MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess - C.1154 Nine-tailed Sky Fox Dajiuer, Onmyoji's RevengeMar 01, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess

C.1154 Nine-tailed Sky Fox Dajiuer, Onmyoji's RevengeMar 01, 2023

Chapter 1154 Nine-tailed Sky Fox Dajiuer, Onmyoji's Revenge

Luo Yu flew through the air while continuing to call Bai Xiaoe and Zhen Mier.

As a result, the phone prompts that the connection cannot be made.

It seems that something really happened inside Wuhan University in Sichuan Province. Who is so courageous to come to Wuhan University to make trouble?

"It can't be the revived white-haired goddess, right?"


Luo Yu went all out to stimulate the spiritual power in his body, cut through the sky, and rushed to Wuhan University in Sichuan Province to help.

Ten minutes later, he rushed back to Wuhan University of Sichuan Province and found that the entire Wuhan University of Sichuan Province was covered by a bronze mirror.

The bronze mirror hangs high in the air, exuding copper-colored light, enveloping the entire Wuhan University.

Presumably the reason why the signal was cut off was because of the bronze mirror.

Luo Yu tried to rush in, but as soon as he touched the membrane, he didn't bounce back, and couldn't enter it at all.


Luo Yu's palm touched the thin-film barrier released by the bronze mirror, and the Wanhua Dao Yin Jue ran rapidly.

Analyze the power released by the bronze mirror, and then assimilate it to produce the same power.


The membrane rippled, and Luo Yu directly merged into the barrier, entering it without hindrance.

This is the metamorphosis of Wanhua Dao Yinjue.

Can analyze the power of all things, as long as he is given time, he can absorb and imitate.

Entering the inside of the enchantment, Luo Yu saw the smoke billowing inside the Wuhan University, devastated everywhere.

Buildings collapsed, mourning everywhere.

High in the sky, Shi Kai teamed up with a magnificent and enchanting woman to fight a snake man.

"Boom boom!"

Shi Kai and the enchanting woman both exuded the aura of the peak of the first rank, but they still fell into a disadvantage in the face of the snake man.

Luo Yu was greatly surprised: "Is that Da Jiu'er?"

"How does she have the strength of the peak of the first rank? Isn't she also a freshman who just entered school this year?"

"Hiding so deep?"

"Boom boom boom!"

The battle in the air is still going on, the snake man's offensive is terrifying, and Shi Kai and Da Jiu'er are retreating steadily.

Luo Yu was secretly startled, what is the origin of this snake man.

If Shi Kai and Da Jiuer join forces, even Qin Qi will be suppressed to death.

He glanced around again, and saw the terrified Wushu students on the playground. They couldn't intervene in such a level of battle. As for the other first-rank teachers, they all vomited blood and fell to the ground.

Obviously suffered heavy losses, there is no power to fight again.

Luo Yu's complexion was ugly.


He first summoned the ancient heroic spirit of Shennong, launched a green light, and fell on the wounded tutor and students.

His hand immediately attracted everyone's attention from the air battle.

"Charlotte is back!"

"It's Charlotte who is back, and Wuhan University in Sichuan Province is saved!"

For Luo Yu, who has repeatedly demonstrated terrifying strength, the students have high confidence in him, and immediately regard him as a savior.

"Boss, help the principal, they are dying soon." Cheng Jinjin was also in the crowd, his face was covered with blood, and he didn't know how he was injured.

"Where is Sister Zhu Zhuqing?"

Luo Yu asked, logically speaking, the strength of the two sisters is not weak, if they make a move, the principal will not be suppressed so badly.

Cheng Jinjin smiled wryly: "They are not at school, they say that you are not at school, boss, and they don't want to stay anymore, so they went out to find you."

Luo Yu was speechless.

"Brother Luo, come and help me, brother, I can't hold it anymore!" Shi Kai called for help.

Shi Gandang, an ancient heroic spirit cast, was almost crushed by the snake man, covered with fine cracks.

Da Jiu'er is possessed by a nine-tailed sky fox heroic spirit, and nine white fox tails emerge from her back, but they have also been stained with bright red blood. Obviously, her strength is not as good as that of the snake man, much worse.


Luo Yu originally wanted to observe the attacking methods of the Snakeman, knowing himself and the enemy, and winning a hundred battles.

However, he couldn't just watch Shi Kai come out of the world, and rushed up through the air.

"Charlotte, I'm finally waiting for you!!"

The snake man saw Luo Yu flying towards him, but he gave up attacking Shi Kai and the other two, and ran towards him angrily and killed them.

When Luo Yu heard the other party's voice, he was inexplicably familiar, but he couldn't remember it.

In an instant, the Five Emperors, Vulcan, Great Sage, Erlang Xianshen and Zhenjun, possessed by the Yae domain, raised their hands and punched out.


The snake man flew backwards for one meter, while Luo Yu flew backwards for a full thirty meters.

