together.

The jigsaw puzzles in everyone's hands are not big, but when put together, they become a giant "poster".

It can be clearly seen that the person on the "poster" is Li Wan.

Beside Li Wan, there is another line of words:

Forever "King of New York"!

David Stern also came to the scene tonight because of the need to present the ring, and stayed in the waiting room. When he saw this scene, he looked slightly stunned.

This is New York!

He has been the president of the league for so many years, and he has never seen New York fans be so sincere to any star, and he specially prepared such a surprise...

But thinking about it again, he suddenly felt normal again.


Only Li Wan brought the "three consecutive championships" to the city!

No matter who sees this scene, I'm afraid they will say:

He deserves it!

Taylor was also at the scene, and Dang even took pictures with his mobile phone, while the cameraman next to him took pictures of her grinning and taking pictures.

Then it was time to present the rings.

It is worth mentioning that when the fifth championship banner slowly rose over the Madison Arena, the cheers on the scene were obviously much smaller than before.

When Li Wan came on stage, they yelled a little too hard, so their voices haven't recovered yet.

"Congratulations, Li Wan, congratulations on getting the championship ring again!"

David - Stern then officially began to award the championship ring to the New York Knicks.

Among them, the biggest and brightest championship ring belongs to Li Wan. —Speaking of which, because Li Wan said in advance that it was going to be used as an engagement ring, this time the championship ring took a lot of effort from the designer.

In the end, they finalized the plan and designed different ring shapes for each main force.

This can not only ensure the uniqueness of Li Wan's championship ring to be used as a "proposal ring", but also ensure that it is a team "work"!

Only in this way, the workload has also risen sharply. Originally, only one piece was needed to be designed, but now at least seven pieces are designed. The CPU was almost smoked by these designers.

In the end, they designed their respective rings with the nicknames of the Knicks' main players.

For example, Beverly's nickname is "Mad Dog", and the ring is in the shape of a dog; another example is Kevin Garnett's nickname is "Wolf King", and his appearance is in the shape of a wolf; The name is "King of Boxing", and his ring is like a boxing glove...

As for Li Wan's ring, it was made of a pair of wings.

Because Li Wan's nickname is "Yellow Jesus".

In addition, this pair of wings can also be regarded as the wings behind the "Cupid", which is perfect for a marriage proposal.

Well, these designers actually decided that Li Wan's championship ring could be designed in this way, and then chose to design according to their respective nicknames...

After Li Wan took the ring, he walked to Taylor's side pretending to be careless, and whispered to her, "I promise you..."

This scene caused an uproar at the scene.

It also allowed the Spurs players in the locker room to return to the court full of enthusiasm.

Well, it's fine if you are proud on the court, but if you are so proud off the court, do you still let others live?

Today I must let you taste the frustration!

"Tyson, are you going to play? Let me keep the ring for you!" Paul Pierce said eagerly when Tyson Chandler was about to play.

He had just been watching and waiting.

Just wanted to touch and feel Tyson Chandler's ring.

Originally, Tyson Chandler planned to let him keep it, but seeing his "idiot" face, the words came out of his mouth, and finally became: "You...I'd better keep it by myself!"

whispering sound!

Failed to touch the championship ring.

Paul Pierce looked at Tyson Chandler's back on the field and cursed secretly: "Stingy."

But the desire in his eyes became more and more urgent.

At this moment, the slight discomfort in his heart due to being a substitute also disappeared at this moment.

Just have a championship!

Just have a championship!

Paul Pierce wants nothing more than a championship right now...

No way, the championship ring right in front of my eyes is too tempting!

Also eager is Chris Bosh. Like Paul Pierce, he has not tasted the taste of a championship until now in his career.

Therefore, when he saw that Kwame Brown took the championship ring he had just received and put it on the hand that already had 4 rings to form the "Infinity Glove", he was stunned.

Kwame Brown only entered the league in 2001, only 2 years earlier than him. In terms of age, Kwame Brown is only one year older than him.

Is the gap that big?


Because he met Li Wan?

Chris Bosh thinks about the Kwame Brown before, and then thinks about the Kwame Brown after Li Wan entered the league in 2007, and he has the answer right away.

Since Kwame Brown can do it, so can I, Chris Bosh!

The starting lineups of both sides are shown on the big screen at this time:

"New York Knicks: No. 1 Beverly, No. 2 Danny Green, No. 3 Li Wan, No. 4 Chris Bosh, No. 5 Tyson Chandler;

Spurs: Tony Parker at No. 1, Afflalo at No. 2, Leonard at No. 3, Tim Duncan at No. 4, Splitter at No. 5;”

It can be seen that the Spurs' lineup is the same as last season, without any changes.

Of course, for the Spurs that can enter the finals, the strongest person is already in the lineup...

The first round that came up belonged to the New York Knicks.

Tyson Chandler, who successfully jumped to the ball, gave the ball to Li Wan. UU Reading Li Wan dribbled the ball halfway, and Leonard blocked it with full of desire.

He looked like he wanted to see if he had improved during the offseason.

It's just that Li Wan didn't look at him. Instead, when Chris Bosh walked around from the side, he threw the ball to him and pulled it away.

This is…

"Chris Bosh's singles?" In the ESPN commentary booth, Chris Webber looked at this scene and shouted in astonishment.

After all, such a situation in the Heat is really rare.

However, he also knows that Chris Bosh has the ability to play singles with the ball. When he was in the Raptors, he was the team's "ball-holding core".

"Let's see what will happen to Chris Bosh's first offense in New York Knicks!"

(end of this chapter)

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