Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths - C.8 End Of The HuntFeb 26, 2023


Father Wolf carefully used his head to push away the branches on both sides and opened a small gap.

Through this gap, he looked at the animals eating the green grass in the depths of the forest.

The other party had brown spots and three distinct huge horns.

The group of herbivores in front of him was a deer subspecies unique to Huaxia, the horse deer.

As large deer, they were almost 1.8 meters long and 1.3 meters tall.

This was an animal that was even bigger than Huaxia wolves. In terms of size, the size of the wolves in the wolf pack Su Ming was in was much smaller than that of the deers. ƒ𝔯𝗲𝗲𝙬𝒆𝚋𝐧oѵℯl.𝒄𝑜m

However, as wolves, they were naturally good at hunting large animals, especially since deer meat was one of their most frequently eaten meat.

After Father Wolf saw the number and approximate location of the prey, he left the forest and returned to Su Ming and his brothers.

Under the lead of Father Wolf, their formation changed again, from the original triangular formation to a single line formation.

They surrounded the deer herd tightly and hid in the bushes closest to them, waiting for Father Wolf's order to rush forward and take the lives of their prey.

The horse deer pack was still relatively vigilant. A few young and strong horse deers protected the pack to prevent sudden attacks.

,m This was also the reason why Father Wolf did not attack for a long time. It was waiting for the best opportunity.

The hunting team did not have to wait long. The young and strong deer guards had just made a handover and let the few deer that were originally guarding eat. Another group of deer came to replace them.


Father Wolf let out a high wolf roar and announced the official start of the hunt.

It was the first to rush out of the bushes and bite an old deer.

As an experienced hunter, it knew that compared to a young and robust deer, the resistance of the old deer in front of it was even weaker.

Indeed, in less than half a minute, Father Wolf easily took down the other party. A bloody wound was bitten in the back of its leg, making it unable to stand up again. It could only quietly wait for death.

Immediately behind Father Wolf were Su Ming and the other three brothers. They collided with the horse deer Guards who had reacted in panic.

It had to be said that the impact of the deer was indeed not to be underestimated. After a collision, Little Su Hui was knocked into the bushes in the back.

Su Ming's relatively large body gave it a good reaction and speed. Therefore, he successfully dodged the other party's attack.

Without the time to care about his younger brother's situation, Su Ming could only hurriedly resist the deer guards in front of him with the two wolf brothers.

The cumbersome horns made it very difficult for the deers to even turn around. After obtaining a slight advantage at the beginning, they were completely suppressed by the wolf pack.

Taking advantage of their speed, the wolves bit the other party's hind legs, front legs, and even their necks.

Seeing that the guards had all been knocked down, the deer herd hurriedly fled in a direction. Among the deer guards, one or two with lighter injuries also hurriedly retreated while the wolves were biting their companions.

Su Ming and the other two wolves spent a lot of effort to completely subdue a powerful deer that was still struggling. Beside them was a deer whose hind legs had been bitten off and was limping away.


Suddenly, Father Wolf caught up from behind and bit the other party's neck, killing him on the spot.


Father Wolf continued to tear fiercely, and a bloody wound immediately opened in the neck of the deer. A large amount of blood flowed down wantonly.

With an unwilling expression, the powerful deer fell to the ground.

Licking the blood from the corner of his mouth, Father Wolf dragged his prey back to Su Ming and the other two brothers.

At the same time, the deer on Su Ming's side had just died. The three wolves let go at the right time and bit the deer's mouth.

After seeing Father Wolf return, Su Ming could not wait to leave the deer and run towards the spot where Little Su Hui was knocked away.

He was very worried about the safety of this younger brother. If not for the fact that he really could not spare the time to investigate previously, Su Ming would have long gone to investigate.

After rushing into the forest, Su Ming ignored the obstruction of the sharp branches and leaves and broke through all the obstacles to arrive beside Little Su Hui.

There was some blood left on the other party's forehead as the other party lay motionless on the ground.

Su Ming hurriedly approached and used his wolf claws to approach the other party's nose. Only when he sensed the weak aura did Su Ming heave a sigh of relief.

He leaned in front of Su Hui and carefully checked its entire body.

Perhaps because the little guy's luck was not bad, other than the main collision damage on its forehead, Su Hui only had some abrasions on its body. As long as it got some rest, it was believed that it could recover.

Thinking of this, Su Ming carefully bit the back of Su Hui's neck with his teeth and gently swung it onto his back. He carried it and immediately ran towards Father Wolf and the others.

Although the journey was bumpy, fortunately, Su Ming was big enough and did not fall.

By the time Su Ming completely returned, the three wolves had already bitten the fur of their prey and were prepared to drag it back to the cave.

Seeing Su Ming walk out of the forest with Su Hui on his back, his eldest and second brothers also looked at Little Su Hui with concern, their eyes filled with worry. If this outstanding new generation member of the family died prematurely, it would undoubtedly bring a heavy blow to the wolf pack.

Even Father Wolf, who usually seemed indifferent, came to check on Su Hui's injuries.

After circling the little guy tightly around Su Ming, Father Wolf finally turned around and roared at the two wolf brothers. Then, it picked up the prey that had fallen and led the hunting team towards the wolf pack's cave.

The two wolf brothers did not dare to disobey Father Wolf's orders. They could only look away from Little Su Hui and hurriedly pick up the prey under their feet to follow Father Wolf.

They knew very well that Father Wolf's actions also meant that Su Hui would continue to return to the wolf den to rest and recover.

As for Su Ming, he stayed obediently in the middle of the team and followed the team with the unconscious Su Hui on his back.

The hunting team was very lucky this time. They encountered a mid-level group of deer and even successfully captured three deers.

In this way, the wolves should not need to go out to find food for nearly five days. When the food was exhausted, the wolf cubs in the cave would probably be able to really follow the hunting team out.

Next time, perhaps the number of members in the hunting team would change again.


Time passed quickly. At sunset, the light that shone into the forest began to weaken, and even the surrounding environment became dark.

However, this did not matter as the wolves had night vision skills. Night and day were only slightly different in their eyes and would not stop them from walking around at all.

Under the lead of Father Wolf, the team successfully returned to the cave before the sky turned completely dark.