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C.348 Jade Xiaoke, the Sword of ImmortalityApr 08, 2024

Chapter 348 The Sword of Immortality and the Jade Flute Guest


Shuang County County City.

Since the Qixuan Sect entered Bingzhou and occupied Shuang County, the entire county has become much more stable. However, at this moment, a depressing and silent atmosphere pervades the entire county, and millions of people are uneasy.

Just because the sky above the sky splits into two and manifests two great suns, this is passed down from generation to generation of elders and is one of the most ominous signs. The depressive atmosphere also permeates the whole city. Even though the government officials in the county have been trying to stabilize people's hearts, the invisible influence caused by the changes in the world cannot be eliminated.

On the city walls of the county.

I saw many disciples of Qixuan Sect, replacing the guards of Shuang County, monitoring all directions of the county.

One of them is located in the corner of the south-facing city wall, and a figure stands, wearing the robe of the protector of the Qixuan Sect, with his hair in a bun, with a rather neutral and sassy appearance. It is none other than the protector of Lingxuan Peak, Meng Danyun.

At this moment, another figure came over, also wearing a protector’s robe, and said:

“Junior Sister Meng.”

“Senior Brother Zhao.”

“Well, it’s an insect demon…”

“Evil spirit.”

“Senior Brother Chu has just made a breakthrough and still needs to consolidate his realm. He will probably not participate in the opening of the Abyss this time, but Junior Brother Chen should still come.”

A master of swordsmanship!

Such an idea immediately arose in Meng Danyun's mind, and she took a deep breath at the same time. An extremely solemn look appeared in her eyes, because just a beam of sword light that broke through the sky could bring this to her from such a distance. There is a strong sense of oppression. I am afraid that the other party is not an ordinary sword master, but a terrifying figure with a great reputation.

Meng Danyun nodded slightly.

Meng Danyun looked at Zhao Zhenchuan who was approaching, and said with a slight sigh: "Senior Brother Chu has been practicing hard for many years, and finally took that step. It's a pity that you and I have to stay in Shuang County and cannot go back to congratulate Senior Brother Chu."

Meng Danyun was slightly startled, and just when he was about to say something, he suddenly noticed something strange. He cast his gaze into the distance and saw a white streak crossing the sky at the end of his sight, like a streak of sunlight. Changhong, flowing unimpeded.

When the earth changes suddenly, even if it is just the eve, the frequency of monsters appearing is much higher than usual. It is not uncommon for sixth-order monsters to emerge from the depths of the ground. It is precisely for this reason that these guardians will personally guard the city wall.

The eyes of both of them moved, and the words they were speaking stopped abruptly. A look of alertness suddenly appeared in their eyes, and they turned their gaze to the distance of the county wall.

Zhao Zhenchuan smiled and said.

The voices of the two people spread quickly and were still clearly audible amidst the roar of the earthquake. The guards at the city gate quickly calmed down after the initial panic and each stabilized their bodies at the city gate.

The earthquake did not last long.

Since the sudden change in Bingzhou and the two-day sky-merging scene became more and more intense, earthquakes in Shuang County have occurred frequently, almost everywhere within a day. Earthquakes have also been felt in the county many times, but this time Closer and more intense each time.

Looking at this scene, Meng Danyun's pupils narrowed even more.

At the time when Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan were having their differences.

Because the city wall of Shuangjun County is very high, there is only a small settlement outside the city, and beyond that is the endless wasteland. Therefore, when the insect monster approached the position of more than ten miles away from the county city, Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan on the city wall All noticed.

“I’ll go.”


But seeing that white sword light coming across the sky, it almost instantly caught up with the black frost centipede that was clinging to the ground and rushing toward the villages outside the county city, and immediately submerged and covered it.

The news of Chu Jingshu's breakthrough to the Marrow Cleansing Master has been conveyed to Shuang County, but now there is a sudden change in Bingzhou, showing a scene of two days merging with the sky. Let's not talk about the earthly abyss, there will be a large-scale demon chaos on the ground alone. , therefore the Qixuan Sect’s personnel left in Bingzhou will not return to the sect. Instead, they will be sent to various parts of Shuang County and Han County, with an emphasis on Shuang County.

