MTL - Great Xuanwu Sheng - C.328 Xuangui's hard workApr 08, 2024

MTL - Great Xuanwu Sheng

C.328 Xuangui's hard workApr 08, 2024

Chapter 328 Xuangui’s hard work

Chen Mu's eyes were like a deep pool of silence, staring at the dozens of feet deep pit blasted out by his blow.

You must know that this is a hundred feet deep underground, and the power of the earth's veins flows. It is almost difficult to move here in the five internal organs realm, and it is not easy to move in the six internal organs realm. It is difficult to make a hole of one or two feet with one move, and Chen Mu This blow penetrated dozens of feet, almost 150 feet from the ground.

You must know that when he was in Yu County, he explored the underground during floods. The caves there were only more than a hundred feet deep, and no more than two hundred feet at most. At that depth, he would have to destroy a foot of rock formation. Do your best.

But now, even when the earth's veins are stable, he can use his own force to penetrate the ground and reach the ground more than 100 feet deep or even 200 feet deep. This depth is no longer dangerous for him, and he will not be trapped to death. underground.


Chen Mu raised his right hand in vain, and the mud and rocks below were rolling. He was lifted up by his power, and the body of the black jade demon king Kunwu was lifted up. The eighth-level demon king was not dead yet, but this time At that time, he was already dying and on the verge of death.

For him now, the top grandmaster is indeed far from his opponent. The Black Jade Demon Lord, whose strength is almost as strong as Jiang Changsheng, can't even take two moves in his hand. Nearly dying.

“Besides Yu Wenhao, does your Heavenly Demon Sect have a second Heavenly Demon?”

“Is the first-generation sect leader who founded the Tianyao Sect still alive?”

 Chen Mu looked at the dying Black Jade Demon Lord, his eyes did not change much, and he only asked two questions in a calm tone.

Think about the Xuanji Pavilion's plot to plot against Chen Mu. What was said at that time about Chen Mu being corroded by demonic energy seems to be a joke now. If Chen Mu can appear as a master at this time, the erosion by demonic energy must be nonsense. talk.

The most important thing is that during that period, he also had the opportunity to attack Chen Mu. Although Chen Mu initially made it to the top of the list at that time, according to intelligence, he had not yet broken through the Six Fu Realm. If he took some risks and sneaked into the Jade Zhou, with the strength of his majestic Black Jade Demon Lord, it is not difficult to attack and eliminate Chen Mu.


After finishing his words, Chen Mu flicked out his finger. The gaze of the Black Jade Demon Lord suddenly froze there, and then fine cracks appeared on the entire face like porcelain. Finally, the entire head was shattered, and the demonic power and vitality completely collapsed and disappeared.

It's just that everything is not as it should be. Everyone has misjudged Chen Mu. Now it is too late to deal with Chen Mu.

“But I’m not interested.”

At that time, he could not have imagined that Chen Mu could rise steadily in strength in such a short period of time, jumping all the way to the top three levels of the Ranking. Now, it is even more shocking and inexplicable to become a master and practice the Qiankun Martial Body!

Looking at the peerless geniuses and monsters in Daxuan over the past millennium, there is no one as exaggerated as Chen Mu. Even the rumored founding martial emperor of Daxuan did not have such terrifying martial arts cultivation as Chen Mu at this age. And entry!

The monster among monsters!

The demonic power around the body of the Black Jade Demon Lord was scattered, and his breath was broken. At this time, he coughed out two mouthfuls of ink-colored blood. He did not answer Chen Mu's question, but only stared at Chen Mu in a daze, and murmured: "Qiankun Martial Body, if I had known earlier …It should have been long ago…”

There was a hint of hope in his eyes when he looked at Chen Mu.

“There is indeed something extraordinary about your Heavenly Demon Sect’s body refining method.”

Facing the words of the Black Jade Demon Lord, Chen Mu only said something in a calm tone.

If a person like Chen Mu turns to the path of the Heavenly Demon, he will definitely become the most powerful of the Heavenly Demon lineage that will dominate the world in the future. When the time comes, the Heavenly Demon Sect will follow Chen Mu, and they won’t even have to struggle in the bitter cold like they do now. , it is expected to rule the entire world.

“Cough…cough cough…”

Kun Jie died at the hands of Chen Mu. He only made a judgment after Chen Mu climbed to the top of the Yunni Heavenly Steps and revealed the artistic conception of the universe. He had always thought that he was ambushed by the Qixuan Sect, and they all died in the end. Only after that did he make a judgment. There was a vague guess that Kun Jie and others took action against Chen Mu, but unexpectedly, Chen Mu had already mastered the artistic conception of the universe, and was defeated and killed.

Only the ninth-level demons pose a certain threat to him, and they are the only things he cares about now.


"With your talent, if you practice the method of the Heavenly Demon, you may not be able to reach the tenth level in the future. By then, your force can suppress the world, and your lifespan can be as long as that of a thousand-year dynasty. With your ability, you can even defeat the Heavenly Demon." It may not be possible to know how to extrapolate the way to a higher level than has ever been done before and create a new era.”

The Tianyao Sect currently has two eighth-level demon lords and a ninth-level celestial demon ancestor, but it is not clear whether there are other hidden figures. Today, Chen Mu has no idea about the ordinary demon lords in the Tianyao Sect. I don't care about the number anymore. After all, even a being like Mo Yu Demon Lord can't resist his one or two moves.

