Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.458 264 defense of a d-class Creature 2Nov 18, 2023

As if a chain reaction had occurred, the other d-class Tibetan chieftains behind the large Tibetan chieftain monkeys pounded their chests in anger and roared at the sky.

Under the encouragement of the group of high-ranking Tibetan chieftains, the originally low morale of the troop of monkeys actually gradually improved, returning to its previous high level.


Holding the binoculars and looking at the scene in the distance, a trace of seriousness appeared on Bai Lianming’s face.

Originally, these two types of heavy weapons were enough to heavily damage the morale of the troop of monkeys, but the valor of the leader of the other party far exceeded their imagination.

Facing the loss of dozens of e-grade Tibetan chieftains and the serious injury on his own arm, he was still able to calmly face it, and put even more effort into killing the human side.

“Don’t stop, continue shooting! !”

Seeing the troop of monkeys approaching from afar, Bai Lianming shouted loudly and commanded his subordinates’soldiers.

Two machine guns quickly spewed out intense tongues of fire. A large number of bullets were released and scattered in the direction of the troop of monkeys in the distance.

The soldiers holding rocket launchers also quickly reloaded their ammunition. Together with the machine guns, they aimed at the center of the troop of monkeys

It was a pity that with the experience from last time, the troop of monkeys was no longer passively attacked. They did not have any ability to resist and allowed the bullets to sweep towards them.

Under the lead of the large Tibetan chieftain monkey with an injured right arm, the rest of the D grade Tibetan chieftains began to move.

They either grabbed onto the wreckage of the nearby tanks or pulled up the iron sheet of the buildings and placed it on the outer side of the troop of monkeys. They attempted to use it to help their comrades and block the attacks of the hot weapons.

“Dang dang dang...”

The 20-millimeter ammunition shot onto the thick iron sheet of the tank’s wreckage, making huge dents and almost penetrating it.

For a tank that could withstand the bullets, even if it was already broken into pieces, its sturdy material could still successfully block most of the machine gun’s bullets.

Of course, the human’s hot weapon attack still had a good effect. Although it couldn’t Pierce through the tank’s wreckage, it was still able to pierce through the ordinary iron sheet.

Some D grade hidden chieftains’iron sheets that were casually torn off were quickly shot into pieces by the bullets. There were all kinds of holes on them.

As a result, not to mention the E-grade hidden chieftains that were hiding behind them, even the D grade hidden chieftains that were holding the iron sheet suffered some damage. The fur on their entire arms fell off, the charred flesh and flesh inside were revealed, along with the faintly visible bones of their hands.

Although the machine guns were still unable to penetrate the D-class hidden chieftain monkeys’bodies, they had indeed dealt quite a number of blows to them.

Clutching their bloody right hands, several D-class hidden chieftain monkeys let out angry roars. A large amount of blood flowed smoothly from their arms and flowed into the grass on the ground.

At the same time, in the area in front of them, the dozens of E grade Tibetan chieftains that were originally protected by them were either injured to death or lying on the ground. They had basically lost the ability to fight.

Seeing their subordinates’strength drop sharply once again, the large Tibetan chieftains leading the troop of monkeys were even more furious.

They had not noticed it when they were following the monkey king previously. It was only now that they realized the terror of human weapons. It was a fatal blow to the low grade troop of monkeys.

Waving his left arm that was still intact, he struck the air on his left. The giant Tibetan chieftain monkey had unexpectedly noticed that there were rocket launchers coming from a distance, he sent it flying back to another location.

“Boom! ! !”

A fierce explosion sounded, turning the ruins of the building into charred rubble.

“Roar! !”

Raising its left arm high, the giant Tibetan chieftain monkey let out an impassioned roar, as if announcing to its companions that human firearms were nothing special, and that their abilities were enough to repel it.

This move won the approval of most of the mutated Tibetan chieftains. They raised their hands and mimicked the movements of the giant Tibetan chieftains, boosting their morale.

This also greatly increased the speed of the troop of monkeys, allowing their already fast speed to climb to a whole new level.


Putting down the binoculars in his hands, White Lotus Ming’s expression did not change in the slightest. He was still as serious as before.

Even though they had hot weapons in their hands, they were able to cause two waves of considerable damage to the troop of monkeys.

Unfortunately, they had successfully killed all of the e-class Tibetan chieftains. The d-class Tibetan chieftains were the key combat strength of the team, and none of them had died in battle. Apart from some minor injuries, they were all capable of fighting.

“Is it really difficult to successfully kill them?”

Bai lianming lowered his head and muttered to himself. As early as a month after the mutation, their army had received the latest news from the capital city.

As for the initial understanding of the D grade mutated creatures, the report mentioned that compared to the E grade mutated creatures, the D grade creatures not only had more powerful potential energy, at the same time, their physical resistance had also improved. Their skin and flesh were more compact, and they could withstand most of the bullets.

From the current situation, it seemed that the report was indeed correct. The thermal weapons in their hands were no longer effective.

“Captain, the monkeys are only 300 meters away from us. They are rapidly approaching us. Our machine guns and cannons will find it difficult to stop them.”

Just as Bai Lianming was sighing in his heart, the soldier responsible for observing at the side reminded him.

The fearless charge of the monkeys allowed them to get closer to the humans. In just a few minutes, they would be right in front of them.

“Damn it!”

Bai Lianming cursed in a low voice. He was amazed at how powerless they felt when they were faced with powerful mutated creatures. This was not a gap that could be made up with thermal weapons.

Looking at the immature faces of his subordinates around him, he realized that this could not go on. He could not allow these young lives to be sacrificed here. That would be irresponsible.

“Xiao Chen, your attack team, prepare for the final artillery attack. Once it is over, immediately return to Xiao Li’s position at the back and follow him to the capital. Remember, you must head there immediately. Do not stop for a moment, or you will be caught up by the monkeys.”

After hearing the news about Bai Lianming, shock appeared in the eyes of the few soldiers. The moment they received the order, they already had the determination to die. But now, it seemed that the captain did not want them to die.

“But, captain, what about you?”

Some of the soldiers asked in confusion. The other party did not mention where he had gone.

Bai lianming shook his head and said seriously, “I will stay here and fight with Captain Yan until the last moment.”

He had previously said that he would not abandon his comrades. Reality proved that Bai Lianming had done it.

Naturally, his actions caused an uproar. A few soldiers shook their heads, indicating that they were unwilling to leave Bai lianming behind and run back to the capital alone.

Even Yan Ze, who was far away, could not help but feel gratified when he heard the other party’s words.

“Lian Ming...”

He muttered to himself in a low voice for a while, and then looked at the wolf pack on the right. Only Yan Ze knew that the possibility of the human side being able to defeat them would definitely require the reinforcement of these four powerful wolves.

However, his previous rude behavior of following them made it difficult for him to go forward and ask for the reinforcement of the Wolf King. He only hoped that Sir would help them once for the sake of the human alliance.

“I’ve said that this is an order. Are you going to defy the orders of your superiors?”

Bai Lianming’s voice came from afar. He seemed to be carrying out some sort of discussion with the soldiers who wanted to stay behind to defend.

“However, our duty is to protect your safety as well. We can’t just...”

“That’s enough, Xiao Li. You are still young and have a chance to develop. You must not follow me and commit suicide. Furthermore, if you die here, how am I going to explain this to your parents?”

Bai Lianming’s words made the soldiers fall silent for a long time. Finally, after some pushing and shoving, they agreed to his battle plan.