About the next moment, the ground suddenly trembled and shook, making some city gate guards lose their footing.

The Abyss is a very dangerous place. Because it is deep underground, the situation is complicated. Not only do there exist various ferocious demon kings, but even ancient demons that have almost no traces on the ground also exist in the Abyss. Therefore, there are often only Only grandmasters are qualified to enter the abyss to explore, but Chen Mu is ranked third on the list of heroes, and has the reputation of killing Tuguhou, so he is naturally qualified to enter the abyss.

A glimmer of light flashed in Meng Danyun's eyes, and he saw that the great black frost centipede coming from afar had approached the scattered Li Shu people's settlement not far outside the city gate, and had already held his spiritual soldier in one hand. Peach God Sword.

After all, it is not centered on Shuangjun County, so the turmoil is not too violent. Although it also caused a burst of chaos in the outer city, the scale was not large. Above the city gate, it was relatively calm.

Because now the changes in the earth are gradually becoming clear, the first wave of chaos in the earth's veins started from Shuang County, which means that the earliest area that can enter the earth abyss is in Shuang County. Therefore, the masters of the major sects in Hanbei and others are present. , now they are basically gathering in Shuang County, some even go directly into the county city, and some are scattered throughout Shuang County.

Before she even got close, the majestic sword intent made her feel a strong oppression and heart palpitations. This brilliant sword intent was as majestic as the sword river falling from the sky. Its momentum was so turbulent that it was difficult to match.


Chen Mu will definitely not miss this opportunity, but he doesn't know when Chen Mu will come.


However, Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan were not panicked here. They remained calm and stood firmly on the spot. At the same time, they spoke to the city gate guards in all directions.



However, the earthquake still brought about some changes. About dozens of miles away from Shuangjun County, there were sudden bursts of breaking sounds among the wasteland gullies, and then the soil exploded. One head was huge, with two heads. A giant black insect that was more than ten feet long emerged from the ground, its head raised high towards the two split sunlight in the sky, and the demonic aura around it spread wildly.

A sixth-level monster is something that ordinary soldiers can't resist, and ordinary deacons can't handle. It requires a six-organ realm protector like her to take action, and now she is not afraid of a sixth-level demon. She has entered the six-organ realm. It has been several years, and now I have almost completed the cultivation of the Six Fu Realm. I am holding a spiritual weapon. Although it is not as good as the masters on the list, I am not a weakling among the protectors of the Six Fu Realm. It is more than enough to deal with an ordinary sixth-level monster. .

But just when Meng Danyun was about to raise her sword and jump forward to slay the demon, Zhao Zhenchuan suddenly stopped her.

When the white sword light dissipated, the body of the black frost centipede was suddenly solidified on the wasteland, and then starting from the head, each section of the two-foot-long body split exactly from the center, silently breaking into pieces. Dozens of sections!


“Stay in your place, don’t panic!”

As if letting out a silent and crazy roar, this giant black insect seemed to have caught the scent of human flesh and blood. It immediately clung to the ground and turned into a black line. It rushed towards the direction of Shuangjun County City, and it wrapped up the demons. gas.

“Calm down.”


Zhao Zhenchuan squinted his eyes and stared into the distance, looking at the black demonic insect that was clinging to the ground like a black arrow. He quickly identified its identity and whispered: "It should be the sixth-order demon, the black frost centipede."

If you look from the sky, you can see that the barren mountains in the distance of Shuang County are shaking violently, and even the mountains are breaking and collapsing. However, Shuang County City is not at the center of the earthquake, but it is still affected, repeatedly. of shaking.

For a grandmaster, killing a sixth-level monster with one sword in the air is nothing, but that white sword light can be so far away and accurately cut off every section of the Black Frost Centipede's body. It almost retained its demon body to the greatest extent, and its power was not leaked at all, and it did not cause any unnecessary damage.

This kind of sword light that is so far apart and yet has such concentrated power all shows how terrifying it is.

Zhao Zhenchuan also had extremely solemn eyes and cast his gaze in the direction of the sword light, wanting to see who had made the move. However, before he could react, a hearty voice came from the west of the county city.

