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But as a ghost king, in fact, at least he still has strength, and he is not so easy to be killed, so it is not surprising that he will die.


Although Beiyuan Baiqiu thought that he would be killed, he might even be killed more than once or twice.

But in his opinion.

After being killed countless times, after countless simulations.

He will always defeat Ghost Dance Tsuji Mumi, and then pass the level of Demon Slayer World.

This! This is the normal process that the script should have!

He never thought of it!

It turned out that this was the case when he and Ghost Mai Tsuji met for the first time in the simulation.

Husband... Husband and wife? !

Uh uh uh, no matter how you look at it, this Nima is too outrageous, right?

Beiyuan Baiqiu looked at the content in the simulation, he was even dumbfounded, it hurts a lot.

"I'm a person with status? The combination of the two talents of the Ruanfan King... I have to say that it really gave me a big surprise to make such a move."

"It's true because I've been played to understand it, not only that, it's not necessarily true that the natural goodwill even contributes to it..."

Beiyuan Baiqiu covered his face, thinking about why this happened.

Having finally come to a conclusion, there is nothing left to say about it.

Boss crumbs, boss crumbs.

You were originally in the original book, didn't you have a wife and a daughter, so chic?

I haven't seen you for a few days, why have you become so lazy?

Not only became a woman, but also became someone else's wife.

While Beiyuan Baiqiu was thinking wildly in his mind, he also slowly began to continue the simulation.

After all, no matter what, even if it is unexpected, what should be simulated still has to be simulated.

[When you found out that your wife turned out to be Mai Tsuji, you were very shocked and even a little caught off guard, but when you thought of your talent as a soft rice king, you couldn't complain about Mai Tsuji's identity as a rich woman. 】

[Think about it carefully, in this world, the entire Goblin Group belongs to Maitsuji, and there are twelve excellent employees under her. As the CEO of Goblin Group holding 100%, she is not a rich woman, who is a rich woman? It seems that it is not impossible for the Ruanfan King's talent to be random enough. 】

[And just as you were thinking about it, Mai Tsuji noticed something strange about you, paused when he entered the room, looked up at you calmly, and asked if something happened. 】

[When asked by Mai Tsuji, you were very nervous, and you said haha, no, it’s just that you’ve been loafing around at home recently, thinking about whether to find something to do next, and perfunctory Mai Tsuji. 】

[Mai Tsuji nodded seriously when she heard the words, because you are just an ordinary person in her eyes, and she didn't care too much about your strangeness, she just told you about work, if you don't want to go, then don't go , You don’t need to force yourself, she can support you anyway, if you really want to do something, you can tell her, she will help you. 】

【Regarding Mai Tsuji's answer, your heart twitched, it was as subtle as it could be, but on the surface it was an embarrassing reply. 】

[After Mai Tsuji came home, you began to observe Mai Tsuji intentionally or unintentionally, and found that she was really like an ordinary person at home, doing ordinary things, and didn't care about your sight. 】

【Dignified, beautiful, decent, considerate...】

[Looking at Mai Tsuji like this, you understand, no wonder you think that Mai Tsuji would be a perfect wife in your memory, but now, you who already know the truth, you know very well what is in front of you kind of person. 】

[Different from the elder sister and mother of Spider Mountain, you don't have the slightest pity or affection for Mai Tsuji, no matter how beautiful she is and how perfect she is in front of you. 】

[It's just that if you don't have a good impression, you don't have a good impression. You also understand that it is impossible for the current self to defeat Mai Tsuji. Instead, you can use this opportunity to improve your strength. 】

【While you are thinking about countermeasures, you also finished dinner with Mai Tsuji and took a bath. After taking a bath, you just found a place to sit down and want to continue thinking. 】

【Mai Tsuji looked at you sitting in the living room, with some doubts in his eyes, and asked aloud, don't you want to go to sleep? 】

【Your expression froze when you heard the words, and you only felt a huge increase in pressure for a while, and subconsciously said that you were not sleepy, but when Mai Tsuji heard this, he looked at you more and more strangely. 】

【Under pressure, you finally had to go back to the room with Mai Tsuji. 】

[You endured the humiliation and were forced to helpless Taiyang Mai Tsuji that night. 】.

Chapter Thirteen

Boys must protect themselves when they go out.

