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People in Zongman: I have a time travel simulator Author: Xianbei Xiaodi

The more he got to the Zongman world, Beiyuan Baiqiu originally thought it was just an ordinary Zongman daily world.

Who would have thought that after entering high school, unusual things would happen one after another, and I would awaken myself through the simulator.

Since then, Beiyuan Baiqiu has embarked on the road of being invincible.

[Ghost Slayer Blade, God Slayer, No Game No Life, Problem Children...]

Chapter 1 Traverse Simulator

What would it be like if the worldview of more than ten years suddenly collapsed?

Kitahara Hakushu will tell you.

Then you will be completely confused.

I have to ask why, because Beiyuan Baiqiu is now in such a state of collapsed worldview.

"That... Kitahara-san, do you believe that there are supernatural beings in this world?"

In memory, the girl's face was slightly red, and she was a little embarrassed to ask Beiyuan Baiqiu.

It can be seen that for this question.

The girl also thought about it for a long time, and then she mustered up the courage to ask you.

I am very nervous and looking forward to your answer.

"I believe... right?"

Beiyuan Baiqiu remembered that he answered like this at the beginning.

In fact, the reason why he used an uncertain tone was not that Beiyuan Baiqiu didn't believe in girls.

It's because he's so sure it's unbelievable.

After all, whether he believes in the supernatural or not is up to him.

Because the girl who asked him was the heroine in "The Visible Girl".

Yotsuya sees the child.

Unlike ordinary people, Yotsuya Miko herself is a psychic girl who can see ghosts.

Her existence, in a sense, already represents the supernatural.

It is obvious that living for more than ten years is normal, but it is not unbelievable that the sudden appearance of the supernatural.

That's right, Beiyuan Baiqiu is a time traveler.

It has been more than ten years since I traveled to this world, and it has been sixteen years since I was born.

It may be because he didn't drink Mengpo soup in his reincarnation, he has always kept the memory of his previous life.

It is precisely because of this, as a time traveler.

Beiyuan Baiqiu, who has lived in this world for sixteen years, has clearly determined that this is just an everyday world.

To be precise, it is a daily comic world.

There is no Fuyuki City, and news of gas leaks is not common.

There is only one Sobu Taka and Toyosaki.

Kitahara Hakushu can guarantee it.

When he was young, he had already tried many things in order to determine whether there was any supernatural in this world, and finally came to the conclusion that this was the everyday world.

But for some reason, after deciding to enroll in Sobu High School in high school, Kitahara Hakushu unexpectedly met a classmate named Yotsuya Miko.

Kitahara Hakushu still remembered the bewildered expression on his face when he saw Yotsuya Miko for the first time, full of disbelief.

For this reason, I even read the school name of Zongwu High several times, wondering if I entered the wrong school.

The appearance of Yotsuya Miko.

It is undoubtedly subversive to Kitahara Hakushu's daily worldview for more than ten years.

For this reason, he even comforted himself, thinking that it might just be a coincidence, after all, that Yotsuya Miko looked quite normal.

Until a few months later, Yotsuya Miko suddenly became abnormal.

If it is an ordinary person, they may not know what the reason is, or they may not be aware of it.

But he has been silently paying attention to Yotsuya Miko, Kitahara Hakushu knows about it!

This is definitely the awakening of Jianzi's ability to see ghosts.

Beiyuan Baiqiu wanted to cry but had no tears. Only then did he have to admit that this world might not be as simple as he thought.

Although with the setting of ghosts in "The Girl You Can See", you can't see ghosts, and ghosts can't hurt you.

As an invisible person, Kitahara Baiqiu had nothing to worry about.

But as the saying goes, there are two things in everything.

I'm afraid that besides Yotsuya Miko, there are supernatural existences in this world that he doesn't know about.

As an ordinary person without golden fingers.

Beiyuan Baiqiu felt that after entering high school, his own safety seemed to be a little precarious.

The key is.

Obviously Kitahara Hakuaki often told himself not to have too much contact with Yotsuya Miko.

You are not from the same world.


Every time Kitahara Baiqiu saw Yotsuya Miko's aggrieved face trembling from fear with tears in her eyes, he couldn't help but step forward to rescue her.

He can't see ghosts, but he knows that ghosts exist, and he can help Yotsuya Miko every time with ease.

Once or twice...and so many times.

Naturally, Beiyuan Baiqiu and Jianzi gradually became acquainted.

This is why Yotsuya Miko came to ask Kitahara Hakusho if he believed in supernatural existence.

