[Even if this person is Fujiwara Meihong's father, Penglai Shanhuiya couldn't help belittling Fujiwara's incomparability, feeling ashamed of his behavior. 】

【Fujiwara Bubiwai really surprised her. 】

[In this regard, Fujiwara Bubiwai's expression became even uglier. 】

[After you finally took out the Penglai jade branch. 】

[The matter has undoubtedly come to an end. 】

[Seeing that you really took out five treasures, it undoubtedly caused everyone's uproar and shock. 】

[At the same time, this also means that you have obtained this Princess Taketori who has the most beautiful name in the East, Penglai Shanhui Ye. 】

[When someone is sad, someone will naturally be happy. 】

[Taketori Ong and his wife are also ecstatic about this. 】

[I am more and more satisfied with your son-in-law, and I am also extremely happy that Penglai Shan Huiye can find his own home. 】

【The key is. 】

[Taketori Weng can feel that his own daughter does not reject you, and even falls in love with you. 】

(Get it)【Is there anything more fortunate than this? 】

【You and Mount Penglai Huiye. 】

[There is no doubt that a new myth, a new legend, and a new Tale of Taketori have been created. 】

[Your deeds will be widely circulated in future generations. 】

[Thinking of this, you chuckled, and suddenly found it quite interesting. 】

【"¨¨What are you thinking, Bai Ye...?"】

[At this moment, everyone has undoubtedly left. 】

[Even Taketori Ong and his wife are excited to find someone to choose an auspicious day and organize a wedding for you. warehouse】

[In the entire room, only you and Penglai Shanhuiye are left. 】

[Penglai Shan Huiye saw the smile on your face, and also leaned in front of you, asking curiously. 】

【"I'm thinking, starting today, you will be completely mine."】

【You looked at the beautiful Mount Penglai Huiye, and said with a chuckle. 】

【"What, the concubine was yours before."】

[Penglai Shan Huiye blushed slightly, but still said to you boldly. 】

【You couldn't hold back looking at the lovely Penglai Shanhuiye, and kissed her directly amidst her exclamation. 】

【You played poker with Penglai Shanhuiye...】.

Chapter 383 When you come to the ground once, you put yourself on it?

[The next day, early morning. 】

【You look at Kaguya Ji beside you, there is no doubt that there is a smile on your face. 】

【From today. 】

[This Mount Horai Kaguya, known as the most beautiful in the East in Gensokyo, and Princess Kaguya in the Tale of Taketori, undoubtedly gave you her whole body and mind. 】

【You still remember that someone said before that it is impossible for you to get Princess Taketori, the main character in the story of Taketori Story. 】

[But there is no doubt that this Princess Taketori has completely fallen in love with you. 】

[After Kaguya Ji woke up, she saw that you beside her were also blushing slightly, but you were still lying happily on your body. 】

【She complained to you, saying that she originally planned to save it until after she got married. 】

[You smiled and said that Kaguya Ji is so cute and beautiful, so you can't help it, this is actually the truth. 】

【After all, there are so many people in your arms who are dreaming and dreaming of. 】

[Girls naturally like to listen to good things. 】

【Hearing your words, Penglai Shanhuiye had a smile on his face and was very happy in his heart. 】

【The relationship between you and the girl is undoubtedly one step closer at this moment. You have undoubtedly signed a contract with the girl and told her everything. 】

[Penglai Shan Huiye's face was shocked after learning about you. She felt the power brought by her contract. She felt that she could even do anything. 】

【besides. 】

[After learning that he is the first person in this world to know the truth, even Zi Yakumo doesn't even know about it, Penglai Shanhuiye is even a little proud. 】

【So what? So what if we get to know each other first? 】

[Qingmei is no match for the sky after all, and the front wave cannot retreat after all. 】

[The person closest to you now! 】

[It is undoubtedly her—Penglai Shan Huiye! 】

[Taketori Ong has set the engagement ceremony for you and Kaguya next month, and they all have smiles on their faces. 】

【The deeds of you, Kaguya, Prince Chachi, Prince Shizuo, etc. have been widely circulated, which undoubtedly caused an uproar among countless people. 】

[Your deeds will undoubtedly flow out as a new Taketori Story, but this new Taketori Story has one more you. 】

[Kaguya Ji is no longer alone in the story and will never marry for life. Instead, she will marry you and become a fairy couple. 】

[Prince Chechi, Prince Shizuo and others only searched for one of the five treasures but failed to find them all, but you managed to find all five treasures, which also made this story full of legend. 】

[Of course, this story is not over here, but is still going on. 】

【After Yakumo Zi learned about your wedding with Mount Kaguya, she also gritted her teeth in black air. 】

[The most important thing is that this woman, Penglai Shanhuiya, completely pretends to be a sister-in-law in front of Yakumo Zi! 】

[Penglai Shanhuiye deliberately angered Yakumozi, but she undoubtedly succeeded! 】(ccbb)

[Yakumo Ziqi couldn't help but attack Penglaishan Kaguya. 】

[As a result, Yakumo Zi was shocked to find out. 】

[Penglai Shan Huiye is different from the past, and he easily countered her. 】

[Yakumo Zi couldn't believe that Horai Shan Kaguya's strength had suddenly increased so much. 】

[There is no doubt that this must be your reason. 】

[Yakumo Zi looks at you, feeling even more aggrieved. 】

[On the contrary, Penglai Shanhuiye is proud of herself. You know, she has been secretly bullied by Yakumo Zi for a long time, and now she finally stands up! 】

