MTL - I Formed The El Cat Investigation Team In Pirates - C.11 Continuous pig bursts! Big Boar King!Mar 11, 2024

MTL - I Formed The El Cat Investigation Team In Pirates

C.11 Continuous pig bursts! Big Boar King!Mar 11, 2024

Chapter 11 Continuous pig advances! Big Boar King! ★★★


As the time spent together grew longer and longer, Xie Wen felt that the little yellow cat was becoming more and more unrestrained.


He really didn’t have the confidence to compete with Sanji while eating cat rice.

What’s more, cats are so cute.

Just be a little extravagant. Anyway, you won’t lose a piece of meat.

Xie Wen reached out and scratched Sanji's chin in return, successfully making him narrow his eyes and show a comfortable expression.

Hmph, silly little kitten, my cat-licking skills are revered by the industry as Kato Cat Hands!

Looking at the kitten in front of him getting better and better, Xie Wen suddenly took his hand back.


Sanji, who had just felt refreshed, felt very uncomfortable, but he couldn't keep his dignity and let Xie Wen continue. He could only glare at him angrily, his tail swishing loudly behind him, and even broke the branches and leaves of several plants.

However, Xie Wen pretended not to see this, picked up the hunting knife again, and stabbed the carcass of the wild bird.

As a result, this time, the hunting knife successfully destroyed the body of the wild bird, and a small amount of blood seeped out from the wound stabbed by Xie Wen.

"it is as expected…"

Xie Wen pulled out his hunting knife and nodded.

In the game, small creatures like this, even small monsters about the same size as hunters, can only peel materials once. Only large neutral creatures like Bobo and Droopy Dragon can peel materials twice. The large monster that is a BOSS can be stripped three times. If the tail is docked, the tail can be stripped one more time.

After telling Sanji the power of this hunting knife, this little yellow cat, who ranked cooking second among cats' interests, immediately forgot about Xie Wen's "rebellious" behavior just now, and quickly took the bag All the ingredients inside were dug out.

“Quick! Give them all a knife, meow!”

Being able to get an extra portion of perfectly prepared ingredients for no reason is something no chef would refuse.

And Xie Wen also wants to conduct more tests, which is naturally what he wants.

Then they obtained a variety of "extra materials" such as meat, bones, feathers, skins, etc. Xie Wen even peeled out a smell gland from the corpse of a weasel, which made his hands full of stench.

There is no way, just like in the game, the materials extracted are completely random.

Finally, Sanji Miao took out the largest piece of Lin Sheep King meat and let Xie Wen try to peel it off...

The result was just as Xie Wen expected, the exfiltration failed.

Later, he also deliberately destroyed an unhandled hare carcass, but also failed to skin it.

"It seems that the integrity of the ingredients must be maintained to a certain extent before the ingredients can be extracted." Xie Wen put away the hunting knife, looked up at the sky, and then said to Sanji Miao: "The test is almost done. We have to speed up a little bit, God knows how long I have to fight those two wild boar kings."

“Don’t worry, meow, it’s not that far away, and I remember their scent, so I can find them soon, meow.”

  Sanji was in a good mood after getting a lot of new ingredients. Even when leading the way, his steps became much lighter. The tail behind him was raised high, and the tip of the tail swayed back and forth playfully as if it had its own ideas.

And Sanji Miao didn't say anything big. Soon, Xie Wen, under his leadership, came to the vicinity of two huge wild boars.

From a height perspective, these two wild boar kings are slightly smaller than the forest sheep kings, but even the smaller one is definitely much larger than a normal wild boar.

At this time, they were eating the roots of plants in the ground, seemingly unaware of the arrival of Xie Wen and the others.

But Sanji Miao told Xie Wen that this was just because they had not entered their warning range yet. In fact, they had been discovered long ago.

“When we get closer, they will give a warning, and if we don’t leave quickly, they will attack.”

When Sanji Miao was exploring before, he was not just familiar with the terrain. He was also well-organized in collecting information about Xie Wen’s future goals...

Even though Xie Wen didn't actually ask him to do this.

What a proud little kitten.

Xie Wen's face showed a kind smile like an old father... "Why are you smiling so disgustingly, meow? And you are so close, meow."

