MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess - C.11 Shocked saint: why are you on the teacher's bed?Mar 01, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess

C.11 Shocked saint: why are you on the teacher's bed?Mar 01, 2023

Chapter 11 Shocked saint: Why are you on the teacher's bed?

In the long corridor of the Wuhun Temple, beauties of all sizes are standing together and having a conversation.

The appearances are different, but the legs are all straight and slender.

Bibidong is the iceberg queen with the charming charm of a mature woman, while Hu Liena is elegant and charming, ready to bloom, but her waist and hips are as attractive as a ripe peach.

"Nana, what were you thinking about here just now?"

"No, it's nothing." Hu Liena waved her hands again and again to hide the shadow in her mind.

"The teacher gave you a task."

"Please tell me."

"Teacher is going to attend this year's Martial Soul Awakening Ceremony together with the elders. Go and entertain the guests for me."

"Guest?" Hu Liena was surprised.

"Yes, he is in my bedroom. Take him for a walk in the Wuhun Hall. He can go wherever he wants, don't stop him."

Hu Liena was even more surprised, it was the first time she saw the teacher showing such a formal expression.

"Okay, I will definitely help you serve this guest well."

Hu Liena quickly arrived at the door of the Queen's bedroom, curious in her heart.

Which sect boss has this honor to wait in the queen's bedroom.

The suzerain family of the last three sects? Or a hidden female master?

As for whether it was a man, Hu Liena shook her head again and again, how could it be possible.

Betting on her understanding of the teacher for so many years, even if the sky falls, there will be no male creatures in the teacher's room.

"Boom boom boom!"

Hu Liena knocked on the door lightly, afraid of neglecting the honored guest.

The eyes are focused, she wants to take a good look at who is the distinguished guest that the teacher values ​​so much.

No movement.

"Senior, my teacher ordered me to serve you."

Still no sound.

Hu Liena was puzzled, is there no one inside? She hesitated for a moment, pushed the door open and entered.

The moment she entered the room, her pupils shrank suddenly, and her delicate body felt as if struck by lightning.

There is a person lying on the bed, with his back facing the door, only his back can be seen, but his face cannot be seen.

But the broad back and clothing all mean that it is a man.


Looking at the scene in front of her, Hu Liena's voice trembled, her eyes filled with disbelief.

A man entered the queen's palace?

The slap in the face came so quickly, not only did the man get into the man, but the guy also had the audacity to lie down on the teacher's bed and fell asleep?

Is this guy going to die!

The guest the teacher mentioned is this guy?

No way.

This is a bit too exaggerated.

With the personality of a teacher, how could it be possible for a man to enter the bedroom and allow him to sleep on the bed? It's impossible.

It's not like this guy ran up on his own.

Hu Liena tiptoed to the bed.

Strange, how does this back look more and more familiar.

She went around to the other side, and when she saw the unearthly face of a banished fairy and the pink rabbit in his arms, a flash of lightning flashed in her mind, and she opened her mouth wide.

It's him???

The noise outside awakened Luo Yu.

He was sleepy, his eyelids opened and closed, and he saw a pair of round and beautiful legs right in front of him. He cast his gaze from the bottom up and saw the stunned blond girl.

"You came?"

"You, why did you appear on the teacher's bed." Hu Liena's eyes were wide open, and her small cherry mouth was still unable to close.

Luo Yu got up slowly, stretched her waist, "I'm sleepy, just sleep on her bed for a while, it's fine."

"It's a big problem!" Hu Liena was anxious, "You dare to sleep on the queen's bed, are you dying??"

Luo Yu shook his head, "I dare you to remove the word 'bed'."


Hu Liena was taken aback for a moment.

Then he reacted, his cheeks flushed, and he glared at him fiercely.

"I think your other name is Undead."

Luo Yu raised his eyebrows, playful: "You are here to entertain me, is this the way you speak?"

"Entertainment?" Hu Liena came back to her senses, and began to speak incoherently, "You can't be the guest that the teacher wants me to receive, right?"