Luo Yu's punch just now seemed to hit the hardest diamond.

The front of his fist was numb, and he wondered why Shi Kai couldn't beat this monster, it was indeed a mess of strength.

"What kind of monster are you?" Luo Yu asked loudly.


The snake man sneered and opened his arms.

"Charlotte, you don't recognize me?"

"This is the divine body given to me by Master Amaterasu, just to avenge you."

A flash of light flashed through Luo Yu's mind: "Onmyoji, Abe Seimei?"

"I remembered?"

The snake man said angrily, "You don't even know what I've been through. Today I'm going to make you feel the pain!!"

Luo Yu really didn't expect this guy to make a comeback, he was obviously beaten by Bibi Dong.

Since this guy is an onmyoji from an island country, does that mean that the bronze mirror hanging in the air is the legendary Yata mirror?


The snake man came to kill through the air, Luo Yu swung his fist to resist, the snake man's silver tail immediately rushed to Luo Yu's waist and drew it.

Luo Yu kicked the silver snake tail back with a whip leg, and saw the opponent open his mouth again, spouting dark green poisonous mist.


Luo Yu is invulnerable to all poisons, so why be afraid of poisonous fog.

Turning over and turning upside down, he punched the snake-man's face, blasting the snake-man into the air, smashing through the building.

Immediately, there was an excited cry from below.

Gaining the upper hand as soon as they came up, this was something neither Shi Kai nor Da Jiu'er could do.

"Kill this guy!"

"This snake man deserves to die, he is the one who secretly kidnapped my Wuhan University students."


The snake man was hit by a punch but was unharmed, and the scales on his body gleamed with a gloomy light.

"Charlotte, you are very strong, but compared to my divine body, you are far, far behind."

Luo Yu asked in a cold voice: "Where are the Wuhan University students who were taken away by you? Where are they?"

"Nature is all in my stomach."

The snake man patted Alone, and Snake Xinzi spat out: "The taste of a practitioner is really good."

"Every one of them has thin skin and tender meat, very chewy."

"Damn it!"

Luo Yu was angry, the veins on his forehead popped up, he couldn't bear it at all, he was so angry that his eyes were blood red.


He broke out with a terrifying momentum, turned into a long rainbow and broke through the space, grabbed the snake man's neck with his big hands, blasted to the ground, rubbed the ground, and plowed a long and deep gully.

Unable to let go of his hatred, Luo Yu pulled him up and threw him on the ground like garbage.

"Boom boom!"

The ground exploded, earth and rocks shot out, and smoke and dust filled the surroundings.

Everyone was stunned, no one thought that Luo Yu could be so fierce, and trampled the snake man into such a state.

You must know that just now, all the teachers and students in the school were helpless with the snake man.

All I could feel was a deep sense of despair, because this guy was simply too terrifying to match.

But soon the joy on everyone's faces turned into fear again.

Because the snake man who was hammered by Luo Yu still didn't have any scars on his body, and he was unscathed.

Even let out a hazy laugh.

"Jie Jie Jie."

"Fight, why don't you continue to fight."

"Tell you, even if I stand here today and let you beat me, you don't want to hurt a single hair of this divine body."


Luo Yu kicked the Snake Man into the air with one kick, his expression was ugly.

He discovered that the opponent possessed an inexplicable toughness, which could absorb all the strength he attacked.

So it will not suffer any damage.

This is unreasonable. He has also practiced the supernatural power of King Kong not being broken. There is an upper limit to the body's endurance.

But the other party doesn't seem to have it, which is not normal.

"Golden eyes, open!"

"Sky eyes, open!"

"Fire eyes, open!"

The three pupils of the gods worked together, and Luo Yu saw a piece of strangely shaped green jade shining in the body of the snake man.

Obviously this green jade is playing a role, helping the opponent absorb his own attack.

"Did you find it?"

The snake man smiled, "This is the **** of my island country, the eight-foot Qiong Gouyu. With your attack, you can't break through my defense."

"Can't it be broken?"

Luo Yu sneered, now that he has figured out why the other party is so tenacious, it will be much easier to deal with.


He stretched out his hand and pulled out the Zhu Xian sword from the void.

The Ancient Sword of Zhuxian can't deal with the weird "ink" creatures, but it is much easier to deal with carbon-based creatures.

Luo Yu drew his sword and slashed at the snake man.


The sound of gold and iron clanging came out, and an ancient sword appeared in the snake man's hand.

"Try the artifact bestowed by Master Amaterasu, the Amacongyun Sword!"


Luo Yu made a disdainful sound, and the ancient sword of Zhu Xian turned into a blood-red color, bursting out with terrifying and astonishing murderous aura.


Instantly suppressed Tian Congyun Sword, cutting **** scratches on the snake man.

"how is this possible!"

"What kind of sword are you?"

The snake man let out an unbelievable exclamation, and raised his hand to call the Yata mirror in the sky.

