God of Music

C.333Mar 06, 2023

94 – Shake the center of the world, Lee Kang-yoon (End) okay . . . I can do that song. ‘ Kang-yoon wrote in a corner of the song conti rush. I practiced a lot but it was a song that had to be buried in the stream. Singer’s talent was enough to save the audience. I caught the gold clue, but how to express it was another matter. Two groups of completely different character stand in one stage. It was never easy.

“Bishops, please come to the waiting room.”

After I talked to the coaches with a radio, I grabbed the door knob. The Secretary Moon ran up the throttle with the sound of high heels, but could not afford to care. I opened the door and something unexpected happened.

“I am aaaaaaa!”

A tearful scream broke out. The EDDIOS members who changed clothes for the next stage were hurrying with hands holding skirts, and the female managers who were unable to lock the door quickly hindered Kang-yoon.

“So, Chairman.”


I was in a hurry to enter the waiting room without knocking. Kang-yoon hurried out of the waiting room. Secretary Moon said when she wiped her surprised


“I’ll go in.”

Secretary Moon knocked in and then went inside. Soon the door opened.

“Chairman, you can come in.”

Inside, EDDIOS and DIATEEN members dressed in all their clothes were blushing. Because of the unexpected happening, everyone was gazing at another place. Kang-yoon was also embarrassed.

“… I’m sorry.

“Hanging, it’s okay.”

Han Joo-yeon spoke as a representative.

(Wow aaa — !!!!) ————– On the other hand, the sound of the shout originating from the stage of Jung Min-ah grew gradually. This meant that the stage was approaching its peak. It was a moment of humiliation. I felt no time, and Kang-yoon beckoned to everyone.

“I came to say something. I want you to do it at the Encore. ”

He asked his intense eyes.

“What song?”

“Ten years later, memories.”

It was a familiar song.

The EDDIOS members nodded without any disagreement, but DIATEEN members looked at each other with an unmistakable face. Composition is Kang-yoon. Of course I believed, but concert was another problem. Said Jehovah.

“I think I should ask the bishops.”

“It should. Are you coming? ”

When Kang-yoon pressed the radio

on, his voice came. – Yeah. It’s over. The door was opened with a sound of knocking horribly after the radio was over. Choi Kyung-ho, a man wearing a hat and a man wearing a purple vest, a man with a reggae hair and a suit, entered the waiting room. Lighting, sound, and directing directors.

Sorry. I know it’s busy, but I called because of something important. ”

“No.” Well? Shin Young-joon, director, asked me about it. It was a courtesy tone, but it was urgent. Kang-yoon also rushed to tell the story.

“At the Encore, I hope to add ‘Memories’ after 10 years.”

“Ahhh!” It’s the last song. In the case of Kondyo (英 冬) … ”

The sound director and the lighting director also narrowed their eyes. It was a singing song to the national song with the song of singer which is loved most on the continent. It was a love song that was not so bright as a memoir but a song that needed a singing ability that gave it a brighter feel than thinness. There was choreography there. Shin Young-joon directed Narrowing Ami.

“I know it from the conti …”

“That’s right.” Angkor Ramyeon Would not it be okay? ”

“Angkor Ramyeon is okay …”

When the story came between Shin Young-joon and Kang-yoon, EDDIOS and DIATEEN members were busy whispering.

‘That’s right, right?’ ‘The copper line is also stuck.’ ‘Sekyeong Unnie was a great practice. Fighting with Min-ah. I’m sorry. again?’ ‘Is it okay?’ The whispering voice grew bigger and bigger.

“…Is it possible to light up one image as bright as possible? ”

“It’s difficult to fit in detail at this time, but that’s possible.”

“Got it.”

Kang-yoon, who spoke with the directors, applauded and glanced at the singer’s eyes.

“I want you to do this song, but … I can not force you. It depends on your competence. ”

When everyone was worried, Han Joo-yeon said.

“Got it.” Habble. There is no way Chairman can say wrong to that meeting … ”

All of the EDDIOS members except for Jung Min-ah, who is not in the seat, nodded toward each other’s faces. DIATEEN members, on the other hand, looked up. Kang Syeonggye opened his mouth with narrowed eyes.

“…Just one minute. ”

“Got it.”

DIATEEN members gathered their heads. The sounds of Hena Mana came and gathered opinions.

