MTL - Doctor Chen, Don’t Be a Coward!

C.325 Three liters of vomiting blood, hard to turn the tideMar 03, 2023

Chapter 325 Hematemesis three liters, hard to turn the tide

Not only Shen Yuzhe, many people in Yuzhe Investment Company are already a little panicked at this time!

At the beginning, no one paid much attention to it!

After all... Annan Pharmaceutical, a small local company, has no background after investigation!

This made everyone think!


What now?

The news suddenly released by the official has already made everyone start to fear.

Qin Shiming from the National Health Commission!

Feng Bushen from the technology side!

Liao Wenkai from the Food and Drug Administration!

These three people!

Take out any one of them, and they are all on the same level as their parents and elders, and even much more powerful figures than their parents!

Such a person personally announces the news to inspect, what does it represent?

The bosses of Yuzhe Investment Company are all from the second or third generation. They may be inferior to other companies in terms of professional knowledge, but... In terms of political sense and sensitivity, they are all very shrewd!

Liu Hongmin was sitting in the office at this time, and his back was sweating in bursts.

Drink water non-stop!

The others were not much better, and each of them began to show a trace of panic.

"Where's Shen Yuzhe?!"

"Why hasn't he come back yet?!"

Liu Hongmin couldn't bear it anymore, and asked directly with a frown.

The face of the general manager changed: "Dr. Liu, don't be angry!"

"I've already called to urge you."

"The other side said... Mr. Shen tore up the RMB and was taken away by the police. The matter has just been resolved here, and he will be here soon!"

After the general manager finished speaking, the room was surprisingly weird.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, trying to laugh but couldn't!

After all, at this time, he, Shen Yuzhe, did such a stupid thing, which made a group of people dumbfounded.

Just at this time!

Suddenly the door opened.

Shen Yuzhe hurried in wearing a mask.

"Aoqian, it's getting dark!" (Sorry, I'm late!)

Shen Yuzhe spoke vaguely, which made Liu Hongmin, who was already a little angry, glared at each other:

"You couldn't speak clearly on the phone just now, why are you still like this now?"

"What the **** happened to you? Shen Yuzhe!"

"The company has such a big thing, now is not the time to joke!"

"What are you doing?"

Liu Hongmin slapped the table and yelled at Shen Yuzhe.

If outsiders see this scene, they will definitely be shocked!

The dignified Mr. Shen, how could he be pointed at his nose and yelled at him without giving him any face.


Everyone in the room is already used to it.

What is he, Shen Yuzhe?

In the eyes of this group of people, this is just a glove.

Gloves are dirty and can be thrown away at any time, but...they are the real bosses behind Yuzhe Investment!

And Liu Hongmin is one of the best.

Suddenly, everyone in the room looked at Shen Yuzhe in unison.

Shen Yuzhe became anxious immediately. Seeing Liu Hongmin suddenly angry, he hurriedly took off his mask and pointed at his mouth.

Then seeing that everyone didn't understand, he patted the middle-aged man beside him.

The middle-aged man is the vice president who has been by Shen Yuzhe's side all the time. He said quickly:

"Second brother Liu, everyone, please don't get me wrong!"

"Chairman Shen is indeed ill. There are a lot of aphthous sores in his mouth, and he can't speak!"

"I hope everyone will forgive me."

"Even so, Chairman Shen didn't go to see a doctor, and hurried over here in a hurry."

Hearing what the other party said, Liu Hongmin heaved a sigh of relief.


Sick, obviously not solving the problem.

Liu Hongmin clapped his hands: "Okay!"

"Come on!"

"Everyone is here, let's start discussing what we are going to do next!"

"Everyone act now, Xiao Yuyou will deal with it, and let the fire department and sanitation side hurry up and let go!"

"Immediately cancel the processing, and then try to ease everyone's conflicts as much as possible!"

"Old Wu, don't check on the tax side. Find a way to award Annan Pharmaceutical with the honorary title of star enterprise and tax payment pioneer!"


"Must be as soon as possible!"

"Now, what department is still investigating?"

"Everyone, get ready!"

"Revoke all punishments, if the result has not yet been given, give awards to others!"


Everyone in the room nodded quickly when they heard Liu Hongmin's arrangement.

Second brother Liu is really powerful.

At the very least, it is not easy to be able to respond in a timely manner and stay calm in the face of danger.

At this moment, things have obviously exceeded everyone's expectations.

