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C.2 Why is Thalia glowing?Apr 01, 2024

Chapter 2 Why is Thalia glowing?

After breakfast, Lan Qi immediately found the housekeeper.

Mr. Butler was waiting outside the restaurant, smiling at the young man who suddenly found him.

“Young Master seems to be in a good mood today?”

The man's voice was very deep, like a worried old father.

But just when the butler spoke, Lan Qi felt a chill that invaded his whole body.

In the memory of the previous life, the housekeeper was the most reliable person in the house and the one who usually took care of him.

 But Lan Qi discovered that his predecessor did not realize that this smiling tiger-like butler was also the most dangerous guy in the house.

Just like this Mr. Butler, he was showing a 100% fake smile calmly, but he was facing a dandy boy who was feared or disgusted by everyone in the family.

“It’s okay, I have something to ask you.”

Lan Qi said calmly.

“Please speak.”

"That's the pigeon I brought back yesterday. I realized that it might be someone's familiar. If it were a noble person, I think it might cause a lot of trouble for the family, so I have to worry about it. Please help me find all the people who may know about this yesterday."


Lanci’s words obviously surprised the butler.

He seemed to observe Lan Qi carefully for a moment.

Does this young master also think so much about his family? Was it a sudden whim, or was he encountering other troubles.

However, the housekeeper didn’t intend to ask any more questions. He bowed slightly to Lan Qi and said:

“Want to serve you.”

“Also, I would like to ask you to help me find someone.”

“Please describe the characteristics.”

"She is a woman who looks about the same age as me. She has gray hair and golden eyes. She is probably wearing a dark gray shabby cloak. She looks like a refugee. Please don't let her find out that I am looking for her."

 Lanci gestured as he spoke.

This made the steward look embarrassed.

"I'll try my best. But Master, you have to know how big this border city-state is. I can't guarantee that I can find her quickly... Of course, if you can give her more precise characteristics, I should be able to save a lot of investigation and screening time. .”

"Is that so...If I can draw her, how long will it take you to find her?"

“I can find anyone in this town who has seen it in person in one day, I assure you.”

The housekeeper smiled again.

He remembered that Lan Qi could indeed draw, but since his parents let him go, he had never seen Lan Qi draw.

From that time on, the young master’s character gradually became bad.

"Then you go and help me find witnesses first, and I will draw a portrait of her before you come back."

Lanqi nodded.

“Okay, young master, I’ll leave first. But remember to draw carefully. I’ll be able to help you complete your first task before noon.”

The butler smiled, put his hands behind his back, and walked towards the kitchen, not forgetting to give instructions.

"Do not worry."

The thing that Lan Qi is best at is painting.

You can even draw Thalia with your eyes closed.

He promised that no one in the world could draw Thalia better than he could.

Lanchi breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the predecessor was in trouble, fortunately, there is still room for maneuver.

Of course, concealing the evidence can only make it more difficult for the demon princess Talia to find out the truth.

As far as Lanqi knows, Talia has a magic that can see through lies. As long as she has patience, there is basically nothing she can't find out.

According to Talia's super vengeful character.

 Once she finds out that she hunted her familiar, even if she treats him kindly and makes her hold back for the time being, she will definitely come back with revenge when she rises.

To really resolve Thalia's hatred, you have to confront Thalia yourself.

But for now, at least before noon, I just have to paint well.

At this time, Lan Qi had just reached the second floor when he saw the maid who had woken him up in the morning and was a little scared of him.

“I’ll prepare it for you, Master.”

The maid has become accustomed to it and is going to prepare some good wine and the latest novels for Lan Qi.

But he soon stopped again.

Because of what Lan Qi was saying to her—

“I’m going to the study.”

Because of these words, the maid became very anxious.

“...are you talking about the study room?”

Her tone was hesitant.

Lan Qi couldn't help but look confused.


Ranchi affirmed.

He wanted to go to the study to look up information and draw a picture of Thalia to send to the housekeeper.

Before determining Thalia's location, he had no other important matters for the time being.

However, when he opened the door to the study, he found out.

There was no table or even paper in the room, but there were many expensive-looking wine bottles.

“Please forgive me, Master.”

"What's wrong?"

Lanchi looked at the anxious maid.

“I, I haven’t finished cleaning up the study in the morning.”

She lowered her head and muttered, as if she was ready to be scolded.

According to the young master's temper, he will definitely slam the door and leave, and then come back drunk at night.

