Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.467 268, the end of the battleNov 18, 2023

Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.467 268, the end of the battleNov 18, 2023

Two streaks of light flashed across the lawn. They moved like lightning, so fast that no afterimages could be seen. They were mixed with lightning and flames, and they were like the scythes of the grim reaper, quickly reaping the lives of the creatures along the way.

Halved at the waist, decapitated, pierced through the abdomen, and burned. All kinds of corpses collapsed on the ground, paving the way behind the two, forming a path of death.

Staring at the scene in front of him with wide eyes, the monkey leader could hardly believe it. He could not imagine that the giant Wolf clan could be so powerful.

Without a doubt, he had underestimated the other party’s strength, and his clan had paid the price for it.

A slight tremble came from the leader’s body, spreading throughout his entire body, and an intense sense of fear arose.

He only felt that the two giant wolves in front of him were not two giant wolves at all. Instead, it was an extremely imposing prehistoric giant beast.

The pressure that these two giant wolves gave him was not one bit inferior to the pressure that the high-ranking Tibetan chief monkeys in the Monkey Army gave him.

It was only at this moment that the monkey group leader realized that they had provoked the wrong target. The strength of the Wolf Group was far from what they could compare to.

Unfortunately, by the time it reacted, it was already too late.

The four wolves sent out their forces to crush the Tibetan chieftain monkeys they encountered, leaving them without the slightest ability to resist.

The two kings in the lead aimed their targets at the leader of the pack far away in the center, flanking it from the left and right, giving it no chance to escape.

Facing such a crisis, the leader of the pack revealed a hint of regret. If it could return to the previous moment, it would definitely choose to retreat and not have too much interaction with the wolf pack. For the sake of these two damned humans.., the price of paying with the lives of all its kind was really too unworthy.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in reality. What had already happened would not change.

The leader of the pack of monkeys had to bear the consequences of angering the pack of wolves.

The fear in his heart could not help but cause him to take a step back. He wanted to abandon his companions and escape.

However, the path of the blazing giant wolf had completely blocked his path of retreat.

Seeing that there was no way to retreat, the leader of the monkeys could only hold the iron rod in his hand tightly and watch the two giant wolves get closer.

Endless Despair swallowed his heart. Death seemed to be very close to him.

As a mutated creature that had awakened its intelligence, the leader of the monkeys understood the importance of life. He did not want to die on this nameless land.

Unwilling emotions burst out, gradually covering up its despair.

Even if there was only a sliver of a chance, it would use all of its strength to escape from the crisis in front of it.

Gathering wind energy and attaching it to the iron rod, the leader of the troop of monkeys looked at the location of the Lightning White Wolf from afar and suddenly swung out, releasing a thick and heavy wind blade.

At the same time, his mouth did not stop. He quickly sucked in a large amount of light wind and gathered it into an air cannonball, spraying it toward the blazing giant wolf on the other side.

The leader of the monkeys naturally did not expect to be able to rely on these two attacks to finish off the two powerful giant wolves.

He only wanted to use this to delay the speed of the two wolves and find a way to escape.

However, what happened next completely failed its plan.

Facing the wind energy attack from the monkey group leader, neither Su Ming nor Su Hui had any intention of dodging.

Even though the opponent was an enemy at the peak of the elite level, it was still not on par with a king, let alone an evolutionary king.

A dazzling blue light appeared on both sides of Su Ming’s body, and berserk lightning threads covered his wolf claws.

The activation of his two great abilities allowed him to unleash the potential of his body and unleash his true strength.

“Whoosh! !”

Su Ming was faster than the speed of sound. It was as if he had really turned into a stream of light, and not a trace of afterimage could be seen.

The thick wind blade was not worth mentioning in front of the momentum of Su Ming’s charge, and it was impossible to stop him.

Suddenly, it struck out with its front claws, which were shaped like lightning spikes. The attack pierced through the wind blade’s solid body, completely shattering it from the center and dissipating it into the air.

The wind energy attack that had previously caused quite a bit of damage to the human side wasn’t able to cause a single ripple in the King’s eyes.

On the other side, Su Hui was facing an air bomb the size of his head. Similarly, he wasn’t any weaker.

This attack did not make Su Hui retreat. Instead, it stimulated the courage in his heart.

“Awoo! ! !”

With a high-pitched battle roar, Su Hui ignited the flames on his body and increased his speed. With a charging posture, he charged toward the air bomb.

Unlike Su Ming, he did not use the sharpness of his wolf claws to quickly break through the outer area of the wind energy.

On the contrary, Su Hui actually used the most intense method to directly clash with the air bomb.

With a flash of blazing flames, in a charging posture, it directly crashed into the air bomb in front of it.

“Bang! !”

The sound of an explosion rang out.

For a moment, dust flew everywhere, and it was impossible to clearly see the scene inside.

Not long after, a bright flame lit up from the inside. It broke through the cover of the dust and continued to sprint forward without reducing its momentum.

Facing the impact of the explosion, there was no damage to Su Hui’s body. Even the intensity of the flame on the outside did not decrease at all. It was as if the previous impact was not a bomb but a ball of cotton.