Looking at the content in the simulation, Beiyuan Baiqiu subconsciously thought of this sentence in his mind.

At this moment, it is even more true.

He admired the devotion of himself in the simulation to feed the tiger with his body and bear the burden of humiliation.

Ahem, as expected of me!

In order to achieve the goal, it was possible to do this step.

It's simply too enviable... admirable!

Kitahara Hakushu has always believed in it.

Such a noble, kind and pure person like him.

If it wasn't for the purpose of destroying Oniwu Tsuji, no matter how beautiful and tempting Oniwu Tsuji was, he would never have accepted such a thing.

In the simulation, he must have endured a lot in silence before finally making up his mind.

And all of this is for world peace!

In the face of world peace, personal honor and disgrace are nothing at all, and he can bear it.

Well, the theme suddenly gets sublimated.

Beiyuan Baiqiu had tears in his eyes, completely moved by his selflessness.

[The next day, when you wake up, Mai Tsuji has disappeared. From your memory, you know that Wu Tsuji is "going to work", although you have countless slots in your heart about the ghost king "going to work", But you are not surprised by this. 】

[You came to the market and bought a good knife with Mai Tsuji's money, and you want to learn the sword technique, because you know that in Demon Slayer: Blade, the knife technique and the breathing technique are extremely powerful. 】

[Even the ghost king, Guiwu Tsuji, was once almost killed by Ji Guoyuan with the breathing method. You have long been longing for this, but you traveled to Spider Mountain the first two times, and you didn't learn The opportunity of breathing method, now, as a human being, if you have not become a ghost, you must naturally not let it go. 】

[The sun has just set, and Mai Tsuji, who went out to "work", came back. She was a little surprised when she saw that you bought a knife, and asked aloud. You told her that it was because you suddenly felt that the samurai was very handsome recently, so you wanted to try it. Can I be a warrior too. 】

[Since you said yesterday that you wanted to find something to do, Mai Tsuji was not surprised by this, but just looked at you silently, as if thinking, and finally, she nodded and agreed. 】

[Staying with Mai Tsuji is very stressful. Seeing that Mai Tsuji agrees, you take this opportunity to propose to Mai Tsuji to leave home for a period of time and go out to study art. 】

[Your goal this time is also very clear, that is, to learn from Ryotaki Sakonji, the protagonist of the original novel, Tanjiro Kamado, and the current mentor of Giyu Tomioka, former member of the Demon Slayer Squad, Mizujo, you know, Ryotaki Sakonji lives in seclusion in Sagiri Mountain, so it is not difficult to find him. 】

[Mai Tsuji was silent again when he heard your request, and then rejected your request, saying that you don't have to worry about the matter of the master, she will arrange it. 】

[Another day, you saw Wu Tsuji bring one of the first strings of the Twelve Ghost Moons, Hei Si Mou, coming to you, and you learned that this is the master she found for you. 】

"Cough cough! Cough cough!"

"Fuck! One of the top strings? Black Death Mou?"

Beiyuan Baiqiu was dumbfounded when he saw this, and his mood was very subtle.

Gui Wu Tsuji Wu Mi unexpectedly recruited Hei Si Mou to be his master.

You know, regardless of the identity of Hei Si Mou ghost.

In the world after Guoyuan's death, he can even be said to be the strongest swordsman in Ghost Slayer, bar none.

Not to mention, the moon exhalation represented by Hei Si Mou is the breathing method second only to the sun exhalation.

The master that Gui Wu Tsuji found for him was too high in gold.

At least, he was much stronger than Rinaki Zuojin, who he was planning to apprentice as a teacher.

I don't know what kind of mood Wu Mi would feel if he knew that he learned the breathing method to destroy him.

