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193 The Great Skardian Army (Part 2)Jun 29, 2023

193 The Great Skardian Army (Part 2)

Exile smiled as snow fell from the dark clouds overhead. 'Just in time!' The temperature continued to plummet as Exile considered the discomfort the Sommerdans had to be feeling. 'This should help a lot.' He thought as a wide grin spread across his face. 'It seems the royal faction has finally arrived, and with them, the rest of our own faction!'

He chuckled as he thought about what that meant for this battle. 'They've taken down their barricades so they could get as many troops here as possible. Sure. They've likely left some behind to stall the other invasion points. But with the barriers gone, we can finally unite all our people in one area!'

'There was always the possibility of that happening. However, I thought they would realise the danger of letting them through. Hm, maybe they just feel the Sommerdans are a bigger threat than what we can pose to them.' Exile stroked his beard as he studied the enemy army's reaction to the weather.

'I have to assume this change in weather is Noslin's doing. She's probably using the snow to mask the approach of the army she's with.' Exile hummed to himself as Thovok had the dwarves begin a war chant to intimidate the enemy. 'I just hope they don't mess up this chance.'

A deep frown appeared on Exile's face as the Skardians prepared themselves for the battle. Bjorn wore a reluctant expression on his face as a small group of warriors gathered around him in the rear. However, he understood he had an important role to play. As the two sides finished their preparations, the players took their places at the front of their respective armies.

"Everyone! Be mindful of your surroundings! If you can, try to force the enemy into two-on-one fights. Conserve your DP as much as possible!" Exile bellowed to the members of Ragnarok.

"Clay! As soon as this battle ends, take your group and join the Skardians we sent through the Silverfang Pass. Make sure the enemy retreats to their ships instead of trying to go around us."

"You've got it." Clay chuckled as he nodded at Exile. He understood how important a win here would be for their Pantheon. "You going to be ok dealing with the Royal faction without me?"

"We'll be fine." Exile grinned as he kept his doubts to himself. 'If Bargrux has achieved what I asked of him.'

Exile's gaze wandered toward the Stormcrown region. Everything was in place, and all that remained in the way of naming Harik as a Skardian King was the control over that region. However, if Bargrux succeeded, that obstacle would be removed. 'I just hope he had enough time.'

He was aware that he had asked a lot of the dwarven king. There were a number of cities he would have to seize in the space of the few days it took the Royal faction players to arrive at the battlefield with their armies. Exile sighed internally at the thought of the workload that would be waiting for him in the event they came out victorious.

'The news and the stream will draw a lot of eyes to our Pantheon. It will be the perfect time to announce our partnership with Rebel Energy and who I really am.' At that moment, war horns began to sound out through the fresh snow as the Sommerdan army marched towards the Skardian lines.

However, Exile's eyes narrowed as the enemy players moved as well. 'Seems like they really are throwing everything at us. They're not leaving anyone behind this time. Which means... Parthus is joining the fight!' Exile grinned as the flutter of snow turned into a storm. A wall of pure white blinded everyone as the tension in the air rose.

"Ania, take care of yourself out there. Our reinforcements are here, but I can't guarantee your safety." Exile shot her a soft smile as he kept his voice low. "I'll have to deal with the enemy gods, so do not rely on my protection."

Ania gulped as she nodded at his solemn words. Her ears perked up as she heard the clatter of metal closing in through the storm. 'They're almost upon us!' She glanced at the great wolf by her side for comfort before the first speck of colour broke the monotonous white of the curtain surrounding her.

"Charge!" Ania bellowed, over the roaring winds that threw the snow around.

Yells filled the battlefield on all sides as the Skardians charged forward to meet the invaders. The ground quickly turned a startling shade of red as blood was drawn. The din of war carried on the air from all sides as the two armies clashed with a ferocity that had never been seen during that age.

Exile deflected an enemy blade with his tower shield as he lunged with his spear! The enemy player cried out as the tip of Exile's weapon struck his shoulder. The player cursed as he sidestepped the follow-up lunge and slashed towards Exile's head! However, Exile tilted his face so the blade struck the ornamental wing on his left side.

