Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.12 Complete EvolutionFeb 26, 2023

Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.12 Complete EvolutionFeb 26, 2023

Night fell.

Su Ming sat quietly at the entrance of the cave, sensing the special energy brought by the moonlight.

Beside him sat two more figures. They were Little Su Hui, who had grown a little bigger, and Little Su Yi, who was almost the size of an adolescent wolf.

Two days had already passed since Su Yi joined Su Ming's training team.

Su Hui successfully strengthened his body again, and Su Yi also successfully activated its first enhancement.

Just like Su Hui, its figure had only reached the level of a small dog. It was unable to reach the size of a young wolf like Su Ming.

If one observed carefully, they would discover that Su Yi was even smaller than Su Hui.

This was because it had only persisted for about an hour and a half in the two exercises, an entire half an hour less than Su Hui.

However, Su Yi's body was far superior to Su Hui's. If the two fought, Su Hui could only temporarily have the advantage in strength and speed, but Su Yi could rely on its outstanding control of its body to be evenly matched.

In the past two days, Su Ming originally thought that more talented wolves like Su Hui and Su Yi would appear.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the luck of the wolves had come to an end. After Su Yi, no other wolf cubs stood out.

In this way, two days passed peacefully and Su Ming's final strengthening moment arrived tonight. It was also the moment he had long looked forward to. After all, this was the day that he would evolve into a Kenai Peninsula Wolf. 𝒇𝑟e𝙚𝑤𝙚𝐛𝗻𝐨ν𝚎𝘭.c𝐨m

The moonlight slowly seeped into Su Ming's body. The pure white hair on his body became even more translucent and bright under the enhancement of the moonlight.

From afar, Su Ming was like a spirit under the moonlight, emitting a holy and noble aura.

Su Ming could sense that the comfortable feeling in his body was gradually disappearing. What replaced it was a hot burning feeling that was stimulating various parts of his body.

His originally closed eyes suddenly opened. Su Ming knew very well that the burning sensation was telling him that he had already bathed in the moonlight for an entire hour.

At this moment, the last enhancement was quickly taking effect in his body, improving the condition of his entire body.

After the burning feeling, Su Ming felt the familiar feeling of his muscles being torn. Moreover, unlike before, the tearing feeling this time was especially intense, making Su Ming, who could still endure a little previously, lie on the ground in pain and twitch incessantly.

Beside him, Su Hui and Su Yi were also undergoing another enhancement and were temporarily unable to pay attention to their white-haired brother's situation.

Only Father Wolf, who was resting with his eyes closed, noticed this. He stood up and approached Su Ming to observe the situation of his body.

After staring at Su Ming for about five minutes, Father Wolf finally confirmed that his child's life was not in danger.

It silently turned around and returned to its original position. It continued to close its eyes and lie down, feeling the benefits of the moonlight.

During this period, be it Su Hui, Su Yi, or Su Ming, they did not notice Father Wolf approaching.

Although Father Wolf had always appeared to be indifferent to everyone on the surface, he was still worried about every member of the wolf pack.

Su Ming's eyes were closed tightly, and a large amount of tearing and burning sensation was reflected in his limbs.

For a moment, Su Ming even felt that he would faint like this. Fortunately, his strong willpower allowed him to persist. 𝘧𝗿ee𝚠𝙚𝙗𝑛o𝚟𝐞l.𝐜૦𝗺

He had a feeling that if he was unable to endure the last strengthening process, his body would have an extremely bad negative impact.

After a while of enduring, the tearing feeling in Su Ming's body began to disappear. Just as he thought that it was completely over, an even stronger pain appeared in his body.

If the pain of the tear from before was considered to be a ten, then the current feeling was probably a fifteen. He felt as if he was being slashed by millions of blades.

Under the intense pain, Su Ming completely gave up on controlling his body and focused his attention on his consciousness.

He tried his best to maintain his consciousness so that he would not completely faint from the pain and burning.

As time passed, Su Ming's consciousness was no longer as clear as before. He was in a semi-conscious state.

He could not remember what he was doing, where he was, or why he had fallen into this state.

He only knew one thing clearly: he could not lose consciousness and fall into a coma.

Even in the end, when his consciousness was about to completely blur, Su Ming still insisted on staying awake, an instruction he had left for himself earlier.

Relying on it, Su Ming successfully survived the pain of the last wave of enhancement.

After all the negative pain on his body disappeared, he quickly regained consciousness.

It was as if a good rain had arrived after a long drought.

A large amount of warm comfort quickly surged out and covered Su Ming's entire body, as if it was repairing the damage to his body from his excessive growth just now.

Su Ming had never felt this way before. It was as if he was soaking in a warm hot spring and someone was massaging him every moment.

While feeling happy, Su Ming was also paying attention to his strengthened body.

The reason why the pain this time was so intense was because Su Ming had also been going through the process of turning into a Kenai Peninsula Wolf.

Now, Su Ming's body had completely surpassed Father Wolf and had reached the size of a large wolf. It should be said that as a Kenai Peninsula Wolf, he was also the tallest among all the wolves.

The Kenai Peninsula Wolf, which was about two meters long on average and more than a meter long on the shoulder, could be said to be the wolf with the strongest combat strength among wolves.

If the previous snow leopard still dared to disturb them, Su Ming alone might be able to completely subdue it.

In order to understand the various values of his evolution more clearly, Su Ming opened the technology interface and confirmed.

Name: Su Ming

[species]: Kenai Peninsula Wolf-Youth (Gray Wolf Subspecies)

[Level]: Fifth Level Ordinary Realm

Strength: 9.2/10

Agility: 9.2/10

Ability: None

[Known Evolution Path]

1. Moon Herd Silver-clawed Wolf

2. Frost Bosch Wolf

3. Ancient Battle Mark Wolf

Looking at the two values above, Su Ming nodded in satisfaction.

Just as he had guessed previously, his strength and speed indeed could not reach the limit.

This was because there were also many powerful species above the Kenai Peninsula Wolf. For example, the brown bears that occupied the center of this area, the tiger that was the king of all beasts, and the equally powerful lion.

Although the Kenai Peninsula Wolf had extraordinary combat strength, it was not invincible. It could only be said to be above average among high-level predators.

Therefore, Su Ming did not feel complacent just because he had evolved into a Kenai Peninsula Wolf. Instead, he humbly recognized the current situation he was in.

After calming the joy in his heart, Su Ming finally noticed the evolution path displayed behind.

It seemed that his journey had only just begun.