“… How about one more encore? Everybody liked it, was not it? ”

“You have not rehearsed. Not anxious? ”

“I did a lot of practice. Jae also confident, would not it be worth doing? ”

Opinions were divided. The EDDIOS members and directors did not go out at all, though they were not easily answered. One or three minutes. The sound slowly faded and the head turned.

“I’ll try.”

“Got it.” So let’s get ready. ”


With strong answers, the directors rushed back to their seats, and the singers also ran in the waiting room and spurred the practice. Kang-yoon returned to his seat and watched the stage again. Shortly after Jung Min-ah’s solo stage was over, all the EDDIOS members were on stage. After the two songs, DIATEEN members were also on stage. It was the last order.

(Everyone wake up !!) (Let’s play together?) The crowd shouted at Ha-neul, and many notes made huge silver.

‘Is not enough by yourself?’ It was a beautiful light, but the beauty of Kang-yoon narrowed. The golden light mixed with the silver that was seen at the stage of Jung Min-ah was due to disappearance. Only silverware filled the stage and only a bitter laugh came out. The crowd was able to enjoy it with silver alone, but it was disappointing.

‘… Angkor is left. ‘ With arms folded, I waited for the final encore song, ’10 years later, memories’ to come out.

After the medley, which leads to the song of EDDIOS and the song of DIATEEN, Encore continued. The two groups of songs that were not translated and the familiar Chinese songs did not know how to stage. Angkor songs followed, and finally Kang-yoon made the order of the song spoken.

(… Now there is really only one left.) “Aaaggghhh.”

EDDIOS’s leader, Jung Min-ah, was pissed off and I heard a sad answer. I asked the microphone, which was the next to me.

(I prepared this song for all of you together. ’10 years later, memories’) (Waaaaaaaaa !!!) As soon as the title was spoken, the audience cheered. Jung Min-ah caught up with the microphone while Kang Sye-kyou could not speak.

(As you like it, I prepared really hard. Fans, really !! I love you (Wow Aaa — !!) (Then, see you again next time. Addu ?? !!) (EDDIOS !!) (Jewelry, PURE ~~~ DIATEEN !!) After the groups’ relief, the string sounded out. The string sound that slowly flowed turned into a light piano Jeonju, which was placed on a bright rhythm with playing drums. Along with him, eleven women lined up on stage. She began to dance with her arms at once.

凡 吹 來 的 依动 – (The memories of you with the wind) The chords made by Christie Ahn and Kim Hyeon-jung spread in the concert hall. The notes made by the two men shone brilliantly in silver. Kim Ji-sook and Lee Sam-soon pulled up the bass of the previous two.

Secondly, it is a kind of relationship – (time to come back to you) The silvery began to grow. When the tone changed, Jung Min-ah and Kang Sye-kyung waved in earnest. I did not even take a microphone to concentrate on dancing.

I will keep these times forever I will not be able to return again.

The group’s main singers, Han Joo-yeon and Kim Hyeon-jung, voiced their voices. Main dancer Jung Min-ah and Kang Sye-kyung came to the center of the stage and gorgeously turned to Seo Han-yoo and Ju-yea to the center.

(Oh, oh!) At the end of the stage, people wearing armrests rose from their seats. Kang-yoon’s eyes began to stain the golden color of silver.

‘I guessed right.’ Kang-yoon hit his knees. The most brilliant moment of talented singer in the right stage is the occasion. It was golden. We have put together a huge audience of spectators gathered in this place to make them fall into each other.

Hahaha Ha ha ha ha ha ‘… Come on?’ The sound engineer next to me looked at the wonder of Kang-yoon, who laughed like crazy. But the joy of being able to shine the singer continued until the concert ended and the audience exited.

– EDDIOS, DIATEEN First China concert jackpot. Over 100,000 … – Korea’s first overseas collaboration concert success. Where is the world’s success? -World and Yunsul Collaborate to Collaborate to Conquer the Continent – Korean wave craze sweeping the continent, EDDIOS DIATEEN over 100,000 …

The concert news of EDDIOS and DIATEEN was highlighted in Korea as well as in Korea. The concert, which mobilized more than 100,000 people, was a very rare case in Korea as well as in Asia. In this concert, World Station was recognized as the leader of the Korean Wave, and Yunsul Entertainment became well known as the leading company of Korean Wave. Needless to say, the two companies in China have soared. After the concert, the schedule of both EDDIOS and DIATEEN groups became even more busy, and Hallyu stars became more active in China.

