MTL - I Formed The El Cat Investigation Team In Pirates - C.8 The Hunter's Manual has given me a new jobMar 10, 2024

MTL - I Formed The El Cat Investigation Team In Pirates

C.8 The Hunter's Manual has given me a new jobMar 10, 2024

Chapter 8 The Hunter’s Manual gives me a new job

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Xie Wen, who fell to the ground exhausted, looked sideways at the goat monster beside him whose head was missing, and let out a fitful but very hearty laugh.

As a guy who had rarely fought before traveling through time, it was hard not to feel proud of Xie Wen for being able to kill such a big monster in a one-on-one duel.

But soon, Xie Wen stopped his silly laughter, then struggled to sit up, took out a piece of bacon from his pocket and ate it...

Who knows if there will be a second monster, the most important thing is to seize the time to recover.

Xie Wen, who was gnawing on bacon, suddenly slapped his forehead in annoyance. He had actually forgotten to replenish his energy during the battle. Sanji Miao had clearly prepared a lot of food for him.

Sure enough, memory is still memory after all. Before converting all of it into one's own experience, I can still only be regarded as a half-empty monster hunter.

Xie Wen was chewing food to regain his strength while reviewing the battle just now...

Although he was able to defeat the goat monster without any injuries, after reviewing the review, Xie Wen found that he actually missed a lot of opportunities during the battle, some of which were because he was too nervous during the first battle. Live, and some simply failed to react at the time due to lack of experience.

“…we still have to fight in practice.”

Xie Wen felt that the growth he gained from this battle was more than ten times or even dozens of times that of his usual training. In addition, he solved a large monster without injury, which also helped him initially build up some confidence in the matter of fighting. Not as forward-thinking as before.

After all, I can’t always rely on cats, right? Besides, others have traveled through time. If I still live as cowardly as I did before traveling through time, wouldn’t it be a waste of time?

At this time, Xie Wen felt that the world was vast with his thoughts.

“Meow! What kind of situation is this?!”

Just when Xie Wen was secretly impassioned, Sanji, who had gone out, also came back. He was stunned for a moment, and then swooped into the arms of Xie Wen, who was sitting next to the body of the goat monster covered in blood, with a worried look on his face. Touched him all over.

“Xie Wen! Are you okay, meow?! Are you injured anywhere, meow?!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I wasn’t hurt at all. Even though this guy is big, his movements are much clumsier than yours, and he didn’t hit me at all.”

Xie Wen, who received Maomao's concern, immediately forgot about his ambitious ambitions. Then he scratched Sanji's cat's head with an aunty smile and comforted him softly.

“Hmph! I’m worried that no one will take me to El Cat-sister, so I care about you, nya!”

After hearing that Xie Wen was fine, Sanji Meow immediately returned to his previous arrogant attitude. He held his two little paws in front of his chest, turned his head and hummed, but he didn't respond to Xie Wen's scratching of his hand. Shake off.

“Yes, yes,” Xie Wen still kept the aunt’s smile on his face, “I will definitely help you find Sister Eluma~”

Although arrogant girls are no longer popular these days, arrogant cats, whether they are male or female, are still so cute!

As for the issue of Sanji's lust...

Zidu once said: Food and color are the same as nature.

 Xie Wen himself also likes to look at beautiful women. As a little male cat, isn’t it normal for Sanji to like little female cats?

"That's right, meow!" After enjoying Xie Wen's service for a while, Sanji meow suddenly jumped out of his arms, "We have to deal with this body quickly, otherwise the quality of the ingredients will deteriorate, meow." .”

"Let me help too." Xie Wen stood up and picked up the salted fish sword that he had thrown aside.

Such a big "goat", if Sanji Miao is left to handle it alone, God knows how long he will be busy.

Under the command of Sanji Miao, Xie Wen waved the salted fish knife in his hand and quickly broke the huge corpse into several pieces, and then...

He can't help.

Because Sanji Miao thought he was clumsy and couldn't even cut the body in the right place, so he drove him aside without hesitation.

“Tsk…”      It seems that Xie Wen has to continue to eat this bowl of cat rice.

Xie Wen, who had nothing to do, thought for a while and finally remembered his "high-tech" hunter's manual. Not only had he seen and come into contact with this goat monster, he had even killed it, so The large monster illustrated book should also be unlocked, right?

Thinking of this, Xie Wen found a stone and sat down, then took out the hunter's manual from his pocket.

Turn to the page below the small creature illustration. Sure enough, this page is also unlocked. The layout of the entire page is not much different from the previous page. Most of the pages are about the introduction of the goat monster and its paintings, which are on the left The list of monsters is not as full as the previous page, and you even need to scroll down to finish it. There is only one solitary one (unnamed).

It seems a bit inappropriate to call the goat monster directly, and it doesn't actually live in the mountains...

Xie Wen, who had trouble naming, finally decided to name the first large monster he killed "Lin Sheep King" after struggling for a while.

Because according to Monster Hunter's usual habits, generally large monsters with a low level of 1 to 3 stars will mostly have small monsters of the same type, so he also followed the naming method in Monster Hunter...

It can be changed at any time anyway.

However, when he entered the name "Lin Sheep King" into the hunter's manual, the page of the large monster illustrated book suddenly lit up with a faint white light. As the light became brighter and brighter, the page slowly stood up.

At the same time, the hunter's manual also left Xie Wen's hand, floating leisurely in front of him.


This sudden change caught Xie Wen off guard, and Sanji Meow, who was handling the body of Lin Sheep King, was also attracted to the side.

“What happened?”

"I don't know, I just unlocked the large monster illustration, and it glowed." Xie Wen shook his head, and then asked: "Have you not heard of this before?"

"Of course not, meow." Sanji rolled his eyes at him, "I've never heard of any hunter having such a magical manual, meow... What should I do now? Put it together, meow?"

“…No, let’s see what changes happen next.”

Xie Wen thought about it for a while, but decided to remain unchanged in response to all changes and observe it first before talking.

Fortunately, this hunter's manual, which was suspected to be his real golden finger, did not keep him and Sanji Miao waiting for too long. When the page reached a brightness similar to that of an ordinary energy-saving lamp, the glowing page slowly detached. The manual floated into the air.

Where the page was broken, a page with the same white light "grew" out again. Then, the light of the newly "grown" page quickly faded, and the content on it was still the "Large Biological Illustrated Book".

Then, the suspended hunter's manual suddenly lost its "power", was captured by Newton again, and fell from mid-air.

Xie Wen quickly reached out to catch it, but his eyes continued to stare at the glowing page of the "Large Monster Illustrated Book" that was still floating in the sky.

Under his gaze, the page began to shrink little by little. When it shrank to a little narrower than a sticky note, the light dissipated and it fell from the air on its own.

Xie Wen reached out his hand to catch it again. Before he could carefully observe its changes, a message was suddenly uploaded from the piece of paper—

Follower Cat Summoning Ticket (1/3)

Xie Wen:? ? ?

Basically, the whole golden finger system of the protagonist is like this. Go to more places, see more things, and thus summon more cats.

In a Pirates fanfic, there must always be a driving force for the protagonist to go to sea, but whether it is to be a pirate or a navy, or to become the strongest in the world, many people have already written about it, and when I write a book, I always I like to do something different, so after much thought, I arranged such a driving force for the protagonist.

When I write fan fiction, I prefer to keep the theme as close to the original work as possible, and Pirates is about "dreams" and "freedom", so cats are dreams, and running around with cats is freedom.

As for One Piece or World Hegemony, they have never been my favorite themes, nor are they suitable for cats.

(End of this chapter)