Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.472 270: King Level 2Nov 18, 2023

Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

C.472 270: King Level 2Nov 18, 2023

They fought each other to expand their territory and obtain more food to grow their own species.

However, this tense atmosphere didn’t last long. With the arrival of the wolf pack, it completely dissipated.

This group of lord-tier creatures indeed had decent strength, but it was only compared to the mutated creatures here.

In front of the even more powerful four wolves, they were like ants, and it was difficult for them to resist.

The originally noisy forest had become much quieter and noiseless.

Every mutated creature hoped that this group of strangers could leave this land as soon as possible.

It was naturally impossible for this group of unruly creatures to recognize reality so quickly.

They only realized the difference in strength between them and the wolves after witnessing the death of their own lords.

At first, when the four wolves stepped into the forest, a mutated cloud leopard that had been offended decided to take action immediately to deal with these unruly creatures and have a good meal.

Surprisingly, when the cloud leopard got close to the wolves, it was cut in two by the shadow blade that fell from the sky. It was separated from the center, and a large amount of blood and organs spilled on the ground.

This action could not help but cause the several lord-tier creatures that were secretly observing to be shocked.

One had to know that the clouded leopard’s strength was not weak at all, and it was even ranked at the front among the lord-tier creatures. However, even such a creature with such combat strength was not a match for the opponent’s one strike. This also caused the lord-tier creatures that originally wanted to intervene to.., gradually, they were forced to retreat in their hearts.

The Smart Ones had already realized the strength of the stranger. However, there were also some reckless creatures who thought that they could fight against him.

They led their pack and ambushed the Wolf Pack on the road that the Wolf Pack had to pass. They wanted to ambush the other party, reduce their combat strength, and finally finish off the four wolves.

However, what happened next far exceeded the Lord’s imagination.

The wolf pack with powerful strength had long been aware of the ambush of the pack. Even their hiding spot had been completely exposed. In the eyes of the four wolves, it was as obvious as a star in the dark night.

The leader, Su Ming, continued to move forward. His gaze swept across the hiding spots of the mutated creatures. However, this group of stupid creatures did not know anything. They stood rooted to the ground and waited for the wolf pack to approach.

As Ling passed by in the middle of the group, the lord-tier creature roared and announced the start of the battle.


Immediately, several black leaf monkeys rushed out of the bushes. They waved their sharp claws and tore at the four giant wolves in front of them.


A gust of cold wind whistled past, caressing their bodies.

An inexplicable chill swept over them, and the frost was freezing the black leaf monkeys’bodies.

They still maintained their original attacking posture, bared their fangs and brandished their claws, but now it looked a little comical.

The figure that had turned into an ice sculpture quickly fell from the low sky, and heavily fell into the grass.


With a cracking sound, it finally broke into small pieces of ice, no longer looking the same as before.

“Step, step, step.”

Stepping over the broken corpses, the four wolves continued to run forward. From the beginning to the end, they did not even look at the attackers. Their attacks had no deterrent effect on the wolf pack.

It was not until the Wolf Pack had left for a long time that the other observers hiding in the dark finally dared to reveal their figures and look at the tragic battlefield from afar.

The death of the black leaf monkeys gave them a heavy warning. They must not anger the four giant wolves.


After the ferocious power displayed by the wolf pack, it could be considered to have completely intimidated the nearby lord-tier creatures, causing them to no longer have the courage to attack the four giant wolves. One by one, they opened up a path for them.

The area of the mountain forest was not too big. The wolf pack that was running quickly quickly quickly arrived at the border.

According to the map in his memory, there was not a single human city within a hundred miles of this place. There were only a few villages, which were quite remote.

This also gave the mutated creatures good development conditions, causing their overall strength to be much stronger than the city’s creatures. It also gave birth to super creatures like the Monkey King.

Human’s prediction of the future world’s situation was not too wrong. Judging from the speed of the mutated creatures’advancement, if human continued to be like this, they would definitely be suppressed by the powerful creatures.


The sun set in the evening, and the sun set in the west.

The bright red glow shone on the lawn, and the shadows of the four wolves in front continued to lengthen.

On the outside of the forest was an extremely wide plain. There were many herbivores living there, enjoying the delicious wild grass.

They were wary of the arrival of strange animals. They stopped their mouths and looked at the four wolves.

The arrival of the mutation not only broke the balance between humans and other creatures, but also completely shattered the relationship between carnivores and herbivores.

They were no longer the predator and prey, but a confrontation.

Through the influence of the strange energy, the herbivores had the strength to fight against the carnivores, and they could even crush them.

In just a few months, the herbivores were no longer afraid of predators. Instead, they defended their own territory and killed off all the other carnivores.

This was also the reason why the nearby herbivores were not too afraid of the wolf pack, because they had the strength to confront them.

The four wolves had yet to show their strong potential energy, so the herbivores were not too afraid.

Of course, the Wolf Pack also had no desire to eat. They just glanced at the herbivores and continued to walk forward.

The four Wolves’actions also made the herbivores around them sigh in relief, especially the two leaders. Although they had already overcome their fear of predators, they did not know why they still had a trace of fear towards the wolves.

Perhaps it was the instinct of the creatures to seek benefits and avoid harm that was warning the two. The giant wolves in front of them were not as simple as they appeared to be. However, it was clear that they had only subconsciously realized this. Otherwise, when they met the wolves, they would quickly throw them away.

White smoke rose slowly from the distant area and floated into the sky.

Seeing this scene, Su Ming gradually slowed down the pace of the team. This was a sign of the ignition of the firewood, which proved that there might be a human village in front.

The Wolf Pack did not want to have too much interaction with strangers, but they would not choose to avoid the range of humans either.

After slowing down slightly, the four wolves walked straight forward again.

After stepping across the wide lawn, they saw a dense forest in front of them. The white smoke was coming from it, which meant that the human villages were probably among them.

The entire forest was relatively quiet. They could vaguely see the traces of elk and rabbits, but there were no signs of carnivores.

If they thought about it carefully, they could easily guess the reason. Without the food supply from the big cities, these small villages needed to rely on self-sufficiency in order to survive.

Thus, the wild animals and edible plants in the forest became one of their sources of food.

“Woof! !”

Suddenly, a dog’s cry came from afar, pulling Su Ming’s thoughts back and attracting the attention of the Wolf Pack.

The four wolves looked at each other and understood what they were thinking. Under Su Ming’s lead, they slowly walked towards the direction of the sound.

As the wolf pack gradually approached, the sounds that came from them increased. It seemed that two creatures were fighting in front of them.

The dog barking allowed Su Ming to clearly distinguish that one of them was a domestic dog raised by a human.

The other person’s roar was similar to most predators. Due to the lack of information gathered, Su Ming was unable to identify the person’s identity.

Just as the four wolves were about to approach, another roar was heard.

“Skyfang! ! !”

It was a young human male voice. The other party seemed to be calling the name of a domestic dog.

However, he never expected that this sound would actually make the originally tense situation even more intense.

The Predator actually let out a furious roar and broke the previous deadlock.