MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess - C.3 The appearance caused a sensation, Hu Liena strikes up a conversationMar 01, 2023

MTL - Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess

C.3 The appearance caused a sensation, Hu Liena strikes up a conversationMar 01, 2023

Chapter 3 The appearance caused a sensation, Hu Liena strikes up a conversation

Wuhun City, the richest city in the Douluo Continent.

Because this is the base camp of Douluo's No. 1 force, Wuhundian.

The residents who shuttled back and forth on the street, when they looked at the majestic and majestic buildings in the center of the city, their eyes were full of awe and piety.

Only the figure of a young man is out of place with the surrounding crowd, because his temperament is too dusty, not only his handsome and unparalleled face looks like a banished fairy, but also his pair of black eyes as deep as stars are even more fascinating.

People around, no matter men, women, young or old, couldn't help but be attracted by the boy's temperament.

"Tsk tsk, this unparalleled temperament must be the son of a big family coming out to play again."

"Nonsense, as far as this appearance and charm are concerned, I'm afraid even the sons of the seven sects can't compare."

"Brother, keep your voice down, don't let people hear you, the son of a big family is not something we can talk about."

There were men looking at Luo Yu with admiration, and naturally there were also girls chattering.

A pure young girl repeatedly dragged the corner of her best friend's clothes with her small hands, and said in a low voice:

"Turn around and look over there, there is a handsome little brother!"

The best friend didn't move, she laughed and scolded: "You girl, you can be a **** just by seeing any man on the street, and you're too unreserved. There are all rough guys here, where did the handsome guys come from?"

"No...this one is different..." The innocent girl looked at Luo Yu with dull eyes, and opened her small mouth slightly, "This... is really handsome, my heart beats so fast."

"Hey, your expression is a little too exaggerated!" My girlfriend scolded with a smile, "I'm really useless, I think you're thinking of spring."

While speaking, the best friend followed the girl's eyes, her casual and casual eyes suddenly tightened, and her cherry lips parted slightly.


When the girl heard that there was no movement around her, she turned her head to look at her best friend, and immediately looked contemptuously, "Oh, woman, didn't you say that I miss spring, please put away your current **** face."

"I'm not, I don't!" My best friend vehemently denied it, but her eyes never moved away from the man.

The girl sneered, "Some people, slaps in the face, in public, looking at the man, the saliva is about to flow out, how embarrassing."

My best friend spat softly, "Damn girl, don't talk nonsense, I think it's because of your integrity that you lost it, not only lost, but also"

"Bah! Damn girl, what if you start **** after Brother Shangqing!"

The two of them bickered softly, and the girls passing by were blushing, and secretly scolded the two for being too reserved.

Sisters, just think about it in your heart, don't say it! How ashamed!

When they looked at Luo Yu, their cheeks were also slightly red, and they always felt that this man was not only a matter of handsomeness, but also seemed to have an inexplicably attractive temperament, which aroused people's desire to find out.

"Hey, handsome little brother, is this your first time in Wuhun City?"

Luo Yu was walking towards the Pope's Palace when he was suddenly blocked by a young girl.

The girl who struck up a conversation in front of her was wearing a luxurious golden dress, with a devil-like enchanting figure, with uneven bumps.

A pair of long beautiful legs are even more slender and round, the exquisite facial features are like a fairy, with a trace of holy and foxy atmosphere, and the pink pupils seem to be breathtaking.

Countless men around were also peeping at the girl, drooling secretly but afraid of something, not daring to approach her.

Luo Yu kneaded the fluff on the back of the Soft Bones Charm Rabbit's neck with his big hands, and looked up and down at the girl blocking the way.

Blonde capable short hair, white and tender long legs, looks really beautiful and sassy, ​​in the hearts of others, she must be at the level of a goddess, as you can tell by the eyes of countless hungry wolves around.

But what's the matter with him, he raised his eyes and asked, "What's the matter with you?"

Hu Liena's smile froze. As a saintess of the Wuhun Temple, she was unparalleled in talent and had never taken the initiative to strike up a conversation with a boy. When she came out to play today, she was unconsciously attracted to Luo Yu.

