Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.3 Encountering The Snow LeopardFeb 26, 2023

Facing the threatening roars of the two female wolves, not only did the snow leopard not retreat half a step, but it even gradually approached the cave.

It narrowed its eyes and stared straight behind the two female wolves, as if it could see the wolf cubs behind them.

As the snow leopard slowly walked to the entrance of the cave, the female wolves' roars became more and more intense.

Unfortunately, the snow leopard did not take it seriously. In its understanding, dealing with a mere two female wolves was naturally not a problem.


The snow leopard let go of its tense hind legs and suddenly pounced at one of the female wolves.

Its speed was so fast that the two female wolves did not have the time to react at all. In an instant, the other party had already completely pounced on the Beta female wolf.

The two of them were clearly basically the same size, but there was an obvious difference in strength. The two Huaxia wolves were no match for the snow leopard at all.

"Wu ~"

The female wolf that was pushed to the ground let out a sad cry. Its neck had already been tightly bitten by the other party and it was unable to move at all.

Such a huge commotion also alarmed the sleeping wolf cubs behind. Sensing that the situation was wrong, they also let out roars. However, the female wolves couldn't care less about them now.

Su Ming, who was originally in a deep sleep, naturally woke up. The morning training had made his sleep very peaceful. If not for the noisy cries of the wolf cubs, he would definitely not have woken up immediately.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Su Ming realized that something was wrong. He did not expect a snow leopard to barge into the cave and even subdue one of the female wolves. 𝒇𝘳ℯℯ𝚠𝙚𝑏𝗻𝑜ѵ𝑒𝙡.co𝑚

Observing the movement between the two, a bold idea appeared in Su Ming's mind.

The stalemate continued. Although the snow leopard had already obtained the main advantage, it did not let down its guard.

Its mouth bit tightly onto the throat of the female Beta wolf, but its eyes were fixed on the only Mother Wolf in front of it that still had combat strength.

Mother Wolf in front of it kept roaring, but it did not do anything. This was because it knew that once it went forward to bite the enemy, it was very likely to die under the other party's fangs.

The initiative was in the hands of the snow leopard. As long as it was willing, it could end the life of the female Beta wolf in its mouth at any time and start its final struggle with Mother Wolf.

However, the snow leopard was not in a hurry. It was using this buffer period to survey the surrounding environment. In order to fight better next, it not only had to see the surrounding terrain clearly, but it also had to analyze the condition of Mother Wolf in front of it.


A somewhat childish wolf roar sounded from behind. At the same time, a figure among the wolf cubs was struggling to get up and run towards the snow leopard in front, as if it wanted to knock the other party down.

Needless to say, this figure was naturally Su Ming. If there was anyone among the wolf cubs who had the ability to walk, it was naturally him.

Su Ming's intention was very simple. He wanted to cooperate with Mother Wolf and deal a heavy blow to the snow leopard.

Indeed, as he had expected, the snow leopard's attention was instantly attracted by Su Ming's actions.

Mother Wolf also seized this rare opportunity to suddenly attack and bite the snow leopard's hind leg.

The sudden attack made the unprepared snow leopard ache from the bite, and the strength in its mouth also relaxed a little.

The female Beta wolf quickly escaped. Some blood flowed out of its throat and dyed its fur red.

Seeing that his mission had already been completed, Su Ming also hurriedly staggered back to his wolf den to prevent himself from being attacked by the snow leopard.

The two female wolves gathered together again and confronted the snow leopard in front of them.

However, what was different from before was that one of the female wolves had already suffered slight injuries. Although it was still doing its best to guard against the snow leopard, it was already weaker than before.

The snow leopard licked the injuries on its hind legs and looked at the female wolves without any nervousness. Just now, the two of them were already unable to defeat it when their bodies were healthy, let alone now.

As for the injuries on its hind legs, they were not too serious. It was still able to move freely.

In the snow leopard's mind, these two female wolves could no longer be considered as enemies. It was already thinking about how to eat these wolf cubs.


Just as the snow leopard fell into a daze, another sound sounded from outside the cave.

The eyes of the two female wolves lit up because they smelled a familiar smell. The main force of the wolf pack had returned.


With a loud wolf roar, Father Wolf rushed to the entrance of the cave with the two wolf brothers.

Father Wolf did not give the snow leopard any time to react. It pounced and grabbed the other party's chest.

Behind him, the two wolf brothers surrounded the snow leopard from both sides, making it unable to dodge Father Wolf's pounce.

Traces of blood dripped to the ground from the snow leopard's chest. Looking at the five Huaxia wolves in front of it, the snow leopard felt a serious threat.

It roared in a low voice and retreated step by step, from the inside of the cave to the entrance.

When there were only two Huaxia wolves previously, it could still deal with them with ease. Now, it could only be said to be evenly matched with the other party.

The snow leopard was unwilling to sacrifice serious injuries to obtain victory. Similarly, the wolf pack did not want to sacrifice their companions to obtain victory.

The two sides looked at each other warily and maintained a stalemate until the snow leopard completely retreated from the outside of the cave.

Grabbing the slightest gap in the wolf pack's encirclement, it erupted with a shocking speed and ran back into the forest without looking back.

Father Wolf stared coldly at the other party's departing figure. The wolves had already remembered this grudge.

It was not only the smell emitted from the other party's body. Even the other party's figure had been completely engraved into their minds.

One day, when the juniors of the wolf pack grew up, it would be the time for revenge.


After letting out a wolf roar, Father Wolf led the remaining four wolves back to the cave.

Mother Wolf hurriedly came to the wolf den to comfort the little wolf cubs.It also specially licked Su Ming's head, as if it was thanking him for his help just now.

The female Beta wolf ignored its injuries and arrived in front of the wolf cubs to comfort them.

Father Wolf stood in front of the cave and stared at the injuries of the female Beta wolf. After a long time, it turned its head to look at the entrance of the cave.

Just now, they had returned from hunting and discovered an emergency. They had no choice but to temporarily place their prey in the forest.

Now, the two wolf brothers dragged their prey out of the forest and arrived at the entrance of the cave.

This time, they had hunted a relatively huge deer. It was no wonder that the hunting team had spent more time than before.

However, in terms of food storage, this deer could at least feed the wolves for two to three days.

As usual, as the leader of the wolves, Father Wolf ate first. Then, it was the other members' turn. 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝙚w𝚎𝐛𝙣𝐨𝙫𝘦𝗹.c૦m

After eating, all the adult wolves filled their stomachs.

Father Wolf lay at the entrance of the cave and closed his eyes to rest. The two wolf brothers sat in front of the cave and took on the responsibility of guarding.

In the cave, Mother Wolf and the female Beta wolf were gathered together. As a high-level Mother Wolf, it personally licked the other party's injuries.

This was because the other party was not only a member of the wolf pack, but it was also the biological sister of this Mother Wolf.

Now, it could only hope that the other party's injuries would not worsen and that they would heal faster. Otherwise, this female Beta wolf would not be able to last long.