MTL - I Can See Through All Information

C.1 wake up againMar 31, 2024

Chapter 1 Rebirth and Waking Up


In the early morning, Lu Qing woke up to the sound of his stomach growling.

Feeling the hunger in his belly, he sighed and touched his belly.

"It's useless to yell. Where can I get food now?"

Lu Qing looked at the dilapidated house he was in, which could be said to be a bare-walled house, and gave a wry smile.

 Others traveled through him, but he couldn't even fill his stomach. What a big deal.

He has been lying in bed for two days.

Two days ago, Lu Qing opened his eyes and found himself in this inexplicable world.

The clothes are in tatters, the body is skinny, and even the body has changed, becoming a teenager.

It took Lu Qing some time to figure out his situation.

He has crossed over.

Rebirth in the body of a young man who had just lost his parents, and after selling off his property and burying his parents, he was unable to survive a cold night due to physical weakness and excessive grief.

Perhaps, for the original owner, this is a kind of relief.

This was Lu Qing's first thought after receiving the memory in his mind.

It is too difficult for teenagers to survive in this world.

Death is not necessarily a bad thing.


“Brother, you’re awake!”

Lu Qing's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a shout of surprise.

He turned his head and saw a little girl of five or six years old, holding a gray thing in her hand, standing at the door looking at him with a face full of surprise.

The little girl ran up to Lu Qing and asked, "Brother, are you healed?"

“Well, okay, Xiaoyan doesn’t have to worry anymore.” Lu Qing said with a smile.

"It's great, brother you are finally fine." When Lu Qing said it was okay, the little girl's eyes suddenly turned red, and her tears fell straight down. "Your face has been very red and hot in the past two days, and it's still... Shouting Leng, I don’t know what to do, I don’t respond no matter how I call you, I thought you were going to be like my father and mother and leave Xiaoyan alone!”

Lu Qing felt heartbroken when he saw the little girl crying.

He has been fusing the memories in his mind for the past two days. He seems to be in a coma. Although he can barely sense the movement in the outside world, his consciousness cannot always be awake.

Except for briefly waking up a few times in the middle, he soon fell into coma again.

Vaguely, he heard the little girl's cry, but was unable to respond.

Lu Qing stretched out his hand and rubbed the little girl's withered hair: "It's my brother's fault. I promise you that I will never get sick again in the future, so I won't let Xiaoyan worry about it, okay?"

"Okay." Xiaoyan smiled through tears and stretched out her hand, "Then let's pull the hook."

Lu Qing stretched out her little finger and hooked up with Xiaoyan.

“La Gou La Gou, don’t change for a hundred years, whoever changes will be a puppy!”

After pulling the hook, Xiaoyan suddenly became happy.

In her little mind, now that the check had been made, things would never change again, and her brother would never get sick again in the future.

“Xiaoyan, what is that in your hand?”

At this time, Lu Qing noticed what the little girl was holding.

"It's a steamed bun, brother, don't you recognize it?" Xiaoyan held the gray thing in both hands, handed it to Lu Qing, and said happily, "This is what Grandpa Zhang next door gave me. Xiaoyan couldn't bear to eat it alone, so she wanted to take it I came back to eat with my brother, but I didn’t expect to see that my brother had recovered from his illness just after I came back.”

"Steamed bun?"

 Lu Qing looked at the gray thing, which was actually quite different from the steamed buns in his impression. However, he felt relieved when he thought that he was now in another world.

Even the world is different. The steamed buns have changed, so there’s nothing strange about it.

With this thought in his mind, Lu Qing's eyes rested on the gray steamed bun for a few seconds. Suddenly, a line of words appeared.

【Multigrain steamed buns: made from a mixture of rice bran, wheat flour and wild vegetables, with limited nutrition. 】

At the same time, the steamed bun also emitted a layer of gray light.

What's this?

Lu Qing was stunned. He blinked and found that the line of words still appeared on the gray steamed bun and had not disappeared.

It doesn’t seem to be an illusion…

Before Lu Qing could continue to delve deeper, Xiaoyan held up the gray steamed bun and handed it to his mouth.

“Brother, let me give you something to eat. You have just recovered from your illness. Grandpa Chen said that after a sick person recovers, he needs to eat to nourish his body.”

Lu Qing smelled the smell of grain coming from the gray steamed buns. He had been extremely hungry for a long time, and the feeling of hunger swept through his body again.

He was not pretentious. After taking it, he tore half of it off and put it back in Xiaoyan's hand.

“Well, Xiaoyan will eat too.”

He has not forgotten that the little guy just said that this steamed bun was given by others and she wanted to come back and share it with him.

Unexpectedly, the little guy shook his head and stuffed the half of the steamed bun back into Lu Qing's hand: "Brother, eat. Xiaoyan is not hungry. My brother is recovering from his illness. Eat more to get better quickly."

However, Lu Qing clearly saw what he said. When the little guy handed the bun back, he swallowed unconsciously.

He looked at the withered yellow hair on the little guy's head, felt pity in his heart, and put half of the bun back into her hand again.

“My brother is just sick and can’t eat too much at once, otherwise his stomach won’t be able to bear it, so Xiaoyan should eat this half.”

"Is it like this?" The little guy held half of the bun and tilted his head and asked, "But this seems to be different from what Grandpa Chen said."

“People who have just recovered from a serious illness should not overeat. If you don’t believe me, ask Grandpa Chen if this is the case next time.” Lu Qing said.

“Okay.” The little guy nodded in understanding.

However, I never realized that it was just a steamed bun with whole grains and had nothing to do with overeating.

Lu Qing took the opportunity to continue the deception: "Since my brother can't finish it, Xiaoyan should eat it with him, otherwise the steamed buns will get cold and won't taste good."

“Well!” Xiaoyan nodded heavily, “Since my brother can’t finish eating, Xiaoyan will help him eat.”

The two brothers and sisters were like this, each holding half of the steamed bun and gnawing there happily.

Soon, Lu Qing finished his half of the steamed buns. His empty stomach finally had something to cushion it, and a sense of warmth rose from his stomach, which made him feel more energetic.

To be fair, the taste of this steamed bun is not very good, but it is more substantial and not small in size.

So even if it was only half of it, Lu Qing's hunger was slightly reduced. He was no longer so hungry that his head felt dizzy and his hands and feet were weak as before.

Seeing that Xiaoyan was still nibbling the steamed bun hard, Lu Qing didn't bother her and started to focus on another thing.

He remembered the line of words that appeared on the steamed bun earlier.

After thinking about it, Lu Qing stood up, walked to the table, and picked up a bowl with a missing corner.

Put it in front of your eyes and look at it quietly.

Then, after a few seconds, he saw a layer of gray light appear on the bowl, and a line of words appeared.

【Broken pottery bowl: A broken pottery bowl that doesn't look very clean. 】

As expected, a smile appeared on Lu Qing's face.

(End of this chapter)