MTL - Magneto of Hyuga - C.154Mar 08, 2023

MTL - Magneto of Hyuga

C.154Mar 08, 2023

His attack became more and more intense.


Extremely high position.

Looking down at the fierce battle below, Hyuga Satoru leaned back and forth without smiling.

He really didn't expect that Nagato and Shiren's father could fight so fiercely.

Originally bringing them together, it was just a test.

The results far exceeded his expectations.

Hyuga Satoru squeezed out a small metal bench and umbrella, and sat in the air so leisurely, overlooking the fierce battle below.

Whether it is the current Nagato and Shiren's father, the strength is probably not weaker than him.

Against one, maybe barely win.

If they are right at the same time, there is only one way to open the tyrant.

Now that the two enemies are fighting to the death by themselves, wouldn't it be wonderful!

"Unfortunately, no peanut seeds were prepared in advance."

Hyuga Satoru suddenly felt a little pity.


Outside the walls of Konoha Village.

The torrential rain of bullets finally stopped.

Only a messy battlefield was left, and under the washing of a large number of bullets, even that piece of land became dilapidated, with faint white smoke.

"But, damn... Jiaodu, how dare you use me..."

Feiduan's body has been torn apart, the biggest piece is his head, which is still intact, and is swearing reluctantly.

"Feiduan, don't say that, aren't we teammates? Besides, this is also the greatest use of your abilities."

The horns were leaning on the back of a huge rock, and the blood-stained face tried to squeeze a smile towards Feiduan's head. The body was shattered under the blow of the bullet, and the black silk was constantly twisting and wriggling to repair.

Only one of the five hearts remained.

If he hadn't used Feiduan's body as a shield in time, and buried the last heart deep underground, he would have been finished.

Behind a big tree in his arms, Shennong was repairing his body with a medical forbidden technique, and his arm that was broken by the bullet grew again.

Turning his head slightly, he looked above the fence with a hint of awe and trepidation. When he caught sight of the cannon barrel that was flickering with cold light, he immediately turned his head back.

"Has Konoha developed so fast these years?"

"Damn, when will the revenge of my Kongnin Village be avenged!"

Shen Nong's teeth itch with hatred!

Kong Ninja Village has embarked on the route of strong technology village a long time ago, not only every ninja has a technology ninja tool that can fly.

They even developed the extremely advanced high-end technology like Floating City!

I thought I could use this power to rule the ninja world, and the first one planned to use Konoha!

Then the village was wiped out.

Over the years, Shennong has secretly developed the remnants of Kongnin Village, and it has gradually become a scale. He thought that he would be able to avenge Konoha soon.

But the scene just now made him stunned for a while.

Times have changed? ? ?

at the same time.

On the other hand, the battle between Penn Liudao and Shiren's father has reached a fever pitch.

The terrifying aftermath of the eruption could even be felt several kilometers away.

"Damn it! This Hinata Ninja is so tough!"

Tiandao Payne gritted his teeth slightly.

After a fierce battle, the opponent did not suffer much damage.

This unreal scene made him feel slightly surprised.

Where did Hyuga Satoru find this guy?

Or has the strength of the Hyuga clan progressed so fast recently? Has this level of powerhouse been born?

In comparison, he was more willing to believe that the man in front of him was disguised by Hyuga Satoru, which at least could maintain his arrogant self-esteem a little.

Shiren's father took a deep breath.

Anger has also accumulated.

First, he was bombarded into the forest by a group of Hiuga elders, and then he met Payne, and they started fighting without saying a word.

The most irritating thing is that he actually dared to call himself a god! !

As the noble Otsutsuki on the moon, he has never been so angry as he is now.

"Even if you are a descendant of Yu Yi, you must pay the price today!"

Sheren's father growled, his pure white eyes staring at the distant moon.

On the surface of the moon, a terrifying golden streak erupted from that huge giant Tenseigan, pulling a huge meteorite near the moon. After locking in a position, it crashed into the azure blue planet.

Meteorites travel through the atmosphere, dragging fiery flames that can be clearly observed even from hundreds of kilometers away.