"Crooked, are you stupid, is there anyone else in this room besides me?"

A dim silver light flashed across the hidden corner of the room.

Hu Liena still couldn't believe it, but she had to believe it, after all, the facts were right in front of her eyes.

Forcibly suppressing the shock in his heart, he hesitated: "You, what is your identity, what is your relationship with the teacher, and why are you here?"

"Didn't I tell you all these questions, don't you not believe it?" Luo Yu lowered his head and pulled the rabbit ears a few times, the feeling was really good.

"Nonsense! How could the queen have anything to do with you?"

Luo Yu glanced at her, "These are not important, the point is, as I said, we will meet again soon."

Hu Liena swallowed.

This guy is too powerful.

The image of Luo Yu, Infinity became mysterious in Hu Liena's heart, and a strong curiosity gushed out to explore it clearly.

"You... You won't be some old monster rejuvenated, right?" Hu Liena said timidly.

"Hey, what an old monster, I've already said it, I haven't awakened my martial soul yet."

Luo Yu glanced at the transparent system panel.

【Dragon God, wake up! 】

【Jiuxiao Tianzhu Sword, wait for awakening! 】

"Come on, I don't believe it." Hu Liena shook her head repeatedly.

I think Luo Yu must be an old monster with unrivaled soul power, otherwise how could he act so recklessly.

Absolute truth!

"You still don't believe me?" Luo Yu rolled his eyes.

"Oh, I just don't believe it, stop lying." Hu Liena snorted and said, "If you haven't awakened your martial soul, I'll call you Dad when I meet from now on."

Luo Yu was helpless, "Do you really want me to be a father at a young age?"

"Do you dare to reach out and let me check it out? If you awaken your martial spirit, you can just call me little aunt when you meet in the future!"

Hu Liena was full of confidence, jokingly, the brains of this saint are not given for nothing.

An unremarkable person who can get into the teacher's eyes?

If it wasn't for meeting Luo Yu, she would be very restrained now.

After all, this guy is too mysterious.

Luo Yu shook his head, "There is no need to investigate, can I prove it by showing you the awakened martial soul on the spot?"

Hu Liena sneered, "I think you are sure that there is no awakening stone here."

Luo Yu was speechless, "Wuhun Hall is so big, there must be an awakening stone."

"Act, continue to act!" Hu Liena hugged her fragrant shoulders, staring at Luo Yu's appearance.

"Go, take me to the Awakening Stone, today I will make you woman regret what you said."

Hu Liena stared, "Let's go, it just so happens that our Wuhun Hall is holding an awakening ceremony today, and we can take you to find a place."

"Awakening ceremony?" Luo Yu wondered.

"Yeah, didn't the teacher tell you?"

Hu Liena explained: "On this day of every year, all descendants of masters above the level of Soul Sage in the Wuhun Hall can be qualified to awaken their Wuhun in the central square, and those with high talents can stay to receive the blessing of the great priest."

"If there is a top talent, you can be selected in advance as my son of the Wuhun Temple."

Luo Yu was thoughtful, "It's kind of interesting, but depending on the situation, I'd better not go."

"Tsk tsk, I can't continue acting, hurry up and show your martial spirit, I'm really a little curious." Hu Liena blinked her beautiful eyes, showing the unique arrogance of girls.

"I haven't awakened yet, let me show you a thread."

"Then why don't you dare to go."

"I'm afraid that the awakening will be too loud and ostentatious!"


"Well, let's be honest, in fact, I'm mainly afraid that once the martial spirit is awakened, you elders, worshipers, begging to accept me as a disciple, and won't let me go."

"Do you think I will believe it?" Hu Liena blinked cutely.

"Okay, I can see that you are a little girl who lacks love today, and you are determined to recognize me as your father."

Luo Yu got up, acted vigorously, and directly grabbed Hu Liena's little hand.

"Go! Meet you and take me to the central square."

(end of this chapter)