I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger! - C.319: Breaking through to the Emperor realm! Angry Ancient Alliance God EmperorOct 31, 2023

I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!

C.319: Breaking through to the Emperor realm! Angry Ancient Alliance God EmperorOct 31, 2023

Chapter 319: Breaking through to the Emperor realm! Angry Ancient Alliance God Emperor

Xuan Yi possessed such a technique that he was able to kill even a half-step God Emperor. Moreover, he didn’t care about the foundation of the Ancient Alliance!

The actions of the Ancient Alliance were arrogant. Other than their apparent strength, there was nothing too shocking.

The real reason why all the great powers were afraid to join forces and attack the Ancient Alliance was precisely that the true organizer of the Ancient Alliance had broken the seal after the Primordial Battlefield erupted, yet he hadn’t left the Primordial Battlefield from the beginning until the end.

However, he was in seclusion, controlling the three supreme Exalts and forming the Ancient Alliance.

It was said that when he came out of seclusion, he would have already reached the limit of a Half-step God Emperor.

After walking out of the underground palace and taking off the shackles, it directly resonated with the spiritual energy laws of the world and began to charge into Imperial Pass!

Once he succeeded, he would be the fourth God Emperor of the Southern Continent!

Furthermore, based on his accumulation in the Half-step God Emperor stage, his battle prowess would probably be comparable to the three remaining Divine Sovereigns of the Southern Continent after his breakthrough but only stronger.

It was precisely because of this that the various powers maintained a tacit understanding of the Ancient Alliance’s actions.

However, Xuan Yi had appeared out of nowhere. Not only had he slapped the face of the Ancient Alliance, but he had also used his actions to prove that he wanted to destroy the Ancient Alliance! 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝐯𝗲𝐥.𝗻𝗲𝐭

“Such a prideful person. It’s truly hearbreaking …”

The Heavenly King Sect Master of a large region sighed.

“Xuan Yi is the number one Chosen in the history of the Southern Continent!”

“Great delight! Great delight!”

Xuan Yi’s actions drew the attention of many cultivators. Many Heavenly Kings were extremely excited, wishing that they could accompany Xuan Yi and massacre the Ancient Alliance.

The Ancient Alliance’s style of doing things was too cruel. They had made a name for themselves. In just a month, they had already wiped out dozens of sects and aristocratic families.

The Ancient Alliance’s Kings were ruthless and indifferent. They viewed cultivators as pigs and sheep and thought that they had obtained the legacy of the Primordial Battlefield.

He had long since offended everyone.

However, it just so happened that there was a person behind them who was likely to become a God Emperor. That person prevented them from attacking.

Therefore, there were also some noises.

“In the end, it’s a young man who can’t hold his breath and infuriates the Alliance Head of the Ancient Alliance. I’m afraid that he’ll die a miserable death.”

Many cultivators held similar views, and there was even no lack of cultivators with dark hearts that were gloating over their misfortune, and they even made bets.

It was a bet on how long Xuan Yi would be able to show off and draw the bets of many cultivators.

However, not long after, the bet dissipated into smoke.

This was because Xuan Yi had once again attacked forcefully and started a great battle with the last Exalted Lord of the Ancient Alliance in the Cloud Region.

The aftermath of the great battle had almost destroyed ten thousand kilometers of the earth. The sky of the Cloud Region was about to be pierced through.

In the end, Xuan Yi left, leaving behind a headless corpse of the Ancient Alliance Exalt.

The entire Southern Continent fell into a strange deathly silence, whether it was supporting Xuan Yi or rejoicing in his misfortune.

They didn’t dare to make any further comments. Almost all the gathering points outside the Primordial Battlefield had been flattened by Xuan Yi.

One person and one sword, sweeping through all of the present world’s enemies. Even ancient Kings couldn’t block it.

There was no match for a God Emperor!

This was a battle power that was confirmed by the blood of the ancient Kings!

Everyone was waiting for Xuan Yi’s outcome.

Meanwhile, Xuan Yi didn’t take action again. Some people saw him break through the sky on his sword, heading towards the Primordial Battlefield, and then disappear without a trace.

“I’m afraid he doesn’t dare to face the pressure of the Ancient Emperor and fled into the Primeval Battlefield to hide his tracks.”

Xuan Yi’s enemies secretly sneered.

Xuan Yi’s killing of ancient Kings was a great joy to many cultivators, but it wasn’t without exceptions.

Some clans welcomed the return of the Ancient King Ancestors. Although their methods were cruel, they did bring great benefits to the clan.

This particular enemy originally thought that he could use this to rise, but Xuan Yi appeared out of nowhere, forcefully returning to his original form.

It made them incomparably unwilling and resentful.

Now that Xuan Yi had disappeared, they were naturally unwilling to be left alone. They became restless and wanted to attack Xuan Yi’s family.

“Even though Xuan Yi left, the Xuan Clan is still in the Heaven domain!”

They didn’t dare provoke the Xuan Clan directly because they were afraid that something unexpected would happen and Xuan Yi would return. That would be great.

However, the Cai Clan had a headache over their allies.

Over the past few days, foreign cultivators had constantly crossed the void and invaded the Cai Clan’s territory.

“Maybe we should ask the Xuan Clan for help?”

The Cai Family’s Ancestor sighed.

He was only at the peak of the Human King realm, barely reaching the level of a half-step Heavenly King. However, his potential had already been exhausted, and he probably had no hope of becoming a Heavenly King in this life.

However, the cultivators from the other realms who had attacked them had similar backgrounds as the Cai Clan.

However, when added together, the Cai Clan felt that it was rather troublesome.

Fortunately, the Xuan Clan quickly reacted.

Bing Yu was in charge of the academy and was unable to rush over.

But in the Xuan Clan, there was still a Heavenly King Guardian!

The ordinary Heavenly King directly took action, crushing all foreign cultivators who attempted to enter the heavenly region into dust, intimidating all foreign enemies.

And this was only the beginning.

Two days later, the Heaven domain shook again!

In the core territory of the Xuan Clan, there was a pillar of spirit energy that pierced through the sea of clouds and into the nine heavens!

The ancestor of the Xuan Clan gathered three thousand jin of Divine Origin and forcefully broke through the Heavenly King’s Pass, becoming a Heavenly King!

Even if the Xuan Clan did not have Xuan Yi, they already had three Heavenly Kings overseeing them!

Amongst the Heavenly King-level powers, there were extremely few who were able to reach this level!

It could be said that the Xuan Clan’s pure power was sufficient to be ranked among the first-rate powers of the Southern Continent.

However, the Xuan Clan didn’t make a big fuss and remained silent.

This wasn’t unexpected. Xuan Yi had entered the Primordial Battlefield and was nowhere to be seen.

Once the Alliance Head of the Ancient Alliance appeared and learned of Xuan Yi’s actions, he would not be able to find Xuan Yi.

Whether it was the Xuan Clan or the Middle Saint Academy, he would be listed as the number one target of revenge, and they would be massacred!

If the Xuan Clan wanted to escape this calamity, perhaps they could only hope that the Alliance Head of the Ancient Alliance had failed to breakthrough.


However, it seemed that Heaven’s Will was not on the Xuan Clan’s side.

A few days later, the sound of wind and thunder rang out again in the Primordial Battlefield!