All we have to do is to remedy it in time!

Shen Yuzhe was speechless, but the anger in his heart had reached a peak!

He never imagined that a mere Chen Nan and an insignificant Annan Pharmaceutical would come out frequently, causing such an embarrassing situation.


Directly came out and attracted four big bosses!

He is dissatisfied!

Very dissatisfied!

He doesn't want to lose!

Chen Nan has completely angered him.

After Shen Yuzhe returned to China, he was greeted with courtesy everywhere. How has he ever encountered such an embarrassing situation, and has he ever been ridiculed like this?


Looking at Liu Hongmin's stern expression at this time, his eyes were red, and he couldn't speak, which made his heart extremely angry!

At this time, he felt an unprecedented aggrieved.

Suppressing the anger in his heart and the pain in his mouth.

Shen Yuzhe couldn't help but said: "Second brother... just forget it?"

Liu Hongmin frowned and looked at Shen Yuzhe:

"Yu Zhe, what happened to you recently?"

"Are you out of your mind?"

"Can't you see things at this moment?"

"It was you who proposed the acquisition of Annan Pharmaceutical!"

"Are you responsible for this matter?"

"Don't you know how much you went back and forth, how much energy and human kindness you spent?"

"This time it's the company's loss!"

"The most important thing is, have you thought about it? What kind of losses will the company suffer?"

"What do the outside world think of us? Our reputation and prestige will suffer heavy losses this time."

"What else do you want to do?"

"Why, do you still want to fight Chen Nan to the death?"

Liu Hongmin was really angry at this time, staring at Shen Yuzhe with wide eyes!

Shen Yuzhe lowered his head, his face was so gloomy that he could drip water, his fists were clenched tightly, he was really not convinced!


He refused to accept it!


Second brother Liu has spoken, how capable is Shen Yuzhe?

Yuzhe Investment Company, Shen Yuzhe, although it sounds like this company belongs to him, Shen Yuzhe, but...he is very clear about his position.

He is nothing more than a puppet pushed out by this group of people and placed in front of the stage.

Yuzhe Investment Company is very large, but Shen Yuzhe has less than 3% of the shares.

To put it bluntly, he is just a senior wage earner.

He is just a tool to make money for others!

What else can Shen Yuzhe do?

Besides forbearance, what else can I do?

And at this time!

Source city.

Annan Pharmaceuticals.

The signing ceremony between China Resources Pharmaceuticals and Annan Pharmaceuticals attracted a lot of official media, and many local leaders were also invited to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Gu Haihua also came to participate in person.

Give me enough face.

Actually, Gu Haihua was also very emotional inside.

He did only have the first shot.

In the next few times, he was a little out of favor and didn't make a move.

Indeed, Chen Nan helped him, and he also made a move, which can be regarded as repaying the favor.

Later, I was concerned about the background behind those people, so I didn't continue to show up.


He already thought that Annan Pharmaceutical might not be able to hold on.

With the withdrawal of Zhuang Xun and Xiao Tongfu, many people felt that Annan Pharmaceuticals had run its course.

And Pei Luo of Xinke Pharmaceutical Company even opened a bottle of long-preserved red wine today to celebrate.

Chen Nan is also Pei Luo's enemy!

It can even be said to be the enemy of life and death!

Pei Luo has already wanted to make a move many times.

After all, Chen Nan asked them to rectify their Naoxintong Granules, which directly caused serious problems for the key drugs of Xinke Pharmaceutical Company.

Now that many people are going to deal with Chen Nan, Pei Luo is naturally very happy.


Pei Shoutong told Pei Luo before that Chen Nan made an anti-cancer drug like icariin.

Pei Luo's first reaction was envy!

The second reaction is to want to snatch!


Pei Shoutong warned him not to move around, because Annan Pharmaceutical has been targeted by big shots.

After Pei Luo learned that Yuzhe invested, he had no choice but to give in, and even took the initiative to report all the details of Annan Pharmaceutical to the above.

Originally, Pei Luo thought that Annan Pharmaceuticals was finished!

What now?

China Resources even reached a cooperation with Annan Pharmaceutical.

Pei Luo even trembled a little.

What is China Resources Pharmaceuticals?

This is a **** state-owned enterprise!

And it is a heavyweight enterprise.

The most important thing is identity!

China Resources can be said to be a well-known family with strong roots and a very important enterprise in the country.

This time!

This cooperation between China Resources Pharmaceuticals and Annan has shocked many people.

