Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.463Feb 26, 2023


463 Chapter 267, difference in strength: 1

“Roar! !”

Slapping its chest, the large Tibetan chieftain monkey let out a battle roar, announcing the arrival of war.

It raised its intact right hand and compressed the air in front of it into its palm, forming a ball of gas.

Then, it retreated back and suddenly shot out, turning into a new type of air cannonball, shooting towards the four wolves in the distance. ƒ𝐫𝒆𝐞w𝗲𝚋𝗻૦𝘷e𝙡.c𝑜𝙢

Facing this swift and fierce attack, Su Ming still stood at his original spot without any panic and did not make any move.

The air cannonball that was enough to blow up Yan Ze and Bai Lianming did not seem to be worth mentioning in his eyes.

Before the air cannonball could get close to the four wolves, a gust of frost arrived first and instantly froze it on the spot.

Immediately after, a shadow blade surged out from the ground and cut the snow sphere in half.


The sphere that fell to the ground quickly shattered into countless small pieces of ice and scattered on the soil.

This was the source of the confidence of the Wolf Pack. Not only did they easily break the attack of the leader of the pack, but they also shattered it into pieces. This was enough to prove that each giant wolf had the strength to crush the other party.

The eyes of the large Tibetan chieftain monkey became a little shocked. It had never expected that the giant wolves in front of it would have such strength. It seemed that there was a slight error in the information it had previously predicted.

However, even so, it did not stop what it was doing. Instead, it continued to command its subordinate Tibetan chieftains to launch an attack.

Responding to the leader’s call, the seven d-class Tibetan chieftains all picked up the iron rods in their hands and drove their subordinate low-level Tibetan chieftains forward, forcing them to follow the attack.

After paying the price of killing a chicken to warn the monkeys, even though these low-level Tibetan chieftains were unwilling to fight, they had no choice but to go up and fight with the Wolf Pack.

Some of them brandished their military knives that they had picked up, while others held guns that were stained with dust and charged madly towards the four wolves.

“Da Da Da...”

The sound of bullets pouring out resounded throughout the entire area.

Surprisingly, after such a long period of time, these guns could still be used normally, and the bullets were successfully fired.

However, after seeing these small-sized Tibetan chieftains skillfully changing their magazines, Su Ming had some understanding.

Obviously, they had gone through a certain level of training before they mastered the use of guns, and not blindly shooting like others.

From the looks of it, the high-level monkey king behind the group of monkeys had a rather large motive. It was enough to see the desire and ambition in its heart, as if it wanted to nurture an army with modern weapons.

Facing the rain of bullets in front of them, the four wolves did not show any fear. The bullets that occasionally came were either deflected by Su Yi’s shadow blade or frozen by Ling Shuang’s frost. There was simply no way to hurt them.

Under the cover of their comrades with guns, the rest of the Tibetan chieftains held their blades and were already close to the front of the Wolf Pack.

In order to deal with the powerful opponents in front of them, they all activated the potential energy in their bodies and quickened their pace. With an even faster speed, they charged towards the wolf pack.

Facing the attack of the low-level Tibetan chieftains, ling was the first to step out. He gathered the frost potential energy in his body and gathered it in his mouth. He quickly exhaled and covered the bodies of the few Tibetan chieftains.

Instantly, the small Tibetan chieftain monkeys that were originally fast and fierce slowed down. A large amount of frost covered their bodies and gradually froze their bodies until they finally turned into an ice sculpture.

They didn’t even have the chance to approach Ling before their lives were swallowed by the cold frost.

Seeing their companions die in front of their eyes, the other small Tibetan chieftain monkeys stopped and felt some lingering fear in their hearts.

However, the large Tibetan chieftain monkeys’angry roars from behind prompted them to quickly move forward and slash at the giant wolf

Faced with the possibility of escaping and being killed by their own kind, they would rather bet on whether they could finish off the wolf pack.

“Ji! !”

With ferocious expressions, the small Tibetan chieftains held their blades and jumped between the rocks, quickly rushing towards the wolf pack.

Although they were shivering in fear at the corpses of their own kind, they could only try their best to ignore them and move forward.

However, these small Tibetan chieftains did not realize that a new crisis had arrived in front of them.

The shadows under their feet moved. Before they could make the next move, they suddenly shot out, forming sharp shadow spikes that pierced through the small Tibetan chieftains’bodies.

“Pu! !”

Those who were lucky were smashed in the head or heart on the spot, causing their consciousness to be directly destroyed. Their bodily functions completely stopped, and they could not feel any pain at all.

Those who were unlucky were pierced through the abdomen, or their thighs and forearms. They had to endure the tearing pain, and after a long time, they would eventually bleed to death.

For a moment, a large number of wails sounded from where they were. These small Tibetan chieftains either covered their arms or grabbed their thighs. They struggled crazily, trying to get rid of the shackles of the shadow thorns.

Su Yi did not show any mercy to these fellows who were not completely dead. She quickly controlled the other shadow thorns and turned them into sharp blades. She cut off their heads and ended their pain and life.

Blood splattered everywhere, and flesh was scattered all over the ground. There were broken limbs and organs that gave off a fishy smell everywhere.

Such a tragic situation made the small Tibetan chieftain monkey behind them scared out of its wits. It no longer had any intention of moving forward.