The Black Jade Demon Lord looked at Chen Mu, and suddenly there was a little sparkle in his eyes, and he said in a difficult tone:

"I became a master at the age of forty-eight. At the age of one hundred and twenty-one, I joined the Heavenly Demon Sect and transformed into a demon body in order to extend my life. It has been seventy-four years... Who doesn't want to live forever? Even if you are unparalleled in the world, in the future He can become a figure like Emperor Xuanwu, but in the end he cannot withstand the erosion of time and is just a handful of loess."

If he had realized how terrifying Chen Mu was and would have delayed the war in Bingzhou and taken some risks to go to Yuzhou to deal with Chen Mu in person, then there would have been no follow-up situation and he would not have fallen behind. The end to this moment.

In Chen Mu's current state, the path between good and evil is actually not that clear anymore. They are all about pursuing self-improvement and improving the essence of life. However, the body refining method of the Tianyao Sect has indeed gone astray in his eyes. .

Like the Black Jade Demon Lord.

His son Kunjie died in his hands, and others were severely injured by him. Many demon lords from the Tianyao Sect died in his hands. At this time, he can still yearn for him to join the Tianyao Sect. In the future, he will lead the lineage of heavenly demons to rule the world. What is human nature, what is good and what is evil, what is right and wrong...all the concepts of human beings have completely disappeared in the eyes of beings like Moyu Demon Lord. They live just to live, and lose themselves in confusion. In Chen Mu's eyes, such a life There is no difference between coming and dying.

In fact.

The Black Jade Demon Lord's demon body is very powerful, and his abilities in all aspects have reached their limits.

However, no matter how strong the eighth level of the Heavenly Demon lineage is, they cannot reach the level of a peerless master. They have lost their own will, let alone any state of mind, which makes their overall strength always weaker.

The seventh-level Demon Lord is inferior to ordinary masters.

Eighth-level Great Demon Lord will never reach the peerless level.

The ancestor of the ninth-level sky demon is also the weakest in the blood exchange realm.

For example, Yu Wenhao, the ancestor of the Tianyao Sect, as far as Chen Mu knew, he had never had any good results against either the Supreme Prince Yin Heng of Qixuan Sect or one of the two Supreme Commanders of Bingjue Palace. The result was a defeat in the end.

As for the tenth level?

Has never happened in history.

On the other hand, tenth-level monsters do exist. They can compete with the top beings in the blood exchange realm and those who dare to call them 'holy'. However, this is the peak. In terms of individual strength, they are still unable to compete with that Daxuan. Founding Emperor Wu.

The method of condensing vitality of the Tianyao Sect is indeed remarkable. In the future, he may be able to pick one or two out of them and study them to see if he can create an orthodox training method, but he is not in a hurry now.


Chen Mu looked at the body of the Black Jade Demon Lord, and after roughly feeling it, he raised his hand and made a faint slash to cut the body into pieces. Soon, he found something similar to Hou Hao's crop from the demon body. .

The inside is filled with bulging bags, and there are all kinds of things. At a glance, you can tell that they are all of extraordinary value, especially one of the large jade bottles. After shaking it slightly, you can roughly guess that it is filled with the demon blood of the black turtle.

“Black turtle demon blood…”

Chen Mu muttered to himself.

This thing does have a lot of medicinal value. In fact, it is also useful for masters to temper their martial bodies. However, it requires specific medicinal powder recipes and the combination of other spiritual objects.

At the beginning, he got a small half bottle from Hou Hao, but at that time he did not need it, so he traded it for the warm and nourishing spiritual substance he needed. Now, he can keep this large bottle for himself.


Chen Mu took out a very small jade bottle from behind the large jade bottle. This jade bottle was completely different. It felt extremely cold in the tentacles, even colder than real ice.

"The best cold, the thousand-year-old jade produced in Bingzhou?"

Chen Mu put it in his hand and only took a cursory glance at it before judging its material. The Millennium Xuan Jade itself is an auxiliary material that can be used to refine spiritual weapons. The Han Soul Spirit Sword is mixed with this kind of material, and its value can be said to be great. Not cheap.

A small jade vase made of this material, no matter what is contained inside, must be of even more extraordinary value.

“It’s really good.”

Chen Mu only opened the lid for a moment and then closed it again.

And at that moment, there was an extremely rich demonic energy permeating the air. It seemed to be the same thing as the black turtle demon blood, but the degree of condensation was completely different. It was obviously the more cherished black turtle essence blood, or the mysterious blood. Turtle’s hard work!

The demon blood of a seventh-level black dragon is the main material for refining Yijin Pills, not to mention the eighth-level monster, and the blood of a ninth-level black turtle. Every drop of it is indeed valuable, and it is also very valuable to him now. Very useful.

At least.

If there is a specific medicine powder recipe, his martial body tempering progress will definitely be greatly improved.

For him today, comprehending the artistic conception of the universe to the domain level is a qualitative change in strength, but the practice of martial arts has also been steadily improved. Today, his martial arts is still in the initial stage. If he can After tempering the Qiankun Martial Body to the Great Perfection, reaching the limit of the marrow cleansing realm, and training the marrow to the point where the marrow is like mercury slurry, even if there is no Qiankun Domain, he may not be able to compete with the Heavenly Demon just by relying on his martial body!

(End of this chapter)