Pero is one of them.

Originally, he was ready to see a joke, but now, he didn't even dare to show his head.

I am afraid that I will be involved!

Things are beyond his control.

And at this time!

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was very fast.

Li Tiefeng, head of China Resources Pharmaceuticals, smiled and shook hands with Chen Jinhe.

smiled and said: "Mr. Chen, I will leave it to you in the future!"

Chen Jinhe was overwhelmed by flattery: "Mr. Li, what you said just slapped me in the face."

"Really, there will be troubles for Mr. Li and China Resources in the future."

"Besides, the condition you gave him is really something I can't refuse!"

"Here, I have to promise you!"

"I, Chen Jinhe, really did my best to die!"

"If this is the case, if I can't make this drug well, I'm really sorry for the country!"

Li Tiefeng patted Chen Jinhe's hand and said with a smile:


"You are right."

"This time, I came not only because of Mr. Qin, but also because of the instructions from the leaders above!"

"However, if I say this, it can only be heard by the three Chens of your family."

"The leader said that this is something that benefits the country and the people. This drug must succeed!"


"The leader is also full of praise for your brother Chen Jinhe, saying that you have helped the country cultivate two pillars!"

"Brother Jin He, you are blessed!"

"It's not like my unbelievable son, hey..."

Li Tiefeng looked at Chen Jinhe enviously, and said sincerely.

"Whether a family can prosper or not depends on whether the descendants are virtuous, you...don't worry!"

"This time, both Chen Nan and Chen An will enter the national talent pool."

"Don't worry!"

Chen Jinhe couldn't hide the happiness and joy on his face, and he was really happy.

This time!

Chen Jinhe has long been shaken.

Even thought about giving up, thinking about retreating.


Who would have thought that the two sons stood up.


Chen Jinhe's schedule today can be said to be full.

Li Tiefeng said with a smile: "Mr. Qin and Mr. Feng will be here soon."

"Let's wait!"

Chen Jinhe was very excited when he heard it, but he suddenly thought of something, looked at the sticker with a delicate expression and said, "This...shall I tear it up?"

Li Tiefeng looked at Chen Jinhe with a smile on his face.

"Brother Jinhe!"

"Are you stupid?"

"Will you tear this up?"


"The good show has just begun."

"After today, Annan Pharmaceutical, no one can bully casually."


Soon, several cars stopped at the door.

Lao Wang hurriedly led the security team to stand on both sides to welcome him.

Qin Shiming couldn't see much joy on his face at this time.

There was even some anger in his heart.

He originally thought that although someone might target Annan Pharmaceutical, but...he thought it was all foreign companies.


What happened next made Qin Shiming blush!

is a **** local business.

Moreover, it is a group of unsatisfactory second and third generations making waves.

In the eyes of outsiders and ordinary people, this Yuzhe Technology is amazing, and those bosses are also amazing.


In the eyes of Qin Shiming and the others, this is a group of unworthy playboys.

Before, they just turned a blind eye to these things.


What now?

Icaritin, Annan Pharmaceutical, a cooperative unit of traditional Chinese medicine standard production.

These are what the country needs and what the people rely on.

But what did these **** do?

Qin Shiming can be happy.

He glanced at Feng Bushen at the side: "Old Feng, you have to play a play with me!"

Feng Bushen glanced at Qin Shiming, immediately understood what he meant, and after a moment of contemplation, said: "Well, it's time to beat!"

"Otherwise, they would still be so ignorant."

"After I go back today, I will sign the report to be written!"

Liao Wenkai nodded: "I will too!"

Qin Shiming's expression turned serious, and he said, "Then I'll take it seriously!"

Talking room!

Qin Shiming walked inside.

Chen Jinhe and Li Tiefeng hurried up to welcome them.

And at this time!

Annan Pharmaceutical Company is completely in a state of suspension of work and production, and there are not as many staff members as there are people who come to check.

However, these inspection staff were a little confused when they saw Huarun coming.


When they saw these Beijing brand vehicles coming in, they were dumbfounded!

This fucking...

What's going on today?

And at this time!

After talking with Chen Jinhe and Li Tiefeng, Qin Shiming and others smiled and said, "Since we are here for inspection, let's all take a look at it!"

"Let's start with the research institute!"

While speaking, several people were already standing at the entrance of the institute.

Qin Shiming said with a smile: "It is said that this is a cooperative unit of the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have to take a good look!"

