Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.444 257, smoking village 2Nov 18, 2023

After stepping on the muddy path covered by weeds and passing through the dense forest, Su Ming and the other Wolves arrived at a brand new area.

Through the gaps between the branches and leaves above, they could see a high-speed tunnel that was broken in the middle from afar.

Su Ming could hardly imagine what kind of force was able to completely divide the high-speed tunnel that was dozens of meters wide.

He recalled the battle debris that the Wolf Pack had found and the distance between the two locations.

Su Ming couldn’t help but guess the connection between this high-speed tunnel and the previous battle.

Perhaps the two sides in the battle had fought all the way from their original positions to the high-speed tunnel area, thus conveniently interrupting this large-scale tunnel.

With this thought in mind, Su Ming gradually slowed down his walking speed and withdrew his king’s aura to the surface of his body to prevent being detected by high-level creatures.

He would occasionally look around to be alert of the situation in the vicinity to prevent any sudden attacks from creatures.

This was not Su Ming’s excessive worry. In fact, no one dared to guarantee that these high-level creatures were still in the vicinity.

Since the wolf pack set off, they had already walked for nearly an hour and a half, crossing over a hundred kilometers.

It could be said that this place was no longer under the jurisdiction of humans, and it was also far away from the capital.

Naturally, humans would not waste their efforts to deal with this troublesome high-level creature. It was even possible that this place was the territory of the other party.

Walking carefully among the trees, Su Ming led the team forward. According to the directions on the map, the wolf pack needed to cross this high-speed tunnel.

If it was in the past, they would only need to walk under it safely. However, now, the high-speed debris that was about to collapse would obviously not let the wolf pack pass so easily.

They could either find another way and bypass the ruins, or they could walk in a straight line and step over the ruins of the building.

These two choices were difficult for the wolves who had not yet understood the surrounding terrain to make a correct judgment. Therefore, Su Ming felt that he should first walk out of this forest before making a decision.

As he cautiously walked forward, Su Ming used his sharp hearing to pay attention to the movements around him.

He could clearly hear the sound of branches and leaves fluttering in the distance, as well as the sound of herbivores walking over.

This was a good signal. Firstly, it could indicate that the high-level creatures here allowed weaker creatures to live and reproduce. Secondly, it could also indicate that there were no large-scale predators nearby, there was no need to worry about an attack.

They walked forward for another period of time. After about ten minutes, the wolf pack arrived at the edge of the forest.

Raising their claws and pushing aside the branches and leaves in front of them, the four wolves finally walked out of the forest area. What greeted their eyes was the high-speed tunnel they had seen earlier. Compared to standing at a distance and looking at it from afar, at a close distance.., they could feel the tragic state of this place even more.

This was a passage built above the river, and there were several oval-shaped load-bearing pillars in the lower area to support the entire passage.

Under normal circumstances, if one wanted to smoothly pass through the bottom of the passage, they only needed to walk along the grass on both sides of the river.

Unfortunately, the collapse of the high-speed tunnel caused the river area below to be blocked by mud and rocks, thus making the original route difficult to walk on.

A huge force broke the entire tunnel from the middle and split it into two halves. A large amount of cement and rock debris scattered and rushed into the river. The original load-bearing pillar was also broken into four pieces, it collapsed in the grass.

Apart from that, Su Ming also found traces of the fierce battle for the first time.

On the right side of the load-bearing pillar, which was still in good condition, there was a dark red blood stain. It had obviously dried up for a long time and was almost stuck to the wall.

Not far from the blood stain, there was a thick white bone scattered. It looked like a joint of a living creature’s limb. The skin and flesh on the outside were almost eaten clean and hardly remained, even the blood that flowed out was absorbed by the grass and turned into new nutrients.

Su Ming slowly led the wolf pack into it. He fiddled with the white bone and flipped it over to the side of the fracture.

He could clearly see that the broken surface was rather uneven, as if it had been forcefully torn apart by a huge force. It was completely different from the neat broken surface of the building wreckage that Su Ming had seen earlier.

Although he could not gain more confidence, based on his understanding, he could already deduce the attack methods of the two high-level creatures.

One had extremely sharp claws and teeth that could easily cut through anything, while the other had ferocious strength that could pull apart the opponent’s body.

It was very obvious that this broken high-speed tunnel and the white bones in front of him were the methods of the latter.

Following the location of the white bones and looking into the distance, he could see that there was another smear of blood on the top of the load-bearing pillar on the Left Front.

After some comparison, Su Ming noticed that there was a clear difference in the extent of the bloodstain on both sides. The new bloodstain almost covered most of the load-bearing pillar.

This seemed to indicate that the side with the sharp claws was at a disadvantage and had suffered a lot of damage.

From the looks of it, if nothing unexpected happened, the side with the strength should have won the battle in the end.

Su Ming and the other wolves stopped thinking and stood in front of the collapsed ruins, thinking about the option to leave.

Due to the accumulation of cement and gravel, the small river was basically blocked. The water flowed into the grass on both sides and formed a lake-like area.

On both sides of the river were large mountains. It was difficult to see the end. In this way, let alone bypassing the passage, even the wolves could not walk out, therefore, Su Ming completely gave up on the first choice.

Then, the remaining plan was to force their way through the ruins.

It was obviously not easy to successfully step over the cement and gravel. Not to mention the steep height, even if the wolf pack safely stepped on it, who could guarantee that the debris would be able to bear the weight of the wolf pack, and there would not be a second collapse.

Such an action was too dangerous, so Su Ming decided to use another method to pass through this place.

He first ordered the other three wolves to step back. Under the confused expressions of several members, Su Ming slowly approached the front of the ruins, closed his eyes, and listened to the movements within a radius of dozens of miles.

In the end, after confirming that there were no signs of powerful mutated creatures, he continued his original action.

He gathered the Thunder potential energy in his body and gathered it above his front claws.

Suddenly, thunder erupted and turned Su Ming’s sharp claws into a sharp sword of thunder, as if it could cut through everything in the world.

At the same time, the battle patterns on both sides of his body suddenly lit up, emitting waves of blue light, causing his muscles to bulge, containing a strong potential energy.

When everything was ready, Su Ming opened his eyes. His body was covered with a large amount of lightning, continuously striking the nearby water surface, causing all the fish and prawns inside to be electrocuted, floating above the river.

Fortunately, he had ordered the other wolves to retreat quickly, leaving the position of the river, so he did not hurt his companions.

With a thunderous aura, Su Ming suddenly stepped forward. with a soft “Sou”sound, he broke through the speed of sound and turned into a ray of light, crashing into the debris in front of him.

“Boom! ! !”

A sound like an explosion was heard. The collapsed cement pile in front of him suddenly exploded. Countless lightning threads wrapped around these broken stones and swallowed them completely, leaving no residue behind.

A large number of stones flew high into the sky and then scattered in all directions. Even Su Hui, Su Yi, Ling, and the three wolves encountered the falling stones.

Of course, this was nothing to the three of them. Su Hui suddenly shot out a blazing flame into the air and turned the broken rocks into a pile of residue powder, scattering it in the sky.

After the explosion, the dust quickly scattered, revealing the scene inside.

The cement and gravel that had been piled up in the river disappeared