[After the girls made a fuss, Zi Yakumo left in a fit of anger. 】

[This Yakumo blue is full of worry, worried that something will happen to Master Zi. 】

【You comfort Yakumo Lan with a chuckle, it's okay for Yakumo Zi to lose her temper in this kind of thing. 】

[Fujiwara Meihong undoubtedly came to Hakurei Shrine full of worries. It seems that Fujiwara is not in a good state after the failure. 】

【You naturally don't have any emotions about this. Even though you are Meihong's father, you are no different to Fujiwara. Do you still feel pity? 】

[Fujiwara Meihong is undoubtedly here to say goodbye to you. 】

[Horai Shan Kaguya persuaded Fujiwara Meihong to stay or not. Fujiwara Meihong was obviously moved, but she shook her head and refused. She left under the watchful eyes of you and Penglai Shan Kaguya. 】

[This time it is Penglai Shanhuiye's turn to worry, but she knows what will happen to the immortal Fujiwara Meihong after taking the Penglai elixir. 】

【She was thinking whether to persuade Fujiwara Meihong again, but you shook your head to stop her. 】

[This is Fujiwara Meihong's own decision. She is still young, and she has to face and experience some things to grow up, instead of living under the protection of you and Penglai Shanhuiye all the time. 】

[You once taught Fujiwara Meihong some things, and with the existence of the Penglai Immortal Medicine, Fujiwara Meihong's comfort is naturally that there is no need to worry. 】

【Have you changed anything? No, you just joined in and witnessed something. 】

【You will not interfere too much with each person's growth. After all, with growth, they will have different charms. 】

[A few days later. 】

[Your Hakurei Shrine undoubtedly has an unexpected visitor. 】

[And this person is also the Bayi Yonglin who is known as the brain of the moon, and at the same time, he and Penglai Shan Huiye are both teachers and friends. 】

【She was very shocked that Penglai Shan Huiye was willing to marry someone on the ground, and she was even more shocked when she saw that that person was you. 】

【She has already seen that Penglai Shan Huiye is no longer a perfect body, and she couldn't help but support her forehead immediately, feeling helpless in her heart. 】

【Princess of the majestic moon... the first time I came to the ground, I put my whole body in it. 】

[Bayi Yonglin has naturally heard of your name for a long time, and has also seen some of your powerful strength when you were walking, so naturally she dare not neglect you. 】

【She just told you helplessly that in a while, someone from the moon will come to take Princess Huiye back and make you ready. 】

【You chuckle lightly, which naturally means that you will keep Kaguya. 】

【This made Bayi Yonglin feel a little astonished, while Penglai Shanhuiye's face was full of trust. 】

[The moon surface is actually quite boring. Penglai Shan Huiye naturally doesn't want to go back, unless you can go back with her, it's almost the same, but compared to going back together, staying on the ground together seems to be pretty good? 】

【Bayi Yonglin has nothing to say. After chatting with you, she also took her leave temporarily. 】

[And during this period. 】

[There is also a small incident happening outside. 】

[The emperor heard that Kaguya Ji is unparalleled in the world, and he also became interested in Kaguya Ji. 】

【He sent a female official named Zongzi to come to see Kaguya Ji's beauty. 】

【Facing the emperor, Taketori Ong and his wife are naturally full of panic. They should not be negligent at all. They can only cancel the previous plan and temporarily postpone your wedding with Mount Kaguya Horai. 】

【This matter also successfully attracted the attention of the whole world, after all, that person is the emperor. 】

[Some people think that you may even have to rejoice in vain, and finally return empty-handed. 】

[You just feel ridiculous about this and don't care. 】

[But Penglai Shan Huiye frowned a little on this matter, and said directly angrily that he didn't see the boss or the belt. 】

【Seeing that her wedding with you is approaching, she has been looking forward to it for a long time, but now she is interrupted by some sudden emperor, can Penglai Shan Huiye not be angry? 】

[Although Penglai Shanhuiye is not an ordinary girl, if she can have a wedding with you, how can she not look forward to it. 】

【The female official is full of helplessness, so she can only go back to the palace and report to the emperor. 】

【The emperor was even more interested in this. If the first plan failed, he would make another plan. He directly asked Taketori to send Penglai Shan Huiye here, vowing to see this beautiful woman. 】

[Henglaishan Kaguya also laughed angrily after hearing the news from Taketori Ong. 】

【This guy, he doesn't really think that he is an emperor in a small country, so he is some kind of onion, right? 】

[Penglai Mountain Huiye is naturally too lazy to reason. 】

[And you are not so generous. 】

[It's just the emperor of a small country. 】

[It seems that it is not impossible to change another one. 】

【You chuckled slightly, and you thought so in your heart...】.

Chapter 384 Bamboo Takes Back to the Moon! Bayi Yonglin!

"It's really annoying..."

Penglai Shan Huiye lay powerlessly on the table, and said with distress on his face:

"I thought the matter was over. Where did this emperor come from? When I was in Yuedu, not many people pursued me."

Seeing Penglai Shan Huiye's look of lovelessness, Bai Ye couldn't help laughing.

Most of the people in Yuedu have no desires or desires.

Naturally, it is impossible to form such a large formation.

It is no exaggeration to say now.

Up to the emperor, down to the common people.

They were all overwhelmed by the beauty and charm of Penglai Shan Huiye, so one can imagine how beautiful this woman is~.