“Good swordsmanship!”

"Except for the 'Prince Bai' of your Heavenly Sword Sect, this generation of swordsmen should respect you. If you can practice your swordsmanship to such a level, I may no longer be your opponent. I'm afraid Tuoba Xi , and may not be able to defeat you again.”

This voice was hearty and powerful. It was obviously coming from a very far away direction, but it was not condensed into a line. Instead, it was like rolling thunder, which could be heard clearly by the entire Shuang County.

It was almost when the voice fell.

On the wasteland to the west, a figure wearing coarse linen appeared and strolled towards Shuang County. Every step he took was a hundred feet away. In just a few steps, he arrived not far from Shuang County. place.

He has long hair disheveled, free and easy, with only a bamboo-like jade-like flute hanging around his waist, but the majesty and vigor brewing in his body are powerful and vigorous, and as soon as this image appears, It also attracted countless attention from Chengguan.

“The jade flute guest, Sang Yanqing.”

Zhao Zhenchuan looked at the figure coming towards Shuang County from a distance, and murmured solemnly, regarding this person's reputation, the entire eleven states of Hanbei Dao were very impressed.

The top master of Hanbei, ranked second!

He is also the only one among many top masters who has no family and no sect, and lives alone and carefree.

As for the 'Tuoba Xi' mentioned by Sang Yanqing, he is the number one master of Hanbei today, ranking fourteenth in the Daxuan Zong's genealogy, surpassing Sang Yanqing, Jiang Changsheng and others, and also Hanbei's master. The fellow disciple of Beidao Saint Gong Yangyu!

The number is - Jue Dao!

“Tuoba Xi, Sang Yanqing, then that sword strike just now should be…”

Meng Danyun turned his gaze to the direction where the sword light came from before.

Among the many masters in Hanbei, there is only one person left who is qualified to be criticized like this by Sang Yanqing, and who even said in his tone that he may not be as good as Tuoba Xi. , Changsheng Sword, Jiang Changsheng!

It was almost after Sang Yanqing's thunderous voice rolled over.

A calm and calm voice also came from the southern sky.

"I heard that Brother Sang's Great Illusion Tianyin has reached perfection. It has established a sect in the music and rhythm. It is beyond my reach to be able to establish its own sect in the martial arts." There is a hint of aloofness in this voice. Even if it just falls into the ear, it gives people the feeling as if thousands of sword lights are passing by the ear. There is no need to guess its identity. It is Jiang Changsheng of Tianjian Sect!


With a flash of light in the distance, Jiang Changsheng, wearing a green robe, came with a sword through the air, and instantly landed on the bank of Yujun City, and looked at the jade flute guest Sang Yanqing on the other side from a distance.

Sang Yanqing laughed and said: "I am a casual guest, free from restraints, so I am exempted from founding a sect. What's more, you, Jiang Changsheng, created the Changsheng Sword, and you can also establish a lineage on your own. How can I be humble?"

The two looked at each other from afar.

Jiang Changsheng stared at Sang Yanqing. After a long time, he shook his head slightly. The turbulent sword intent suddenly subsided and disappeared. He turned to look at the Shuang County mansion and walked towards the county mansion.

Shuangjun County is now the territory occupied by Qixuan Sect, but since he has been summoned by Sang Yanqing, he will not turn around and leave. After all, the county is not the gate of Qixuan Sect. The abyss starts from Shuangjun, so then There is no harm in settling down in Shuang County.

at this time.

The master of the Qixuan Sect has also appeared in the county government.

“We haven’t seen each other for many years. Brother Jiang’s swordsmanship has improved again. I’m afraid he’s not too far away from that step.”

The visitor was dressed in a brown robe. He was still very calm when facing Jiang Changsheng and looked very young. However, he was Liu Tong, the master of Shaoxuan Peak. In terms of age, he was much younger than Jiang Changsheng.

Jiang Changsheng looked at Liu Tong from a distance, a look of scrutiny flashed in his eyes, and suddenly a glimmer of sword light flashed deep in his pupils.


Liu Tong stood on the city gate and looked at Jiang Changsheng. There seemed to be an invisible ripple in the void between the two, and then it quickly returned to calm.