Before Chen Jinhe had time to speak, Feng Bushen beside him said with a smile, "This is impossible!"

"Director Qin, look."

"There is a seal on it, you can't go in!"

"There are still staff!"

Qin Shiming snorted coldly, got up and tore off the seal.

"I want to see it, why should I block it!"

"By the way, Director Feng, you are from a scientific research background, you have to see if you are qualified!"

While speaking, a group of people walked towards the inside.

The staff on the side looked at each other, but they didn't dare to speak.


After Qin Shiming and others visited here, they went to another workshop, then sewage, and then the animal experiment base...etc!

Visiting all the way, tearing the seal all the way.

The reporters also wisely did not take pictures.


The faces of Qin Shiming and others were filled with anger.

There is really no reason to add guilt.

This group of second and third generations is really lawless.

This is not to bring down Annan Pharmaceutical, don't let it go!

Qin Shiming laughed loudly: "Okay!"

"really good!"


"By the way, Mr. Chen, it is said... the results of your guinea pig drug experiment have come out, can we go and have a look?"

Chen Jinhe's face was ugly: "Sorry, Director Qin."

"It's not that I don't want to take you to see it."

"Instead... these guinea pigs died because they were not allowed to be fed!"

Qin Shiming snorted angrily, "Okay!"


"I have to write about these things."


"Good! Well done!"


Qin Shiming and others directly wrote the report and sent it up.

And that night.

Shen Yuzhe was directly slapped on the ground by his father angrily:

"Bastard thing!"

"Do you really think you're lawless?"

"I know a few dandies, do you feel that you are great?"

"Let me tell you, those people you know, what kind of **** second brother, in the eyes of people with serious roots, are nothing more than being eliminated by the big waves!"

"Otherwise, why do you think they are going to mess around?"

"Do you think it's great to hang out with them?"

"Do you think that the past few years have been going smoothly, so you can't recognize yourself?"

"You are so pompous!"

"Your father and I are cautious, and I dare not be as arrogant as you, but you are better!"

"I was called in for a talk today!"

"Let our company rectify for a month!"

"One month!"

"Bastard, do you know what it cost us to clean up for a month?"

"Do you know how much we lost?"

Shen Yuzhe's father, Shen Guzhang, was furious.

Original Shen Guzhang didn't know what happened.

Why is my company being investigated for no reason!

Now is good!

Check it out.

Unexpectedly, a moth is here!

Shen Yuzhe was a little unbelievable. He resisted the pain in his mouth and looked at his father excitedly: "Dad, how is it possible?!"

"Why is this happening?"

Shen Guzhang snorted coldly: "I'll tell you!"

"This Yuzhe Investment Company, you withdraw my shares as soon as possible!"

"Come back and help me honestly!"

"It's a small thing to lose some money now!"

"If one day, I can't take the blame for you, this will be a big deal!"

Shen Guzhang looked at his son solemnly:

"This matter needs an outlet!"

"And everyone deserves to be punished."

"My son is disobedient, it is my responsibility!"

"Why did you take the knife on me? Isn't it because you have to blame those people?"

"You, you, you are so stupid!"

Shen Yuzhe's eyes widened, and he was speechless for a long time.

At this moment, he finally understood.

So here it is!

Yeah... They need someone to take the blame for this matter, who will?

It is nothing more than the one with the smallest energy.

And isn’t Shen Yuzhe the one with the least energy?

And how to punish?

Of course he is punishing his father!

How many catties and taels you have, it is not worth doing it at all.

Shen Yuzhe seemed to have realized everything for a moment, but... he was also depressed and upset in his heart, and he was in great pain!

He didn't expect that in the end, he would become the one who lost the most.


it's not true!

Liu Hongmin was called to the study by the old man of the Liu family that night, and then angrily criticized him!

Even told him directly that within three years, don’t even think about getting any help from the family!

This is not an ordinary loss for Liu Hongmin!

And others are not much better.

One time!

All shareholders of Yuzhe Investment Company received warnings and punishments from their families that day.


All this is not over.


The supervisory agency found Yuzhe Investment Company, suspecting that the other party was suspected of manipulating the stock market and affecting the normal market order.

Directly imposed a fine of 1.39 billion.

In addition, several hostile takeover cases have also been further investigated.

As a legal person, Shen Yuzhe cannot escape the responsibility.

If it weren't for the last expert to take action, Shen Yuzhe would not even be able to escape from prison.

This time!