"Is that so? It doesn't matter if you don't clean it up for a day or two. As long as you prepare the painting tools for me, it's the same when you go to other rooms."

Lan Qi sighed helplessly.

“No, Master, how can this be allowed?”

The maid looked at Lan Qi with wide eyes.

She became a little at a loss for a moment. She was surprised by Lan Qi's unusually easy-going attitude again today, and said hurriedly:

“Just give me fifteen minutes and I’ll make the study spotless! Then prepare the tools you need! Guaranteed by my professionalism!”

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Lanqi was not worried about waiting for such a long time.

Thalia's murderous intention made him a little panicked, but not completely panicked.

Because he already has a solution in mind.

No one can stop him from living a comfortable life.

In about ten minutes, the maid finished cleaning the study as promised, and brought Lan Qi the best painting tools in the house.

 Lanqi looked at the pen of this world.

Although it was different from what he was used to in his previous life, he quickly figured out how to use it.

Then he sat in front of the canvas, composed the picture, started writing, and painted Thalia's portrait with a relaxed expression.

  Thinking that the most perfect character he had ever drawn, the majestic demon princess Talia, had to dress up like a beggar and be as miserable as a beggar, Lan Qi couldn't help but want to laugh.

Even if you don’t need to think too much in your mind, the pen in your hand can already be moved freely.

He had drawn Thalia too many times.

Lan Qi invested in the skills he had honed for many years, with a faint smile on his lips, and wrote calmly and skillfully.

He doesn't look like a great painter at all.

He looked calm, like a househusband preparing dinner.

But gradually, his attention was unconsciously devoted to the paintings in front of him, as if he had lost the concept of time.

He didn't even notice that the maid waiting on the side was blinking her eyes in surprise, and her mouth slowly became like a small round hole.

Escape with time.

Lanci's painting is almost finished.

I saw this **** the canvas. Although she was wearing an old and worn-out cloak, she was as beautiful as a wolf in the snow.

The gentle wind blew across her face, causing the gray hair under her hood to flutter slightly in the wind.

In those looming golden eyes, hidden under a thousand layers of ice is a burning flame.

The lonely figure will not make people mistakenly think that she is a weak existence at all. The more dust on her body covers her, the less it can cover her nobility and strength flowing in her blood.


 Lanci smiled and completed the last detail. Until then, he looked at the painting carefully and seemed to find that he had accidentally painted it too seriously.

“My God, Master, are your painting skills already so good?”

Exclamations sounded from the side,

“I was just imagining whether you were possessed by the **** of art. This is the first time I have seen such a shocking painting!”

The maid could not calm down the excitement in her eyes until now.

She had watched Lanci paint a few years ago.

At that time, Lan Qi could still smile warmly and never lose his temper. The scenery he painted was as beautiful as his soul.

Many servants in the house are looking forward to the day when Lan Qi will suddenly wake up.

Because they dare not imagine that he will continue to degenerate like this. When he becomes the real master of the family, what kind of life will the servants live, and whether they will all be driven away.

The maid hopes that all the signs today are not her illusion.

But the young master has really become gentle and considerate from the bottom of his heart.


Lan Qi smiled sheepishly.

He is indeed a very good painter, but looking at the admiration in the maid's eyes, one might think that he is a resurrected Picasso or Van Gogh.

When I was painting just now, I felt like I had accidentally fallen into it, as if I had poured my heart and soul into it. I felt a little dizzy the moment I finished painting.

Shouldn’t it be praised like this?

“I can guarantee that you will become a great painter who will cause a sensation in the kingdom. Even His Majesty the King will want to get your paintings, and even the most noble card makers will want to discuss your painting skills with you!”

The maid clenched her hands tightly, looked at Lan Qi and said seriously.

After a moment of silence.


Lan Qi was suddenly shocked by a fact.

That’s right!

This is originally a non-turn-based magic card game!

And I am the beauty!

 It can be said that many things in this world were drawn by him, including the prototypes of many rare treasure-like magic cards.

According to the setting of this game, magic cards are equivalent to encapsulation of skills, equipment or summons. They are portable, tradable and easy to match freely.

Compared with spending a lot of money to learn spells, you can directly buy the corresponding magic cards in this world and bind them to use the spells. You can also adjust your skill structure at any time according to the powerful enemies you need to challenge.

In addition, in the most difficult copy of the game, challengers will be matched to a random time and space to obtain a unique identity and situation. They cannot bring any foreign objects with them, except for magic cards bound to their souls.