Jiang Changsheng’s expression remained unchanged, while Liu Tong still had a slight smile on his face.

"You're good too."

Jiang Changsheng responded calmly: "I may be able to fall in love with her in the future."

Liu Tong said with a humble expression: "The Queen of Qin has passed that level and is already a member of the Supreme Court. How can I be so virtuous and capable as to be on par with the Supreme Commander of Qin... Brother Jiang is a guest from afar, so please stop."

Jiang Changsheng looked calm, and his figure flashed to the city gate.

At the same time, Sang Yanqing's figure quietly climbed onto the city gate. He looked at Liu Tong with a little surprise and sighed: "Qixuan Sect is really lucky. She came to exchange blood before, and you came here next." .”

Liu Tong.

As early as when the Qixuan Sect gathered to attack the Silent Valley, they had not yet understood the realm of Qiantian, and were still far behind the top masters. But now after the battle in the Silent Valley, I don’t know where I understood it and crossed that threshold. close.

Qiantian Domain and Qiantian Martial Body, the two are combined. Even if he has only reached this step, he has undoubtedly stepped into the threshold of the top master. Only by this can he remain calm and composed in front of Jiang Changsheng. Not low.


When it comes to strength, Liu Tong, who has just entered this level, is only forty-four years old and can only be ranked at the bottom among the top masters. He cannot compete with the eighth-level demon masters of the Tianyao Sect and even the top masters like Wu Guhou. Grandmaster, at best, could remain undefeated. He was still one point inferior to Jiang Changsheng, but the gap was not that big.

No wonder Sang Yanqing lamented that the Qixuan Sect was on the rise, and it was not that easy to rise to the top master level. There were only ten people in Hanbei Dao. Qin Mengjun, the former Qixuan Sect who was thought to be 'deposed', ended up with all his injuries. , suddenly transformed and ascended to another level, and then Liu Tong realized the realm of Qian Tian and reached this step.


Different from Sang Yanqing's sigh, Jiang Changsheng's expression was very indifferent.

Whether Qixuan Sect is strong or not has nothing to do with him. Tianjian Sect has always been self-centered in practicing swordsmanship. Although Liu Tong has reached his level after reaching this level, it is still too immature for him. Not a threat.

Now among the Hanbei Grandmasters, the only one who poses a threat to him, apart from Sang Yanqing, is the 'Juedao' Tuoba Xi. However, Tuoba Xi is Gong Yangyu's younger brother and has already passed his age. A hundred years old, he is an old guy separated from him by a generation. He has no chance to hit the blood exchange level anymore. In fact, he doesn't take him seriously.

It can be said.

Now the Grandmaster of Hanbei Dao, he has long regarded himself as respected. If there is anything else he wants to do, it is to fight Tuoba Xi and see his Eternal Sword and Tuoba Xi before he attacks the blood exchange realm and takes the final step. Which one of Ba Xi’s ultimate swords is better?

As for anyone else, they were no longer on his radar.

“Brother Sang, please.”

Liu Tong also looked at Sang Yanqing, but his attitude was more accommodating than towards Jiang Changsheng.

Sang Yanqing was alone, so he was naturally much less of a threat than Jiang Changsheng, and each sect did not mind making friends with such a laid-back top master.


Sang Yanqing said with a smile and walked towards the city with Liu Tong.

When Liu Tong, Jiang Changsheng and Sang Yanqing left the city gate, some of the nearly suffocated guards and Qixuan Sect deacons nearby took a deep breath, and each of them showed a bit of fear.

Even though the three top masters had restrained their momentum just now, such a close distance inevitably made them feel depressed. They almost did not dare to take a breath. It was not until a few people left that they relaxed.

The master is inherently superior.

What's more, these people, Sang Yanqing and even Jiang Changsheng, are among the top people in the eleven states of Hanbei Dao who are below the blood exchange realm. Even beings such as Feng Hongsheng, who are also at the master level, face Jiang Changsheng. Everyone is extremely afraid.

Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan on the other side of the city wall, the dignified expressions on their faces softened slightly after the presence of Jiang Changsheng and others disappeared in the county mansion.

“Master Liu Feng has actually reached that level.”