The enemy player wheezed as Exile used that chance to bash him with his shield. Which made his opponent's eyes go wide at the damage inflicted on him! A flurry of blows was exchanged as Exile took control of their fight. His enemy cursed under his breath as he considered using his Authority. However, the battle had barely begun and he would be looked down on for resorting to that so soon.

Exile understood what was going through his opponent's mind as he continued to chip away at his health. From what he could tell, his opponent's spells were likely to useless against his higher Authority. So there was no reason for him to fret as he pushed his advantage. Eventually, his opponent yelled out as he activated a divine spell.

Exile's mind felt clouded as a drunken stupor overtook his reasoning. 'Well, this is interesting.' He mused as he struggled to strike his enemy who slashed at his back. However, his enemy grimaced as Exile's superior stats prevented him from receiving any damage!

Exile grinned savagely as he swung his spear in wide arcs, which forced his opponent to back away. The pair stared at each other as NPCs from both sides died all around them. Exile tried to keep sight of his opponent. However, he seemed to have decided there was no point in that fight as he fled from Exile's vision!

A loud curse escaped from Exile's throat as he glanced around him at the brutality that was unfolding. 'I guess I can call that a win, but I didn't gain anything from it!' He sighed as he wandered through the snowstorm in search of his next opponent. Luckily, it did not take much as he came across another player who seemed to have narrowly escaped death at the hands of one of Ragnarok's players.

The enemy player barely registered his presence as Exile lunged at her throat! She let out a soft yelp Personally, he hoped it was the latter. A solemn expression crossed his face as he realised he had 09:30

already lost sight of Ania. 'I hope she'll be ok.'

before the weapon struck, turning her into bright motes of light. 'Well, that's one down at least.' Exile grinned as he swept up her orb and the dagger she dropped. The snow made it difficult for him to pinpoint the enemy's position, even if he could sense their presence there.

As the drunken effects from his previous opponent's spell passed, a smile danced on his lips. 'That was a bit short. Either his spell was just that weak or someone killed him and it removed its effects.' Personally, he hoped it was the latter. A solemn expression crossed his face as he realised he had already lost sight of Ania. 'I hope she'll be ok.'

-10 HP

Exile cursed as he swivelled to face his left side where a man holding a bow was situated. 'This one's strong!' He quickly checked the log to discover the new opponent's name. 'Kreepin?' His eyebrow shot up as he eyed the player. 'Seriously, how do people come up with these names?' He sighed as he deflected the next arrow with his shield.

However, the moment he advanced on Kreepin's position, he disappeared into the blinding snow. 'Damn! He must be attempting to interfere with the battles and gain some easy kills!' Exile cursed as he made a mental note to keep an eye out for that player.

Meanwhile, Bjorn cursed under his breath. 'I can't see a damn thing in this snow! How am I meant to find that blasted hero of theirs!' A vein bulged on his forehead beneath his helm as listened to the sounds of battle. A moment later, the howl of a wolf pierced through all of the other noises! 'Skovi!' Bjorn growled as he realised the wolf had to be calling for help.

'He should be with Ania. If she's in trouble then it should be that hero!'

"With me!" Bjorn bellowed as he led his warriors into the fray.

He shoved the Skardians in his way to the side as his hammer cracked open a few skulls. The contents of which spilt across the ground, making the footing where he passed extremely treacherous. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as Skovi howled again. This time it sounded more desperate than before!

"Damn it! How far into the enemy lines did that girl go!" Bjorn swore as he appeared to reach a clearing in the enemy formation.

At that moment, the snowstorm suddenly stopped. As the air cleared Bjorn cursed louder than he ever had in his life! 'We're surrounded!' Enemies eyed him warily from all sides. However, it was what was in their hands that made Bjorn cautious. The enemy had come prepared with nets and rope to entrap him! An enemy player watched Bjorn with glee as he pursed his lips and whistled. However, the sound that came out of his mouth was not human. Instead, it mimicked the sound of a howling wolf.

At a different place on the battlefield, a wide grin spread on Harik's face as the curtain of snow fell away. Although they were in a bad position, hope flared in his heart as thousands of Skardian warriors charged at the Sommerdan army's flanks! 'The reinforcements have arrived!'

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