Pantheon Online

C.180: BearserkerFeb 28, 2023

Harik took a deep breath as he watched his warriors take up their positions. They looked scattered and low in numbers compared to the Sommerdan army, which was making its way onto the open fields at the foot of the mountains. It was now clear to Harik just how outnumbered they were.

'We should start seeing the arrival of other armies soon... If everything has gone to Exile's plans.' Harik frowned deeply as he glanced at the stern expressions of his warriors. Everyone knew the start of the battle would bring the highest losses. This was to be expected, as they had to hold the Sommerdan army in this area until everyone could arrive.

It would be up to them to hold back the tide long enough, as it was almost certain that the Sommerdan army would rush them to break through quickly. Harik began barking orders to adjust the formations of the warriors who were with him while glancing nervously in Ania's direction. 'I hope she's up to the task...'

Meanwhile, Ania stood with the warriors who had been assigned to her. They were the furthest group from the invaders and she had the feeling her father had arranged it as so on purpose. She was not concerned about the battle to come, as she had faith that Exile would make sure that they won. Skovi had stuck close to her when he returned from the Divine Realms, feeling that she would be the most likely to fall to the Sommerdan hero if he targeted her.

This was simply because of her lack of experience on the battlefield. Her eyes turned skyward, where the clouds were turning dark and drifting low across the mountain peaks. Ania could somehow feel it, it was almost time for the battle to begin. Horns suddenly blared at the foot of the mountain. Great drums began to beat like that of a thunderous storm as the Sommerdan army finally began to move!

Harik groaned when he saw the movement from the enemy camp. 'It's too soon! We need more time...'

He watched on as the Sommerdan army split into four groups. One for each of them and another was held back in reserve. His expression darkened when he saw that the group headed for Ania's position was the largest. 'They intend to break through her first then have their warriors attack my flank. Meaning we will be heavily outnumbered.' Harik grit his teeth as he glanced to his right where Bjorn was.

It was clear that he could not rely on Bjorn's help any time soon either. There were enough troops heading in that direction to keep him busy for some time. 'It's almost like they knew that Ania's group is our weak link...' Harik cursed as he turned to take in the expressions of his men. For now, all he could do was try to hold his own position.

The air began to thrum with Sommerdan war cries, the force behind them grew stronger with each chant. Harik raised his heavy shield, and peered at the enemy before him over its rim. 'Any moment now and they will charge...' He squinted, as a flash of bright light lit up the battlefield. That was when a smile crept across his face.

The morale of the warriors suddenly lifted, as they answered the Sommerdans with their own roars as they beckoned them onwards. The fear of the battle in their hearts had been lifted at the first sign of lightning in the darkened skies.

Ania's smile was broader than that of her father's. For she could feel the familiar presence of their Gods approaching from the direction of Eraldsfen. 'They'll be here soon... Which means...' A thunderous bang sounded from the clouds as a bolt of lightning struck the snow a few feet in front of Ania. A curtain of blinding snow was thrown into the air, as those devout enough spotted the figure of Exile standing in the midst of it.

Exile's sharp eyes studied the charging warriors from Sommerdan as a smirk appeared on his face. 'So, Parthus is over there is he?' A quick glance told him that the rest of Ragnarok would catch up before any real damage could be done. It was only because of the mental link with Skovi that he decided to descend now.

Parthus had smashed his expectations yet again. He was seeking to end the battle quickly when Exile needed for them to be held here until the other Skardian Gods could arrive with their people. As such, his hand had been forced. The only way to hold the lines long enough now was if Ragnarok could provide enough Miracles.f𝘳𝚎𝐞we𝐛𝑛𝐨𝘃e𝘭.co𝘮

Bjorn's eyes lit up as he glanced at Exile's imposing figure. This was his chance to fight on the battlefield beside his God! The only one he deemed worthy of ruling over the mortal realms. He let out a shout of his own, and charged towards the enemy! The warriors behind him quickly followed, drowning in their own blood lust.

The Sommerdan commander on that side of the battlefield had not expected for Bjorn to launch an attack. Causing him to hesitate for a moment. Even though it was only a moment, that brief hesitation on his part caused the stench of fear to spread among his troops. Bjorn, in his armour, looked like an unsurmountable beast charging straight towards them.

The commander gulped as he felt his nether regions warming up and becoming damp. He stuttered as he screamed at his troops to form a line in front of him to intercept Bjorn! Metal clanged as their small round shields slapped against each other to form a wall. Their minds felt pressured by Bjorn's presence as the latter hefted his great hammer onto his shoulder in preparation of a mighty swing.

Bjorn roared as he slid to a halt in the snow and swung his arms using all of his strength. Swords rushed to meet him, hoping to slay this monster before he could do anything to them. But it was not meant to be be. The Sommerdan steel deflected or broke uselessly on Bjorn's coat. Leaving them to stare wide-eyed in horror as the great hammer smashed through several jaws in a spray of blood before completing its swing.

Bjorn could be heard laughing as he kicked the man directly in front of him in the chest, knocking him and those behind him over onto their backs. Their brains rattled in their skulls, and when they regained clarity in their eyes they wished it had never come. Bjorn had swung his hammer over head, and directly down into the skull of the man he had kicked.

He was uncaring of the warriors' frantic attempts to stab, slash or pierce him as he methodically crushed those around him one by one. Bjorn's warriors had now caught up, and were screaming elated at the sight of Bjorn, unflinchingly dispatching their enemies with ease. The enemies front line on that part of the battlefield had already fallen apart. Skardians tore through them, uncaring of any injuries they sustained. As long as they killed more men than lives they had to give, then it was worth it.𝑓𝔯𝑒e𝘸e𝘣𝓷𝘰ѵe𝚕.c૦𝙢

This brutal sight was etched into the minds of the commanders who were about to face Harik's and Ania's groups. Their eyes became wary as they pinpointed their armour which stood out from the other warriors. Much like Bjorn's did. They felt uneasy as they stared at them, before they realised that something was off about the whole affair. Why were Skardians wearing such fine armour? And why did the ordinary warriors look much better equipped than they should be?

Whatever the reason was, there was no turning back now! The commanders screamed at their men to drive forward. Even if the enemy rushed towards them! Harik let out a sigh of relief when he saw how Bjorn had handled the charge directed towards his group, and Exile was now by Ania's side so he no longer felt concerned for her safety. His mind could now fully focus on his own battle! As the enemy drew near, Harik raised his blade towards the sky.

The Skardians beside him on the front line fell back, and were replaced by Thovok and his dwarves. The sudden change of the enemies they would be facing caused mass confusion among the leading Sommerdan warriors. It took them a moment to realise what it was they were really up against...