Meng Danyun spoke slowly, but there were some ups and downs in his heart. Although Qin Mengjun became a top master much younger than Liu Tong, he was able to become a Qiantian Grandmaster and master the Qiantian domain at the age of forty, reaching the level of The level of discussing Taoism with top masters like Jiang Changsheng is definitely extraordinary.

Zhao Zhenchuan stood aside and sighed: "Speaking of it, since Junior Brother Chen became a disciple of Master, our sect has been prospering step by step. First, Junior Brother Chen practiced Qiankun and rose all the way. Later, Master recovered from his old injuries and joined the blood exchange. Then, Master Liu Feng has realized the realm of Qiantian, do you think there is really a destiny in this world?"

Meng Danyun was startled for a moment, then shook his head and said, "Let's just treat it as a coincidence. Senior Brother Zhao, don't talk nonsense. If it really attracts people to associate with Junior Brother Chen, I'm afraid it will be a big trouble."

Now Chen Mu is dazzling enough. He is only thirty-two years old and ranks third in the most popular list. Even though he was assassinated by Xuanji Pavilion, he is now a thorn in the eyes of many people. What kind of title is he given as 'Man of Destiny'? If people think in that direction, they may bring big trouble to Chen Mu.

“I just thought about it, so I won’t say much.”

Zhao Zhenchuan smiled, but then sighed and said: "But I can make this association, and it is inevitable that other people will not think this way, but now I can no longer help Junior Brother Chen."

If there is something that really threatens Chen Mu, it must be a grandmaster or even a top grandmaster. It is hard to say whether he and Meng Danyun can enter the marrow cleansing realm in the future. Even if they do enter, it will not take more than ten or twenty years. Not to that extent.

This is the case.

The Bingzhou Abyss is about to open, and Chen Mu is qualified to go to the Abyss to explore, but they can only garrison Shuang County to guard against demon chaos. It is true that Chen Mu's progress is too fast, and they can still help him at Yunlu Pass. One or two, and then the gap became wider and wider.

This was only a matter of a few years, and it is still incredible even when I think about it now.


Meng Danyun also nodded slightly and sighed softly. Indeed, for her now, unless she can break through the profound entrance in the future, enter the realm of marrow cleansing, and become a master, she may continue to walk side by side with Chen Mu.

Otherwise, at the current level, there is indeed nothing that can be done to help Chen Mu, and he can only watch him drift away.

The appearance of Jiang Changsheng and Sang Yanqing seemed to be the beginning of something.


In just half a day, no less than dozens of masters appeared one after another, from various sects and sects, and they all arrived at Shuangjun Prefecture.

If there are only one or two grandmasters, they are indeed afraid of the Qixuan Sect secretly plotting. After all, once the Abyss is opened, everyone will enter the Abyss to explore, and they will be enemies competing for resources. However, with Jiang Changsheng and Sang Yanqing leading the way, each sect will Grandmasters from various sects came together, and although the entire Shuang County was completely transformed into a mixed bag, under this situation, no one was worried about what the Qixuan Sect would dare to do.

After all, in the eleven states of Hanbei Dao, masters from various sects and sects gathered together. Anyone who dared to act rashly before the opening of the Abyss would undoubtedly be the target of public criticism. Even if the Qixuan Sect was prosperous, the two contemporary supreme masters of the Blood Exchange Realm would not dare to cause chaos. Come.

As for after entering the abyss.

The fighting, fighting, and snatching of resources and spiritual objects all depend on their own strength and destiny.

At about noon on the second day, Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan were still stationed on one side of Shuang County's city gate. Suddenly, their eyes moved and they all looked in the same direction.

From somewhere outside the city gate, a figure came slowly, walked all the way under the city gate, and then stepped out with a gentle step. The whole person floated up the city gate and landed not far from Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan.

“Senior Sister Meng, Senior Brother Zhao, how are you these days?”

The visitor was dressed in simple robes and greeted Meng Danyun and Zhao Zhenchuan with a calm expression. It was Chen Mu who had arrived at Shuangjun Prefecture after bidding farewell to Xu Hongyu, Xiaohe and others from the state capital.

(End of this chapter)