MTL - I, The New Hokage of Konoha

C.2 I became the 4th HokageMar 08, 2023

"Fourth generation! Fourth generation! Fourth generation..."

The entire Konoha Village boiled at this moment, and all the villagers cheered loudly for their new generation of Hokage.

Although it was to chase the ducks into battle, Yun Ting still couldn't help being a little excited in this enthusiastic atmosphere.

After all, this is Hokage!

Anyone who has read the original work does not know its high status and how many people desire it.

Today, however, he was confused by him who was just a small, neglected college student before.

Suddenly ascending to a high position and becoming the focus of everyone, it is inevitable to be excited.

But having said that, while excited, Yun Ting suddenly remembered that the previous three generations of Hokage had mentioned his full name, Thousand Hands Yun Ting.

Thousand hands?

Is that Qianshou?

I remember that in addition to the first generation and the second generation of Hokage in the original book, the Senju clan that appeared were Tsunade and Nawaki.

The latter also took the bento sadly, and in the end only Tsunade was left.

So what happened to my Qianshouyunting?

Haven't heard that there is such a person in the original book?

And now he is the Fourth Hokage.

Could it be because of his time travel?

While waving to the enthusiastic Konoha villagers around, Yunting thought,

‘By the way, this guy Namikaze Minato doesn’t exist because of his own reasons, right? '

Yunting looked towards the crowd below.

At this moment, most of the people at the forefront are jounin from Konoha Village.

For example, this generation of Ikabute Nara Shikahisa, Yamanaka Kaiichi, Akimichi Choza, the still-surviving Uchiha Clan patriarch Uchiha Fugaku, the Hyuga Clan Hizuki Nichiza brothers and so on.

Seeing the characters that used to appear in the comics standing in front of him vividly, looking at him with different expressions, Yun Ting was very moved.

Afterwards, after another observation, he finally saw that shiny golden hair in the crowd.

At this time, Minakaze Minato smiled and applauded with a trace of regret.

Noticing that Yun Ting looked over, he was taken aback for a moment, then congratulated the former with a bright smile that contained no trace of malice.

'Aside from Konoha's enemies, for the people of this village, Namikaze Minato is the most perfect saint in terms of character and ability. I don't know how I can squeeze out the opponent and become Hokage. '

Yun Ting sighed in his heart, and when he was about to smile back at Namikaze Minato, suddenly a slender and slender arm broke into his field of vision and wrapped around the latter's neck.

Beside Namikaze Minato, there was a beautiful young female ninja with long red hair and a pretty face, pressing Minato's head into her full arms, stroking the other's head with both hands while comforting her.

Looking at Namikaze Minato's embarrassing yet happy face, and smelling the rotten smell of love that can be felt from far away, Yun Ting knows without guessing that the red-haired woman is Uzumaki Kushina, the current Nine-Tails Jinchuriki, will be Naruto's mother in the future.

Originally, he had apologized to Namikaze Minato, but after feeling the ton of harm this couple of dogs and men had caused to him, a single man of ten thousand years, the slightest apology in his heart disappeared.

If you show your affection in public, you should be chased away by fire!

On the other side, next to the Minato couple, Hatake Kakashi, who was still a brat with an arrogant white hair, glanced at Kushina Uzumaki with his dead fish eyes, and shook his head helplessly.

Although he is very autistic now, under the influence of Mrs. Kushina, who is full of social talents, he can still be influenced occasionally.

‘By the way, is it really okay for Master’s wife to do this in front of so many people? I always feel that Minato-sensei is very social! '

Noticing the staring eyes from all around, Kakashi, who felt empathetic, hastily pulled up the mask even more, lowered his head, and pretended not to know the two.

In the following time, besides knowing the above-mentioned people, Yun Ting also saw that the future has become an adult, but now he is still an acquaintance of the little ghost.

Hatake Kakashi with a gloomy face, Yuhi Kuren who is still a beautiful loli, closely following her side to show courteousness, Sarutobi Asuma with a bearded face at a young age, Shiranui Gen with a toothpick in his mouth From time to time, holding the black round sunglasses, secretly looking at Ebisu, the mature big sister, and so on.

Of course, the one who attracted the most attention was the extremely passionate Maitkay wearing a hot green tights, with a watermelon head and a pair of thick eyebrows.

After noticing Yun Ting looking over, he was even more excited, raised another green tights with both hands, and waved loudly at the former: "Master Fourth Generation, this is the battle suit that represents youth and blood that I specially prepared for you When you wear it, you are the spokesperson of invincible youth! Burn it! The youth of Hokage-sama!"

'I thank you. '

Yun Ting quickly looked away with a black line on his face.

Even if he was killed, he wouldn't wear such a shameful green tights.


After the Naruto succession ceremony, Konoha Village returned to its previous state.

Sitting in the Hokage office that used to belong to the third Hokage, and now belongs to him, after dismissing his assistant and the Anbe ninja guarding him, Yun Ting lazily sat on the chair, staring at the street scene of Konoha Village outside the window in a daze.

After the excitement, the reality returned to my mind.

Although I don't know what made him wake up and become the fourth Hokage of today, but since it has come, he will be at ease. What he has to do now is the same as when he faced the third Hokage before. UUReading I just bit the bullet and continued to walk in this position.

But it's not easy to do the position of the fourth Hokage right now.

Just like when Namikaze Minato first took over as Hokage, now he has less power than ever before.

Inside, although he is No. 1 in Konoha in name, many things still require the nod of the third generation.

Most importantly, Anbu, which was originally directly under Hokage, is still under the jurisdiction of the third generation.

Even if he wants to take over, the latter will euphemistically say "You are still young and have little experience in governing, so learn more from me" as a reason to refuse.

In addition, the ambitious Shimura Danzo, who wanders outside the Anbe and grasps the roots, and Mitomon Yan, who is still old-fashioned and still thinks about power, are the two major advisers who have changed their minds to Koharu.

It can be said that his new Hokage, whose foundation is still shallow, has been greatly restrained.

If it can be said that these can be resolved with time, then the real crisis for him comes from the outside world.

How did Namikaze Minato become the shortest-lived Hokage in history?

It was the Nine Tails Rebellion a year later.

It is Yun Ting himself who replaces Namikaze Minato as the fourth generation.

This also means that if Nine Tails still appears at that time, the first to bear the brunt and desperately must be himself.

So, how many tailed beast jade can I get from Nine Tails?

At that time, he will not replace Minato and become the short-lived Fourth Hokage, will he?

Thinking of this, Yun Ting couldn't help feeling very terrified.

Fortunately, there is still a year left.

To solve this life-and-death crisis, the most important thing for him is his personal strength.

As for the current physical strength, Yun Ting, who has enough time to sort out the memories in his mind, quickly understood everything.