Yuzhe Investment Company can be said to have encountered the first heavy blow in history.

Yuzhe Investment’s capital flow was not as big as imagined, but now, the nearly 1.4 billion disciplinary action has made the company even worse.

The takeover case even sent many high-level executives to jail!

For a while, the outside world was shocked by this news.

No one thought of it!

In the past few years, Yuzhe Investment Company, which has been enjoying great fame, was suddenly investigated, and even such a big thing happened.

Although this amount of money is not a serious injury to Yuzhe Investment Company, it also reveals a lot of news.

Some things, money is a representative, the key is attitude!

Many people with discerning eyes can see that what Yuzhe Investment Company has lost this time is the trust of the higher authorities.


In the office of Yuzhe Investment Company.

Everyone sat on the chairs with depressed faces.

For the first time, Shen Yuzhe looked calm and did not speak.

It can be said that among the crowd, the one who lost the most this time is himself.

Father's company has been reorganized for a month, how much loss will this cause?

As a trading company, the most important thing is time!

But now...

Shen Yuzhe couldn't help but said: "Second brother, and all the big brothers."

"I thought about it, this time, it happened because of me."

"I thought about it, I might not be suitable to be the person in charge, I'd better withdraw the shares!"

"Sorry for causing such a big loss to everyone this time."

It was very difficult for Shen Yuzhe to say these words, and the pain in his mouth became more and more unbearable.

However, everyone in the room looked at him with complicated expressions.

Liu Hongmin smiled and said, "Yu Zhe!"

"They are all brothers, what do you say?"

"We can afford this loss."

"Besides, what happened this time is not your problem alone, everyone has it."

"It was caused by our ignorance of Annan Pharmaceuticals."

"You can be the chairman at ease."

"We are all brothers, we have the same blessings and share the same difficulties, what is this? No one blames you!"

Everyone nodded quickly and said with a smile: "Yes!"

"It's okay, Yuzhe."

"Yes, what is this matter?"

Yan Chengyu also smiled and said: "That's right, brothers, what are you afraid of?"

Shen Yuzhe heard the sound, not only did not feel half joyful, but his heart was extremely cold, even a little timid!

He can see clearly.

This group of people, if they want to join themselves, they need someone to take the blame.

And he is the most suitable.

His father is now transferring all his industries to the country, and the company has suffered tremendous losses. In comparison, what are other people?


Shen Yuzhe regretted endlessly.

Charge yourself into battle.

But you also need to take the blame!

It looks superficially imposing.

But, in fact, behind the scenes... Only he knows.

He only now understands what it means to ride a tiger.

Shen Yuzhe suddenly became afraid!


Things have come to this, he really has no way out.

Shen Yuzhe really regretted it in his heart, why did he do this?

He knows very well that he still has to do something similar to the acquisition of Annan Pharmaceuticals, because he is the most suitable person to take the blame.

Damn it, my own shares are the least...

The company doesn't even pay much dividends.

I am nothing more than working for others.

Once there is a problem, it is still the blame.

In vain, he thought he was extremely majestic now.

Nowadays, I just find it ridiculous!

Shen Yuzhe's heart completely collapsed.


He regretted that he shouldn't have provoked Chen Nan.

You shouldn't provoke this group of people.

If there is a next time, he will definitely go to jail!

Because he is the legal person of the company.

And they just need to find another scapegoat.

**** it!

Shen Yuzhe was trembling all over at this time, the heating fumigated the extremely warm room, but there was a slight chill behind him.

Everything, and no end.

Shen Yuzhe fell ill the next day!


This disease is still very serious.

His mouth is in pain now, his tongue is swollen and he can't speak at all.

And when he opened his mouth in the mirror the next day!

Surprised to find that the underside of the tongue is like a lotus flower, with three swollen red flesh petals.

One time!

Shen Yuzhe was really scared.

He hurried to see a doctor.


After arriving at the Xiehe Dental Department, the director immediately widened his eyes when he saw Shen Yuzhe's situation.

Because he has never seen such symptoms.

Tongue like a lotus flower!

In the office, a group of people were frantically discussing their illness, but Shen Yuzhe became scared when he heard everyone's words.

Because he suddenly thought of what Chen Nan said before.

"There are three small tongues under the tongue, which are shaped like a lotus flower, also known as the lotus tongue!"

"The sublingual blood vessels are swollen, like a uvula under the tongue, or red or purple, or coherent, like a lotus flower, difficult to eat, slurred speech, drooling, ulcerated and rotted over time!"

