Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.453 262, the miserable state of the cityNov 18, 2023

Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.453 262, the miserable state of the cityNov 18, 2023

Smoke of gunpowder rose up and filled the ruins. The stench of corpses mixed with the smell of blood filled the air, as if it was Hell on Earth.

It was hard to imagine that two days ago, this place was still a frontline fortress with a large number of soldiers guarding it.

The originally clean cement ground had also become dilapidated. It had been eroded by the intense flames and turned into a scorched earth.

Countless corpses lay silently on the ground, scattered in all directions. Their postures were all different, and they retained the actions of the last moments of their lives.

Among them, the majority of the corpses belonged to human warriors. They had angry expressions on their faces, and their lips were open as if they were shouting. Their eyes had a hint of determination in them, and their stiff hands.., they still held tightly onto their guns, which had already been bent out of shape. They fought until the moment of death.

There were also a few burnt corpses of the Tibetan chieftains. Their expressions were completely different from those of the human soldiers. They were filled with doubt and shock, as though they could not believe that they would be killed by the humans even before they died.

Compared to the price that the humans had to pay, the sacrifices of the Tibetan chieftains were extremely few.

Under the leadership of the high-level monkey king, they easily conquered this area.

Through the scorched earth and the flames, one could see that the humans had tried their best to resist the invasion.

However, after thousands of soldiers were sacrificed and dozens of tanks and tanks were destroyed, the city’s army still ended in failure.

Until today, it was still unclear how the army left the area. However, through the scorched earth and the corpses, one could understand the situation they were in.

The four wolves stood on the high ground in the distance, looking at the area that had been eroded by the fire.

Two days ago, a fierce war had broken out here, but now, it was as calm as water. Only the smell of smoke and the scorched corpses on the ground told of the terrible situation at that time.

Crossing the scorched earth and looking at the city in front of them, there were still some black smoke rising. It seemed to prove that the humans had not surrendered and were still stubbornly resisting.

“Ta, ta, ta.”

“Hu... ha... ha...”

Behind the pack of wolves, there was the sound of panting and footsteps.

Su Ming did not even need to think to know that this was the sound of the human named Yan Ze. Even if he activated his ability and used all his strength to boost his speed, it would still be difficult for him to match the speed of the pack of wolves, let alone his physical strength.

Fortunately, the journey during this period of time was not too far away. He did not exhaust too much of his physical strength, allowing him to barely catch up.

Even though this person had a strong mental fortitude, when he saw the scorched earth in the distance, he could not help but turn pale, and his entire body trembled slightly.

The reality that Yan Ze was most unwilling to face was finally presented before his eyes. Zhangjia city had encountered the invasion of the Tibetan chieftain monkeys, and it had fallen into a half-fallen state.

“Impossible... This is our Army’s encampment, how could it be broken through...”

He looked at the charred remains in the distance and muttered to himself.

The base of the entire city was still unable to stop the invasion of the Tibetan chief monkeys, so it was very difficult to drive them out.

In this case, Zheng Tianxing’s method was the right choice. If he asked for help from other cities, he might be able to save the city.

“Xiao Qi, Ziyan, wait for me. I’ll come find you guys right away...”

Yan Ze suppressed the other guesses in his heart and quickly adjusted his emotions. Once again, a determined look appeared in his eyes.

Along the way, thanks to the protection of the Wolf Pack, he was able to force back the other mutated creatures that were spying on him. That was how he was able to reach the edge of the city so smoothly.

Now, it seemed that it was time to bid farewell. Looking at the four wolves beside him, Yan Ze slowly said with a trace of gratitude on his face.

“Thank you for your care on the way. I will never forget this favor in my life. If I can survive this battle, I will definitely do my best to repay you...”

However, before Yan Ze could finish his farewell, a sound came from the city and interrupted his words.

“Boom! !”

It was like an explosion that shook the entire area and even reached the wolf pack.

Following that was a series of gunshots and the sound of a car starting up.

“Da Da Da Da...”

“Weng... weng...”

Following the noise, the originally peaceful city became noisy again.

“Roar! ! ! !”

The continuous gunshots angered the elite Tibetan chieftain monkey that was stationed in the area. It let out a battle roar to vent the anger in its heart.

However, this resistance force was exceptionally strong. It was not defeated by the troop led by the elite Tibetan chieftain monkey. Instead, it continued to fight against it.

The Wolves looked at the source of the sound from afar. They did not take any action and only focused their attention on this place.

Just as Su Ming had said, the Wolves would only try their best to help the humans. They did not want to provoke the high-level monkey king.

Yan Ze, who was at the side, also looked at the city area. He clenched his fists and frowned. His heart was already hanging high in the sky, worrying about the situation of the resistance.

He was already in a state where he could not protect himself. Naturally, he could not provide much help to his companions.

Even if they wanted to help, there was nothing they could do. They could only watch anxiously.

If the other party could successfully run out of the city, they might be able to rely on the power of the wolf pack to give them some help.