MTL - Country Weapon

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"Damn, I accidentally became a duck again!" Long Gen frowned, looking extremely tragic.

Yuan Hong glared, punched his fist on his strong chest, and said angrily: "Stinky boy, what do you mean? I'm in a relationship, don't you suffer? Huh, my mother's **** are small, or her buttocks are flattened? As for Is it so difficult?"

I seem to think that I am almost thirty, and the little **** is still young, so I can’t help feeling a little resentful, and I have truly experienced the sadness of "I am old when I was born". I don't know which woman will end up with the little bastard's crotch, but she has to sleep with such a thick stick every night, I'm afraid I'll wake up laughing in my dreams!

"Huh! If you don't want the day, you will have the day!" Thinking of the big stick, which will be less and less every day, Yuan Hong's heart is full of energy, and she vowed not to give up all day long today, "I won't give it to you in the future, old lady." Apply for a driver's license!"

Long Gen sighed quietly, "You have to bow your head under the eaves!"

The two laughed for a while, drove a brand new golf, and went up the mountain in a hurry. Field battles must have the taste of field battles. Yuan Hong brought a blanket from home and threw it on the car. Long Gen was sitting in the passenger seat, watching Yuan Hong's skillful skills!

Fully automatic golf, no need to shift gears, stepping on the accelerator is very particular, sprinting, speeding up, every time you use it to your advantage, there is no sign of sloppy.

"As expected of a coach, you can fly a plane with this skill." Long Gen praised, tilted his head, and stared at the two trembling snow-capped mountains in front of his chest.

"Looking from a distance, it looks like a forest and a peak, and there are two plump breast mountains. The shock absorbers rise and fall, trembling slightly, faintly outlining the traces of the bra. The buttocks are pressed on the seat, and the light blue jeans tightly wrap the round shape. Beautiful legs. To be honest, the coach is quite tasteful.

Exudes a mature charm all over her body, fades away the girlish greenness, is restrained and understands men better, knows what men like and what they want to do.

"Coach, are you tired from driving? I'll give you a massage." Long Gen was not polite at all. The car was very spacious, and he leaned a little to the side. Before Yuan Hong could reply, he grabbed Rushan with both hands and rubbed it. , the hard cover was uncomfortable to the touch, and it simply touched the seam of Yuan Hong's leg.

The coach will give us a certificate, so naturally he should reward us well. The electric boyfriend can no longer be used, so we have to resort to the magic hand. I wear a lot of trousers in winter, and they are a bit thick. I can't touch the small slit with my fingers more directly, so I attack the water hole under the triangle area based on my feeling.

Holding the triangle. Zone, press down with fingers along the seam, press and knead, pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and constantly change the strength and technique. Sometimes gentle, sometimes rough; sometimes caressing, sometimes rubbing and poking.

"Yeah...don't, don't do it, Xiaolong, stop it, don't, don't do it. Hmm..." Yuan Hong's heart was already itchy, and she went up the mountain just to do this. , I touched Zhengren and it was crispy, and the bottom was like a high tide, and I couldn't stop it, so I hummed and yelled non-stop.

Clamping the thighs, the tender hot juice kept slipping out from the seams of the legs, slowly soaking the pants, and after a while, the triangle seemed to be warmer.

Long Gen smiled "hehe", the tighter the clamp, the more comfortable and exciting it felt. The index finger was rubbing violently against the hole, squeezed and squeezed, and the small cracks of the oasis were sizzling.

"Ah...uh...Xiaolong, don't, don't pick it, pick it...ah...the legs are weak, I can't step on the brakes...ah..." Yuan Hong twisted her waist, the steering wheel danced wildly, the golf ball swayed from side to side, her face turned red.

How can you bear this? The little **** is too bad, how about driving, touching other people's place?

The car swayed left and right, Long Gen quickly stopped his hands, this thing will slowly fade away after a while, and it can be rubbed slowly, but you only have one life, no joke! Don't kill your life just to get addicted to touching two hands.

For the sake of a bean sprouts, he discarded the Manchu Banquet, but Longen would not do it, wouldn't he be a fool?

"It's okay, let's change, and I'll drive." It's not a joke to kill two people in one car. It's okay if you can't step on the accelerator, but at worst the car won't move, but once you can't step on the brakes. It is estimated that if the plane really took off, it would not be the name of Huangquan, but it would also end up with hemiplegia.

Don't say that the Japanese wife is driving, I'm afraid I can only sit in a chair every day and masturbate.

In the backcountry, the most indispensable thing is mountains, especially the unique terrain of Liuhe Township, where there are mountains everywhere. On a secluded mountain road, a brand new white car suddenly drove up.

"Let's just go here. The scenery is pretty good, and there are few people. No one will know when the car is overturned!" Long Gen laughed, and Yuan Hong, who was next to him, was limp, like a puddle of mud, leaning limply on the bed. Sitting on the chair, her face was flushed, and her watery eyes gleamed with lust.

Yuan Hong is depressed, drive by yourself, the little **** wants to touch it, if you don’t drive by yourself, you have to touch it with one hand, the bottom has been swollen for several rounds, and the crotch is dripping.

"Coach, what day are you talking about? Today you decide, will the little one serve you well?" The rear seat was put down flat, the blanket was thrown up, and Yuan Hong was placed on it.

The golf body is spacious and looks like 1.75 meters. Yuan Hong is small and easily lays flat on it, her twin peaks vibrate and shake, and two plump cantaloupe **** sway in the cover. Long Gen reached out and grabbed it!

