454 Chapter 262, the tragic state of the City 2 ƒ𝘳𝗲𝑒𝒘𝐞𝚋𝚗𝐨v𝘦l.𝒄o𝐦

As if responding to Yan Ze’s thoughts, the gunshots in the city did not stop. Instead, they became more and more intense, as if they were approaching the wolf pack.

Seeing this, Yan Ze’s expression could not help but brighten, and his eyes lit up. He secretly gathered the potential energy in his body, planning to come forward to help the other party at the critical moment.

Compared to Yan Ze who was already in battle preparation, the four wolves in the distance were still as loose as before, without any changes.

Su Ming was judging the current situation, guessing the enemy’s strength range, and if he and the other wolves made a move, would it attract the attention of the high-level monkey king.

In this tense atmosphere, a large camouflage SUV entered the sight of all the creatures present.

The surface of the vehicle was covered with claw marks and dents. It was obvious that it had been attacked by a group of monkeys.

However, with its superior defensive capabilities, it had successfully survived this crisis and successfully escaped from the encirclement of the monkeys.

One could see that behind the SUV, a large group of black figures followed closely behind. They kept throwing stones, and even guns and bullets to stop the vehicle from moving forward.

Unfortunately, the effect was minimal. To the off-road vehicle with bullet-proof capabilities, these long-range attacks were nothing to be concerned about. They only caused a few dents on the outside and were no longer affected.

Against the ferocious attacks of the monkeys, the people in the vehicle naturally would not sit still and wait for death. Very soon, at the window, a few people wearing camouflage battle uniforms, armed with guns, stuck their heads out and started to counterattack, this was to slow down the speed of the monkeys following.

Relying on the full power of the off-road vehicle, this group of rebel forces ran out of the city without any danger and rushed towards the outside.

Seeing that the other party was about to run out of the area where the monkeys were stationed, the Tibetan chieftain monkey elite, who had been following behind at a constant speed, could no longer sit still.

It let out a roar and hit its chest. It raised the iron rod in its hand and encouraged the motivation of its subordinates.


The strange thing was that the monkeys, which had already reached the limit of running, actually increased their speed and gradually caught up with the off-road vehicle in front of them.

Seeing this situation, Yan Ze, who had already relaxed his brows, frowned again. He felt that the situation was not good.

He turned to look at the wolf king beside him and pleaded.

“Sir, I have something to ask of you.”

Hearing the other party’s words, Su Ming turned his head and stared at his body, waiting for him to continue speaking.

Feeling the gaze from the Wolf King, Yan Ze could not help but feel the pressure multiply. However, he still mustered his courage and voiced out the thoughts in his heart.

“Previously, when I watched your battle, I once put away a silver spear. I am ashamed to say that it was a custom-made weapon specially given to me by the higher-ups. Ever since I was injured by the Monkey King, a small Tibetan chieftain monkey actually took advantage of me and snatched it away to make a weapon. It is all thanks to your help that I was able to keep this silver spear safe.”

“Unfortunately, I am currently penniless and can not repay you for your kindness. If I could return from the city in the past, I would definitely offer you a generous reward. Even the energy core can be brought to you. Please lend me this silver spear for a moment so that I have the ability to help my companion who is trapped.”

Yan Ze’s words were rather polite, to the point of being overly respectful.

After all, the Wolf Pack had helped him twice, and there was still nothing to thank him for, so his attitude naturally couldn’t be too harsh.

Su Ming nodded slowly and didn’t reject him. 𝙛𝑟𝑒e𝘸𝑒𝗯𝘯𝗼𝘃el.𝒄𝒐m

He originally wanted to return it to the humans, but now that the Lord had come to ask for it, it was just the right time to return it.

Letting out a low growl, Su Ming ordered the little sister behind him to put down the shadow cloth and open it completely, letting Yan ze take it himself.


Su Ming raised his head and signaled Yan Ze to go over.

“Thank you very much, Wolf King.”