With a look of disgust on his face, Sanji used his little paw to push away Xie Wen who was leaning towards him and wanted to rub him.

ˆXie Wen: “…”

That is to say, now is not the right time. After I finish taking care of those two wild boars, I will turn you into a sphinx!

Xie Wen, who was forced to retract his head, said harsh words in his heart, but said: "Just stay here and leave the rest to me."

"Although I'm just a chef cat," Sanji said, taking out a pan and waving it twice, "but I can also fight, cat!"

"Don't worry," Xie Wen reached out and touched his little head, and persuaded him again: "I have killed the Lin Sheep King who is almost as powerful as them without any injuries, so there is no need to bother you. If you are injured, who will do it?" Give me some food."

If Sanji Cat had the strength of the original Sanji, or was a fighting-oriented follower cat, Xie Wen would not refuse his kindness, but since he is not good at fighting, there is no need to put him in danger. .

Fortunately, Sanji's cat still fits the "personality" very well. This little yellow cat is able to think about problems calmly when the beautiful El Cat sister is not involved, so although he is a little reluctant, he still Xie Wen persuaded him to stop.

"Then, I'm going!" Xie Wen first ate a meatball to regain his strength, then held the handle of the fresh knife Bai Nagi and rushed towards the smaller wild boar king.

Just as Sanji Miao said, Xie Wen took less than five steps, and the two wild boars that were still feasting immediately stopped eating, both looked in his direction, and let out a low growl as a warning. .

According to the hunter inheritance that Xie Wen received, even an early-stage BOSS like the Wild Boar King will wait and see for a moment after encountering an enemy.

After all, as the top level of the food chain in an area, few creatures dare to attack them. Even if they encounter the same BOSS-type monster, they usually have to confront each other first to evaluate whether it is worth starting a war.

This habit of theirs provides hunters with an excellent opportunity to attack, especially those hunters who are good at double swords, who can launch a whole set of combos before these monsters can react.

Xie Wen, who has the experience and memory of those senior hunters, naturally would not miss this opportunity, so while charging, he also turned on the ghost mode.

However, things did not develop as they had in the inherited memory. Neither of the two wild boar kings showed any wait-and-see attitude. Instead, they charged at Xie Wen as soon as they saw him.

“Tsk! What kind of bad luck am I!”

Although such a situation is rare, old hunters in their inherited memories have also encountered it.

Just like everyone's personality is different, even monsters of the same type have different temperaments. Even among the White Rabbit Beasts, which have the most timid personality, there have been individuals even more irritable than the Golden Lions. Not to mention the wild boar king who is already relatively reckless.

Xie Wen immediately decided to release the ghost-human state. Without a better attack space, turning on the ghost-human state was a waste of energy.

But before that, there is still time for a chop.

So just before he collided with the smaller wild boar king, Xie Wen used a side slide to avoid the opponent's attack. At the same time, he also drew out the fresh sword Bai Nagi from behind, holding the knife with both hands and twisting his waist. , ghost transformation + air blade slashing...

Hunter Style Secret Art·Knife Cutting Technique!

Hmm... Since most of the hunters' opponents are various monsters that are much larger than themselves, almost every hunter has developed the fighting habit of cutting off the feet first and waiting for them to fall.



The two legs on the right side of the wild boar king were cut off directly by Xie Wen.

? ? ? ! !

The Wild Boar he so fragile? !

Xie Wen was stunned for a moment by the unexpected result. He subconsciously canceled his ghost-human transformation, then stopped and looked at the broken-legged wild boar king still lying on the ground and wailing with his salted fish sword.

Although with this sword, Xie Wen turned on the ghost-human transformation and used air blade slashing, and relied on the power of the Wild Boar King's own charge, and the fresh sword in his hand, Bai Nagi, was also the ultimate sword, but it directly cut the Wild Boar King. This kind of thing can only be done by those sword giants who used unparalleled swords in the world.

So, this is really not the world of a monster hunter!

Xie Wen became more and more certain of this.

“You idiot, what are you so confused about? There is also a wild boar king meow!”

Just when Xie Wen was deep in thought, Sanji's anxious reminder suddenly came from not far away.


(End of this chapter)