"Ah...uhh, Xiaolong, take it easy, take it easy...uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Come on, let me touch the big stick, where is the big stick...."

The half-drunk and half-awake Yuan Hong still didn't forget the big stick. She scratched around with her chubby little hands and licked her lips, feeling extremely hungry and thirsty.

"Hey! It's not easy to be a duck!" Long Gen shook his head and said with a smirk: "This driver's license is more difficult than my exam..." After finishing speaking, he turned on the heater and listened to world famous songs by the way, "Boundless The End of the World is my love..." He undressed and let out a **** snake.

"Uh-huh, big stick, uh-huh, so hard... Gulu..." Yuan Hong grasped, and finally held the big stick that he had been thinking about day and night. It was hot, hard, and as majestic as ever !

"Xiaolong, I, I'm hot, huh, I want, you, you give give me...what do I want, what do others want...uh huh... ..”

She was gasping for breath, and her voice was so loud that it made people's bones crumble!

"I'll give it to you if you want it, and I'm incompetent if I don't! Damn, how many times do you want to have **** today, Grandpa Long will accompany you to the end!" Holding a big stick, she took off Yuan Hong's clothes, and the two big white rabbits hid in the cover As if hibernating, seeing the dragon root, two blackened cherry beads, it seemed to hide in fear, and Rushan trembled slightly.

Unbuttoning the cover, two big white rabbits jumped out suddenly, with two swishing sounds, the tender white meat trembled wildly. A big hand held one, pressed it suddenly, and pinched it.

"Ah... huh, little dragon... huh...."

'Grassing. Breast milk dragon's claw hand' is by no means a vain name. The big hand is like an eagle's claw. Sometimes it firmly holds the big breast and presses it down; The head, slightly blackened, trembled slightly. Yuan Hong's delicate body trembled, and an unbearable numbness surged up.

Immediately, the waves kept screaming, "Xiaolong, don't, don't just care about touching the tits, uh, uh... the bottom, the bottom is so itchy, it's so itchy, huh, huh... you pick it for me Let's pick it up, umh...ah..." The **** suddenly hurt and cried out.

Just as he was about to say something, his two thighs had already been lifted up by Long Gen. At the mouth of the small hole in Ganquan, the dark dumpling skin was in stark contrast to the buttocks.

"Hiss, it's so Xiaolong, Xiaolong, why is the big stick so hot, so hot...ah!"

Before he finished speaking, his lower body suddenly swelled, and a big fiery red iron rod pierced in. The bulging cave wall was about to crack, and the moist cracks were rubbed into a "squeaky" sound. .

"Coach, is this posture comfortable? The old man is pushing the cart, you lie down, I'll push the cart..." As he spoke, he shrugged his waist forward and pulled it back. In simple terms, they bumped into each other.

Two **** of white and tender **** shook up, up and down, back and forth, like the ebb and flow of the tide, the white flowers trembled wildly, disturbing Long Gen's sight.

"Ah.....Ah.Ah...Xiaolong, Xiaolong, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ..." Yuan Hong raised her neck and yelled loudly. It's so cool, the big stick is too powerful!

The big sticks are hard and thick, similar to the rolling pins in the farm yard, but a bunch of sticks stick into it. Can that thing turn a corner? After crossing the lower ditch of the river, there was a sudden slamming against the cave wall, and the "popping" sound of the big head bumping was stronger than that of the monk ringing the bell in Shaolin Temple.

"Xiaolong, is this the old man pushing a cart? Oh, it's fun, cool, bold... ah... ah..." Yuan Hong rubbed her breasts, licked her mouth, and burst into tears. Shouted, "Ah... ah... Xiaolong, exciting, ah... Xiaolong, you, you are still amazing, hurry up, hurry up..."

Two legs coiled around Longgen's waist like a snake, with his buttocks pouted to meet the fierce impact of the big stick, singing loud and clear, wave after wave.

"Papa Papa" directs the big stick to invade the small cracks, with no distractions, and concentrates on making holes! Focusing on drilling holes for more than 20 years is definitely not bragging! Technical leverage.

Without a big stick, how can you dare to **** a woman?

"Oh, huh, huh, Xiaolong, you, what other moves do you have, hurry up, use them up soon, use them up, take good care of me, me..."

"Hey, I know a lot of postures, Guanyin sits on the lotus, night wolf enters after the night, fairy embraces the moon, etc. Oh, yes, there is another trick called 'cannon over the mountain', do you want to try it? "Speaking, Long Gen blinked.

I thought to myself: "Sao mother-in-law is fighting with me, you are too weak! Hmph, stabbing that place with a stick later will definitely make you want to die and immortal!"

"Cannon over the mountain? Uh-huh, uh-huh...Xiaolong, let's play this, ah... ah...Can the cannon over the mountain, it sounds very cool... .Mmmm..."

When Long Gen heard this, he was immediately happy, "Okay, come on, let's run and overturn the mountain, come on, lie on your stomach, squat your buttocks up, yes, yes, that's it..."

Open the white buttocks and see that the chrysanthemum is black and firm, and it should not have been broken through the back door!

Grabbed the big stick twice, spread the lubricating oil evenly, pressed the fart, and straightened the waist.


Yuan Hong screamed, her buttocks twitched violently, her whole body went numb, so what? What was it like? Too, it hurts too much, it's hot, and the **** eyes seem to be torn apart...

Is this the cannon overturning the mountain? No wonder, the name is so domineering, so it hurts so much...