———– “Boy infant. What are you doing. I’ll give you a drink. ”

The lady in pink hanbok heard the cheat kite at the laughing horse of CEO Kang Si-myeong. The middle-aged man, who had a stomachache, huddled the woman in a hanbok, gesturing her cup in an arrogant manner.


“Good taste.”

“Yes, brother. Would not it be best to drink alcohol that a beautiful person follows? ”

The two men burst into laughter when the shy face of the Hanbok woman blushes. The two men were exchanging secret conversations in a fairy-tale-only fairy where only the celebrities gathered. Kang Si-myeong, the CEO of the CEO, was a VIP guest. When the cup had been around for a while, and her face was red, the woman in her hanbok had left her place. In the room where only two people were left, the man raised his hand to his chin with a serious face.

“… So, why do not you boycott the world’s kids on our side? ”

“Brother, the entire entertainment world is leaning too far toward the world. If this happens, the station will be swinging to the world. What would you do if you boycotted me to see your kids in the world later? ”

“Hong, you lived only your mouth. Is that Lee Kang-yoon? There are kids out there who are not interested in broadcasting … ”

The man was an uncomfortable notion. Despite being ignored, however, Kang Si-myeong CEO opened the 007 bag and put it in front.

“… It will not be useless. ”

The bag filled with the new resignation party had the power to change the horse. His mouth came up unsightly. It was moments when Kang Si-myeong CEO said.

“Again, your foresight is different.”

“Well, I guess I was in the mood for the world to keep solo.”

“Hate, hate. I prepared this with my usual respect. Please feel free to accept. ”

There was no free money in the world. Whatever the packaging, the bribe was a bribe. I knew both the recipient and the recipient.

“I’ll look into it today.”

As you look at the sturdy bank, CEO Kang Si-myeong hastily looked at the man who was grabbing his bag.

————- Shoot it. In the afternoon of the rainy season, Kim Jae-hoon was on schedule for the HMC radio station.

“It’s raining a lot.”

Manager Choi grabbed the steering wheel and moved his head along the sweeping wiper. Kim Jae-hoon stared at the sunroof falling raindrops and glared at his eyes.

“The bubble spreads mingle.”

“…Concurrent practice? ”

“New song lyrics. Not really? ”

“Yes, absolutely. Quaternary never.”

Kim Jae-hoon’s shoulder was shattered in the stoned fastball. However, Choi Hye-jin, a manager who knew that such a stone fastball was more beneficial, drove away. Soon after, the car arrived at the HMC station.

“Annyeong-hase-yo, the artist.”

“Oh, Annyeong-hase-yo. Jae-hoon. Nice to meet you.”

Is it a female PD? PD welcomed Kim Jae-hoon’s hand and welcomed it. The writer gave a script to Kim Jae-hoon when he lightly hit PD’s back.

“I have not seen you before,” Jae-hoon said. Bolt, Bolt. ”

“What is Ballmer?”

“Do not you think it’s more attractive?”

“Ahaha …”

Kim Jae-hoon shed an awkward laugh at the writer’s usual words. PD and the writer smiled with a giggle, face to face that they did not know anything. It was a cute reaction. Waiting for MC, I was chatting. PD took a cell phone and left the studio for a while. Soon afterwards, PD, who entered the studio with a serious face, could not reach his head in front of Kim Jae-hoon.

“there… Jae-hoon. ”

“What’s going on?”

“that… that… ”

When Kim Jae-hoon was face-to-face, Choi Hye-jin Manager, who felt an unbelievable feeling, came up.

“What’s wrong?”

“that… Ha… I’m sorry.”

Kim Jae-hoon was worried, and Choi’s face became serious. PD replied by rewriting the glasses whether he was determined.

“… The guest was swiftly replaced.CEO’s special order. Ha, it’s … This case is real, how to digest !! ”

Looking at the PD who could not stand the paddle, Kim Jae-hoon and Manager Choi looked at each other with a bang.

94 – Shake the center of the world, Lee Kang-yoon (End) The difference between jab and straight ⑴