[Hei Si Mou took a look at you and disdained you as an apprentice, but for Mai Tsuji's sake, he agreed to accept you as an apprentice and began to teach you the breath of the moon. 】

[In the days to come, you will learn breathing techniques indoors with Hei Si Mou during the day, dance with Tsuji at night, and have to pay public rations from time to time. You tell yourself that this is just a tuition fee, and there is nothing you can do about it. 】

[During the days of guiding you, Hei Si Mou's impression of you slowly changed from disdain at the beginning, and he was very surprised by your performance. 】

【He never thought that as a human being, your physical strength is not only different from ordinary people, but also seems to be incomparably compatible with his breathing method, the breath of the moon, and you have made rapid progress in practicing the breath of the moon. 】

[Seeing that you are so talented, Hei Si Mou finally recognized you as an apprentice, was very satisfied with you, and began to teach you carefully. 】

[Mai Tsuji was also very surprised when she learned about your performance from Hei Si Mou. She originally thought that you wanted to be a samurai just because of a whim, and she called Hei Si Mou just to perfuse you, but she didn't expect that you really worked so hard, and you are so talented so outstanding. 】

[Although it was a little unexpected, Mai Tsuji didn't pay too much attention to it, and even began to conceive the idea that maybe it would be nice to find a time to turn you into a ghost in the future. 】

[Hei Si Mou's teachings have made your strength improve by leaps and bounds. You have successfully learned the first twelve types of Moon Breath. Unfortunately, there are still a few types that you have not learned. Hei Si Mou is not surprised. 】

[On this day, when the training was over, when you and Mai Tsuji were shopping at the night market, a young man suddenly rushed out of the crowd, and shouted the name of Oni Wu Tsuji Wumi full of hatred! 】

[You subconsciously look at the boy and recognize him as the protagonist of the original novel. 】

[Kaomen Tanjiro. 】

[Tanjiro looked at Wu Mi with hatred on his face, but he was extremely surprised by your existence. Seeing you and Wu Mi standing together was unbelievable. 】

[In order to get rid of Tanjiro's entanglement, Onimai Tsuji Muchan infected innocent passers-by without hesitation. 】

[Howling, screaming, roaring...]

[Soon it started to sound in the crowd, and the crowd started to riot, and Tanjiro had to let go of Wu Mi, to stop the maddened evil spirits. 】

[When you look at this scene, you only feel chills in your heart and trembling uncontrollably for Wu Mi's behavior. Gui Wu Tsuji made Wu Mi's attack without warning, and you didn't even have time to stop it, but at the same time, it made you realize again the gap between you. 】

[You have always understood that the name Guiwu Tsuji is such a cold-blooded creature, or rather, this is the real Guiwu Tsuji. 】

[For thousands of years, he didn't know how many people he killed, how many families he destroyed, and how many people he hurt. 】

【The so-called perfection you see is just an illusion deliberately created by her. 】

[So, only Ghost Dance Tsuji is innocent, you will never admit it. 】

【Ghost Dance Tsuji Wumi felt your body trembling, and asked you calmly if you were frightened. 】

【When you hear this sentence and look at Wu Mi who doesn't care about human life at all, you just feel an inexplicable anger welling up in your heart. 】

[The strong man is angry and slashes at the strongest man! 】

[You feel that you have no need to continue acting, so you draw your sword and slash at Gui Wu Tsuji without hesitation. 】.

Chapter Fourteen No such talent! I'm still the king of soft rice

【you are dead. 】

[This traversal simulation is over, settlement is in progress...]

"Uh, I have a bad temper, maybe I really need to control it."

Beiyuan Baiqiu watched the simulation end so hastily, and couldn't help but complain in his heart.

But, say it.

At this moment, Beiyuan Baiqiu's face was full of smiles, without any trace of regret.

After all, he knew the ruthless and indifferent nature of Onimai Tsuji from the beginning to the end, and he knew it in the simulation too.

It's just that Wu Mi, who used to pretend to be an ordinary person in front of him, at least didn't let him see anything out of the ordinary.

The unexpected appearance of Tanjiro broke this balance.

Although it was quite surprising that he decisively drew the sword in the end, it seemed that he meant to pull out a heartless scumbag.

But in the final analysis, everyone is acting, who takes who seriously?

Except for the fact that Nv Wu Cang is really beautiful, in other respects, bearing the burden of humiliation is no joke.

As the king of ghosts, Guiwu Tsuji Wumi, with his temperament, would never be able to truly trust a certain person or a certain ghost.

He just regards Beiyuan Baiqiu as a tool man, or a human game he experiences.

This is also due to the fact that Beiyuan Baiqiu is the one who knows all the truth.

Otherwise, a character like him, in anime, is just the kind of miserable character who has been cheated of his emotions and played with his body.

The final ending is estimated to be either killed by Wu Mi, or turned into a ghost by Wu Mi.

Well, although the ending is pretty much the same now.