Sheren's father looked up at the falling meteorite, sneered coldly, and stared at Tiandao Payne disdainfully.

"Mortal, this is the power of the gods, you can't stop it."

Payne looked at the flaming meteor that fell from the sky, his Samsara eyes trembling slightly.

"Sure enough, you said that you have nothing to do with that man!"

Little Heizi showing his chicken feet, right? ? ?

Under my eyes, you have no possibility to hide at all!

Nagato roared in his heart!

What Shiren's father didn't know was that the falling flame meteor had long since become a symbol in the ninja world.

Hyuga Satoru once used a similar move in the three battles, ended the three battles in one fell swoop, and left a lake that was 100 meters deep in the country of grass.

The trick he used made Nagato completely certain in his heart.

Tiandao Payne slammed the ground.

"Pants squeeze fortress..."

"Move the toilet!"


The white fog dissipated, and the huge wooden body of the outsider golem appeared, opening its hideous mouth and making a deafening roar.

"Outlaw Golem???"

"Damn it! You actually stole the treasure that Otsutsuki has guarded for generations!"

Shiren's father's eyes suddenly turned red.

Gritting his teeth.

If it was said that the two had fought before, there was still a bit of inexplicable.

Now, both of them are completely filled with hatred.

Never die!

Chapter 181 Orochimaru! you...

The meteorite rubbed against the air to form a huge flame trail, which was unusually conspicuous in the sky and could be easily observed even from Konoha Village.


Orochimaru, wearing a Hokage robe, appeared on the wall, looking at the huge meteorite in the sky with a dignified look.

"Is it the trick Satoru used?"

Orochimaru murmured hoarsely.

Hyuga Satoru used a similar move at the end of the Third War, ending the three wars in one fell swoop, and playing a lake hundreds of deep in the country of grass.

This is already well known.

"No, it shouldn't be Enlightenment."

Orochimaru sighed solemnly.

The first is that the shape of the meteorite is different, Wu's meteorite is a big and thick metal stick.

And this is obviously a conventional meteorite, and its size is terrifying.

Most importantly, Hyuga Satoru would not use this move at such a close distance.

The horror of this move is well known in the ninja world.

It is said that in the third battle, ninjas several kilometers away were blown away by the shock wave that erupted from the fall.

The battle site was so close to Konoha that if the meteorite fell, Konoha would be hit.

This is absolutely impossible for Satoru to do.

"It looks like something happened on the battlefield over there that I don't know about." Orochimaru stared solemnly at the approaching flame meteorite, "The top priority now is to prepare for the impact of the falling meteorite."

This series of changes in thoughts all happened in a short moment.

Orochimaru took a deep breath.

A hoarse shout.

"Prepare for the shock!"

His voice woke the ninjas around who were still looking up at the meteor in shock.

"Quick! Protect yourself and prepare for the shock!"

Hyuga Yunlong stood on the fence and gave orders.

The ninjas who were still stunned all came to their senses and started to act immediately.

With seconds before the meteorite falls, the more they prepare, the less damage they will cause.

In just a few breaths, all the weapons on the wall have been put away, the defense system is triggered, and blue electromagnetic shields are propped up one after another on the Konoha fence.

"Hey! Kakuto, what's the situation, why are those Konoha ninjas shrinking?"

After seeing the abnormality above the fence, only the head left looked at Jiaodu beside the boulder in confusion.

"No way!"

Jiao Du hesitated, turned his head to look at the sky, and was instantly dumbfounded.


I saw a huge flame meteorite approaching here at a terrifying speed.

There is only one heart left, if it is dead, it is really dead!

Jiao Du gritted his teeth, used the earth escape, and burrowed into the ground.

Feiduan was stunned for a moment, and after turning his eyes to the meteorite, he hurriedly cursed.

"Jiaodu, you (TM)! Left me again!"

There was only one head left, although Feiduan had confidence in his immortality, but he didn't know if he could be resurrected if he lost his head.

The anxious head rolled around on the ground.