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One month has passed since Ghost Slayer World, and it has begun to merge with Zongman World.

The rest of the powerhouses around the world felt this shock, although they didn't know what happened.

But obviously, they all felt that the world was beginning to undergo some unknown changes.

"Brother Baiye, is this...?" Yakumo Zi asked subconsciously with a face full of shock.

"Well, that's right, Ghost Slayer World has merged into it."

Bai Yeyan glistened, and with some expectation on his face, he said affirmatively to Yakumo Zi.

Immediately, he kissed Yakumo Zihou, and then went to deal with the matter of ghosts destroying the world.

For Yakumo Zi, naturally she can't be forced to get up, just stay in the room and rest.

Ghost destroys the world.

dish house.

All the girls who had intersected with Bai Ye naturally gathered together at this moment.

Butterfly Shinobu, Butterfly Kanae, Zaomen Nezuko, Kurihanakanahu... and many other girls.

There is no doubt that the face is full of tension and anticipation at this moment.

Because today is what Bai Ye said, the last day of the one-month period.

After today.

They will undoubtedly be able to be together with Bai Ye forever!

Signed a contract with Bai Ye.

Now their strengths are all in the four digits.

It is natural to be able to feel the changes in the world.

He knew that he and Bai Ye were getting closer.

But that's exactly what it is.

They are more nervous.

After all, the arrival of this day that they have been looking forward to for a long time, now that it has really arrived, how can they not be nervous.

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Chapter 304 This time! Never part again!

"Big, everyone, I'm so nervous."

Ganluji Mitsuri felt the changes in the world, she just felt her heart beating faster and she couldn't help but speak.

"It's okay, we're all just like you."

Butterfly Kanae comforted Ganluji Mitsuri, but what she said made people feel uncontrollable.

But it's kind of funny though.

But in fact, who is not the same as Ganluji Mitsuri?

Everyone is nervous at this moment, and this moment is a fact.

"Bai Qiu... No, Bai Ye said that after meeting this time, they will never be separated again. It really makes people look forward to it."

Butterfly stared at the sky, and said softly with blurred eyes~.

Now that they are in four figures, they can naturally feel a strange world, as if it is getting closer to them.

Of course they know.

The world on the other side is - the world of Bai Ye.

"Shin, you have to be careful, you are pregnant, and when you see Bai Ye, don't be too excited to move your fetal gas."

Kuizhi Zaomen looked at Butterfly Shinobi and hurriedly reminded him.

Butterfly could not bear to hear the words, suddenly burst into a dumb laugh, and said: "Aunt Kuizhi, you are too worried, how long have I been pregnant, and my current strength is not the same as before, how can it be so easy to get pregnant so easily? Say it."

Since signing the contract with Bai Ye, their strength has been greatly improved.

And the next few times, it was a huge improvement one after another, which shocked all of them.

If they had the strength back then, Ghost Dance Tsuji Wumi would be nothing.

Even if all the ghosts are at the level of Oni Wu Tsuji Mumi, it's nothing.


Everyone also knew that the reason why they became so strong was brought by Bai Ye.

And Bai Ye was also obtained through hard work.

The girl in Ghost Slayer knows best how Bai Ye started from scratch and gradually became stronger step by step.

How difficult the process was, and how many times he died.

In fact, with Bai Ye's current strength, the girls who signed the contract with him should have three-digit levels.

If you only stay at four digits, it is only because the current accumulation is not enough.

After all, triple digits are not so easy to break through.

However, although they are four-digit, but without exception, they all have three-digit potential.

Once they get used to their strength and become familiar with their strength, they will be in triple digits.

This is the terrifying power brought by the White Night Contract.

"It's always good to be careful."

Kuizhi from Zaomen shook her head when she heard the words, and said softly.

Butterfly endured the words, with a beautiful smile on her face, and naturally said nothing more.

Kamado Nezuko, Kanzaki Aoi, sister... and so on, all looked enviously at Butterfly Shinobu's stomach that hadn't seen much ups and downs yet.

In this day and age, the concept of having a child is actually very big.

Butterfly endured her pregnancy, which naturally made everyone envious.

"That's great...why didn't I get pregnant that time." Ganluji Mitsuri looked at Butterfly Shinobu and said enviously.

"You can be content, at least you and Bai Ye have reached that step, many of us have not yet."

Aoi Kanzaki heard what Kanroji Mitsuri said, with a faint blush on her face, she rolled her eyes and complained.

The girls blushed when they heard this.

But at the same time, they also nodded secretly in their hearts.

Indeed, some people are truly dissatisfied.

"And Bai Ye didn't say that at our level, it is extremely difficult to conceive naturally? Sister Ninja was completely lucky at the beginning. When Sister Ninja's child grows up, your child may not have made a move yet." Woolen cloth."

"Also, we are all longevity species now. It doesn't matter whether we have children or not. Didn't Bai Ye say that parents are true love, and children are just accidents?"

Aoi Kanzaki rolled her eyes and continued.

" seems to be the same."

Hearing this, Ganluji Mitsuri showed a troubled expression on her face, and then nodded her head in understanding.

And at this time.

Aoi Kanzaki suddenly thought of something, and said to Butterfly Shinobu in a panic: "Well, sister Shinobi, I didn't mean you..."

"Ok, I know."

Butterfly endured the words, with an extremely kind expression on his face.

Aoi Kanzaki broke out in a cold sweat.

····Ask for flowers··

And just when she was about to say something to remedy it.

A familiar and smiling voice also appeared in the ear of Aoi Kanzaki.

"What are you talking about?"

Accompanied by such a voice.

A door also appeared beside Aoi Kanzaki.

A familiar figure walked out from inside.

Who could it be if it wasn't Bai Ye?

He turned his head stiffly and looked at the familiar figure beside him.

Aoi Kanzaki also had an unbelievable expression on his face.


"White night! White night!"

"We finally met again! This time! Never parting again!"

All the maidens saw the white night.

After being stunned for a while.


The face is full of excitement.

All emotions exploded at this moment.

Didn't they relieve their tension and anticipation by chatting before?

They had thought about what kind of posture Bai Ye would appear in front of them.

But they didn't expect it.

It turned out to be so simple, just passing through a door.

All the girls gathered around at this moment.

After the excitement was over, the girls looked at Bai Ye with expressions of nervousness, anticipation, and apprehension.

Bai Ye had a panoramic view of these lovely and beautiful girls, so he naturally knew what they were thinking.

After a slight smile, he also said loudly:

"I'm back! Everyone!"

"Behind this door is my world!"

"Then you are willing to walk through this door with me, go to a new world, and start a new life."

"Will you be with me forever from now on!"

The girls looked at each other when they heard Bai Ye's words, with unprecedentedly beautiful smiles on their faces.

They felt that they were looking forward to this day, and had been looking forward to it for a long time.

But now with your appearance, your words are undoubtedly realized.

To this question, they have only one answer. .

The girls also answered in unison:

"We do!!"

Let us be together forever!

Never part again! Second.

Chapter 405 is God! Why bother?