It stands to reason that it shouldn't be, there are no handsome men in the Wuhun Temple, and there are a lot of people kneeling and licking her, but compared with this strange man, he feels like rubbish, so he unconsciously moved his feet and wanted to come over. He spoke.

Originally, Hu Liena was still confident in flirting with her, regardless of her strength, how could this appearance beat those rouge vulgar fans? Apart from my own teacher, the number one beauty in Wuhundian is not too much.

When a beautiful woman strikes up a conversation, men will greet her with a smile.

The result surprised Hu Liena, and she was stunned for a moment. What's wrong with this man?

So cold?

Hu Liena even touched her smooth face subconsciously, there was nothing dirty.

Seeing that the woman in front of him remained silent for a long time, Luo Yu moved his steps and walked around her.

"Hey, stop!" Hu Liena chased after her with her slender legs.

"What's the matter?" Luo Yu frowned, wondering what this woman was doing.

Hiss! Hu Liena gasped, her beautiful eyes were a little dull.

It was the first time she heard a man talking to her in such an impatient tone. In the Wuhun Temple, which Tianjiao didn't greet her with care and attention.

But she never took the initiative, and she finally took the initiative once, but she got a cold face in the end?

"Hmph, you man, you are a bit confused." Hu Liena pouted her moist red lips.

Luo Yu's eyes were strange, "That... this girl, I don't seem to know you."

"Hey, you man, are you a tough guy~"

Hu Liena pouted and complained.

The man peeping around saw the goddess acting coquettishly and cursing others, his eyes were straightened, and his heart felt numb.

Hu Liena is very worried now, a beauty as big as her comes to strike up a conversation, you can just say a word, and I can pick it up, and then we will have a story after going back and forth.

You hate me so much, what else can I say!

Luo Yu's eyes changed slightly, "Girl, it's okay for you to block my way out of nowhere, but if you talk about me like that, then we'll have to talk about it."

Looking at Luo Yu's keen eyes, Hu Liena squinted her small mouth and her eyes were reddened, feeling extremely wronged. It was the first time she struck up a conversation regardless of reserve, was it so miserable? She glared at Luo Yu.

"I just want to get to know you, why are you so incomprehensible? You are really a bully!"

"Smelly man, I hate you!"

Hu Liena stomped her feet, and her soul suddenly appeared.

Cute plush ears appeared on the head, and a pink fox tail appeared behind the raised buttocks. She looked at Luo Yu angrily, and waved her fists in protest, clenching her silver teeth.

There were exclamations from around.

"This... this woman must have the cultivation of the Soul Sect."

"The man on the opposite side is finished, this is the saint of Wuhun Temple, he is not something he can afford."

"It's the first time I've seen the saintess of the Wuhun Temple deflated, this buddy is too awesome."

"What's the use of being awesome? I'm annoyed by the saintess. I'm afraid he won't be able to eat it now."

"I have to pretend to be cold, if there is such a good-looking goddess who strikes up a conversation with me, I'm afraid I won't have time to kneel and lick. This guy deserves to be beaten if he pretends to be forceful!"

A man with not bad looks has sinister eyes, looking at Luo Yu full of jealousy, how can he ignore women.

On the contrary, this kid is just a little more handsome and temperamental, why is he so much more popular than himself.

"Want to do it?"

Compared to the frightened crowd around, Luo Yu looked indifferent.

With deep eyes, Gu Jing was calm, holding the soft bone rabbit steadily, and looking directly at Hu Liena.

Hu Liena looked surprised.

"Aren't you afraid of me?"

Luo Yu glanced at her, and said strangely: "Why are you afraid?"

Hu Liena's complexion changed. It was the first time that she was underestimated so much since she was a child.

"You bastard! It's really too much."


Two yellow, two purple and four soul rings floated up from Hu Liena's body.

Even if the people around are experiencing the aftermath, they feel that they are struggling to breathe, their eyeballs pop out, and they feel so uncomfortable...

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