So magic cards are a must-have for traveling at home, killing people, stealing goods, and getting into fights in this world!

In addition to being produced in copies, high-value magic cards can also be made by card makers.

The skill of painting is inextricably linked to the production of magic cards.

“It seems that in addition to being a great artist in this world, I also have good potential in card making?”

Lanchi held her chin up and thought deeply.

He had long felt that the magic cards in this game were out of date.

Every time I and the planner proposed cards that could enrich the game experience without destroying the balance of the game, they were rejected.

The planner said that he didn’t have ten mothers who would not dare to install those cards.

“Master, is the woman in the portrait the one you like?”

Slightly probing words interrupted Lan Qi's thoughts.

The maid waiting on the side noticed that Lan Qi had become unusually gentle today, which made all the servants in the house feel a little uneasy.

But the maid had watched him for so long.

It doesn’t feel like he’s just faking it.

In addition, he suddenly drew this kind of miracle.

Finally the maid came to a surprising conclusion—

He may be in love!


Lan Qi raised his head with a strange expression and looked at the maid who didn't know how to speak.

The painting…

It’s a woman who might kill me.

But he looked at the painting carefully and thought about it.

If people in this world were shocked by his paintings, asking the housekeeper to take the paintings to find someone would probably cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

So Lanci pushed away the easel.

He prepared the canvas again skillfully, intending to paint a more ordinary portrait of Thalia's refugee.


As soon as he put down a few strokes on the new work, he felt a strong sense of dizziness that made him almost unable to see the canvas clearly.

The maid looked at Lan Qi's painful look with some worry, but did not dare to interrupt his creation forcibly.

But he hesitated for a moment.

She felt that maybe the young master would really not anger other people today.

So he swallowed his saliva and said:

"Master, if you feel particularly uncomfortable, you may have fallen into a state of depletion of mana... You seem to devote all your heart and soul to your paintings and your own mana. I heard that great painters or card makers in history have also experienced this. The story of dedicating one’s life to art…”

“No more painting.”

Lanchi put down his pen immediately after hearing this.

This is not just staying up late to draw, just stay up for a while and then it will be over.

This time he clearly felt that something strange was passing through his body while he was painting!

“Take this painting to the housekeeper for me, and ask him to do what I asked him to do after reading it. Then help me put this painting away and don’t take it out of the house.”

Lanqi pointed to the painting he had painted before and said.

I feel very sleepy as soon as I relax.

The feeling of exhaustion swept over me more violently like a wave that had just subsided, and my head couldn't help but start to click.

He found that with this kind of consumption, he probably wouldn't have the energy to draw a second portrait that would allow the butler to clearly identify Thalia in a short period of time.

“And no matter what, wake me up before dinner.”

After saying this, Lan Qi stopped talking.

“I know, I know!”

The maid carefully used magic tools to speed up the drying and sealing of the painting.

On the one hand, the price of this painting is hard to estimate, and on the other hand, the young master has fallen asleep leaning on his chair.

She was extremely happy with the young master's transformation today, and she couldn't help but be more curious about the level of the young master's works.

So she secretly used identification magic and finally saw the true face of the painting——

【Portrait·Mysterious Princess】

【Type: Artwork】

【Level: Epic】

【Rank: 1】

【The creature that appreciates this painting will recover a small amount of energy and physical strength, and its favorability towards the princess in the portrait will increase, and there is a chance that a small amount of energy will be increased. 】

When Lan Qi woke up again, opened his eyes and looked out the familiar window, it was already afternoon.

The sun gradually sets in the west, and the golden red light saturates the clouds. The light through the window ripples in circles, adding a psychedelic color to the room.

It must have been the housekeeper who carried him back to his room.

Because there was already a letter beside his bed, which was written in the housekeeper’s beautiful handwriting—about Thalia’s whereabouts.

Lan Qi shook his head, feeling particularly drowsy in his sleep.

But when he sat up and stretched.

I found an extra painting in a prominent place in my room.

This painting alone gives the whole room a bit of artistic flair.

Lanci sat on the bed, frowning and staring at Thalia's portrait.

The maid and the housekeeper must have misunderstood what he meant.

I didn’t ask you to help me frame this painting and hang it in my room.

I want you to hide it for me!

Otherwise, what if the person in the portrait saw someone painting her so seriously, how embarrassing it would be!

"never mind."

Lan Qi reluctantly rolled out of bed.

Talia had no chance to come to his room anyway.

It will be considered a success if you lure her away safely from this country.

(End of this chapter)