"Treasure your time, big talk... It won't be long!"

"When the time comes, there's no use begging me!"

The more he thought about it, the more scared Shen Yuzhe became!

He didn't know what kind of monster he had provoked.

all of these!

All of them were accurately predicted by Chen Nan.

Shen Yuzhe has never encountered such an opponent.

He thought of himself, his tongue would rot for a long time...he trembled.

What should I do if I can't speak?

The more he thought about it, the more scared Shen Yuzhe became!

Hate towards Chen Nan also increased sharply.

It's all Chen Nan's fault!

If it wasn't for him!

How can I have myself today?

The company was damaged, and my reputation was damaged...My father's company was also implicated...

And myself!

In the eyes of many people, the impression has also become a clown and a blame man.


It's all your fault.

And my tongue!

Surely you cursed!

The more Shen Yuzhe thought about it, the angrier he became!

He still doesn't believe it!

There are so many hospitals in the world, but there is still no one that can treat them!

And at this time!

As far away as Chen Nan in Minnesota, USA, I received a reminder!

【Ding! Congratulations, Shen Yuzhe's negative review on you has been upgraded to: Horror level! 】

【Reminder, after the task is completed, you can get a perfect level reward. Since the other party is from the background of Xinglinyuan, you can choose the field to get the relevant perfect level reward! 】

Chen Nan was pleasantly surprised by this sudden news.

This fucking...

Horror level?

This is the first time Chen Nan has received such a generous negative review!

Moreover, you can choose the perfect level of rewards.

This made him even more excited.


When can I get the reward?

Now, Chen Nan has two perfect rewards, but there is no way to get them.

One is Shen Yuzhe.

The other one is Mr. Ma.

after all…

Mr. Ma's mission requirement is to extend the survival period to one year. Shouldn't I wait until the old man's one year to get the relevant rewards?

Chen Nan couldn't help but shook his head helplessly!

However, after coming here, there will be a visit to Mayo Clinic tomorrow.

Chen Nan, Yang Fupeng, Lu Shouyue, Yuan Chaomin, and six other oncologists from China will participate.

There are still three days before the new cancer drug launch.

And time goes by day by day.

Shen Yuzhe's mood is getting worse day by day.

He has been hospitalized in Xiehe for three days.

His condition not only did not ease, but worsened.

Now he has no way to eat!

It can only be done by nasal feeding.

Tongue is extremely swollen.

At this time, when he opened his mouth, his mouth was full of swollen tongue, and under the tongue, the uvula with three leaves like petals bloomed like a lotus flower.

And at this time!

One of them has been faintly broken, showing signs of corruption.

And hospitalized for three days!

Therapeutic effect is minimal.

Doctors simply cannot find a cure.

Shen Yuzhe had no choice but to contact the master at Xinglinyuan to make a move!

Until now, Shen Yuzhe is still stubborn.

He still doesn't believe that apart from him, Chen Nan, is there no doctor in the world?


Life is like a play, the less you believe in evil, the more life will teach you to be a man!

Shen Yuzhe was extremely angry.



At this time... the news about Chen Nan reached Shen Yuzhe's ears again!

Several news made Shen Yuzhe's condition worse again.

"Through the discussion of the Central Health Care Expert Group of the Health and Medical Commission, it is proposed to hire Chen Nan as a member of the expert health care group..."

"The National Oncology Program hired Chen Nan as the fourth person in charge..."

"Our institute discusses and decides to invite Chen Nan to be a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reserve talent pool..."

"New Rain Project list announced:...Chen Nan..."


Like a sharp knife, it pierced into Shen Yuzhe's heart fiercely.

The pain in his heart made him breathless.

He didn't expect...that he would meet such a terrifying opponent.

However, at this moment, he is inviting experts from Xinglin Garden to treat him.

May this time!

The other party's words made Shen Yuzhe spit out a mouthful of old blood.

"Feel sorry!"

"Mr. Shen, I really have nothing to do with your illness!"

"You have to find an expert!"

"To be honest, I have never heard of your tongue, or even heard of this symptom at all."

"I checked the relevant books, but I didn't find a tongue that looks like a lotus flower with four leaves like yours."



"It's really difficult!"

"Why don't you find someone else to have a look?!"

The other party's voice fell, and Shen Yuzhe was directly seen vomiting blood. This time...he really vomited blood!

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