Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.464 267, Strength Gap 2Nov 18, 2023

Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.464 267, Strength Gap 2Nov 18, 2023

Even though the large Tibetan chieftain monkeys were urging them, they only dared to take a symbolic step forward and stood on the spot while trembling.

After seeing so many companions being easily killed by the four giant wolves, even with the wisdom of the small Tibetan chieftain monkeys, they could also see clearly.

The path ahead was not a path of survival at all. Instead, it was the entrance to the meat grinder. Once they stepped in, they would be declared dead.

Whether they retreated or advanced, there was only the choice of death. This was also the reason why they stopped.

“Roar! !”

A rough roar sounded. An elite-level large Tibetan chieftain monkey stepped out, as if to vent the anger in its heart, or to dispel the inexplicable fear.

It picked up the iron rod in its hand and suddenly hit the frightened small Tibetan chieftain monkey.


The sound of flesh shattering rang out. The Iron Rod was lifted again, and the top of it was stained with blood and fur.

Other than a pool of blood, there was no sign of the small Tibetan chieftain monkey from before.

At this moment, the elite Tibetan chieftain monkey behind the commander clearly knew that the morale of its low-level peers had been lost, so it was not of much use. It was time for them to make a move.

After crossing the remains of their low-level comrades, these large Tibetan chieftain monkeys held long iron rods or giant tree trunks. With extreme wind pressure, they ran in the direction of Su Ming and the other wolves.

Obviously, the strength displayed by the wolf pack did not allow them to recognize the difference between the two sides. They still had some illusions about themselves.

Lifting the iron rods, the elite Tibetan chieftain monkeys activated the wind energy in their bodies and attached them to the weapons.

Then, they swung it with force and released thick wind blades, attacking the four wolves from all directions.

Facing the aggressive attack, Su Ming took the initiative to meet it. He tightened his hind legs and jumped into the sky.

The battle patterns on both sides of his body lit up and burst out a dazzling light, speeding up his speed.

At the same time, a bolt of lightning flashed through his pupils, like a silent thunder across the sky.

Strong potential energy surged into Su Ming’s body. He did not even need to release his pressure to make the other creatures feel a heavy pressure.

Just by looking into his eyes, a few small Tibetan chieftains in the distance were scared out of their wits. With a strange cry, they collapsed on the ground.

The few elite Tibetan chieftains who cooperated with the attack were not in a good situation either. Their expressions became a little shocked, and their movements became much slower. They even showed some hesitation.

With the help of Thunder’s gaze, the world in Su Ming’s eyes gradually came to a stop.

The several wind blades that attacked earlier were extremely fast in his eyes. Their tracks could be seen at a glance, allowing him to smoothly determine the general direction of the attack.

Waving his wolf claws easily, coupled with the ability of [ thunder speed battle pattern ] , Su Ming easily intercepted the wind blades one by one and completely shattered them without leaving any residue.

“Bang, Bang, Bang.”

After a few sounds, Su Ming slowly landed and safely returned to the ground. The joint attack of the elite Tibetan chieftains had long disappeared without a trace.

A strong aura was emitted from his body and spread in all directions. Just by standing on the soil, he had the feeling of looking down on all the heroes.

Su Ming raised his head and looked at the few elite Tibetan chieftains in front of him. They had become a little slow and were no longer as swift and fierce as before. There was a trace of fear in their eyes.

The few elite Tibetan chieftains turned their heads when they saw Su Ming’s gaze. They did not dare to face him head on.

After they had officially observed the white giant Wolf’s methods, the speed of the Lightning engine’s attack really did not allow them to have too many thoughts of resisting.

If it wasn’t for the Tibetan chieftain monkeys, who were the leaders, and had the intention of crushing the humans and dispersing the wolf pack, they might have retreated and not fought against these four powerful creatures.

Su Ming still stood at the same spot and didn’t take any other actions. Adhering to the principle of prudence, he needed to collect information on the abilities of these Tibetan chieftains to prepare for a big battle later.


A moment later, the interface appeared.

[ name ] : None

[ species ] : mutated Tibetan chieftains-adult stage

[ rank ] : Elite Tier 6

[ strength ] : 20.4/25

[ agility ] : 19.2/10

[ abilities ] : speed, immense strength, Gale Claws, wind chasing

[ mutation ] : Wind Rock Armor (5%)

[ speed ] : due to the strange energy, the creatures have some changes. Their limbs have become more powerful, and the speed of the internal nerve connections has increased. This allows the creatures to release a speed that far exceeds their normal running speed.

[ great strength ] : due to the strange energy, the creature has some changes. The muscles in its limbs have gradually consolidated and become stronger. It can instantly release a strength and speed that far surpasses its own.

[ Gale Claw ] : due to the strange energy, the creature has some changes. A wind attribute potential energy is formed in its body. It can be released through the sharp claws of its limbs and attach to the top to increase its sharpness, this will make it easier to tear apart the opponent’s body.

[ Zhufeng ] : due to the strange energy, the creature has some changes. A wind attribute potential energy is formed in the creature’s body. It can control the breeze in the body or the outside world to condense and form. It can also be attached to the body or the weapon, it will increase its lethality.

After a rough look, Su Ming slowly closed the panel.

The strength and rank of these elite Tibetan chieftains were not too different from what he had estimated. Whether it was Su Ming and Su Hui, the two kings, or Ling and Su Yi, these two elites could subdue them.

However, there was a new change in the ability pane. They had a brand new ability, [ chasing wind ] .

This was the ability of these elite Tibetan chieftains to use wind blades and air bombs.

It could be said that the upper limit of this ability was quite high. It could be relied on to generate a new type of tree attack.

“Bang! !”

Suddenly, an air bomb attacked Su Ming’s location. With a rapid speed, it fell into the soil and created a deep pit.

The earth trembled. Dust flew up and pieces of soil scattered on the ground.

Lightning flashed and a white shadow appeared.

In an instant, Su Ming’s figure appeared on the other side of the soil. His body was still as white as before, not stained with a single trace of blood or dust.

Stepping on the soil and rocks, he looked at the leader of the monkey group in the distance. The other party’s slowly closing mouth indicated that the attack just now was its trick.

Earlier, while Su Ming was standing in the same spot and observing, the leader of the monkeys did not stay idle. It secretly stored potential energy in its mouth and suddenly attacked Su Ming’s position.

It thought that it was a sure thing, but the result was beyond its expectations.

Not only did the giant white wolf easily dodge its attack, but it was also not injured in the slightest.

Seeing the other party’s calm and collected appearance, the leader of the monkeys could not help but feel a little suspicious. Perhaps he had really misjudged the giant Wolf’s strength.

He raised his eyes and coincidentally met the White Wolf’s cold and indifferent eyes. An inexplicable sense of oppression swept over the body of the leader of the monkeys, causing its hair to stand on end, as if it was facing a ferocious giant beast, it was not a giant wolf that was much smaller than itself.

It took a step back, unable to suppress the fear that grew in the heart of the leader and spread.

It gradually realized that something was wrong, but the wolf pack would not give it a chance to think.


Standing on top of the stone, Su Ming let out a passionate howl, vowing to launch a counterattack.

He took the lead to turn into a bolt of lightning and ran across the battlefield, flashing past the small Tibetan chieftain monkeys and reaping their lives

Su Hui followed closely behind. It was already impatient, and it covered its entire body with flames. It breathed out high-temperature flames and attacked the stunned Tibetan chieftain monkeys.

Behind the two kings, Ling and Su Yi also started to move. They charged at the frightened-looking elite Tibetan chieftain monkeys and released their own abilities, slashing at their bodies.