445 Chapter 258, imprisoned human 1

“Zi Zi Zi”

The Bonfire of the giant human body burned fiercely, exuding a unique smell. It was neither fragrant nor smelly, but it smelled rather uncomfortable.

“Cough cough...”

Xu Shuang coughed a few times weakly. Perhaps it was because she had inhaled too much smoke, which caused her throat, which had been dry for a long time, to have a little reaction. 𝘧r𝑒𝘦𝒘𝘦𝙗novel.𝐜o𝒎

She opened her eyes in confusion and looked at her surroundings through her blurry vision.

Compared to the previous situation, there were two or three people missing from this fence. Without a doubt, they had all been eaten by the monkeys.

Uncle Chen from Linquan Street, Aunt Wang from the breakfast shop, and brother Li Mo, who had been cheering for her a few days ago.

These people who were familiar with her had all disappeared. They might have been thrown into the bonfire, or they might have turned into white bones on the ground.

Xu Shuang’s slightly swollen eyes turned red. Her sadness could not stop flowing out, but she could not. Two days ago, when she had witnessed her parents’death with her own eyes, her tears had already run out.

After all, the monkeys had no experience in raising animals in captivity. Even the idea of imprisoning humans was put forward by their lord. Then, they could forget about this group of wild animals that were only a few months ago and could take good care of humans.

To be able to hold back from slaughtering all of them at once, this could be considered their determination.

Ever since Xu Lin was imprisoned, let alone food, they had not even touched a water source. Their physical condition was deteriorating day by day, and they did not have the strength to resist at all.

Among them, shed tears of Xu Shuang worse condition, can only rely on continuous sleep, to alleviate the body to send hunger and hunger signals.


A loud intestinal contraction sound, that is from the man next to Xu Shuang came.

He opened his eyes and licked his dry lips, murmuring to himself.

“Why am I hungry again so soon...”

The man stood up slightly and raised his hands to dig into the wet ground. These were the areas that he had been soaking in urine for the past few days.

With this, not only could he temporarily solve the water problem, but he could also make the soil softer and warmer, making it easier for him to dig with his hands.

Without any taboos, he followed the hole that he had dug earlier and used his hands that were full of calluses to dig into the soil again.

Then, he placed small bites into his mouth. In order to avoid choking, he did not even dare to swallow.

Outside the fence, the monkey, who was still playing with its head, immediately stopped after seeing the man’s actions.

With a mocking expression on his face, he watched the man’s actions. From time to time, he would let out a loud laugh as if he was mocking the man for eating soil.

In the face of such mockery, the man did not care. He continued to eat seriously while thinking about how much he should eat.

He did not notice the stench of the soil that others smelled. As if he did not have a sense of smell, he began to eat mechanically.

“Don’t eat too much, Second Lieutenant Yan. Your stomach might not be able to take it.”

On the right side, the short-haired young man who had also woken up reminded this maverick man.

“I’ll save it, Old Zheng.”

After giving a short reply to the young man, the man returned to his food.

Seeing that the other party knew what he was doing, the short-haired young man who was half-naked no longer spoke. Instead, he stared at the monkeys outside the fence with a sharp gaze.

“A bunch of animals...”

He spoke in a low voice that only he could hear clearly. His words were filled with hatred.

If he were given a machete now, he would definitely charge towards the group of monkeys until all the Tibetan chieftains were killed.

Obviously, this short-haired young man and the strange man were the survivors of the village army.

Not only did the group of monkeys kill a large number of their comrades, they even took away their clothes and guns. They could only take off their clothes and put them on temporarily.

In the past few days, other than the two legion soldiers who were still consciously maintaining their physical strength and strength, most of the villagers’Wills had reached their limits and were close to a half-crazed state.

The young man sighed slightly. Other than the young girl in front of him who still had a bit of consciousness, the other survivors had already fallen into a trance and rarely had a moment of lucidity.

As a result, even if the two of them maintained their state at all times, the chances of escaping from this place were extremely small. Only by gathering the strength of the remaining people could they have a chance of escaping.

Just as the short-haired young man was thinking, a soft voice woke him up from his thoughts.

“Brother Li Mo...”

Xu Shuang’s face was pale, and her eyes revealed a look of disbelief as she looked straight at the position of the abandoned head.

Even though it was stained with some dirt and dust, Xu Shuang could still recognize the identity of the head’s owner through its facial features. This was brother Li Mo, whom she had encouraged yesterday.

The other party’s amiable face remained in Xu Shuang’s heart until this day, becoming one of the pillars of her survival.

Unfortunately, Fate played tricks on her. Brother Li, who had been talking to her the day before, was taken away by the monkeys in the blink of an eye. He was dismembered and turned into meat.


Seeing how the other party wanted to cry but couldn’t, the short-haired young man sighed in his heart.

The young man knew that if no one helped her get through this crisis, her rationality would be on the verge of collapse.