Netori Wizard Adventure - C.164 - 156 Clara, Shinji, and Renka’s RoomNov 29, 2023

Netori Wizard Adventure

C.164 - 156 Clara, Shinji, and Renka’s RoomNov 29, 2023

Clara, Shinji, and Renka were on the fourth floor of Paradise, in a playroom reserved for luxury prostitutes.

The playroom was well lit and bright. It gave Shinji and Renka a good idea of what the room was like.

The most noticeable feature of the simple room was the king-sized bed. The rest of the room had the usual furniture like a desk, chair, and luggage storage. Other than that, there was a closet and a door to what appeared to be a bathroom.

Shinji walked to the side of the bed with Clara on his arm.

When Clara went to sit on the edge of the bed, Shinji sat down with her.

Clara continued to hold Shinji's arm from the hallway.

"We have arrived~ Onii-san, thank you for waiting~ Do you want to rub my breast? "

"Haha, I'd love to, but I think I'd better go to the bath first. I smell sweaty, right?"

Shinji naturally ducked Clara's invitation with an impish smile, and when Shinji put the cuff to his nose and sniffed, Clara put her face to Shinji's neck and sniffed.

"I think Clara likes Onii-san's smell~ "


"Maybe Clara and Onii-san are a good match "

Clara's mischievous smile turned into a seductive smile. Shinji didn't blatantly react to the invitation, which any normal man would have been tempted to make.

If anything, it was Renka's sharp eyes on Clara, who was flirtatiously touching Shinji, that was more unpleasant.

"Let's check it out, shall we?"

"Ah... Onii-san is awesome~ "

To keep Renka out of Clara's eyes, Shinji deliberately pretended to take her up on her offer. With his free hand, he grabbed Clara's large breasts and lightly squeezed them over her baby doll and bra.

When Clara thought Shinji was finally on board, she let out a sexy squeal and stared into his eyes.

Shinji's eyes met Clara's, and he felt a strange haze begin to form in his thoughts.

At the same time, the desire to squeeze her breasts more and to push her over and fuck her came to his mind.

(This feeling, ... She tries to charm me... She's definitely a succubus)

Shinji knew Clara's true identity from his own abnormalities. But Shinji's hands were full.

Gyut , his hand squeezed her breast. Furthermore, Clara's hand moved on one of his hand that squeeze her breasts, it made him unable to let go of his hand and he started to squeeze her more.

Shinji could feel the charm growing deeper with each squeeze of her breasts, but he still managed to hold back.

"Onii-san~ Let's kiss... "

The fresh, plump lips approach Shinji.

He knew that it was not good for him to be passive. So, now that he knew she was a succubus, there was no need to wait and see.

He must put Clara to sleep and make as little noise as possible.

"Kyaa~ Onii-san~ Nn... Chu..."

Shinji, acting like he couldn't take it any longer, pushed Clara down on the bed with the hand that had been rubbing her breast. And then, he covered her mouth with a flowing kiss while gathering magic power in his head to prevent him from being charmed.

Shinji felt that the charm became stronger when the lips touched each other. Clara's tongue that came out from between her lips and licked Shinji's lips, inviting him to kiss her more deeply.

But Shinji wasn't going along with that.

He pretended to take off his jacket and took out a bottle of sleeping powder from his pocket, then he stopped kissing Clara and sat up.

He then sprinkled the contents of the bottle at Clara, who looked unhappy that he had stopped kissing her.

"Kyaa! What.... is, that..."

The effect of the sleeping powder was extraordinary.

Even though, she was a succubus, she couldn't resist or react in any way, and Clara fell asleep.

As she fell, Shinji took a step back and fell off the bed. Renka rushed to Shinji's side.

"Shinji, are you okay?"

"I managed it.... But still, it was a sudden hit. I don't know if she was a pure succubus or a human turned into a succubus. I found out when I was charmed"

The word "charm" came out of Shinji's with somewhat dazed expression, and Renka finally understood that Shinji's actions earlier had been an act.

"Is the effect of charm...still there?"

"I wonder it's still there, because we did during the day"

Renka's cheeks reddened as she saw Shinji's penis, now fully erect and pushing up his pants.

As for Shinji, he could only sigh at the sight of his newfound erection, despite the fact that he had been ejaculating on Milis and Renka until the last minute.

"Well, that succubus shouldn't have been killed, right?"

"Yes. If it was a pure succubus, it wouldn't be a problem, but if it was a woman who had been turned into a succubus, her parents would find out if she died. That's why I went to the trouble of putting her to sleep"

Renka, whose eyes were wandering, looked at Clara, who was sleeping peacefully in her bed, and asked, but Shinji shook his head.

A succubus that can turn a human woman into a succubus and makes her one of her minions.

As the parent of succubus is able to collect some of the life force from them, so there is always a magical connection between parent and child. This is the reason why the succubus turns the women of the city into her minions.

Because the more women she has, the more energy she can collect.

"Well... Let's meet up with Al and the others as soon as possible!"

"That's right. The windows are in the bathrooms...."

Shinji and Renka walked together from the bed room to the bathroom to find the window they were looking for.

They unlocked the window and opened it.

[Freri, please]

[Okay. Climb now]

[I'm going too~noja!]

As Freri responded to Shinji's thoughts, ivy sprang up from the ground. The tips of the ivy invaded the room and entangled themselves in the appropriate places.

This time, as the ivy shrinks, Freri, who has been holding on to the ivy, climbs up the wall in one leap.

Freri, who has finished climbing, lets the ivy hang down, and then Flare catches it below, the ivy which had been catches, shrinks it at once, and she pulls it into the window.

It was a quick job that took only ten seconds after the window was opened.

[Sorry to keep you waiting]

Freri closes the window after removing the ivy as if to hide the evidence.

"As expected, Freri, you're smart. We're right on schedule"

"You two, get your equipment~noja"

"Okay, thanks"

As Freri smiles at Shinji's praise, she hands over Shinji's and Renka's equipment.

Shinji and Renka also decided that now was not the time to be embarrassed and stripped down to their clothes. As they do so, they naturally notice the erection of Shinji's penis.

[Is it because of the charm? Did some other succubus do this to you?]

"Well, you're unusually bad at this, Shinji~noja"

He ignored Freri's scowl and Flare's amused grin as he continued to get dressed, especially Flare, whom he would take care of later.

Renka nodded to each other as she finished getting dressed.

"All right, we'll meet up with Alvin and the others"

"Yeah, we'll explore when we get there!"

Thus, Shinji and Renka were able to leave the playroom as planned.


This was Clara, Shinji and Renka's room.

Thanks to Freri, Shinji-kun have a lot of resistance.

However, thanks to a light dose of charm, Shinji was able to baste himself with excitement.

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