Obviously they are not from the same world, and they have been in contact with Yotsuya Miko for a long time, and obviously they may be entangled by invisible ghosts.

But Beiyuan Baiqiu couldn't control it.

Alas, in the final analysis, I was too kind.

It's unbelievable that a cute girl is suffering from bullying and bears it alone, and I want to bring her some warmth in the world.

Beiyuan Baiqiu sighed, knowing that the kind-hearted him could not remain indifferent.

"Ah, but do I really have no cheats? As a time traveler, it would be too miserable to not have cheats in an obviously abnormal world."

Beiyuan Baiqiu felt a little crazy, and couldn't help but let out a cry.

In the past, when he thought the world was just a daily drama, he didn't have much need for cheats.

After all, even without Goldfinger, as a time traveler, he himself is good enough.

Because he has been very self-disciplined since he was born, plus some accumulation from his previous life.

Therefore, whether it is music, novels, art... Beiyuan Baiqiu has achieved a lot. Every time he takes an exam, he is often compared by many parents. He is commonly known as someone else's child.

But since Yotsuya Miko appeared, Kitahara Baiqiu's desire to have a golden finger has been extremely strong, and the reason is self-evident.

no way.

Ever since he knew that this world is not ordinary, Beiyuan Baiqiu only felt uncomfortable every day.

The ghost knows if there is a ghost haunting him without his knowledge.

If there is, I still can't see it, so it's too intrusive, right?

What's more, ghosts and monsters are considered good. If one day you are unlucky and are affected by some other unknown supernatural existence, it is not impossible to directly play GG.

As an ordinary person, it is so passive.

Fuck! God! Come on Goldfinger! I am willing to exchange my ten years of life!


"Charging is complete, the traversal simulator is loaded, and it is starting..."

And just when Beiyuan Baiqiu was thinking wildly, a prompt sound suddenly appeared in his mind, which shocked him, and he was stunned.


"Successfully opened, the ability to traverse the simulator is as follows, please explore by yourself."

After the words fell, the mechanical sound of the system disappeared, and a translucent screen appeared in front of Beiyuan Baiqiu.

"Damn it, it's actually true, it looks like things aren't that bad!"

Beiyuan Baiqiu's heart beat faster, and his face was full of disbelief.

Although he has been talking about cheating cheats these days, but he hasn't been here for sixteen years, and he has long since lost his mind about such things.

Now that it has really come, it can be said to be a kind of surprise.

Beiyuan Baiqiu held back the excitement in his heart and tried his best to calm himself down before looking at the translucent screen in front of him.

Traverse Simulator:

1. The host can pass through this system for traversal simulation.

2. After each simulation is completed, the host will receive corresponding rewards. Depending on the situation, the simulator will also have a cooldown period.

3. After the host has an evaluation of S-level or above, you can choose whether to pass the current simulation world and enter the next simulation world.

4. No matter how much time passes in the simulator, it will not affect the main world of the host...

"This system is so powerful."

After Beiyuan Baiqiu read the function introduction of Goldfinger, he couldn't help but widen his eyes.

As a time traveler and author of light novels himself, Kitahara Hakushu has actually read quite a few anime novels.

It can be said that with the exception of a very small number, most of the protagonists in those animation novels go smoothly, and no matter what crisis they encounter, they can save themselves from danger.

For this situation, people generally call it the protagonist's halo.

But to be honest, if the experience of the protagonist of the animation novel is brought into reality, the halo of the protagonist is basically unrealistic.

Many life-and-death crises, don’t say you don’t know about them, even if you know about them in advance, they are still full of crises, and you are close to death. If you make a wrong step, you will be directly GG.

And this traversal simulator, the function is almost like taking the world traversal as a game.

Even if you fail, you can try again.

There can be countless opportunities until you successfully pass the level.

Not only that.

After each simulation fails, you can also increase your initial value, increase your chance of clearing the level, and directly increase your survival rate.

It can be said that safety, stability, and everything are brought to the extreme.

"What a strong golden finger."

Beiyuan Baiqiu's heart was filled with joy.

Chapter Two: The Blade of Demon Slayer

"The basic functions have been browsed, do you want to start the simulation?"

After Kitahara Baiqiu finished reading the contents of the simulator, the system's notification sounded again.

Regarding this, Beiyuan Baiqiu took a deep breath, and naturally had no reason to refuse, and replied without hesitation:


"Ding, the traversal simulation is starting, and the world is being randomly selected..."

"The extraction is complete, the current world "Ghost Slayer: Blade"."