Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.470 269, set off once againNov 18, 2023

“Enough! !”

Bai lianming shouted and interrupted Yan Ze.

“When did you become so wishy-washy? “Although I, Bai Lianming, am only an ordinary person, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any combat ability. When I was in the company, I was always in the top few in physical fitness training and combat training

“Ah Ze, before this, I already had the determination to die. You Don’t have to worry about this. As long as I still have a weapon in my hand, I will definitely fight to the end. I guarantee that I won’t hold you back. Compared to my matters, you should first consume that energy core. We have to be prepared to enter.”

Seeing that he was unable to persuade his good friend, Yan Ze could only let him enter. However, he still reminded him verbally.

“Alright, Lianming, but you have to be clear about our way of doing things. Make sure that it is sufficiently secretive. You must not attract the attention of the monkeys.”

“I understand. Go and take it.”

Bai Lianming replied seriously and then turned around to deal with the guns.

Yan Ze looked at the energy core in his hand and silently pondered over the method of taking it.

Originally, according to the methods of the humans, they had to hand it over to the scientific research center and make it into a liquid form. Only then would it be more convenient to take it and absorb it.

Unfortunately, Yan Ze did not have such a method now. He could completely grind the diamond-like energy core into powder and then turn it into a liquid.

He slowly raised his right hand and condensed a small breeze to form a vertical blade shape. Then, he slowly cut it and divided it into several small pieces for easy swallowing.

Without a doubt, this was how troublesome it was for humans to swallow the core.

A huge beast like Su Ming could still use his powerful digestive ability and bite force to break the core into pieces and completely digest it. However, humans were clearly unable to do so.

He placed the core fragment into his mouth bit by bit. Yan Ze had finally finished devouring it. Next, he only needed to wait for his body to absorb the core energy.

Feeling the warmth coming from his abdomen, Yan ze clearly understood that the core energy was slowly fusing into his body.

According to his previous experience, this core could at least allow him to step into the mid-stage of D class.

Originally, even in Zhangjia City where Yan Ze was, there were not many energy cores that could be used to increase his strength.

Half a month ago, the number of D class mutated creatures was still quite rare. Other than the capital city, the number of cores obtained from other cities did not exceed a hundred.

Not to mention that most of the cores were used as research materials. It was even rarer when they were distributed to superhumans.

Even superhumans like Yan Ze, who represented the image of the city, had only taken the cores twice.

However, it was these two cores that allowed his strength to increase slightly. One time, it allowed him to completely stabilize his D class combat strength, and the other time, it allowed him to possess strength that surpassed the initial stage of D class.

It was not difficult to see that these glowing cores were quite significant in increasing the strength of humans.

Wiping the silver spear in his hand, Yan Ze looked at the quiet city in the distance, thinking about the safety of his wife and children.

Without knowing when, Bai Lianming also held a gun in his hand and walked to his side, following him to look into the distance.

Raising his right hand, he pointed to the southwest of the city, he said, “Ah Ze, I think we can enter from the southwest in a while. This is the path that our team opened up previously. At the same time, it’s also the position where the group of Tibetan chief monkeys lost their guard. At this stage, the defense is definitely at its weakest. It’s very convenient for us to enter.”

Yan Ze slowly nodded in agreement to Bai Lianming’s words. Based on the current situation, it was indeed the most suitable.

“Mm, let’s do as you say.”

At the same time, an intense heat current surged into Yan Ze’s body from his abdomen.

Yan Ze knew that this was a sign that his body had finished absorbing the core. Without thinking, he reminded Bai Lianming. He gripped his long spear tightly and ran forward.

“It’s getting late. It’s time to set off, Lianming.”


Bai Lianming was also fully prepared as he followed behind Yan Ze.

Just like that, the two of them quickly headed towards the city and left without hesitation.


The afternoon sun shone through the gaps between the branches and leaves, illuminating the quiet forest.

Suddenly, a sound broke the silence.


Four huge shadows leaped over the lawn under them and quickly shuttled through the forest. They were so fast that they could not be seen at all.

When they reached the front of a stream, the four of them stopped moving and revealed themselves. It was the wolf pack that had bid farewell to Yan ze earlier.

Although they had experienced a battle previously, it did not consume much of the four wolves’stamina. Su Ming had led the team here not to rest, but to do something special.

He asked Su Yi to put down the shadow cloth and took out [ mutated dragon well tea ] and a bowl of iron silver bowl.

Originally, the four wolves were either hurrying on their way or helping humans, so they did not have the time to strengthen their strength.

Now that they had some free time, they naturally planned to raise the overall strength of the team first.

It was still fine around the capital. There would not be any creatures that were stronger than kings, but it was hard to say in other areas.

Su Ming had heard Xu Lin mention that in the two cities outside the capital, there were mutated creatures that were at the peak of the King realm, or even at the extraordinary level.

One of them was Hu City, which was originally one of the cities in the human economy. Unfortunately, it fell into the hands of the mutated creatures, and now it had become the Overlord’s nest called the White Dragon.

The other one was Peng City, which was also an important city for humans. Now, it was the nest of the Devil Ape. With many powerful mutated creatures guarding it, it would be very difficult for it to return to the hands of humans.

Fortunately, if they followed the four wolves’route, they would be able to perfectly avoid the nest of the two overlords.

Of course, if they were to be careless and think that there were no other powerful creatures, they would be a little naive.

This was also the reason why Su Ming needed the team to stop and increase their strength.

No one knew what level of creatures they would encounter along the way, so they needed to be fully prepared.

Su Ming took out some tea leaves and put them in his mouth. He then let Su Yi control the shadow and took out a ball of water to fill the entire silver bowl.

After doing all the above, Su Ming placed the silver bowl on the grass. He deliberately let Ling freeze the surroundings before he signaled Su Hui to use his flame to heat up the entire silver bowl.

Upon hearing his big brother’s order, Su Hui was a little confused, but he still nodded and did as he was told.

As he opened his mouth, a burst of intense flame emerged and covered the top of the silver bowl.

Even the high temperature that spread around the area was slowly digesting the frozen frost until it turned into mist. From this, one could see the temperature contained within the flame.

Ling’s brows furrowed slightly. As a creature with frost potential energy, it was born with a certain degree of repulsion toward flames, not to mention a king-level flame.

Fortunately, it didn’t last too long. After about two to three seconds, Su Hui withdrew the flame, and the heat quickly subsided.

At the same time, the fragrance of tea slowly floated up and spread in all directions.

After being roasted by the fire, the tea inside the silver bowl was thoroughly boiled. The energy contained within the tea was integrated into the stream water.

Smelling the fragrance, Su Ming nodded his head in satisfaction. This was the tea fragrance that he had smelled in Xu Lin’s office earlier.

It was obvious that the wolf pack had successfully brewed a bowl of tea without any failure.

“Roar! !”

He let out a low growl and announced to the four wolves that he could drink it. Then, he took the lead to drink it.

After obtaining Su Ming’s permission, the other three wolves did not hesitate to lower their heads and lick it.

They had extraordinary intelligence and knew that the energy of this bowl of tea was enough to increase their strength by a lot.