Absorbed all Luo Yu's attacks, and then bounced back.


Luo Yu resisted with a horizontal sword and flew upside down.

He understood that the other party relied entirely on these three artifacts.

Yata Mirror bounces back attacks, Bachi Qiong Gouyu absorbs all attacks, and Tian Congyun Sword cuts everything.

But when it comes to Zhu Xian Ancient Sword, this function is useless and invalid.

"Zhuxian Sword Formation, open!"

Luo Yu threw Zhu Xian in his hand, and instantly split into four sword shadows in the air, forming a terrifying sword array.

The sword formation enveloped the snake man, emitting countless murderous sword lights.

"Yataka mirror!"

The snake man urged the bronze mirror to absorb the sword light, but after spitting it out, it couldn't destroy the sword formation at all.

The body suffered countless cuts in an instant, and the spirit was also eroded by murderous intent.

"Damn it!"

The dragon's horns on the snake man's head flashed silver brilliance, and the power of divinity burst out, breaking the Zhuxian sword formation forcefully.

He sneered and said, "Boy, what else can you do, just use it."

"I am now possessed of divine power, immortal, how can you be my opponent."

Luo Yu looked at the aura emanating from the pair of dragon horns on the other side, it was indeed different.

Is this the feeling of those foreign **** sons who obtained divine power in the legend?

He rushed straight up, not giving the snake man a chance to attack other people, and forced them to high altitude.

The Wuhan University students below exclaimed in worry, because they all saw the horror of the snake man.

"With the three major artifacts and divine protection, will Brother Charlotte be his opponent?"

"Not good, quickly ask other people for help." Seeing that the barrier disappeared, Shi Kai immediately asked for help.

Da Jiuer stared at Luo Yu, wondering what she was thinking.

Shi Kai noticed Da Jiu'er beside him, and felt surprised when he remembered that the strength shown by the other party just now was not inferior to him, but he was paying attention to the battle situation at this time, and he was not in the mood to ask.

"Boom boom!"

Above the sky, the battle is terrifying.

The terrifying fluctuations shattered countless white clouds, making the space tremble and shake. Even if Luo Yu's combat power was amazing, he didn't get any advantage. If it wasn't for the Four Saints' origin entering his body, which helped him improve his body strength, I'm afraid he would have to eat it now. Big loss.

"You kid is tricky, I'm going to torture you half to death, and then bring you back and dedicate it to Master Amaterasu."

The snake man holds a mirror in his left hand, and wields the Tiancongyun sword in his right hand to continuously attack, which can be extended and shortened.

Weird and sharp.

Luo Yu plucked out a lock of black hair, pointed it at the air and blew it out, splitting into hundreds of Luo Yu in an instant.

Every breath is exactly the same, and at the same time rushing to attack the snake man.

This scene almost shocked everyone's jaws, no one thought that Luo Yu would display such supernatural powers.

And each of them showed the same terrifying combat power.

Luo Yu thought to himself, this trick is really easy to use, but it's a bit hairy, and if you do it a few times, you'll be bald.

I got bald and I got stronger.

How terrifying are the hundreds of Luo Yu, the snake man was beaten so helplessly that he was ravaged like a sandbag.

"Bang bang bang!"

He exploded with divine power, swung the Tiancongyun sword and swept across the surroundings, smashing countless Luo Yu in an instant.

"This trick of yours can't help me!"

While the snake man laughed, his chest was suddenly pierced from behind, and the laughter stopped abruptly.

Luo Yu's palm was burning with the true fire of samadhi, which penetrated the opponent's chest, and pulled out the eight-foot Qiong Gouyu from the opponent's body.

"Without this thing, let me see how you can block it!"

He kicked out, and the scales of the snake-man burst into pieces. With a scream, he flew out.

"Clang clang clang!"

Luo Yu wielded Zhu Xian and continued to slash, and cracks began to appear on the surface of Tiancongyun Sword and Yata Mirror.

"how is this possible!"

"How could the artifact of my island nation be cracked?" The snake man exclaimed in disbelief, unable to believe that everything in front of him was real.

Luo Yu said in a cold voice with disdain: "Your artifact is nothing."


"I won't lose, I still have the divine power bestowed by Master Amaterasu." A pair of dragon horns from the snake man exuded terrifying silver radiance again.

"God Nima!"

Luo Yu was heartbroken when he thought that the other party had killed nearly eighty students.


He took out the Fantian seal, aimed directly at the dragon's horn and patted it, the big seal exuded a thick golden light.

Smash it on the head.

"Crack, click!"

The pair of Erlong horns were smashed off abruptly, bleeding from the head, and the snake man screamed.

"My dragon horn!"


Luo Yu made another three swords, directly splitting the Yata mirror and Tian Congyun sword, chopping them into pieces.

At the same time, he headed the snake man with a sword, and his head flew high.

(end of this chapter)