After thanking him, Yan Ze quickly walked over and took out the shining silver spear from inside. He held it tightly in his hand.

Then, he ran to the direction of the large off-road vehicle that was still being chased by the monkeys without looking back.

If it was the previous situation, he would indeed be helpless. However, now that his companions were close at hand, he could not just leave them be.

Whether it was a soldier or an ordinary person, he could not just watch as the humans on the off-road vehicle fell into an irreversible crisis.

A large amount of air currents suddenly floated up and surged into Yan Ze’s body, increasing his running speed. It made him turn into a white stream of light and rush towards the off-road vehicle in front of him.

The wolf pack was still standing on the spot, looking at Yan Ze who was charging towards the monkey group. The other party did not ask for their support and chose to rely on himself to provide support. It could be considered that he was a little responsible and courageous. Su Ming admired this very much.

Ever since he held the silver spear, Yan Ze’s ability seemed to have been strengthened and he could use it more skillfully.

He floated in the air for a short while and looked down at the situation below from a high angle. He held the spear tightly with both hands and slashed at the monkeys in the distance without thinking.

Suddenly, a thick white air current appeared and flew down rapidly.

“Boom! !”

Like a small explosion, a violent explosion sounded and the earth shook.

The monkeys that couldn’t Dodge in time were blown apart by the air. Under the pressure, many small Tibetan chief monkeys were turned into meat paste.

Blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

This was the first time that the monkeys had encountered such an attack since they invaded the city. It was a heavy blow to them.

After suffering such heavy casualties, the monkeys quickly stopped moving, almost stopping.

Fear replaced anger, taking over the emotions in their hearts. This made the group of intruders recall the painful price that the humans had paid two days ago when they fought with their lives on the line.

“Roar! !”

An angry roar woke them from their fear. It was the result of the attack of the d-class Tibetan chieftain monkey.

Seeing that its subordinate’s morale was declining, it had no choice but to take action on its own to meet the different human.

Thanks to Yan Ze’s help, the off-road vehicle, which was initially difficult to drive, became much smoother after losing the harassment of the monkeys.

Perhaps because they saw Yan Ze’s help and the superpowers he displayed, they quickly stepped on the accelerator and sped in Yan Ze’s direction.

With the help of the air currents, Yan Ze slowly landed and landed steadily on the ground. He looked at the monkeys that were chasing after him from afar.

With the roar of the D-grade high-level Tibetan chieftain monkey, the monkeys regained their confidence and regained their morale.

Looking at the monkeys in the distance, Yan Ze’s expression became even more serious. Through his senses, he suddenly realized that the Tibetan chieftain monkeys on the other side were not a mob, other than the majority of normal-ranked small Tibetan chieftains, this group actually included seven d-ranked enemies.

Even though Yan ze had strength that far surpassed that of ordinary Tibetan chieftains, it was still difficult for him to fight four hands with two fists. Facing multiple enemies of the same rank, it was impossible for him to contend with them.

Under such circumstances, without the help of a c-ranked expert, even with Yan Ze’s help, it would be difficult for this faction to fight against the group of Tibetan chieftains.

Gripping the silver spear in his hand tightly, Yan Ze felt a chill when he touched it, and his anxious heart gradually eased.

He did not look at the position of the Wolf King. He knew clearly in his heart that he could not blindly rely on the other party, and he could not take an inch and take a mile. The wolf pack being willing to let him follow and return the spear was already considered to have done their best.

Before they set off, the Wolf King had said that he did not want to attract the attention of the high-ranked monkey king, and he swore that he would not implicate the wolf pack.

After steadying his thoughts, Yan Ze revealed a resolute expression. He stirred up the airflow in his body and leaped up once again.

It was true that he was unable to fight against the powerful monkey group, but he was able to use his own airflow and potential energy to weaken the opponent’s combat strength to a certain extent before they were completely close to him.

This would increase the possibility of the human forces escaping from the pursuit of the monkey group.