I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger! - C.318: Xuan Yi Descends! Bloodshed of the Ancient Alliance! (2)Oct 28, 2023

I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!

C.318: Xuan Yi Descends! Bloodshed of the Ancient Alliance! (2)Oct 28, 2023

Chapter 318:?Xuan Yi Descends! Bloodshed of the Ancient Alliance! (2)

They fought against the ancient Kings many times, forcefully killing the ancient Kings until they were terrified!

As for the purple-eyed old man, he finally thought of why he felt so familiar when he heard the name, Xuan Yi.

There were a few Heavenly Kings in the Ancient Alliance who seemed to be afraid of Xuan Yi’s fame and feared that he would wash some of the sects with his blood.

Only after being chased by Xuan Yi did they join the Ancient Alliance and seek protection.

What shocked the purple-eyed old man, even more, was Xuan Yi’s age!

He hadn’t even reached the age of thirty, yet he already possessed such battle prowess. If the information about the Origin domain was true, then he would be able to do so.

A sword cultivator with the fifth level of sword intent had condensed twenty-four spiritual yuan nodes.

Neither of these two factors was enough to make the purple-eyed old man fearful.

Even though this meant that Xuan Yi had terrifying potential, the Ancient Alliance still had its pride.

They no longer needed potential. Their strength was enough to stand at the top of the Southern Continent and look down on the entire Southern Continent.

Moreover, the gap between a half-step God Emperor and a Heavenly King was incomparably huge.

It wasn’t something like a cultivation technique that defied the heavens, or a Sword Dao talent that could wipe out the world.

But now, these two factors had converged in one person!

Just as he appeared behind him, the purple-eyed elder watched as the sword light appeared. He reached out a hand to stop the sword light.

It was simply too late!

The entire process seemed long, but it only lasted for an instant!

The fiery red sword light directly pierced through the Heavenly King’s chest. With a slight twist, it burned his entire body into ashes!

“You are Xuan Yi!”

“I’ve told you in the Origin domain that I want to kill all of you old ghosts. You should’ve already received the news.”

Xuan Yi sneered. The Burning Silence Sword was like a rainbow, and its killing intent surged over like an ocean!

A long, bloody path appeared behind him, dripping with blood.


The fifth-level sword intent did not come from the system, but from Xuan Yi, who had fought against the Ancient Kings several times and comprehended it on his own.

The perfect compatibility between the world and the sword intent was omnipresent when the sword came out. As long as Xuan Yi was willing to do so.

Unless his cultivation in the Sword Dao surpassed him, otherwise, no one would be able to see his movements!

“Junior, you’re too arrogant! You think you can become a hero just by relying on the Sword Dao!” 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗𝚘𝚟el.c𝚘𝚖

The purple-eyed elder erupted. In the void, a great halberd that traversed the starry river appeared. He held the halberd in one hand, hacking out a terrifying arc of light!

“Half-step God Emperor, your methods are indeed brilliant.”

Xuan looked at the ancient well without any ripples. He could tell that there was another profound mystery within the arc of light. It contained an incomplete Dao Rune, and its might was incomparable. It almost shook the heavens and the earth.

This method was similar to the feminine man he’d killed earlier, and it seemed like they were all inherited from the Primordial Battlefield.

“It’s time to go to the Primordial Battlefield after I’ve killed all of you.”

“Little brat, you don’t know the true foundation of our Ancient Alliance! The Ancient Emperor was about to appear. If you dared to provoke the Ancient Alliance, you would die without a burial ground. Furthermore, the clan and sects would also be massacred!”

The purple-eyed old man smiled sinisterly as he summoned his halberd and continuously slashed out cold arcs of light to surround Xuan Yi.

“Do you think the Ancient Emperor can be relied upon? How laughable! The so-called dignity of an ancient King depended on the protection of an even stronger expert?”

Xuan Yi remained unmoved. He activated the Burning Silence Sword one after another, shattering the arc of light one by one. He sneered and mocked …

Unlike in the Calm domain, the purple-eyed old man did have some skills. No wonder he was left to guard the Ancient Alliance headquarters.

His and Xuan Yi’s figures crossed each other like two distinct streaks of lightning. In the blink of an eye, they had already crossed over a hundred times!

“You simply don’t know how terrifying the Alliance Head’s foundation is. Once he becomes a God Emperor, he will become the strongest God Emperor in the Southern Continent, and will be invincible.”

The purple-eyed old man’s voice was cold, but it was hard to hide the weakness in his heart and tried to persuade Xuan Yi.

“Your talent is extraordinary. If you have the guidance of the Alliance Head, you will be able to reach a higher level. Now, put down your sword and we can suck you into the Ancient Alliance. As the future Alliance Head, we can nurture you and dominate the entire Southern Continent!”

“To dominate the Southern Continent?”

Xuan Yi couldn’t help but laugh,

“Is that all you have? Truly laughable!”

He no longer had any lingering feelings for the Southern Continent. All he wanted to do was to wait and see if there were any geniuses in the Southern Continent with a talent of over five hundred who could be accepted as disciples to complete the mainline of the system. If he didn’t encounter them again, he would have already prepared to leave the Southern Continent for the wider world.

What kind of Ancient Alliance did they want to use as a temptation?


Behind him, the Void Sword Domain and the Flame Demons’ Fire Domain spread out, and the twenty-four spiritual yuan nodes flickered like stars.

He relied on the five layers of sword intent as the foundation and gave the Burning Silence Sword the ultimate killing power. He attacked forcefully, breaking through the strongest strike from the Violet Pupil Old Man!

“This matter can be discussed. We are not mortal enemies!”

The purple-eyed old man was shocked. He wanted to say something, but Xuan Yi didn’t give him the slightest chance!


The Burning Silence Sword pierced through his head, incinerating his entire body into ashes!

When everything came to an end, Xuan Yi turned around and left, crossing the void, rushing towards the next great region.

Behind him, the majestic hall had been devoured by flames!

The main headquarters of the Ancient Alliance had been conquered, and all the Ancient Kings had been slaughtered!

Before Xuan Yi had arrived in the lightning domain, the King Realm experts from the Ancient Alliance had already received news of their arrival.

But when they arrived, they only saw a mess.

The heads of the twelve Ancient Alliance Heavenly Kings and the thirty or so Ancient Alliance Human Kings were piled into a small mountain. On top of them was the strongest of the three Ancient Alliance Exalts.

Purple-eyed elder, Halberd Sky King’s head!

A few days later, news spread and the Southern Continent shook once more.

Xuan Yi had once said in the Origin domain that he wanted to kill all the Ancient Alliance Kings and let them know their limits.

Many cultivators heard this, but they only thought that this was Xuan Yi’s furious words.

However, they hadn’t expected that he would do as he said. In just a few days, he had massacred many strongholds of the Ancient Alliance and destroyed the headquarters of the Ancient Alliance, killing over a hundred ancient Kings!

So many Kings had died under the sword of a half-step Heavenly King. The entire Southern Continent was shaken.